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Data Fragments

This page aims to provide a summary of the Data Fragment scenes from Phase 1.

There are sixteen total Data Fragments; fifteen are unlocked after finishing the story and the sixteenth is unlocked after viewing all 15 Data Fragments. Following viewing the sixteenth Data Fragment, the Character Tips and Music Room are unlocked.

Virtual Experience Presentation[]

Warcat and Grave Mole enter a virtual room and decide to present virtual experiences they've created and determine whose is the best. They have Keropoyo decide the order, which is Lilja, Jayden, Miyao, Koshka, Gunhild, and Chloe. Everyone based their experiences on the same topic, which is "the most delicious way to eat an energy bar."

Lilja's virtual experience takes place in a classroom, where a student is hungry and is waiting for lunch. As he and his classmates stares at the clock, he notices Lilja sitting in the back and pulling out an energy bar. Lilja offers a bite and the student thinks about how wonderful it must be to eat, but then Lilja eats the entire thing, ending the experience. The group thinks it was good because she portrayed the energy bar as like a forbidden fruit, but Lilja says it was because she was looking down on a starving classmate.

Jayden goes next, where his experience has him winning a sports competition and being bathed with glory. A trophy is presented to Jayden, which is shown to have an energy bar inside it before the experience abruptly ends. Miyao mocks Jayden, saying he should be called Superidiot instead.

P1df1 explosion

Miyao goes third, where he and his squad are in the midst of battle and running out of ammo. With all the explosions and jets flying around, Jayden claims Miyao stole this from a game. After locking on to targets, all of Warcat pulls out an energy bar, recharging and jumping back into action.

Koshka is fourth, whose experience opens on a Sunday morning, bright and sunny. Koshka wakes up and gets hungry, not wanting to get out of bed for food. She feels around in her bed and finds an energy bar that she'd put there some time ago. She eats it, and the experience ends; everyone praises her for making such a cozy feeling experience, but Chloe mentions that the energy bar must have been there for days.

Gunhild goes next, opening her experience at a music festival. Gunhild and her friends go to get some food, but because of the long lines they decide to split an energy bar they had brought along. Everyone also liked that one, and Chloe tries to rush everyone home before Miyao remembers that she was going to go last. They pressure her to show ti, but Chloe keeps saying hers isn't good at all.

P1df1 zombies

Chloe finally gives in and plays her experience, which has a lot more production value than the other experiences. It opens on a gray sky as zombies stroll around. Everyone immediately comments on the detail and how realistic it feels. Chloe has a tent set up on top of a supermarket counting how many days she'd been up there. She only had one energy bar left as food. Chloe eats the bar and gazes down at a horde of zombies surrounding the supermarket. She has a shotgun with six shots left, deciding on shooting five zombies down below and using the sixth for herself. The experience ends, and the group is left in awe at how incredibly detailed it was from start to finish. As everyone praises her for her talent, Lilja thinks that Chloe's experience in making virtual experiences comes from making ones she can't show to others. Chloe quickly dismisses everyone, but Gunhild sends an email saying she already follows Chloe's account, waiting for her to finish "The Sweet Summer of the Stolen Bride and the Wolf Butler."

Background Music

  • chat (The room is created)
  • Major Disaster (Lilja taunts a student about her energy bar)
  • chat (Lilja's experience ends)
  • Underdogs (Jayden's experience begins)
  • Heroes, Be Strong, Be Stupid (Jayden's experience abruptly ends)
  • Gauntlet Wings (Miyao's experience opens with action)
  • chat (Miyao's experience ends)
  • Tan Smile (Koshka's experience begins)
  • chat (Koshka's ends)
  • Major Disaster (Chloe is last to go)
  • Azure Sky and Contrails (Gunhild's experience starts)
  • chat (The group enjoys Gunhild's experience)
  • Ominous3 (Chloe's experience begins)
  • Heroes, Be Strong, Be Stupid (The group is amazed at Chloe's skill)

Regarding Selcoms[]

Keropoyo welcomes someone to the Selcom Shop, surprised that they don't know what a Selcom is. He explains that a Selcom is like a smartphone inside their brain, asking the person to attach a Selcom Sheet to the underside of their left upper arm; upon being asked why the Sheet goes there, Keropoyo dismisses it, saying "the brilliant researchers and engineers said to stick it there." The person does so, and Keropoyo asks if they can see the display inside their brain. He suggests adjusting their internal 8MS or doing PP training if the image is fuzzy. Keropoyo sees that the user has become acquainted with using the Selcom, and the scene cuts to Okonogi ranting about how people are too dependent on Selcoms and technology. As Miyao and Chloe have a private chat, Okonogi goes on about how the brain is a muscle to be trained and how "Selcom humans" rely too much on the internet to look things up instead of memorizing it. Chloe understands Okonogi's point that humans aren't born with Selcoms and are no good if they rely on them too much, and Miyao thinks it's not a problem in the AOU since humans are born in electric incubators. Okonogi continues ranting and the narration adds that the creation of Selcoms brought an end to education through memorization, Chloe adding that Selcoms destroyed the significance for the education system. She understands that the power of life is something not to be underestimated, and Miyao muses on the power of life that humans have, being able to convert Spiritium into energy using the Dreissig Conversion; robots and drones couldn't do that, so humans are capable of being Gauntlet Knights. As Miyao thanks Chloe for the insight of not taking the power of life lightly, Keropoyo suddenly pipes up about search suggestions, implying that Chloe stole her line from something else. Chloe karate chops the AI frog to shut him up, but accidentally attacks Okonogi in real life, receiving several chops in retaliation.

Background Music

  • chat (Keropoyo welcomes someone to the Selcom Shop)
  • Heroes, Be Strong, Be Stupid (Okonogi starts ranting)
  • White Song [short] (The power of life is special)
  • Major Disaster (Chloe insults Keropoyo)

The Okonogi Crappy Collage Grand Prix[]

While getting chewed out during another Okonogi lesson, Miyao invites the rest of Warcat and Grave Mole to take part in a Crappy Collage Grand Prix. They enter a virtual room and start venting their frustrations about Okonogi, swearing up and down to be censored by Keropoyo. As Okonogi berates the Knights for embarrassing him during an important demonstration for some higher-ups, the Grand Prix begins; Okonogi's head becomes pasted onto images of swimsuit models and random people. The Grand Prix soon evolves from simple image shops to almost nonsensical edits; Jayden makes a fake movie poster starring Okonogi while Lilja chimes in with an Okonogi clicker game. Koshka creates an edit using Chloe's face as well, and Chloe accidentally emails the image to Okonogi himself.

