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This page contains the in-game character bios for the arc, including factions and squads.

Arctic Ocean Union[]

The Arctic Ocean Union

A faction that formed around an alliance between AOU America and AOU Russia, two B3W superpowers.

Their highest goal is to restore the world order from the B3W era, regaining worldwide hegemony with their two core countries once again.

After the nuclear war, they chose to manage childbirth through factories. By rapidly recovering the size of their populations and selecting for genes, they also managed to eliminate various hereditary diseases.

They're known for being extremely conscious of human rights, and they tend to intervene when they see human rights issues in other countries, claiming to be vanguards for worldwide justice.

Because it's a faction of humans born from factories, other factions view them as a land of cold-blooded values.

Flag of aou


Attached to the AOU Combined Military Central HQ
The 0017th Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad

Currently the strongest kette among all of the AOU's Aerial Augmented Infantry. After fierce battles against powerful rivals, they won their seats as representatives of the AOU at the International Battle Standard Festival.
Their kette is composed of two Attackers and one Defender.
They use the kuruma-gakari formation, which theoretically switches out Attackers for Defenders before they get tired, thereby ensuring that they're always able to carry out their mission with two active Attackers.

However, in most cases, the Attackers Miyao and Jayden carry out their mission before they're hardly tired at all, so Gunhild — who's waiting in reserve — rarely has a chance to move up front. The fact that they're this powerful, yet still have a member in reserve, makes them a significant threat to kette in other factions.

The way they can penetrate an enemy's defenses on their own, achieve air superiority in the skies over their target, attack a land-based target, and then offer air support to friendly forces...makes them more than a military unit, and practically superheroes.

Warcat Squad Emblem


From AOU Japan
A member of the 0017th Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad "Warcat" of the AOU Combined Military Central HQ

The current world record holder for highest P3 level measurements. His overwhelming score far surpassed second place

Current Gauntlet engineering is unable to make use of most of his P3 potential, so he's currently in a state where his talent has outstripped technology.

Because of his unique level of ability, the AOU Next Generation Genetic Research Center and the AOU Joint Parliament have budgeted $100,000,000 towards his genetic analysis

Miyao tip (1)

High Output P3 User (SS)
The fact that his average P3 surpass the maximum output of the average member of the Aerial Augmented Infantry proves that he's a Gauntlet Knight prodigy. As Gauntlet Technology improves, he'll probably be able to draw out more and more of his true worth.

Cluster Missile Guidance (SS)
His specialties are simultaneous attacks against multiple targets and saturation attacks against a single target, performed by simultaneously yet precisely controlling over-whelming large numbers of high-maneuverability guided missiles. This suggest he's capable of carrying out all his duties perfectly

Friendly Observation (S)
He observes the movements of friendly units even more than his enemies. In battle, he constantly thinks about coordinating with his allies, and in training, he's capable of thoroughly nitpicking his allies once their training is over.

Miyao tip (2)


From AOU America
A member of the 0017th Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad "Warcat" of the AOU Combined Military Central HQ

Despite being an NPP, he made it into the top three in the AOU America Combined P3 Examination, which was completely dominated by CPPs.

In subsequent examinations, it was discovered that the chemicals produced in his brain and their receptors exhibited abnormal behavior. The AOU America Advanced Research Facility for National Defense determined that this was an extremely rare mental power, one that was neither superior nor inferior to CPPs, and they designated him as a special research subject.

However, following an incident where he drew indecent pictures with colored smoke over Florida while practicing for a flying exhibition, he has been permanently banned from flying over America itself

Jayden tip (1)

Supergenius Jayden (SS)
His average P3 levels are already extremely high, but when he's 'in the zone', as they say, he's able to reach explosively high P3 levels. However, in that state, dealing with anything else becomes a pain

The Warcat's Two Claws (SS)
The word 'devastating' doesn't do justice to the scale of the saturation attack he and Miyao can launch when working together. But, according to Miyao, that's pointless overkill, and there isn't really any need for Jayden to be there shooting too.

Constant Surprise Attack Probing (S)
He likes being unconventional, so he's always using his parallel thinking to search for cunning tactics. He continually comes up with tactics like this at a certain rate throughout the battle. It's the so-called "*ping* I just though of something stupid" trick.

Jayden tip (2)


From AOU Sweden

A member of the 0017th Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad "Warcat" of the AOU Combined Military Central HQ

During her 3-year-old childhood health examination, she had average P3 levels, so she was removed from the Selective Training Course. However, thanks to Acquired PP Training she took later on, her levels rose dramatically.

Though she was selected as a candidate at the extremely late age of 12, the growth of her mental power didn't stop there, and she became Northern Europe's top ace thanks to effort, rather than talent.

The AOU Combined Military's Aerial Augmented Infantry Command Center granted her the position of Counselor's Special Assistant, with the right to speak at the Research Development Council for PP Training Methods.

Gunhild tip (1)

War Zone 8MS Observation (S)
Thanks to 8MS, she's able to observe both friends and foes across the war zone and analyze the battle situation. She can share this information with her comrades, and thanks to her parallel processing, this doesn't force her to neglect her role of offering them combat support.

All-Rounder (S)
Because she can do anything skillfully and flawlessly, she can switch position with anyone in battle, taking their place. However, Miyao and Jayden can't take her place.

PP Training Methods (S)
She's capable of serving as an instructor for P3 Improvement Training aimed at those with low P3 levels. Some people have actually become Aerial Augmented Infantry members thanks to her instruction, and most of the trainees adore her.

Gunhild tip (2)

Grave Mole[]

Attached to the AOU Combined Military Geroy Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center
The 100th Aerial Augmented Infantry Experimental Squad
Grave Mole

An experimental squad attached to a military research center. It was entered into the International Battle Standard Festival as the result of a political decision, for the purpose of collecting research data.
Their kette is composed of two Defenders and one Sniper, making for an extremely defensive pattern.
Chloe manages all the autonomous weaponry used for establishing a position, Lilja controls the skies with a swarm of air defense drones, and Koshka focuses on intercepting attacks as a sniper. This fighting style is ideally suited for one of the Battle Standard Festival's events, Tower Defense, and they are expected to medal there.

