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The Music Room is a function allowing players to listen to the music present in Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones, unlocked after completing all 16 data fragments.

While the music files are present in the game's BGM folder, listening to them in-game will show the artist's name.

No. Title (Music Room) File Name (.ogg) Artist
None Ciconia When They Cry op.mpg Artist: Higuumi Sound

Vocal: Sawada Maria

01 Advancing 02_okemidoki_1 Pre-holder
02 Rouge 26_mzakky_10_rouge M. Zakky
03 Major Disaster 19_tnk_daisanzi M. Zakky
04 Welcome to A3W 09-welcometoa3w xaki
05 Ominous3 12_peritunematerial_ominous3_calm PeriTune
06 Lizard Running Across the Apartment Wall 10_a.zh_manshonnokabewohasirutokage hitori oto
07 The June Sky is an Endless Blue... 13_amatyanoongakukoubou_rokugatsunosora Amacha
08 chat 14_preholder_chat Pre-holder
09 Azure Sky and Contrails 21_u2_01e U2 Akiyama
10 Genius Children 01_dai_genius_children dai
11 Strategy Meeting (Imagawa Akito Ver) 25_sakusenkaigisitu Imagawa Akito
12 Evil Schemes 05_warudakumi Mirror_of_Es
13 White Song (short) 17_dai_white_song_intorcut dai
14 Miserable 06_amatyanoongakukoubou_miserable Amacha
15 Gauntlet Wings 03_xaki_bgm01 [gauntletwings] mix xaki
16 Strategy Meeting 27_n36 H/MIX GALLERY
17 Tan Smile 18_lg_komugiironohohoemi Luck Ganriki
18 To the Land of Some Time 16_n123 H/MIX GALLERY
19 The Witness Stand 04_amatyanoongakukoubou_shougendai Amacha
20 Deeply Remember gin kreuz-deeply remember Gin Kreuz
21 Underdogs 11_preholder_okemodoki_2 Pre-holder
22 T's Blues 24_t'sblues xaki
23 Dark Clouds 07_amatyanoongakukoubou_anun Amacha
24 Beach 22_peritunematerial_beach PeriTune
25 Yain No Rinkaku 23_rinkaku Waraya Takashi
26 Briefing Room 28_briefing_room REV
27 Utopia utopia Motoki Zakuro
28 Apocalypsis Ciconia-II 29_apocalypsisciconia-II xaki
29 Apocalypsis Ciconia-I 08_apocalypsisciconia-I xaki
30 Sunya no sora~Emptiness's Sky~ (inst) empty_sky_inst xaki
31 Sunya no sora~Emptiness's Sky~ empty_sky xaki

Vocal: Sakura Canae, Kino Nei, Motoki Zakuro

32 Heroes, Be Strong, Be Stupid yusha dai


  • Keropoyo appears on the Music Room page and gives you search suggestions when you click on him, with easter eggs occurring if you say yes:
    • Clicking "How to delete you" will make him disappear.
    • Clicking "Ma**o" will make Keropoyo grow bigger while playing the mushroom sound effect from Super Mario Bros.
    • Clicking "Sing Ciconia When They Cry" will make Keropoyo sing the opening in a vocaloid voice.