Cico oko03

Okonogi's lecture is interrupted when he checks the email he had just received, glaring at Chloe as she looks pale. The image is revealed to be Chloe and Okonogi's faces pasted onto an old romance movie poster; she receives yet another disciplinary chop to the head.

Background Music

  • Heroes, Be Strong, Be Stupid (Miyao announces the start of the Okonogi Crappy Collage Grand Prix)
  • Gauntlet Wings (The Grand Prix increases in insanity)
  • Major Disaster (Chloe accidentally sends an edit to Okonogi)

Training with Grave Mole[]

Koshka trains her accuracy skills, using an anti-Gauntlet sniper rifle to shoot a drone. The drone dodges and Koshka misses; Keropoyo makes fun of her as Lilja says she can easily predict Koshka's moves. Chloe asks them to take a break, but her fellow Grave Moles are unwilling to stop; Okonogi lets them stay in the simulation since they're so fired up. Chloe protests but receives another disciplinary chop, and Koshka and Lilja continue their training.

Lilja sends out formations of drones and Koshka's shots seem to hit most of them. Okonogi mentions how Koshka is lazy but can snipe accurately when her P3 levels are high, and Chloe sees how she's sniping better now that she's focused; Koshka has memorized Lilja's tempo and is sniping based on instinct instead of making trajectory calculations.

Koshka was actually a supergenius Knight with very high P3 levels, but she was uncooperative and only did training when it was necessary. When Lilja arrived, she constantly egged on Koshka and the two have had a fierce rivalry ever since. Chloe wonders what would happen if Lilja were moved to a different squad but Okonogi stops her, knowing that Koshka needs her in order to stay focused. Chloe is sent to take a shower, and after Keropoyo mentions how Lilja and Koshka's stress levels are incredibly high, Okonogi tells them to take a break as well. The two Grave Moles are still unwilling to quit, mentioning how they're high-grade Geroy equipment and thus Okonogi and Chloe can't tell them what to do. Despite this, Chloe mentions how she has "authority" to stop them, mentioning how Geroy equipment have miniaturized punishment devices embedded in their skulls. Lilja and Koshka begin to realize what she's up to, and Chloe activates the punishment device, making the two become electrified and leave the simulators. Unfortunately, Chloe activated it while in the shower when one of the rules of this device was not to use it when the user is wet; she ends up becoming electrified as well.

Background Music

  • Advancing (Koshka trains)
  • White Song [short] (Chloe commends Koshka's skill)
  • Heroes, Be Strong, Be Stupid (Chloe hits the shock remote while in the shower)

Regarding Rejection Shields[]

Keropoyo reads out the search results for "Rejection Shield", defining it as a shield that can repel every form of weaponry. However, it expends a lot of energy and thus cannot be active all the time. As Keropoyo explains that Gauntlet Knights are the only people who can use Rejection Shields thanks to the Dreissig Conversion, Okonogi cuts in, telling a group of Knights that without the Shield they'd die in seconds. The Rejection Shield is important not just for blocking attacks, but it prevents Knights from getting blasted to pieces if they fly at high speeds and run into something. Okonogi adds that Rejection Shields are activated within the brain so it takes minimal effort to use it, and Keropoyo adds that by default, the Rejection Shield is set with maximum safety-first settings and will go off at the slightest touch.

Okonogi states that if a Knight uses their shield too much, even for the smallest things, then their shield will explode. He'll be training each Knight hard to teach them to use the least amount of energy possible; energy drain is based on the user's emotional state, so if a Knight were caught off guard or had a heavy disadvantage compared to their opponent, they'd expend more energy. Anti-Gauntlet fights depended on finding ways to make the opponent use up all their energy as soon as possible, with the Warcats' finishing move of bombarding the area with missiles proving to be a great example.

Keropoyo adds that incredibly skilled Gauntlet Knights can do so much more with their Rejection Shields, like Miyao shielding not only himself, but nearby allies and all his trainees as well; Jayden likewise is skilled enough to deflect bullets with shields just a few centimeters in diameter. Okonogi caps off by saying that all the ace Knights of the world can do things like that, but it takes a lot of willpower to build up to that level of skill.

Background Music

  • chat (Keropoyo explains what a Rejection Shield is)
  • Welcome to A3W (Okonogi promises to whip the trainees into shape)
  • Major Disaster (Okonogi insults Keropoyo)

Stinky Food Showdown![]

Keropoyo talks about food culture, wihere many wonderful foods and drinks have developed all over the world, but not necessarily in a positive way. The taste of food is supposed to get better as time goes on, but sometimes the taste gets worse, leading to cases where outsiders can barely stomach something a native person would find delicious. Food like this tends to be reconsidered, but it can seem like some foods are designed specifically to drive away foreigners; Northern Europe's salmiak licorice is one such food.

P1df video

At a restaurant, Gunhild shows off some salmiak licorice, having recorded Miyao and Jayden's disgusted reactions as Lilja laughs in joy. Keropoyo plays the video back, where Miyao and Jayden are being dared to eat some licorice. Jayden worries if it's spicy, but Lilja tells him how salmiak licorice is the soul food of Northern Europe; she and Gunhild eat a piece to show how safe it is. Assured that everything is fine, Miyao and Jayden eat some pieces of licorice as well, only to start spitting it back out. Gunhild and Lilja laugh at their pain while casually eating more licorice.

In Northern European languages, "salmiak" means "ammonium chloride"; as such, salmiak is incredibly salty, and there exist several salmiak-flavored foods in Northern Europe. Miyao and Jayden want to get back at the girls for making them eat such a horrible food, and Miyao considers feeding them kusaya. Lilja and Gunhild look it up, learning that kusaya's an incredibly smelly dish. Lilja voices her displeasure in being forced to eat a smelly dish, and Miyao suggests that she apologize instead. Lilja continues voicing her displeasure and Miyao claims that kusaya is the smelliest dish in the world, wanting to record Lilja's reaction when she eats it. After hearing the words "smelliest dish in the world," Gunhild pulls out a can of food, thinking it to be a challenge; as she opens it, Lilja and Jayden realize that she has surstromming.

Kusaya is considered Japan's smelliest food, having an odor index over 1200. Surstromming is salted herring that has fermented for years, and continues to ferment even after being sealed in a can; it has an odor index value of over 8000. The stench of surstromming is said to be the strongest smell in the world, such that in B3W a bomb disposal unit was supposedly called to take care of a 25-year-old can of surstromming found in Sweden. Gunhild wants to prove that surstromming is the smelliest food in the world, but Miyao and Jayden quickly voice their defeat, accepting that Northern Europe has the smelliest food in the world.