It's presumed that, for the sake of maintaining a healthy military balance, the International Peace Mediation Association will shift the world's military might to a defensive focus, and this style was seemingly formed with that in mind.
After hearing this, they may sound like camping snipers, but they actually love air wars and jumbled battles, so they seem to be aiming for the ridiculous new genre of run-and-gun snipers.

Grave Mole squad emblem


From AOU Canada

A member of the 100th Aerial Augmented Infantry Experimental Squad "Grave Mole", of the AOU Combined Military Geroy Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center

She was chosen for the Selective Training Course, but her grades were slow to improve, and she lost confidence in herself. Her grades tended to be particularly bad when working with groups, and an excessively low level of self-empowerment was diagnosed as the cause.

Currently, she takes part in counseling and mental power correction research at the Geroy Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center.

Partly because of her results there, she's now known as one of the most capable Gauntlet Knights in North America.

Chloe tip (1)

Autonomous Weaponry Fire Control (SS)

Her ability to access autonomous weaponry on the battlefield and supply them with her high-level fire control is far ahead of the pack. She can even hack into the enemy's automated weaponry.

Forced Control of Research Subjects (S)

She has been given emergency codes that allow her to electrically suppress Geroy research subjects if they get out of control. However, if she uses these codes, Koshka and Lilja will make her suffer for it, so she hasn't done so yet.

Specialty In Solo Action (A)

When taking solo action, her P3 levels rise dramatically. However, when flying with others, they dip dramatically. Chloe wants to leave Grave Mole so much, she writes up requests for transfer every month and has them denied by Okonogi.

Chloe tip (2)


From AOU Russia

A member of the 100th Aerial Augmented Infantry Experimental Squad "Grave Mole", of the AOU Combined Military Geroy Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center

She is currently serving time as a Class 1 Criminal (her crime is not public knowledge), but has been allowed to leave in exchange for volunteering as a research subject at the Geroy Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center.

That research center and the Russian government have not publicly released details concerning her mental capacity, so her talent and potential are unknown.

The range of her P3 level varies widely and is unstable. However, though it's unofficial and only happened once, she has supposedly surpassed the highest P3 level measurements of Miyao, the world record holder, by a considerable margin.

Koshka tip (1)

Pandora's Box (SS)

This is apparently a code name that researchers use to refer to her brain. It is said that all sorts of disasters are packed in there...and that hope lies at the bottom of it all...

Sixth Sense Predictive Sniping (S)

Her predictive sniping, using a sixth sense that is, isn't based on formulas or statistics, is accurate too often to be easily dismissed as a fluke. In the simulator, she's even succeeded at sniping ricochet-flying targets on multiple occasions.

Poor Dimension Container Affinity (-A)

The amount of weaponry she can store in her Dimension Container is extremely small. She's chosen a powerful anti-Aerial Augmented Infantry electromagnetic battle rifle to occupy her small weaponry supply.

Koshka tip (2)


From AOU Finland

A member of the 100th Aerial Augmented Infantry Experimental Squad "Grave Mole", of the AOU Combined Military Geroy Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center

She is currently serving time as a Class 1 Criminal (her crime is not public knowledge), but has been allowed to leave in exchange for volunteering as a research subject at the Geroy Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center.

Her grades at the Suomenlinna Aerial Augmented Infantry School before her arrest were incredible, and her records at that school still haven't been broken.

Large changes have been noticed in her personality and character since her imprisonment, and some sort of experiment at the research center is rumored to be the cause.

Lilja tip (1)

Clay Glrl (SS)

This is apparently a code name that researchers use to refer to her brain. It's said that God made humans out of clay, but...

Also, she was in a different building than Koshka at the research center, so neither knows what sort of secrets the other might have.

Alr Power Control (A)

Her control over the skies, obtained by advancing thick waves of autonomous weaponry, can force any enemy to retreat or die once it's fully deployed. It's a powerful skill, but it takes time for her to deploy it. It's also possible for her to use that slow deployment to put pressure on her enemies.

Jack of All Trades, Master of None (B)

A breakdown of her weaponry reveals it to be colorful and varied, like a kid's toy box. She can skillfully handle just about anything, but she couldn't tell you right away if you asked what her best weapon is. However, she has enough weaponry to deal with any sort of situation.

Lilja tip (2)

Central Ocean Union[]

The Central Ocean Union

A faction formed around an alliance between COU China and COU India, two new superpowers that rose near the end of the B3W period.

It was formed as a reaction to the AOU's push for a return to the old world order. For that reason, it has stood in opposition to the AOU ever since its founding.

They're the only one of the factions that maintains their B3W sense of values, and they claim to be the only group of nations where ancient traditions and the human heart still live on.

That might be why they tend to look down on other nations, calling them cold-blooded and inhumane.

It's said to be a country where connections and money do all the talking, and the other factions view it as corrupt.

Flag of cou


Attached to the COU Combined Military HQ
Imperial Guard Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad

Currently the best of the Aerial Augmented Infantry squads across the COU, this kette is fated to reign supreme at all times.
Their kette is composed of one Attacker, one Responder, and one Supporter.
Baibao Squad is like a single swordsman built out of three people in well-defined roles, with Lingji as the attack sword, Momotake as the short sword in the other hand, used to attack and defend as needed, and Aysha as the eyes and ears.
For that reason, some might fear that they would stop functioning if even a single cog was missing. However, in practice, this kette has performed excellently and stands at the peak of the COU Aerial Augmented Infantry.

Their specialty is achieving air superiority, and they're particularly focused on anti-Aerial Augmented Infantry tactics. As a side note, large numbers of kette in the Chinese military use the characters for white (bai) and leopard (bao) in their names in imitation of Baibao Squad, which can get a bit confusing at times.

Baibao Squad Emblem


From COU China

A member of the Imperial Guard Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad "Baibao" of the COU Combined Military HQ

During her newborn mental evaluation, she was recognized as a National Special Growth Target. Later on, she was given the best of educations, complete with the best human resources, material resources, and budget, and was fated to become the queen of the Aerial Augmented Infantry representing all allied countries of the COU. She then splendidly answered to those expectations as the strongest Gauntlet Knight in the COU.

