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Forgery of the Purple Logic Chapter 2 (第2話 Dai Ni-wa) is the second chapter of Umineko no Naku Koro ni Murasaki: Forgery of the Purple Logic.


Location Summary
Meta-World Virgilia and Gaap join in, with Beatrice saying the first twilight has just concluded. Six people were killed in the locked study, and Erika found there was a female seventh person hiding inside the room. However, it's still too soon to say if this seventh person was really the culprit.
Study Erika puts tape on the door to the study to seal it, with Battler asking why. This tape was torn such that it can easily come off, and Erika's also written her signature on it. It's impossible to tear off or reapply the tape without leaving a trace. There's a possibility the culprit may have left a clue, so nobody may enter or exit the room if the seal isn't broken. Erika never wanted to tell Battler about this for the possibility that he may be the culprit. As Erika leaves, Battler thinks about the seals.
Parlor The survivors discuss a letter they have found. Rosa found this letter on the dining room table after returning from the garden with Maria. Rudolf and the others couldn't find the servants after seeing dinner wasn't prepared, so they all went to the study to check up on them. That's when they discovered the corpses. Kyrie made her own investigation but couldn't find any murder weapons or suspicious items. She claims nobody was hiding in the study. Erika says the study isn't truly a locked room so long as the autolock is present.

Battler reads the letter which has the witch's epitaph printed on it, thinking that the murderer is just telling them their plans. Maria says that maybe the witch Beatrice did it, and Natsuhi replies that there are only 18 people on the island; the rumors of a witch existing are just rumors.

Rudolf reports that the telephone and radio aren't working. Kyrie thinks the culprit isn't operating based on their logic, so thinking about the motive is pointless. Erika agrees, saying the only things needed to figure out crimes are the howdunnit and whodunnit. To that end, Erika wants to confirm everyone's alibis.

Eva levels suspicion at Natsuhi, finding it strange that her husband was in the study while Natsuhi wasn't; Natsuhi says she was resting in her room because of her headache. Eva shouts that nobody can prove her alibi then, which Natsuhi takes offense to. Erika calms them down and says there was definitely evidence of a female 7th person inside the study. Kyrie admits that she doesn't have an alibi, but she and Rudolf were together and, being a married couple, will always vouch for each other. Eva also admits that she and Hideyoshi do not have alibis, and the same can be said for Rosa and Maria. Battler says that he, George and Jessica were all in the guesthouse kid's room. Nanjo was with them, so traveling to the main building without being noticed is impossible. Erika says she was in the guesthouse library and can leave it unnoticed at anytime, therefore she also does not have an alibi. In conclusion, none of the females except Jessica have an alibi.

Hideyoshi stops the conversation, saying they're still not sure if the culprit is among them. Battler agrees, wanting to leave it to the police to discover everything once the typhoon passes. Rudolf says that even though the master keys were stolen, they can still be safe as long as they're inside a chain-locked room. The group splits off, and Erika asks Battler for a request.

Outside the Mansion Battler strips down to his underwear and Erika puts on her swimsuit, climbing up the mansion in the rain and putting tape on all the windows. With the sealing of the windows, they'll be able to tell if someone enters or leaves by them. Erika asks Battler to keep this a secret from everyone. Erika has no idea who the culprit is or how, but there's one undeniable truth: people die when they are killed.
Guestroom As Battler thinks about how the culprit is silently waiting for their next kill, George and Hideyoshi are seen sleeping inside a guestroom with the chain set.




Colored Text[]

Red Truth[]

About the study

  • At the time of the crime, there was another woman other than the six victims inside the study room.

Purple Statements[]

Sealing the study

  • Erika: I was sealing the door with duct tape. (...) So it is impossible to tear off or re-stick the tape without leaving a trace. As long as this seal isn't broken before the police arrives, no one can enter or leave the room.
  • Battler: You can't enter or leave the room without breaking the seals.

The letter

  • Rosa: I saw the letter on the dining room table after returning from the garden with Maria.
  • Rudolf: We couldn't find half the servants, and dinner was also not prepared, so everyone went to the study room to check up on the situation. And then, that's when we saw that Father and the others had been murdered.
  • Kyrie: I did some investigating on my own. However I couldn't find any murder weapon or any other suspicious items. Of course there wasn't anyone hiding in the study room.
  • Erika: As long as there is an auto lock, the study is not a locked room.
  • Natsuhi: There are only 18 people on the island.
  • Kyrie: However, this culprit might not operate based on our logic. It might be a waste of time to think of the motive.


  • Natsuhi: I was resting in my room due to my headache.
  • Kyrie: I too do not have an alibi. Even though Rudolf and I were together, as a married couple we can always vouch for each other.
  • Eva: Fine... My husband and I both do not have alibis as well. Rosa and Maria-chan too. But George is different.
  • Battler: Ahhh. George, Jessica and I were in the guesthouse's kid's room. Nanjo was there as well, so it is impossible to travel to the main building without being noticed.
  • Erika: I was in the guesthouse's library and can leave it unnoticed at anytime, meaning that I too do not have an alibi.

Sealing the mansion

  • Erika: Finally, all of the mansion's windows have been sealed. As long as the seals are intact, we know that no one entered or left via the windows.
  • Erika: If someone is killed, then that person will die.
  • Battler: If we think about it the other way around: When someone dies, then they must have been murdered by someone else...?