A few days later, however, Chloe appears to present her own smelly Canadian foods, with the smelliest only having an odor index of 1300. Nevertheless, Gunhild wants to see it, but Chloe only has the data. Gunhild looks up the food, called kiviak, and learns that it's a traditional Canadian Inuit food, made by stuffing seabirds into a seal skin, letting it ferment for two years, and then eating it by slurping the bird's innards through it's anus. Having read this definition, Gunhild grows pale and soon apologizes to Chloe and the others for what she'd done the other day. Each country and culture had various kinds of traditional food, and none are better or worse than other foods. Jayden suggests eating some mild salmiak to build up tolerance to try real salmiak, and Miyao adds that there exists odorless versions of natto. Koshka takes no interest in any of this and states how she'll just eat cereal and milk for the rest of her life.

Everyone is relieved that they didn't go to war over smelly foods, but the narration reveals that Chloe placed an order for kiviak during her argument with Gunhild and forgot about it, with the website stating "No cancellations".

Background Music

  • Major Disaster (Keropoyo talks about food culture)
  • Azure Sky and Contrails (Miyao and Jayden retch over smelly food)
  • Major Disaster (Salmiak licorice is explained)
  • Heroes, Be Strong, Be Stupid (Warcat and Grave Mole decide to duel with the smelliest food they can find)
  • Major Disaster (Gunhild apologizes for being so haughty)
  • Azure Sky and Contrails (Chloe's package is non-cancellable)

Koshka's WanyaDora Adventure[]

Koshka invites Miyao to a virtual room and asks if he's good at WanyaDora. Miyao says he's alright at it, and Koshka explains that she needs his help. During a WanyaDora fight against Lilja, Koshka lost because she had weak monsters. After reading some walkthrough sites, she decided to get Miyao's help in farming resources; specifically, Stardust Scrubs, which are being dropped from an event. Miyao asks for something in exchange, but because Koshka started playing WanyaDora recently and is still low level with no good items, he suggests to get paid back outside the game. He requests that Koshka find 10 cat videos that he's never seen before, and Koshka agrees. She sends her entire folder of cat videos to Miyao, but after screening all of them he only finds 7 videos he's never seen before. Koshka becomes determined to find 3 more videos, and figures that if she can find someone who owns a cat, she can just make videos.

Koshka goes to Gunhild, who owns two cats. Recognition software can be used to scan cats and determine who their owners are, but there are people who leave comments on cat videos and claim the owner is abusing their cats or make similar statements, and thus people are reluctant to upload their own cat videos. Gunhild initially refuses to record her cats but after Koshka explains that it's for Miyao, Gunhild agrees and asks for something in exchange.

Koshka goes to Chloe, who had something that Gunhild wanted. Gunhild mentioned something about Chloe producing a feature-length virtual experience movie that she had only made a preview for, and Chloe becomes flustered, trying to deny her involvement with it; Koshka begins saying the name of the experience but is cut off by Chloe's babbling. Chloe refuses to make the movie, and Koshka threatens to have Okonogi ask her instead; Chloe quickly accepts the offer, but has a request of her own to make.

Koshka goes to Jayden, asking him for his avatar data and saying he's not allowed to ask what it's for. He finds it a creepy request, even coming from a friend. Koshka knows it'll be used for something creepy and asks Jayden what he wants in exchange for his avatar data.

Koshka goes to Lilja, who's asked for a ticket to a Finland beauty contest. Lilja compliments Jayden for his good taste, as Finland is said to be the country with the most beautiful people in the world. Koshka thinks it'll be easy for Lilja to get the ticket since she's a citizen from the area the contest is held, but Lilja wants something in exchange.

Koshka goes to Miyao, asking for 800 Stardust Scrubs from the WanyaDora event. Miyao expresses his confusion, being asked to get 800 Scrubs for Koshka and 800 more for Lilja. Koshka understands that Miyao won't accept until she brings him some cat videos, and remembers that Gunhild had two cats of her own. Koshka starts walking off and Miyao agrees to help, not wanting this endless loop to get ridiculous.

Background Music

  • chat (Koshka invites Miyao to a room)
  • Major Disaster (Miyao is asked if he plays WanyaDora)
  • White Song [short] (Koshka goes to Gunhild)
  • Heroes, Be Strong, Be Stupid (Koshka goes to Chloe)
  • Azure Sky and Contrails (Koshka goes to Jayden)
  • White Song [short] (Koshka goes to Lilja)
  • Major Disaster (Koshka goes back to Miyao)

Scolding Withdrawal Symptoms?[]

During a training simulation, Miyao reprimands Lilja for focusing too much on controlling her drones and forgetting where her body was. Miyao then yells at Koshka to focus more, as his moment of weakness just now should've been picked up by her; Koshka says she was slow because she's hungry. He finally calls out Chloe for not supporting Lilja and Koshka enough, saying she was having fun on her own, which she admits to.

Outside the simulation, Lilja calls Miyao a pervert, accusing him of staring at the Grave Moles a lot during training. Koshka joins the accusations and Miyao defends himself, saying he wanted his comrades' movements to be as good as they can be. Lilja says they don't need another instructor after Okonogi, and Jayden asks them to stop being so hard on Miyao. Jayden tries to defend him, saying that Miyao talks too much and spots people's mistakes 24/7, and Miyao beats him up; Miyao agrees not to stare at the Grave Moles anymore and leaves. Chloe tells the girls that they didn't need to go so far, but Lilja and Koshka are happy that they can now fly around however they please.

Grave Mole soon begins another training session, with Okonogi saying it'd be a while before they'll be able to eat. Lilja and Koshka notices that Chloe's flying appears strange; Koshka says that if Miyao were here, he'd call Chloe's flying sloppy. Chloe asks how her flying was sloppy and how to improve it, but her fellow Grave Moles can't offer any advice. Lilja remarks how she can still hear Miyao complaining about them even when he's not there; every time Lilja and Koshka think they mess up, they can feel Miyao calling them out. Lilja brushes off this feeling and asks the AI controller to give them a small break for a planning session; Keropoyo initially denies her request but relents when Lilja states how it's for improving the effectiveness of their training.