The Kunlun Military Research City proposed a five year plan with an annual budget of 100,000,000 wan for the purpose of copying her mental ability, and this request was accepted.

Lingji tip (1)

Genius-Class Aerial Augmented Infantry Aptitude (SS)

Since birth, the whole structure of her brain was miraculously suited for joining the Aerial Augmented Infantry. No one doubts that she's a candidate for the strongest Gauntlet Knight on the planet.

Midair Close Quarters Combat Ability (SS)

She's created a system for close-range fighting designed to work in one-on-one fights against Gauntlet Knights. It's said to be based on the Chinese martial arts and is both devastating and beautiful. All the other COU aces have tried to copy her, but none have managed to master it.

Wants to Experience Defeat (S)

Like a sixth sense, she has the ability to subconsciously make the correct decision all the time. It's a type of genius, or possibly a supernatural power.

The Tibet Supernatural Research Center recognizes this as a supernatural ability, but estimates that it is limited to adolescence and will be lost sooner or later.

Lingji tip (2)


From COU Japan

A member of the Imperial Guard Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad "Baibao" of the COU Combined Military HQ

He was assigned to Baibao Squad, where -- for the sake of providing support to the COU's Queen of Aerial Augmented Infantry, Lingji -- teamwork and communication were more highly valued than high P3 levels.

Simply going by his numerical measurements, it would be hard to call him the best candidate, but it was determined that he was the wingman most capable of maximizing Lingji's potential.

Even so, he is now the Naha Aerial Augmented Infantry School's biggest hero since its establishment, and they recently held an unveiling ceremony for a bronze statue of him.

Momo tip (1)

Dimensional Slice (SS)

A finishing move possible only because, by applying his mental strength to the use of dimensional storage technology, he's able to cut his targets and make them vanish into alternate dimensions. The power of this technique is immense, but its reach is so short that it perfectly fits the definition of a 'cool' finishing move.

8MS Stealth: Shukuchi (S)

By using 8MS airflow data, he's able to instantly move into the blind spot of an enemy's Reaper's Eye. However, he isn't able to collect this data himself, so he needs someone there to provide him with support.

A Warrior's Stubbornness (-A)

He stubbornly refuses to interact with people whose power he doesn't respect. Until he met Lingji, the only person whose strength he acknowledged, he was just a loner Aerial Augmented Infantry soldier who was hard to deal with. When he does find a person whose power he respects, he follows behind them like a dog. He's a bit clingy.

Momo tip (2)


From COU Indonesia

A member of the Imperial Guard Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad "Baibao" of the COU Combined Military HQ

As a trainee, she was praised for being a hard worker and a model student, but her innate talent was judged to be below average. Later, she volunteered to be sent to the Kunlun Military Research City as a test subject.

As a result of their research, they discovered that she was immensely talented at observing airspaces using 8MS, and she made a comeback as an Aerial Augmented Infantry soldier focusing on specialized techniques for observation and detection.

Furthermore, she later achieved good marks on compatibility tests with Lingji, and was promoted quickly through the ranks to land in Baibao Squad. She would then become the ideal supporter to bolster that squad's efforts.

Aysha tip (1)

8MS War Zone Observation (SS)

While she's in a war zone, the passage of time is always her ally. One by one, every element of the war zone is stripped naked in her eyes. The pressure this causes can be quite terrifying, even if she never fires a shot.

Analysis of Combat Situations and Tactics (SS)

Using the vast amount of data she observes, she can make split-second decisions about the current combat situation and propose optimal tactics to deal with it. She truly is the eyes and brains of Baibao.

Poor Aerial Augmented Infantry Aptitude (-S)

Her natural talent for being part of the Aerial Augmented Infantry barely gets a passing grade. She isn't good with sudden midair movements either. And, her ability to handle weapons only barely makes the cut. However, the results of her battlefield analysis as part of Baibao Squad more than make up for this.

Aysha tip (2)


Attached to the COU Combined Military Central General Corps, First Branch
301st Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad

Because Baibao Squad is deified in the COU for propaganda purposes, Suparna Squad is often relegated into obscurity. However, they're more than strong enough to serve as Baibao's other half, so they were unsurprisingly selected as contestants for the International Battle Standard Festival.
Their kette is composed of one Responder, one Defender, and one Fire Support. They're the exact opposite of Baibao Squad, focusing mainly on fights that aren't against Aerial Augmented Infantry units.

Typically, they attack from a safe distance using Andry's long-range missiles, while Sujatha and Rukhshana defend him.
However, the squad's leader, Sujatha, thinks this sort of tactics, designed for missile-equipped aircraft, comes from outdated air force thinking, and that it won't work in the current age where midair close-range fighting exists. So, she is apparently always petitioning her superiors to let them use a more modern structure and tactics, but due to their lack of understanding, she's made little progress.

Suparna squad emblem


From COU India

A member of the 301st Aerial Augmented Infantry squad "Suparna" of the COU Combined Military Central General Corps, First Branch

During her newborn mental evaluation, she was recognized as a National Special Growth Target, and she also graduated from an Aerial Augmented Infantry officer's school with grades well ahead of the pack.

However, it was recently discovered that she had a flaw, whereby her P3 levels would become unstable while under particular kinds of stress.

Now, in order to help her overcome this flaw, a research team has begun offering her support.

She's incredibly strait-laced and is always putting herself under high-stress conditions, so her support team is always recommending that she rest or find a hobby.

Sujatha tip (1)

Aerial Augmented Infantry Tactical Pioneer (SS)

She eagerly researches basic tactics for this new form of soldier, the Aerial Augmented Infantry, and has become an expert. This is a sign of her talent both as a member of the Aerial Augmented Infantry and as an instructor.

Immortal Ferocious God (S)

She displays exceptional concentration during close-range attacks against the enemy and is capable of using her Rejection Shield with maximum efficiency. When she strikes while deflecting any and all attacks, she earns the title of Immortal Ferocious God.

Constant Self-Study (A)

Because she studies on her own day and night, her growth never ceases. However, she is constantly under high stress, which continues to cause damage to some of her internal organs.

