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A Forgery is a work of fiction written by a later author in the style of the message bottles of the Rokkenjima massacre. The concept was first introduced in Dawn of the Golden Witch.


Following the discoveries of the first message bottle by a Shikenijima fisherman and the second contradictory message bottle by the police, the Rokkenjima incident gained a great deal of attention from the public and occult interest groups. The first forgeries were written as pranks or attempts to scam would-be collectors in response to the explosion of interest. They were often posed the third or fourth message bottles.

Later, certain message bottle forgers claimed to have discovered the truth of the original message bottles, and began writing forgeries as new stories in themselves, without intent to deceive. These new works were often written with the Forger's own interpretation of the incident and message bottles. As such, the theories behind some of these forgeries would gain a large amount of interest and support on the internet. Occasionally, a forgery would become widely accepted enough that it would be regarded as having some grain of truth behind it.

More straight-laced Witch Hunters despised these forgeries, and referred to their writers as "Forgers", "Counterfeiters", or "Witches". However, many more others enjoyed these forgeries as entertainment, treating the events of the Rokkenjima incident as an occult fantasy. A smaller number of people also regarded these works as having literary merit.

The most famous Forger is Itouikukuro Reigonamu, who wrote the tales from Banquet of the Golden Witch to Dawn of the Golden Witch.

Known Forgeries

As each forgery is in essence a work written by a later author about the incident, there is no limit to the number of forgeries that can exist, and many more unmentioned ones have been written in-universe.

Writing Process


  1. Forgery no.XXX Ronove: “After Land of the golden witch, I had the privilege to be at your side during Trinity of the Golden Witch.“