Outside the simulation, Grave Mole comes to the conclusion that they must be suffering Miyao scolding withdrawal symptoms. Lilja finds this idea outrageous, that they can't calm down unless Miyao yells at them. Chloe says Miyao's criticism was always on the mark and that they've improved many of their skills because of him. Koshka still refuses to believe this, and Chloe suggests that they go apologize to Miyao together. Koshka finally admits that Miyao helped her figure out when she went wrong, but Lilja is still unwilling to follow along; Koshka says that if bowing to Miyao will help her surpass Lilja, then she'll do it. Koshka doesn't acknowledge or believe in anyone, but she still understands Miyao's good points. Lilja is surprised to see Koshka make such a comment, but Koshka says she always does the opposite of her, and the two get into a argument over who will apologize first. Chloe exasperatedly watches them fight and the Grave Moles suddenly receive an apology email from Miyao. Miyao apologizes for staring at Grave Mole a lot and didn't mean anything bad by it; he wanted them all to get strong together. The email ends with him promising not to overstep his boundaries, and Lilja and Koshka get to work on writing an email back, competing over who can apologize and offer gifts the most.

Later, Miyao gets confused over all the weird emails he's been getting, and Lilja and Koshka ask whose apology was better; Miyao thinks both of their emails were heartless. He says that Chloe's email wins by all accounts, and the girls wonder when she emailed them. Miyao explains that five minutes after they fought, Miyao and Chloe had been emailing each other and made up, though Miyao was going easier on her when commenting about Chloe's flying data. The Grave Moles realize that Chloe was pretending to be calm when she'd been making up with Miyao by herself, and Chloe nervously says she still wanted to hear Miyao's criticism even though her teammates were angry and saying apologizing was wrong.

Miyao bids them farewell and the Grave Moles begin encroaching on Chloe with angry looks, only to be electrified by Chloe's remote. She apologizes for shocking them and believes the Grave Moles are sorry for taking out their anger on her, and Koshka sees that Chloe has scary eyes. Chloe sees that they're not apologizing and threatens to shock them again, and the Grave Moles realize that this must be Chloe's "dark personality," which comes out when something sets her off; they call it Evil Chloe, or Chloevil, and Chloe wishes to forgive whoever apologizes first.

The girls apologize and Chloe wonders who she should forgive first only to get interrupted by Okonogi, who reprimands them for slacking off. He gives "Chloevil" another karate chop and she returns to her senses, with Koshka remembering how Chloevil was fixed last time when Okonogi chopped her. Chloe wonders what she was doing and Koshka, spurred on by Okonogi's rage, tells her they were all training happily. Chloe is confused, saying she feels like she was doing something really fun, but Lilja tells her to ignore it and get back to training.

Background Music

  • Gauntlet Wings (Miyao lectures Grave Mole during training)
  • Major Disaster (Lilja and Koshka ask Miyao to stop being so harsh)
  • Advancing (Grave Mole continues training)
  • Heroes, Be Strong, Be Stupid (Lilja and Koshka regret that Miyao's not there)
  • Tan Smile (Chloe encourages her squad mates to apologize)
  • Major Disaster (Lilja and Koshka ask Miyao who apologized the best)
  • Lizard Running Across the Apartment Wall ("Chloevil" comes out)
  • Major Disaster (Okonogi chops Chloe)

Earthquake Restoration Lottery[]

Warcat is having a stroll when they suddenly feel an earthquake. Gunhild asks Keropoyo for any news about earthquakes for the day, and the frog replies with info of earthquakes centered in central Siberia of AOU Russia, Tromso in AOU Norway, COU Singapore, and LATO Ecuador. Miyao remarks that earthquakes are all about luck and that every person gets hit by one sooner or later. Jayden hopes that if they do get hit by an earthquake, they'll be flying with their Gauntlets in the air; Gunhild notes how tragic it can be if the earthquakes hit someone close to them.

Keropoyo quickly chimes in with an update about the earthquakes, calling it a "modern simultaneous earthquake" and that money has been given to affected cities by the World Earthquake Response Fund. He asks them to buy lottery tickets for the Heart-Pounding Miracle Restoration Lottery and help fund the World Earthquake Response Fund. The Warcats discuss their bets for the lottery, with Jayden betting on Eurasia and Miyao betting on Latin America; the earthquake in Ecuador might cost him his winnings. Gunhild bet on various countries all around the world, with Miyao saying it makes sense since the point of the lottery is to help restore countries affected by earthquakes. Jayden jokes that if Gunhild really did win, she'd make a lot of money; she estimates her total winnings to be 100 million krona, or 11,000,000 US dollars.

Keropoyo makes another advertisement for people to buy earthquake lottery tickets and explains that the goal of the lottery is to guess which places won't be hit by a modern simultaneous earthquake, with the winnings increasing the more countries are selected. The frog gives some more information, noting that there's a lack of financial transparency at the office of the World Earthquake Response Fund and the director is living a life of leisure, He also adds that if someone wins big, the earthquake isn't designated as a modern earthquake and that the Fund uses mysterious definition criteria.

During a lecture session, an instructor explains that modern simultaneous earthquakes are earthquakes that occur simultaneously in various areas across the world, caused by some unknown mechanism. Earthquakes used to be caused by movement along fault lines beneath the earth's crust, and thus earthquakes were concentrated around those areas. Modern earthquakes don't do that, and it's unknown how they happen or why they occur at random parts of the world. The instructor states that modern earthquakes were first observed in A3W and are theorized to be the result of either the environmental damage caused by World War III or Environmental 8MS; excessive extraction of Spiritium is another possible cause.

In B3W, people assumed that earthquakes tended to happen around certain areas, but in A3W, no city in the world was truly safe from earthquakes. Due to 4D-printing construction techniques and the development of Anti-Earthquake 8MS, earthquake-resistant buildings were built around the world, and every person on Earth became used to their regular occurrence. Keropoyo adds that when the World Earthquake Response Fund was first created, earthquake-resistant buildings weren't widespread and thus earthquake damage was very great, making the fund very vital; in the modern day, almost no casualties resulted from earthquakes.

Background Music

  • White Song [short] (Warcat talks about the earthquake)
  • Welcome to A3W (An instructor explains modern earthquakes)

Mind your Manners in Competitive Games![]

Warcat and Grave Mole meet up in a virtual room based off the game salon Armageddon, where Jayden welcomes them. Chloe is afraid, saying game salons are places where delinquents hang out, but Miyao tells her that that info's outdated and Jayden proclaims that Armageddon is a gathering place not for delinquents, but for warriors. Jayden begins to explain that he's called everyone there for a matter concerning the pride of the AOU Aerial Augmented Infantry, and Gunhild thinks that Jayden just got beat really bad in a Gauntlet Knight video game. The rest of the knights make fun of Jayden, who says that the guy he lost to exploited a bug and got a cheap win. They think he had voice chat disabled and turned it on just to insult the guy, but Jayden says he was congratulating them while telling them that dirty tricks wouldn't work in the real world.