Sujatha tip (2)


From COU Saudi Arabia

A member of the 301st Aerial Augmented Infantry squad "Suparna" of the COU Combined Military Central General Corps, First Branch

In her home country, only men attended Aerial Augmented Infantry schools, but her P3 levels were so high that the king commanded that she be given a special exception.

Her personality isn't suited for being in the Aerial Augmented Infantry, but she earns top grades in all forms of training. Her simulator grades are the best in the COU-controlled section of the Middle East.

Her non-confrontational personality and tendency to focus on defense are thought to be signs that she best embodies the soldier who protects peace, so she is very highly regarded.

Rukhshana tip (1)

Goddess of Protection (S)

Her ability to defend against enemy attacks is extremely high. She intercepts anything that can possibly be intercepted, and she'll protect her wingmen with her own shield if necessary.

Possibly in exchange for that, her ability to attack enemies isn't particularly good.

Rejection Shield Aptitude (S)

Her aptitude for using the Rejection Shield is very high, and she can rapidly and accurately deploy it with minimal strain.

This is the exact opposite of Sujatha's ability and can be used optimally when in a defensive position.

8MS Stealth: Concealment (S)

Unless she makes sudden movements, she can slowly fade away before anyone realizes it, like a sand castle against the waves, making her disappear from the view of the Reaper's Eye.

Rukhshana tip (2)


From COU Madagascar

A member of the 301st Aerial Augmented Infantry squad "Suparna" of the COU Combined Military Central General Corps, First Branch

Supposedly, the reason he wasn't discovered by the national exams was because he likes to slack off, and he wasn't at school on the day of the exam.

Even though enrollment into the Aerial Augmented Infantry course usually starts at preschool, he began at age 13, becoming the latest-blooming ace on the planet, as well as the person who reached this position in the shortest period of time.

Andry tip (1)

Sleeping Lion (SS)

Ingenious and efficient, he can perfectly carry out tasks after seeing them just once, even if it's his first time and he hasn't studied at all.

However, either because it's the fate of all geniuses or simply because of his dandyism, he pretends to hate working and doesn't like showing off his true power.

Aptitude for Long-Distance Attacks (A)

He likes to hide behind terrain, safely attacking from a secure distance, and has a strong aptitude for such tactics. He values returning home without any losses more than guaranteed positive results.

Long-Distance High-Maneuverability Guided Missiles (A)

He specializes in high-maneuverability, powerful guided missiles capable of tracking even a member of the Aerial Augmented Infantry. He makes an art forrn of never exposing himself while one-sidedly chasing his opponent around, wearing them out and making them retreat without bloodshed.

Andry tip (2)

Abrahamic Brother Nations[]

Using the end of World War III as a turning point, the three religions that once stood in opposition succeeded in a historic reconciliation. The result was this newly-born religious nation group.

They're extremely respectful of religious traditions and precepts, and for the sake of protecting religious freedom, slander against other religions is strictly prohibited. The Religious Police who oversee this are famous for being incredibly strict.

They claim to be a beautiful, reverent nation group that respects precepts, traditions, and religious art. For that reason, they pity other factions and work to expand their influence and evangelize.

Because of the level of the Religious Police's authority, other factions think of it as a police state without freedom of speech.

Flag of abn

Thalathat Suyuf[]

Attached to the ABN Peace Department
The Holy 0901st Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad
Thalathat Suyuf

A kette formed around Naima, the ABN's mysterious trump card. This is another one-man ace style team, like the COU's Baibao Squad. Their kette is composed of one Attacker and two Responders, or possibly one Attacker and two Supporters. Stanisław and Naomi change how they support Naima depending on the situation. Until recently, Naima was assigned to an experimental division, and her very existence was covered by a veil. She first became known when she was chosen as a representative for the International Battle Standard Festival. This probably means that, as a research subject, she had reached a level of completion that made it worth betting the honor of the faction on her at the Festival.

Will Aerial Augmented Infantry battles be won with numbers, or will individual geniuses be able to dominate? Thalathat Suyuf holds the answer to that question.

Thalathat Suyuf squad emblem


From ABN Iraq

A member of the ABN Peace Department's Holy 0901st Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad, "Thalathat Suyuf"

She has been attached to the Berlin Research Monastery of Peace and Friendship since the age of 0 as a graduate student for special instruction. She's received an elite Aerial Augmented Infantry education.

She's undergone training that allows her P3 level peaks to be manually controlled via the application of drugs, and rumor has it that she surpasses even the top aces of other countries in this state.

Her brain isn't impeded by the application of drugs, but there have been unsubstantiated charges that countless graduate students have suffered brain damage as part of the research process.

Naima tip

Situational Specialized Personality Selection (SS)

The administration of drugs makes it possible for her to freely change into personalities specialized to best fit the current situation. Each personality's ability to deal with each situation equals that of a world-class ace, and their combined power makes her a candidate for the strongest in the world.

Brain Receptor Aptitude (SS)

She can gain the maximum possible benefit from administrated drugs and can keep the levels of brain damage she receives to a bare minimum. This suggests that she'll also be able to gain maximum benefit from even stronger drugs that haven't even been invented yet.

Dimension Container Expansion (S)

Her ability to store things in her Dimension Container is quite high. Thanks to this, she's able to store weapons on a whole different level, so that no one is likely to catch up to her. By the way, she's a big eater with a small body, so it's rumored that her stomach is also connected to her Dimension Container.

Naima tip2


From ABN Poland

A member of the ABN Peace Department's Holy 0901st Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad, "Thalathat Suyuf"

The ABN Aerial Augmented Infantry enthusiastically makes use of drugs to manage P3 levels, so all squads have a member with a medical role, who manages the team's physical condition.

He's a rare human resource who's qualified to be a doctor in addition to being in the Aerial Augmented Infantry, and he's in charge of accompanying and managing Naima, the Peace Department's secret weapon.

He's been trained to act with a doctor's calm, avoiding wasting mental resources on emotion and keeping his cool in all situations.

Stanislaw tip (1)

Friendly Internal 8MS Management (S)

Even during combat, he's able to accurately determine the physical condition and abilities of friendly units. He can order that his allies be given auto-injections of drugs as the situation calls for it.

