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The Music Room is a function allowing players to listen to the music present in Phase 1, unlocked after completing all 16 data fragments.

While the music files are present in the game's BGM folder, listening to them in-game will show the artist's name.

No. Title (Music Room) File Name (.ogg) Artist
None Ciconia When They Cry op.mpg Artist: Higuumi Sound

Vocal: Sawada Maria

01 Advancing 02_okemidoki_1 Pre-holder
02 Rouge 26_mzakky_10_rouge M. Zakky
03 Major Disaster 19_tnk_daisanzi M. Zakky
04 Welcome to A3W 09-welcometoa3w xaki
05 Ominous3 12_peritunematerial_ominous3_calm PeriTune
06 Lizard Running Across the Apartment Wall 10_a.zh_manshonnokabewohasirutokage hitori oto
07 The June Sky is an Endless Blue... 13_amatyanoongakukoubou_rokugatsunosora Amacha
08 chat 14_preholder_chat Pre-holder
09 Azure Sky and Contrails 21_u2_01e U2 Akiyama
10 Genius Children 01_dai_genius_children dai
11 Strategy Meeting (Imagawa Akito Ver) 25_sakusenkaigisitu Imagawa Akito
12 Evil Schemes 05_warudakumi Mirror_of_Es
13 White Song (short) 17_dai_white_song_intorcut dai
14 Miserable 06_amatyanoongakukoubou_miserable Amacha
15 Gauntlet Wings 03_xaki_bgm01 [gauntletwings] mix xaki
16 Strategy Meeting 27_n36 H/MIX GALLERY
17 Tan Smile 18_lg_komugiironohohoemi Luck Ganriki
18 To the Land of Some Time 16_n123 H/MIX GALLERY
19 The Witness Stand 04_amatyanoongakukoubou_shougendai Amacha
20 Deeply Remember gin kreuz-deeply remember Gin Kreuz
21 Underdogs 11_preholder_okemodoki_2 Pre-holder
22 T's Blues 24_t'sblues xaki
23 Dark Clouds 07_amatyanoongakukoubou_anun Amacha
24 Beach 22_peritunematerial_beach PeriTune
25 Yain No Rinkaku 23_rinkaku Waraya Takashi
26 Briefing Room 28_briefing_room REV
27 Utopia utopia Motoki Zakuro
28 Apocalypsis Ciconia-II 29_apocalypsisciconia-II xaki
29 Apocalypsis Ciconia-I 08_apocalypsisciconia-I xaki
30 Sunya no sora~Emptiness's Sky~ (inst) empty_sky_inst xaki
31 Sunya no sora~Emptiness's Sky~ empty_sky xaki

Vocal: Sakura Canae, Kino Nei, Motoki Zakuro

32 Heroes, Be Strong, Be Stupid yusha dai


  • Keropoyo appears on the Music Room page and gives you search suggestions when you click on him, with easter eggs occurring if you say yes:
    • Clicking "How to delete you" will make him disappear.
    • Clicking "Ma**o" will make Keropoyo grow bigger while playing the mushroom sound effect from Super Mario Bros.
    • Clicking "Sing Ciconia When They Cry" will make Keropoyo sing the opening in a vocaloid voice.