The knights realize that Jayden called them together so they could take revenge on the guy he lost to. Chloe wonders if it'll be okay since they're actual soldiers, and Jayden reassures her that the guy doesn't know who they are, as the game has voice changers. Miyao decides to help Jayden since they're partners, but Lilja says Grave Mole doesn't need to help. Koshka mentions how it's happening a lot today and Gunhild asks what she means by it, but Chloe quickly says that it was nothing; Lilja says the Grave Moles are really busy and wants to leave Warcat to their own problems. Jayden wants them to stay but Miyao gets their point, as Jayden's fight only concerns the Warcats. Koshka says they have fights of their own to settle and Miyao asks if the same thing happened to them; Lilja says Chloe was playing a game when someone started saying lots of horrible things to her. Chloe determined that Grave Mole needed to band together to take that guy down. Miyao and Gunhild note how Jayden and Chloe's stories are very similar, and Lilja states that it's almost time for Grave Mole to deal with their opponent. Jayden thinks their fights starting at the same time are like fate, and he hopes that they both win and get an awesome story to tell.

Gunhild asks Jayden what he argued with the other guy about, and he starts complaining about how his moves were practically bugs and begins swearing up and down. Gunhild asks Chloe how his opponent might respond to that, and Chloe says that the guy's moves were features, not bugs. She asks Jayden not to act like she's the only one at fault, and the two begin swearing at each other. As their teammates watch in amusement, they remind them that it's time for their fights to start. Jayden says he looked up a bunch of bugs and exploits and sends them to his fellow Warcats, and Miyao questions his determination to win so badly.

The Grave Moles voice their words of support for Chloe, and Gunhild asks if she finished the report she was making for Okonogi; she doesn't know what she means, but realizes that she completely forgot. She leaves the room and her teammates follow. The Warcats start preparing for their fight and Gunhild leisurely eats salmiak licorice, assured that they'll be waiting a long time.

Background Music

  • Advancing (Jayden calls Warcat and Grave Mole to a game salon)
  • Major Disaster (Jayden is teased for getting his pride hurt)

Training with Grave Mole 2[]

Okonogi delivers a series of karate chops to Chloe's head, saying she has no confidence in herself as the rest of Grave Mole watches, uninterested. Koshka says Chloe lacks so much confidence that she's cowardly, and Lilja mentions how she was dregs at Cold Lake but received an SS rank on the new aptitude test, changing the way she was treated and resulting in her getting the best grades. They think Chloe was AOU Canada's top ace from the start but was just treated badly by the adults.

Cold Lake Air Force Base is explained as being AOU Canada's training ground for elite Gauntlet Knights. Chloe had enough talent to become a knight since the beginning, but the old aptitude test didn't measure her talent properly and thus she was seen as the lowest scorer at the base. No matter how hard humans try to be independent, they can still be swayed by what other people think of them and if everyone treats someone as incompetent, they'll wind up becoming what everyone sees them as. The Cold Lake instructors kept Chloe in her current position instead of returning her to her former squad, and her presence allowed other elite knights to experience victory and increase their confidence in themselves.

Lilja realizes that Chloe is just like her and Koshka. As soon as Chloe's talent was recognized, her treatment changed; the instructors treated her differently and training was designed with her at the center. Chloe's grades became much better, but they were far from what her aptitude test suggested they could be. The Grave Moles lament Chloe's background, with Koshka comparing her to Cinderella and Lilja saying that, even if the dregs were suddenly made into princesses, that doesn't mean they can learn to trust the people or the world that treated them so horribly.

Grave Mole was aware that Chloe's heart had been wounded by selfish adults, and the higher-ups hid this fact when Chloe became chosen as their representative for the Battle Standard Festival; if the public were to find out that their hero was treated this way, it would be very bad for the adults involved. Chloe was deluded into thinking that she truly received an elite education and as grateful to her instructors and superiors. Koshka asks Lilja where she heard this, and she replies it was heard from the lab people at Geroy laughing about it.

Okonogi finishes her reprimanding of Chloe, threatening to send her back to Cold Lake, and Lilja steps in, asking him to stop. She explains that if Chloe left Grave mole, she and Koshka would start ignoring the orders of everyone. Okonogi begins questioning her stance for saying this but Lilja replies that she and Koshka are Geroy equipment and repeat offenders earning over a hundred years of prison time; anything the instructors did to punish them would have no effect. Okonogi becomes angry that he can't hit them, as the girls were high-grade equipment and had been lent to him from a research center; he opts to chop Chloe once again. He tells her that Grave Mole has accepted her and that she needs to up her game.

Okonogi leaves and Chloe thanks her team for helping her, but they brush off her thanks and leave to get food. The narration ends by telling Chloe not to give up now that everyone has accepted her as part of Grave Mole.

Background Music

  • Heroes, Be Strong, Be Stupid (Okonogi berates Chloe once again)
  • The June Sky is an Endless Blue... (Lilja and Koshka realize how hard Chloe worked)
  • Underdogs (Lilja steps in to defend Chloe)

Siblings' Day[]

Jayden says goodbye to his siblings, over 30 of them, after spending the day together. He runs into Gunhild, who's also celebrating Siblings' Day; many of her siblings don't live in Japan, so they're doing it in a virtual room. Jayden complains about how much easier it is to organize virtual meetings compared to real life, where people have their own complaints and problems that get in the way. Even so, Gunhild says real life meetings can be a lot of fun. She expresses her jealousy that Jayden has over 30 siblings living in Japan, and he says Gunhild must have even more all over the world. Keropoyo pops up and says that meeting people in real life means he doesn't have to use filters, and Jayden tells him to turn them off for the time being.

Keropoyo then gives an introduction to his conversation filter system. In AOU countries, harassment caused by talking about socioeconomic privilege is strictly forbidden and penalized. AOU cities had people living in places suitable to their unique needs. This was done to protect the happiness score in each area, especially since the happiness score worldwide plummeted before WWIII. People associated the phrase "countries with high happiness scores" with dictatorships and places with restricted internet access, and countries that had big drops in their happiness scores tended to give rise to far-right regimes, blaming other countries for it. It seemed as though simultaneous happiness score drops around the world gave rise to world wars, so AOU countries in A3W sought to raise scores by combating capitalism. In capitalist countries, it was necessary to get people to buy new things and make them spend money, leading to society expanding and producing new technologies for people to buy. If more and more products are released and people can't keep up, then society would stop expanding, and the gap between the rich and the poor would increase even more. The constant advertising of new products to those who couldn't afford it made them feel trapped, which would drop happiness scores all over the world if it was believed people could never live happily.