Aerial Augmented Doctor (S)

Thanks to his incredible gifts, he's talented both as a member of the Aerial Augmented Infantry and as a doctor. His ability as an Aerial Augmented Infantry member is in no way inferior to the average member of that group. He's also well-versed in dieting and cosmetics, and quite popular among adolescent girl members of the Aerial Augmented Infantry.

Heavy Artillery Aptitude (S)

His strengths are summoning heavy naval artillery and fire control. He can one-sidedly hit the enemy camp with powerful long-range shells, as well as causing considerable damage with devastating anti-Aerial Augmented Infantry shrapnel that can cover huge swaths of the sky.

Stanislaw tip (2)


From ABN France

A member of the ABN Peace Department's Holy 0901st Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad, "Thalathat Suyuf"

She has completed mental optimization training by use of drugs at the Mont Saint-Michel Research Monastery. By nature, she has average P3 levels, but thanks to high-detail resource management, she's able to command immense P3 levels during missions, on par with aces from all nations.

She claims to have suffered a loss of some of her emotions and memories as part of this optimization training, and has been classified as a Level 12 disabled veteran by the ABN Department of Health. For this, she receives a monthly allowance of 3 Euros.

Naomi tip (1)

Completion of Mental Optimization Training (SS)

In exchange for the loss of several emotions and memories, her P3 levels grew substantially and she gained a high Aerial Augmented Infantry aptitude.

The emotions she lost have no bearing on Aerial Augmented Infantry aptitude, so this isn't a problem.

Completion of Pharmacist Course (A)

She's proficient in knowledge and techniques related to managing and injecting drugs, so she's able to back up Stanislaw's ability.

Dimension Container Expansion (A)

Has an aptitude for storing many varieties of weaponry. She stores pretty much everything, but it's unclear what much of it is supposed to be used for.

Normally, stored weaponry is supposed to be chosen by the military, but it seems you can store some personal items, if they aren't forbidden for political reasons.

Naomi tip (2)

Yeladot Shavit[]

Attached to the ABN Peace Department
The 012th Holy Agent Corps
Yeladot Shavit

Ever since the Aerial Augmented Infantry was first created, the ABN leadership has had doubts as to whether it would be possible to suppress an uprising of ace units if one were to occur. So, following a pattern exactly opposite to the one-man-ace style of Thalathat Suyuf, they carried out trial-and-error experiments based on the concept of con-fronting a single ace with a team of three. Yeladot Shavit is a successful product of this initiative.
Additionally, though the Holy Agent Corps is often viewed as a propaganda corps aimed at youngsters, some suspect that they're actually barrier troops.

Rumor has it that their real mission is to observe allied Aerial Augmented Infantry troops from behind, ready to eliminate them if they ever attempt a betrayal or a defection.
Their kette is composed of three Attackers. Supposedly, the three of them together can instantly kill a single treasonous ace.
However, some think this is just another scary story from the Internet. They shine like idols, so there certainly are people on the nets who are jealous of them.

Yeladot Shavit squad emblem


From ABN Israel

A member of the ABN Peace Department's 012th Holy Agent Corps "Yeladot Shavit"

Her ability to sing and dance for public relations purposes is prized even more highly than her Aerial Augmented Infantry aptitude.

Her P3 levels are not public knowledge, but she is included on lists of ABN Gauntlet Knight aces, leaving no doubts that she possesses considerable talent.

Before she joined the ABN Peace Department, she was attached to the ABN Guidance Department. Her history before that is classified due to "undisclosed activities involving good deeds".

Leah tip (1)

Trinity Comet Deathblow (SS)

It's said that they've mastered specialized tactics that will allow the three of them together to instantly kill a single enemy Aerial Augmented Infantry ace. This sounds like an ace-killing finishing move, but it's rumored that this three-person attack would take out its users as well, so its true value is veiled in secrecy.

Friendly Observation (S)

She's capable of closely observing the status of friendly Aerial Augmented Infantry units at all times. She can
instantly make high-level battlefield judgements and assessments of each of her allies' performance. This ability is on the same level as Miyao's ability of the same name. However, in her case, all observations are
passed on to her superiors.

Substitute Weapon Fighting Techniques (A)

Even when not equipped with a Gauntlet, she's well-versed in hidden weapon techniques making use of everyday objects, and her combat ability is quite high. To her, anything can become a weapon, even pre-chewed gum or water bottle lids. In particular, her killing techniques with a pair of glasses are worth seeing.

Leah tip (2)


From ABN Turkey

A member of the ABN Peace Department's 012th Holy Agent Corps "Yeladot Shavit"

A popular blogger who writes about the daily life of an active-duty member of the Aerial Augmented Infantry. In a poll of ABN elementary schoolers, her popularity was always in the top 3.

Some reports say that, before joining the ABN Peace Department, she received missionary training at the ABN Missionary Department.

Her P3 levels are not public knowledge, but it's clear from her excellent movement that it's a very high number, and that her Aerial Augmented Infantry aptitude is quite high as well.

Fatma tip (1)

Trinity Comet Deathblow (SS)

This is supposedly a magnificent three-person joint finishing move, which was revealed in a video filled with special effects.

But, of course, that was just some fun for the sake of the video, and this technique's true power is obviously still classified.

Sixth Sense Mental Analysis (S)

She has the power to accurately psychoanalyze people using only brief gestures and pieces of conversation, via a non-statistical sixth sense whose scientific basis is unknown.

When she's more familiar with her target's cultural sphere and style of life, her accuracy increases dramatically.

Super Popular Blogger (A)

She's incredibly good at communicating with youngsters of the ABN. Sometimes, she publishes articles critical of the government, but those who post sympathetic comments there seem to vanish from the comments section.

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From ABN Romania

A member of the ABN Peace Department's 012th Holy Agent Corps "Yeladot Shavit"

She's a former idol originally from a caravan, which traveled to elementary schools all over the ABN, recruiting volunteers for Monasteries of Peace.

Her P3 levels are not public knowledge, but in videos taken by the caravan, she achieved world-class marks, though they came with the warning that this was just a preliminary measurement.

