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Forgery of the Purple Logic Final Chapter (最終話 Saishuu-wa) is the tenth and final chapter of Umineko no Naku Koro ni Murasaki: Forgery of the Purple Logic.


Location Summary
Meta-World Battler theorizes over the game. The most important thing to find is purple statements that can be trusted. Beato's red truth that he and Erika are not culprits means their purple statements are reliable; Maria is also not a culprit because Battler can vouch for her. Thinking back to Rudolf and Kyrie's deaths, Maria says none of the 5 survivors could have killed them. If none of those 5 can kill, then one of the 13 people who died must have faked their death. Battler now knows who the culprit is.
Mansion Parlor With just a few minutes left to 24:00, Erika gathers the survivors in the parlor to discuss the truth of what happened. The culprit's plan was meticulously planned, as even if it failed, they could still detonate the bombs buried underneath the island and destroy the entire mansion, along with all the evidence. The culprit wanted someone to prove his innocence, which is why nobody in the guesthouse was attacked. Erika then accuses Nanjo of being the culprit, much to Eva and Rosa's shock and Maria's disinterest.

Nanjo resigns himself, as Erika made a remarkable deduction. She figured out the whodunnit and the howdunnit, and as per the rules of mystery novels, Nanjo must explain the whydunnit.

Nanjo praises Erika for solving the epitaph and discovering the existence of the bomb, as someone else had actually solved it for him. Eva is surprised that the gold really did exist, and as per the agreement Nanjo would become the head of the family. Nanjo believed that the family wouldn't accept that he solved the the epitaph and would just take the gold while calling him an outsider. Nanjo bellows with resentment, saying he has worked hard for the last 10 years and yet has been treated like a paperweight. Nanjo says he is still human with a family and wishes of his own, and he will even kill for it. Eva takes this to mean that Nanjo killed George and Hideyoshi, and he replies that it was his accomplice who did it; Nanjo only killed one person. Just like Nanjo, his accomplice hated the Ushiromiya family, and Nanjo could understand her frustration. Erika then says that Nanjo planned to silence his accomplice from the start. Nanjo's gameboard was almost perfect except for one thing: he invited Erika to the board.

Nanjo says the game still hasn't ended yet and Eva raises her gun, but Nanjo pulls out a revolver and shoots her in the head. Nanjo pulls out another revolver and aims it at the others, saying he will kill everyone and then use the bombs to destroy everything; he will be in a dangerous position, but there will be no evidence. Nanjo asks Erika for her last words, and she replies that nobody said the bombs were stopped.

With only a minute left to 24:00, a horrified Nanjo exclaims that Erika will die as well. Erika says she doesn't want to submit to the culprit and would rather jump down the waterfall with him, like that famous detective did. Erika believes that since that detective didn't die, she won't either.

Erika finishes by saying that none are left alive when the seagulls cry.

Meta-World Beatrice laughs as Battler compliments her for her game. Battler has had enough and wants to go back to exposing Beatrice's true colors. Beatrice accepts his challenge and summons all of her furniture to join her.





  • Erika references The Final Problem, a Sherlock Holmes story that famously ended with Holmes falling down a waterfall alongside his archnemesis James Moriarty and presumably dying, with Holmes returning in subsequent stories.