The AOU had taken measures to isolate the have-nots, classifying them according to their tolerance against information. Among Jayden's siblings, there was a chance one of them could have been in a "protected class," and if Jayden had said something like "I got to eat all I wanted for free at the dessert buffet in the officers' dining hall", it could be considered harassment against that protected person and get him in legal trouble. Keropoyo's conversation filters are meant to protect against situations like that, alerting people if they're about to say something potentially harmful. These were a perfect tool for politicians; people in B3W might consider it a method for the government to brainwash people, but new technologies have always been regarded as harbingers of dystopia, up until people start spreading them around with little thought.

Jayden wonders how people could live peaceful lives back then without filters, and Gunhild asks if he turned off a few alerts earlier. Jayden sees that he accidentally turned off his mail checker. Turning off as many Selcom features as possible would reduce the stress on the brain, but turning off the mail checker was a bit too far; it was normally only done by people who contemplated suicide or were in some kind of emergency forcing them to shut off their Selcom. Jayden checks his mail to see a lot of messages sent by Miyao. The first email contained notes regarding their simulator training earlier; Miyao loved to analyze his teammates and give pointers, but he was also very hard on them. The next few emails were Miyao sending messages trying to talk to Jayden, sounding more and more depressed when he apologizes for the notes. Gunhild had also got an email from him, telling him that Jayden was at a siblings' gathering and joked that Miyao's harsh words could make the Supergenius depressed.

Jayden regrets turning off so many random settings, and thinks Miyao should know what Siblings' Day is like; Gunhild reminds him that Miyao doesn't have siblings. In the AOU, babies are raised in incubators run by government facilities. They didn't have families or parents, yet there are dozens of "siblings" all born in the same facility. The AOU had labeled the last Sunday of every month to be Siblings' Day, where siblings could get together and strengthen their bonds; Miyao always felt left out due to being a normal birth. Gunhild tells Jayden that every Siblings' Day, Miyao sends them flight data with notes attached, a sign that he wanted them to pay attention to him. Jayden wants to send a message back to Miyao, and Gunhild suggests to do nothing; he already thinks Jayden is depressed because of his harsh words, so Miyao will eventually apologize and be more kinder with his next lecture. Jayden likes the idea, but he likes Miyao's scolding even more, so he wants to send a reply back anyway. Gunhild offers some help in writing emails, but Jayden wants this first one to be his own words.

At home, Miyao is curled up in his bedsheets when he gets an email from Jayden. He reads it, insults Jayden, and then goes to sleep, feeling relaxed.

Background Music

  • Tan Smile (Jayden says farewell to his siblings)
  • chat (Keropoyo explains his conversation filters)
  • Welcome to A3W (AOU society is explained)
  • Tan Smile (Jayden turns his email alerts back on)
  • Major Disaster (Jayden talks about Miyao's harshness)
  • To the Land of Some Time (Jayden learns that Miyao is ciconia-born)
  • Deeply Remember (Jayden decides to apologize)

The Nation Where Ciconia Don't Cry[]

After having dinner at the training facility, Jayden asks Miyao what it's like to have parents. Since Miyao is ciconia-born, Jayden thinks having actual parents must be great, thinking of them as like a personal teacher; Miyao says otherwise, calling his own parents annoying and too clingy. Jayden figures Miyao's parents must be very rich since they could choose to have a ciconia birth, and Miyao replies that he knows nothing of being particularly wealthy. Miyao did PP training as soon as he was born, so his parents must have been rich; with all the fuss people were making back then about PP training for babies having safety issues, maybe Miyao's dad was turning him into a test subject. Jayden thinks it's amazing that Miyao became a top-class Parallel Processor because of his training, and Miyao wonders if he even dreamed of being a Gauntlet Knight, having had that dream forced upon him by his dad.

Gauntlet Knights were something that existed a generation prior, but the technology was still developing, and many young people jumped at the chance to become one despite the fact that they often died, and even death row inmates were being used as test subjects. Technology improved and talented people could safely become Knights, but this only applied for the new generation; the old generation had aged, and they weren't young enough to properly receive PP training.

There would be nothing strange about the old generation having kids and instilling in them the dream to fly, but ciconia don't bring babies in the AOU. Miyao was an exception, hearing stories from his dad about Gauntlet Knights and how jealous he was. Miyao thinks this is what really influenced him to become a Gauntlet Knight, calling it true freedom to not be ciconia-born. Jayden thinks ciconia-free like him aren't completely safe from being brainwashed since birth, and Miyao replies that people's lifestyles are influenced by their surroundings, and trying to be truly independent is arrogant. Gunhild jumps in, having been listening to them the entire time. Gunhild is also factory born, but she wishes she could have parents. Miyao jokingly offers to lend her his, and Jayden muses that people always want what they don't have.

Gunhild says that it must be great to have parents, a resource with a lot of life experience that she could go to anytime, regardless of what communities or groups she's in. Miyao also admits that he's relied on his dad a few times when he wanted to talk about something he couldn't ask anyone else. He also mentions that he only has one parent, and Jayden asks if they're supposed to come in male-female pairs. Miyao replies that he's only ever known his dad and has no idea what his mom looks like. Jayden apologizes for bringing it up, and Gunhild says that the Warcats are like a family they can each entrust their lives to. Miyao thinks about responding to some of his dad's emails, and their conversation trails off, ending on a positive note.

Later, Gunhild wants to ask Miyao and Jayden something; Miyao thinks it's another question as to whether parents or siblings are better, but Gunhild asks what it would be like if the two of them got married and tried to have kids. Miyao and Jayden are confused and try to brush it off, and Gunhild laughs. She asks the question again, presenting a hypothetical situation where if they did have children, would they want them to be ciconia-born? Jayden would like to see his kids, but Miyao says he'd lose ten years of his life for raising them; Gunhild mentions that parents who choose ciconia birth have to follow very strict regulations to protect the child's rights, and training for them could take years. Miyao realizes how hard it must have been for his dad to raise him all alone, feeling bad for calling him irritating and annoying. Jayden remembers that pregnancy is rough and giving birth must really hurt, not wanting to force it on his partner. Miyao decides that he'll pass on having kids, instead sending them off to the factory and praying they grow up healthy. Jayden would want to talk it over with his partner first but personally thinks it's far too expensive and time-consuming to raise kids.