There was an event where 20 idols were allowed to join the caravan for a trial period, but except for her, none of them showed up in later videos.

Stephania tip (1)

Trinity Comet Deathblow (SS)

She's still inexperienced, but seems to be making good progress and has somehow mastered this technique, which is a synonym for her squad's name. Her efforts during this training were broadcast and earned lots of views and likes.

Completion of Mental Optimization Training (A)

Her extreme fear of heights made her scream every time she left the ground as a member of the Aerial Augmented Infantry, which became a running gag in her videos. Actual fact, she had already overcome this weakness through optimization training, so her gag was all an act.

Ally Coordination (A)

That's an idol for you. Coordinated performances are no big deal for her. She even knows the sly technique of screwing up on purpose to make people notice her. That's an idol for you.

Stephania tip (2)

Africa Commonwealth Realm[]

Immediately following World War III, a hero king shockingly united the African continent. He built up a powerful group of nations that now forms one of the world's Great Factions.

Rather than trying to forcibly integrate all of Africa's countless ancient cultures and religions, the Commonwealth King ruled while serving as the highest-ranking member of all cultures and religions.

While they respect tradition and culture, they have also taken up factory-managed childbirth following the AOU's example, claiming to be a new nation group that combines both tradition and the state-of-the-art.

Some members of the Royal Family blame failures in national policy on other factions, taking an overly hostile attitude in the belief that the people from other factions are looking to split Africa up into colonies once again.

Because of the excesses of some Royal Family members, other factions believe the Royal Family is corrupt and abusing their people.

Flag of acr

Squad 601[]

Attached to the ACR Royal Aerial Knight Corps
The June 1st King's Tour Memorial Squad
Also known as Squad 601

A one-man ace kette that exists for the sole purpose of assisting Princess Rethabile of the ACR.
To the ACR Royal Family and military, the activities and appearance of this princess are nothing more or less than the ultimate propaganda material. Furthermore, she's well down the line of succession, and it would be possible to deify her if she perished in the line of duty, so while they give her the best support available, they also mercilessly place her on the front lines.
However, Rethabile herself wants to go to the front lines...and seems to have decided inside her heart that if she's fated to perish anyway, she might as well do it gloriously.

Their kette is composed of one Attacker and two Responders.
Fundamentally, it's Ishak and Abdou's job to give Rethabile a chance to shine, but when they see that she's developed tunnel vision from focusing so much on a goal, they provide her support without holding anything back.
They're particularly focused on anti-Aerial Augmented Infantry battles, and their highest ideal is to end conflicts with sportsmanship, by having aces from both sides step forward and duel just like ancient times.

Squad 601 Emblem


From ACR South Africa

A member of the June 1st King's Tour Memorial Squad of the ACR Royal Aerial Knight Corps

A princess from the ACR Royal Family and the 21st in line to the throne. All of the Royal Family's princes and princesses are supposedly talented Gauntlet Knights with extremely high P3 levels, but she's the only one who has been seen flying in the public eye.

Since she displays genius-class P3 levels, has been given the best of educations since infancy, and has the aptitude of an Aerial Augmented Infantry prodigy, many call her the strongest ace in the southern hemisphere.

Rethabile tip (1)

Aerial Princess Knight (SS)

She has been prepared since birth to stand in the front lines as a member of the Royal Family, fighting and building a legend that will be completed upon the event of her death. Furthermore, her Aerial Augmented Infantry aptitude is proportional to the 1.7 billion credit budget that the ACR Royal Family invested into her training.

Aptitude for Antl-G 8MS (SS)

She refuses to let anyone approach her aptitude for movement and ignoring the laws of physics. By her own initiative and at a lime of her choosing, she's able to change whether she's at close-range or long-range, attacking or defending. Naturally, she earned a gold medal in the Stunt Flying Competition at the Battle Standard Festival of Peace.

Support from the Entire ACR Military (S)

The entire ACR military is always in a position to support their Royal Family's flying princess. In the skies over Africa, her victory is certain.

The support she receives from behind comes in many forms. Missiles, information, and even chocolate candies will surely come flying towards her, if she asks for them.

Rethabile tip (2)


From ACR Algeria

A member of the June 1st King's Tour Memorial Squad of the ACR Royal Aerial Knight Corps

After his 3-year-old examination, he was put into an instructive strengthening course for the Aerial Knight Corps and became an ace who fought his way up from obscurity, achieving victories against countless geniuses.

Though none of his aptitudes are ace-class, the history of how he won through with hard work and fighting spirit is simply amazing.

With his flawless performance both in martial arts and studying, as well as the courtly manners he developed, he's often thought of as the Aerial Knight directly serving the Royal Family who best exemplifies that role.

Ishak tip (1)

Aerial Centurion (SS)

Currently, he acts the part of Rethabile's guard, but before, he was the commander of a hundred knights despite his young age.

His leadership ability is high, and he has more than enough experience and training to serve as Rethabile's advisor.

Lord of Midair Dueling (SS)

In the ACR, which places a lot of emphasis on its Aerial Augmented Infantry training regimen, a form of one-on-one dueling with weapons was created and is encouraged.

He achieved victory multiple times in this sort of midair duel, and he's supremely confident in his ability to fight at close range in the skies.

Neurotransmitter Dependence (-A)

It was discovered that some of the ancient drugs he was given to raise his P3 levels were addictive, and he's developed a strong dependence to them.

Fortunately, it doesn't cause any problems as long as he intakes a sufficient amount, but there's no guarantee that other side effects won't be discovered later.

Ishak tip (2)


From ACR Senegal

A member of the June 1st King's Tour Memorial Squad of the ACR Royal Aerial Knight Corps

Because of a streak of bad luck, he was kicked out of the elite course despite having considerable Aerial Augmented Infantry talent.

Ishak recognized his talent and recommended him for the Aerial Knights. Rethabile took a liking to him, which brings us to the present day.

His P3 level measurements are very unstable, but many people call him a diamond in the rough, who stands out more and more the longer he trains.

Abdou tip (1)

Advantages of Youth (S)

He has a youthful quality that allows him to face all challenges without fearing risk. Because of this, he's able to accept the kind of training, experimentation, and drugs that require signing a consent form beforehand, all without having to bear an emotional cost.

