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Forgery of the Purple Logic Chapter 4 (第4話 Dai Yon-wa) is the fourth chapter of Umineko no Naku Koro ni Murasaki: Forgery of the Purple Logic.


Location Summary
Jessica's Room Alone in her room, Jessica cries over Kanon's death and starts hearing noise from the first floor.
Parlor Jessica heads downstairs to find Eva angrily accusing Natsuhi of killing George and Hideyoshi. Natsuhi says she's innocent, and after some more arguing Eva aims her gun at Jessica, accusing her of being the culprit. Eva asks Natsuhi to let go of her, and Natsuhi asks Eva to lower her gun; Natsuhi wouldn't hesitate to become a demon to protect Jessica. Erika tries to defuse the situation and says they should instead focus on making deductions and cornering the culprit. Later, Rudolf says the culprit should have left clues in the guestroom, so until the police arrive, they will seal it so nobody can enter or leave. Battler went to check the study's seal and confirmed that it was still intact.

Erika then confirms everyone's alibis. When she and Battler arrived at the guestroom, Hideyoshi and George were already dead. Eva says the door wasn't locked, figuring that the culprit used a master key to open it. Rosa and Maria say they were with Nanjo in the guestroom. Nanjo says that the three of them went to check the situation together when Battler's group didn't return; they then heard Eva's scream. Kyrie was with Rudolf the whole time, and they never left their room until they heard Eva's scream.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Natsuhi were both in their own rooms and don't have alibis. Battler confirms Erika's alibi. Even though Erika is suspicious and doesn't have an alibi for the first twilight, Battler thinks she isn't the culprit. Battler then wonders what Erika was doing in the guesthouse library.

Seeing as how there are multiple suspects and no conclusive evidence, Erika suggests that she, Natsuhi and Jessica be locked in a room together until the morning. Jessica objects and Natsuhi says it's necessary if they want to prove their innocence; they should also be safe if they're isolated.

Sometime later, Erika is handcuffed to a chair in the parlor. Battler has the key to them and will come get her in the morning. She asks Battler to use the duct tape to seal all the doors in the event that more murders occur. Battler considers that the person who murdered the six in the study and the two in the guestroom is the same person, and Erika is not the culprit since she was with him the entire time.

Erika reassures Battler that she won't die because she's the detective.

Meta-World Battler thinks that Erika may be the real culprit, as detectives like her existing in real-life would be troublesome. EVA-Beatrice then arrives and suggests they just kill her off. Battler theorizes some more, saying that Natsuhi is the most suspicious if everyone else were to be trusted. However, Eva doesn't have an alibi, and there could be multiple culprits. Battler determines that he must find purple statements he can trust, and deciding the culprit now would be impatient. Beatrice says the tragedy has not yet ended and places down a black queen between a white king and pawn, twisting them out of shape.




Colored Text[]

Purple Statements[]

Sealing the room

  • Rudolf: Therefore, until the police arrive, we will seal that room to ensure that absolutely no one can enter or leave that room.
  • Battler: I went to check the study room's seal. There is no damage to the seal. The room is still sealed.

Confirming alibis

  • Erika: First, when we arrived at the guest room, George and Hideyoshi had both died.
  • Eva: The door wasn't locked. The culprit possesses the master key. They must have used that to open the door.
  • Rosa: Maria and I were together with Nanjo.
  • Maria: Uu- I was with Mama in the guestroom.
  • Nanjo: As we were a bit worried that Battler and the rest hadn't returned, so the three of us went to check out the situation together. That's when we heard Eva's scream.
  • Kyrie: I was with Rudolf the whole time.
  • Rudolf: Before hearing Eva's scream, Kyrie and I never even stepped one foot out of our room.
  • Jessica: I was in my own room. I don't have an alibi.
  • Natsuhi: I too was in my own room. I am the only one that can prove my own innocence.
  • Battler: I confirm Erika's alibi. This girl doesn't have that much free time.
  • Erika: During the study room murders, I did not have an alibi.

Isolating the suspects

  • Erika: We have suspects but no conclusive evidence. If that is the case, then there is only one rule we have to implement. That is to lock the suspicious individuals, like Natsuhi, Jessica and I, in a room together until the morning.
  • Battler: We used the handcuffs on Erika Furudo. Without releasing the lock, she is unable to leave the living room.
  • Erika: The key to the handcuff is entrusted to Battler. Come to me during the morning.
  • Battler: The culprit that murdered the six in the study room and the two in the guestroom is the same person. In other words, Erika is not the culprit as she was with me the whole time.