Gunhild then mentions a theory she heard where the ideal age for humans to give birth is in their late teens, and by the time they turn 20 they're past their peak, but humans aren't easygoing enough to wait for it. Jayden thinks about how in the distant past, people must have had kids without thinking and abandoned them so many times, leading to a large amount of kids living in poverty. Miyao says that by the time people were complaining about it, the birth rate had plummeted, and the decision to raise babies in factories was the AOU's answer to the problem. Gunhild is asked if she would give birth, but she isn't able to make a decision, lamenting how humans live in a world where they can give birth but it's almost impossible to do, sacrificing some of their life for it. Jayden wonders if one could just love their child until they got tired and then send them to the factory, but Gunhild and Miyao don't like that idea of treating kids like a pet.

It's then explained that people in the AOU were free to marry as they pleased, but pregnancy was severely limited by rules and regulations, and parents who gave birth had to take responsibility for them until the end. Despite that, there were people who "retired" halfway through raising children and would be imprisoned, with the child losing all ties with them and being sent to a childcare institution. It was hoped that the child could form bonds with other children who faced a similar predicament, but sometimes it didn't work, leading to another violation of human rights. The AOU's child protection services still debated as how to make a safety net for abandoned ciconia-born children, with some people suggesting that the option to have ciconia-born children be removed entirely. Others wanted to save all ciconia-born children without any restrictions, but that was compared to treating them like pets; no verdict could be reached on this issue.

It's beginning to get late, so the Warcats all decide to stop with the talk about babies until they actually have a partner in mind. Left by herself, Gunhild wonders if humans are meant to argue even when talking about kids, thinking they're all just animals in the end and that something must be wrong with the world.

Background Music

  • White Song [short] (Miyao is asked what it's like to have parents)
  • Tan Smile (Miyao's dad was always talking about Gauntlet Knights)
  • Deeply Remember (Gunhild poses the pregnancy question to Miyao and Jayden)
  • Tan Smile (Warcat parts ways)

Gunhild and Miyao[]

Okonogi berates a group of new recruits for throwing up in the Gauntlet Knight simulator, with Gunhild and Miyao talking about how tough it is to get used to. The simulators are expensive, and the experience people go through is enough to make them throw up, so ejecting is encouraged; Gauntlet Knights get bad grades if they eject, so they're forced to try and keep it in. Miyao's never thrown up, which is owed to his lifelong training, while Gunhild says she probably filled up several buckets' worth to get to where she is. They talk about how some people are born luckier than others, and Gunhild expresses her jealousy at how Miyao had everything lined up for him like a full house in poker, but she still understands he trained really hard despite it. Okonogi continues talking down to the trainees, forcing them to clean the simulators and asking how they even made it past the Gauntlet Knight tests.

Miyao wonders what happens to people who can't become Knights, and Gunhild explains that their training is unlike anything else in the military, who think they're just an esport. Trainees have spent their entire lives training to become Gauntlet Knights, and they're treated like students with the goal of graduating. They sometimes have trouble thinking of what to do later in life, and Miyao thinks it may be better to finish them off now if it looks like they can't become Knights, giving them more time to prepare for the rest of their lives. Gunhild pokes fun at how much Miyao scolds his underclassmen in their flight data, and he reiterates how he tries to give a positive note at the end.

Out of all the people in the world, only 150,000 people have P3 levels high enough to wield a Gauntlet, and only 1000 had succeeded in becoming Gauntlet Knights. Gunhild says that, compared to Supergenius Jayden and Miyao, she must be on par with them because of how much she's worked to get to where she is. They think the kids getting scolded by Okonogi will probably fail in the end, and Miyao wonders if a notice of expulsion is what they need the most to move on with their lives. For a normal person to become a Gauntlet Knight, Gunhild thinks getting there with just the power of dreams takes a lot of effort. Miyao asks if she means for people to limit their dreams to what they're capable of, and she replies that it must sound unsatisfying to a boy. Even if they cheered on the new recruits, statistically speaking it wouldn't amount to anything. A long time ago, it was possible to encourage people to follow their dreams or die trying; Gunhild agrees with Miyao's thoughts, as they live in a world where they have the responsibility to tell people if they clearly don't have talent. Miyao remembers that Gunhild mentioned having nightmares of studying and taking tests, seeing it in a more positive light; even if Gunhild's dreams didn't come true in the end, she could've lived easier with herself knowing she really gave it her all. His dad said a similar thing, saying that even if Miyao failed to become a Gauntlet Knight, he shouldn't regret it as long as he really gave it everything he had.

Miyao declares that there is no useless effort, and that if the trainees worked hard at being Gauntlet Knights, they could work hard at other places in their life. He goes up to them, who are still cleaning, and opens up their flight data for a harsh lecture. He points out the things they did wrong but also explains how they could improve it, pointing out some good things they did in the end. Gunhild thinks about how Miyao's own best feature was that he looks after others, something that had been encouraged because he was ciconia-born. She mutters how she used to hate people like him, who could win with no effort while she studied to the point of having nightmares. Gunhild realizes that Miyao's talent was a coincidence, and that if he didn't have it, he would still use every ounce of his being to become a Gauntlet Knight; she wishes to have met him sooner, hoping she would've become a different person and become able to like someone else more than herself. Gunhild voices that she really does love Miyao.

Background Music

  • The June Sky is an Endless Blue... (Okonogi berates some trainees for puking in the simulators)
  • To the Land of Some Time (Miyao considers cheering on the trainees)

Auxiliary Major General Gustafsson[]

At the Geroy Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center, people saw it as a last resort to become Gauntlet Knights, which meant subjecting themselves to all sorts of human experimentation without limit if they signed up. Despite the risks that came with training, people still enrolled at Geroy to become trainees, and such a center for creating Gauntlet Knights was paramount to national defense. A VTOL craft lands, and officers from various countries disembark to inspect the facility. They split into two lines: one for the VIPs, and one for their companions. The VIPs all contained people who were of dignified ages, but a young woman stood out among them. A soldier tells the woman that she's in the wrong place, but he's directed to look at her ID again, and he apologizes for his rudeness.

The woman finally goes to sign in with a bio-scanner, revealing herself to be Gunhild Gustafsson, an Auxiliary Major General attached to the AOU Combined Military Central HQ. Her inspection permit had been issued by the Speaker of the AOU Joint Parliament and President of AOU America, with a security clearance of SS-. It's also noted that the department of the head rank must accompany her, and after the inspection is completed, all information regarding her presence must be removed from the records and kept as a lifetime secret.

Gunhild is guided past a training area through a security gate and goes deep underground on an elevator, where an attendant thought she was there to inspect the Pandora. Gunhild asks if it's possible to copy the Pandora, but she's told it's currently not, with the attendant calling it a miracle that all of God's dice rolled the same number. Gunhild says it must be good news for the Pandora since they can't perform any more experiments on her if they can't copy her, ominously remarking that Pandora's box is the last hope for humanity. The attendant agrees, saying humanity doesn't have much time left and without the Pandora's secret, they can't leave any part of humanity or civilization behind. Gunhild then asks if the Pandora is aware that they're the only ones who can go into the new world, and she's told the Pandora thinks they have a special brain structure that must be analyzed; the Pandora believes she's assisting in research in exchange for being spared the death penalty.