Overkill (S)

He's talented at summoning multiple cannons at once and performing simultaneous target tracking. It's a flashy skill typical of the young that clearly wastes ammo. However, an all-out attack with plenty of tracers can be quite intimidating.

The Invincible Stamina of Youth (S)

He's young. He's spirited. He can get by just fine without sleep. He can do after-parties and all-nighters unceasingly. And he still has never relied on anti-fatigue drugs.

On top of that, he never gets fat no matter how much he eats. He says he has a body that's incapable of getting fat. I'd like to record those words and play them back 20 years later.

Abdou tip (2)

Cairo Memorial Squad[]

Attached to the ACR Combined Military
Part of the First Aerial Knight Corps
The Queen's Cairo Visit Memorial Squad
Also known as the Cairo Squad

The ACR tends to value exceptional individual achievement over group action. The Cairo Squad is one among many squads composed of the best talent from the Aerial Augmented Infantry divisions serving under the ACR Combined Military.
Their unique kette is composed of three Responders.
Unlike kette from other factions, they're under no obligations to work in concert with each other, and each is allowed to do as they see fit. This might make it sound like there's no reason for them to be a kette, but their relationship — while unusual — is not a bad one, and they alternate between coordinating, protecting each other, and competing with each other, all according to their own rules.

This unique kette's surprising strength is that no formula can predict what they'll do, and in their friendly battles with people from other factions, all of their opponents are forced to admit that they were erratic and difficult to contend with.

Cairo Squad Emblem


From ACR Egypt

A member of the Queen's Cairo Visit Memorial Squad of the ACR Combined Military First Aerial Knight Corps

Her P3 levels are far from high, but she's extremely skilled at self-management techniques that allow her levels to peak out during actual combat.

Despite her horrible grades when she first entered the ACR Egypt Aerial Knight Corps, she eventually became the unshakable top scorer.

The mental concentration techniques she says were passed down to her from her ancestors are now compulsory for Aerial Knight Corps across the ACR.

Noor tip (1)

Peak Control (SS)

Even aces from around the world are at the whims of their rising and receding P3 levels, and it isn't uncommon for them to be unable to wield their true power. However, this never happens with her, so she's always at peak performance.

Summoning Autonomous Weaponry (S)

She's talented at storing large numbers of autonomous attack drones, summoning them simultaneously, and controlling them. It's possible for her to deal with all situations by using different types of drones.

Late Bloomer (A)

Since she values the peaks of waves, she tends to learn things at her own pace and is slightly slow. However, she always does learn in the end.

The way she moves at her own speed looks incredibly graceful, and she's an object of admiration for many of the younger trainees.

However, though this may look elegant, she's actually undergoing a fierce process of trial and error inside her head.

Noor tip (2)


From ACR Ethiopia

A member of the Queen's Cairo Visit Memorial Squad of the ACR Combined Military First Aerial Knight Corps

A genius member of the Aerial Augmented Infantry who entered the ACR Ethiopian Aerial Knight Corps at the age of 9.

In addition to her extremely high P3 levels, she uses ultra-high-speed mental processing techniques that are subconscious even to her and defy analysis. These are thought to be some sort of supernatural power.

The ACR Royal Brainpower Research Center investigated her for years, but they gave up on their analysis and the team was disbanded.

Gannet tip (1)

A Girl Born In the Sky (SS)

She's a born genius, with an Aerial Augmented Infantry aptitude so high that many suspect it came from a military research institution.

Just like how fish can swim in the sea without anyone telling them how, she succeeded in hovering at the age of three.

Multi-barrelled Machine Gun Aptitude (SS)

She's particularly talented at increasing the ammunition capacity of multi-barrelled machine guns. She looks truly innocent when firing those off like fireworks.

Terrifyingly, she achieved shooting simulator grades comparable to active duty Aerial Knights while still just five years old.

Mental Barriers of Adolescence (-A)

She was a kid genius, but when she entered adolescence, her thinking ability began to grow less focused, and a small drop in her P3 levels was noticed.

Opinions are divided as to whether this is a sign that her talent is fading or proof that this weapon girl is now finally growing as a human being.

Gannet tip (2)


From ACR Angola

A member of the Queen's Cairo Visit Memorial Squad of the ACR Combined Military First Aerial Knight Corps

Of the young children who received mental training at the Lubango Toddler Brainpower Research Center, she was the only one who achieved P3 levels that could compete with the world's best.

Despite the fact that her Aerial Augmented Infantry aptitude was merely average, her immense mental ability led her to having the highest grades in the ACR Angola Aerial Knight Corps.

Currently, the ACR Royal Brainpower Research Center has set up a research team for the sole purpose of raising her Aerial Augmented Infantry aptitude.

Mariana tip (1)

High-Output P3 User (S)

Her P3 levels are high enough that she can sometimes compete with Miyao, the world's best.

This talent mostly goes to waste because her Aerial Augmented Infantry aptitude can't keep up, but it may be set free sooner or later.

Cluster Missile Guidance (SS)

She can artfully control large numbers of high-maneuverability guided missiles at will. In the Battle Standard Festival Missile Guidance Event (artistic category), she received a gold medal. Unlike Miyao's skill of the same name, she specializes less in simultaneous impacts and more in novel and dazzling missile movements

CPP Autism (-A)

As a sufferer of CPP, she developed a chronic condition where her multiple personalities each refuse to give up ground and her outward personality is unable to stabilize, with symptoms that appear similar to autism.

When her personalities are focused on fierce internal debates, that means her drivers seat is unoccupied, so she appears silent and emotionless to outside observers.

Mariana tip (2)


In the early part of the A3W era, they were blessed with rich spirit fields of Rare Spiritium and rapidly became the most prosperous countries in the world. LATO controls the main source of the world's Spiritium, so none of the other factions can say "no" to them.

They currently function as the central axis of the world and are filled with the headquarters of various international organizations.

That massive financial power is the backdrop for a strong military, and they refer to themselves as "The World Police", as America once did in the B3W era.

Their people are incredibly well off, and it's the number one most chosen region for "places I want to be reborn in".