P1df gunhild

The atmosphere within the elevator was very different from up above in the training area, where Lilja was complaining about her struggles. She talks at length about how she got Koshka to open up to her, playing through a boring puzzle game and tacking "meow" onto the end of her sentences just to make conversation starters. As Gunhild was walking past her earlier, the two of them suddenly exchanged glances; Lilja knew Gunhild, but she was still confused to see her in such an unexpected place. She tried to ask Gunhild what she was doing, but the presence of guards made it apparent she was being treated differently, and Gunhild goes off without saying anything. The attendant addresses Lilja by her full name, Lilja Viljakainen, and tells her to forget everything she just saw. Gunhild asked about Lilja to the attendant, who explains she is also assisting in research in exchange for being spared the death penalty. Until they copy the Pandora, Lilja might be the greatest thing the center has produced.

The pair finally reach the Data Room, where Gunhild wants to see trainee records, specifically the records of Maja Forsberg from AOU Sweden. The operator searches for that name under former trainees and reads that Maja left the training program of her own accord due to special circumstances. People who signed up at the Geroy Research Center couldn't leave until their research program was complete, and Gunhild asks what special circumstances allowed Maja to leave. The record says Maja was in extremely good health when she arrived, having average P3 levels and a grade of C+. There's an attached document that is locked to level S clearance, which means nothing to Gunhild's SS-.

The document shows that Maja was a potential candidate for the Pandora Replication Experiment, receiving counseling as to what it meant to participate in it. She was told of all the related dangers and signed a consent form agreeing to all of it. Gunhild is surprised to see she was a test subject for the Pandora Transplant Experiment, with the attendant saying it was the last hope for someone who lacked aptitude as a Gauntlet Knight; if it was successful, she could've been reborn on par with the Pandora or a genius GK. Gunhild asks if Maja knew the success rate was zero, and she's told the consent form said it was extremely low, with a note mentioning it had risen 300% due to repeated experimentation.

After signing and testing, Maja was given the subject code 091 and sent to participate in the experiment, being treated as having left of her own accord. She became part of the 12th Pandora Replication Experiment, receiving a noise rate of 0.225, which was poor; the experiment was suspended and Maja was processed in accordance with the Human Rights Manual. Gunhild asks what it means to be processed in accordance with the Human Rights Manual, and the attendant replies that they inject them with high amounts of hypnocine to numb all external sensations and induce a euphoric, dream-like state; it's the same as how they did lethal injections in B3W. Maja was disposed of 12 seconds after injection and transferred to the examination department, then sorted and transferred to other research departments. Her brain was sent to the Dreissig Conversion Research Department, which was to be used in experiments with artificial Dreissig Conversion apparatuses; due to errors, the brain decayed while in its brain pack and was incinerated. Maja's case was officially resolved as that of a person who had gone missing after her discharge, with her life-or-death status being unknown.

Gunhild thanks the attendants for their time, having discovered something of worth from that file. Gunhild says to herself that this world is worthy of destruction, not wanting to forgive those who brought about Maja's death and their world. The scene then flashes to Gunhild's final moments, where Keropoyo has started a self-diagnostic and made her unable to bring up her shield. Her fellow Warcats tell her to dodge the incoming projectile, but a flash of white is seen.

Background Music

  • Welcome to A3W (VIPs line up at Geroy)
  • Dark Clouds (Gunhild talks about Pandora's Box)
  • Dark Clouds (Gunhild reads the file on Maja Forsberg)

The Revelation of Saint Ioánnis[]

P1df revelation

Seshat and Toujirou are gathered inside a virtual room made to resemble a church, with Toujirou motioning towards a single document put on display. Seshat explains that the Council of Carthage identified 26 books as canon, with a 27th canonical book rumored to exist. There were traces of it within the Muratorian Canon, but it had disappeared by the time the Council of Carthage gathered. This document they have is probably the last volume that remains, and the only work of prophecy within the entire canon: the Revelation of Saint Ioánnis.

Cico shoko02b

It's explained that canon serves as a guide for a religion, and some people have tried to insert their own forgeries into the canon and pass it off as real. Religious groups will hold councils to decide what is canon or not, expelling any forgeries they may find. There are cases where something is identified as canon, then expunged after later extensive research. The Revelation of Saint Ioánnis was one such book, having been accepted by the Muratorian Council and then removed by the Council of Carthage. Seshat adds that when Carthage took place, the Revelation was never discussed, and it's name never appeared in any documents from that time; between the second and fourth century, the Revelation of Saint Ioánnis was completely erased from history. Seshat thinks it was too unnatural and thorough, as if someone just deleted the phrase from history.

Toujirou asks if the Revelation really contains a prophecy about how humanity will be destroyed, and Seshat replies that it's more of a plan, saying it'd be a real prophecy if 100% of it had happened; in their current state, it's 80% accurate. Toujirou replies that they have a 20% chance of victory then, assuming that their opponents were aiming for a perfect 100. He thinks their opponent must be doing this for entertainment, as they must be holding back if all they can offer is 80 points. Toujirou sees the Revelation as God's plan for exterminating humanity, and Seshat laughs at how dramatically he put it, saying it must be a possibility given that exceptions like her exist. This so-called plan has been erased from history except for the one document they have, and Toujirou wonders if their opponent purposefully left it for them. Seshat thinks so as well, saying their opponent claims to be an all-seeing and all-knowing messenger of God; they must see themselves as a chess veteran facing an amateur with a chess manual, smiling confidently and allowing that amateur to take a shot.

Even so, Seshat still thinks of the Revelation as a plan, not a prophecy; if it really was a prophecy, then they would be stuck, and all of their efforts would be for nothing. Toujirou assures the Grand Master that is is not a prophecy, for it would have recorded the fact that their Order of Prometheus would've stopped it. Toujirou knows that their opponents are following the outline of the Revelation, and thus they can predict what happens next and deal with it somehow. Seshat says humanity has made their opponents take a seat at the game table, even knowing that their Order has prepared for so long. Seshat expresses her desire to win, saying humanity will forever become game pieces for the monster calling itself God's representative if they fail. Toujirou says humanity will win, as written in his new version of the Revelation of Saint Ioánnis. Seshat laughs at his joke, and the two them wonder how much of humanity will be lost until then.

Background Music

  • Ominous3