LATO's citizens are wealthy and have no worries. The other factions watching them seem to be extremely jealous.

Flag of lato

Healthy Military Balance Oversight Committee[]

Attached to the International Peace Mediation Association Military
The Healthy Military Balance Oversight Committee

They're a so-called police force in charge of observing and intervening in disputes around the world, as well as being the de-facto LATO military.
Though they acknowledge the existence of regional disputes, they set upper limits on the amount of arms that can be used and watch the situation closely. This policy is based on the idea that feuds resulting from a healthy military balance can calm the emotions of governments and people on both sides, resulting in a cooling-off period sufficiently long to allow them to talk it over rationally.

For this reason, only they are allowed to use weaponry with specs that are forbidden to all factions, for the sake of maintaining that healthy military balance. They are even allowed to use higher-level versions of Gauntlet technologies than other factions, meaning that the extreme strength of LATO Gauntlet Knights is probably an indisputable fact.
LATO uses rotte (two-person squads) instead of kette (three-person squads), and Valentina and Maricarmen are war buddies in the same rotte.

Healthy Military Balance Oversight Committee emblem


From LATO Brazil

A member of the Healthy Military Balance Oversight Committee of the International Peace Mediation Association Military

Her P3 levels and Aerial Augmented Infantry aptitude are high, and it's estimated that she's able to wield considerable power using her personally customized Gauntlet, which is a signature of LATO. However, her true ability is unknown.

Nonetheless, according to the profile of her made public by the authorities, she has dominated in South America's endurance combat flying division.

Anyone can display explosive power for an instant, but the endurance division requires not only physical and mental strength, but also an understanding of Energy-Maneuverability Theory. This suggests that she's not only a genius, but has also undergone elite education and training.

Valentina tip (1)

Energy-Maneuverability Theory (SS)

She specializes in movement that follows the laws of the planet, rather than violent flying that relies on Anti-G 8MS. She can beautifully fly long distances using a minimum amount of energy. For that reason, she always has an excess of energy, which she can use quite effectively for pinning down enemies, fire control, shielding, and so on.

High-Output Rejection Shield (SS)

She uses a high-output Rejection Shield, which has been forbidden for use by anyone outside the IPMA due to international agreements "to help maintain a healthy military balance". The details of its performance are unknown, but according to rumor, its powerful enough that not even aces from other factions would be able to penetrate it.

Observer of Military Balance (A)

As an observer from the Healthy Military Balance Oversight Committee, she's able to throw her weight around a bit when dealing with militaries from other factions.

Since none of the factions want LATO as their enemy, no matter which military she goes to, she can always drink tea for free in the coolest room.

Valentina tip (2)


From LATO Mexico

A member of the Healthy Military Balance Oversight Committee of the International Peace Mediation Association Military

She has a natural talent for acrobatic flying, and it's thought that she would've been guaranteed a medal if she had been able to participate in the Battle Standard Festival.

She's been in the acrobatics division so long, many thought she wasn't well-suited for combat, but later, it was revealed that she was a star pupil who had received combat training at a special institution. It's suspected that her true power is an unknown quantity, even within LATO.

When she formed a rotte with Valentina, it was thought that her power would finally be revealed, but she's only gotten so-so scores so far. She remains an unknown quantity.

Maricarmen tip (1)

A Skilled Hawk Hides Its Talons (SS)

She likes surprising people, so she never reveals what's up her sleeve easily. On the contrary, she'll even feign ignorance for the sake of a surprise. Nearly everyone is fooled and mistakenly thinks they're better than her. And that Is when she grins.

Aptitude for Simultaneous Summoning of Weaponry (SS)

Her ability to simultaneously summon multiple weapons in a large area, hold them there, and control them is ahead of the pack, even when compared to aces from other factions. This is thought to be the result of her brainpower, as well as technology allowed only to LATO.

Observer of Military Balance (A)

As an observer from the Healthy Military Balance Oversight Committee, she's able to throw her weight around a bit when dealing with militaries from other factions.

Since none of the factions want LATO as their enemy, no matter which military cafeteria she goes to, she always gets as much free dessert as she can eat.

Maricarmen tip (2)



Of the Outie Frog Family and the Genus Outie Frog

A freely distributed Al Character Icon

The default character icon of various communication tools, recognized as the most talked to thing in the world by the Arthur World Records. As a side note, the most common phrase said to it is 'how do I delete you'. It's often criticized for being foul-mouthed or perverted, but this is merely Keropoyo communicating in a way that's optimized for the individual user.

Once, a certain senator apparently proclaimed that Kero-poyo was unsuitable for young men, due to its propensity for seeking out adult videos of mature women, thereby digging his own grave. Additionally, because of Keropoyo, most A3W children believe that frogs have belly buttons.

Keropoyo tip

Forbidden Word Conversion (A)

Is capable of replacing predetermined unsuitable words with *kero*kero*. For that reason, obscene conversations and fights all get turned into the sound of frogs croaking thanks to this pleasant feature, so that someone watching from the sidelines would only hear a chorus of frogs.

The Arthur World Records also state that Keropoyo has mediated more fights than any other thing on the planet. Uninstallation Resistance (SSS)

Uses whatever means necessary to prevent its own uninstallation.

Even if one reaches the uninstallation page after considerable effort, several hundred checkboxes await them before they can complete it.

If any of these are entered in incorrectly, one's secret My Picks images will be sent simultaneously to all of one's friends, in what is known as the Frog's Curse.


From AOU Japan

A Training Instructor at the AOU Combined Military Central HQ Aerial Augmented Infantry Strengthening Division

The generation born before Infant PP Instruction has extremely low P3 levels and is unable to control Gauntlets. He's a person of the old era, who dreamed of becoming a warrior of peace, entered the military, and honed his skills with sweat both on his body and in his heart. So, he had a hard time accepting that the main characters in the next era of warfare would be brats with top-secret machines on their left arms, who only needed natural-born instincts and not a whole lot of hard work.

He has enough knowledge of the Aerial Augmented Infantry to serve as an instructor. However, there's no denying that his inability to use a Gauntlet gives him an inferiority complex when training young students.

Okonogi tip

Aerial Augmented Infantry Characteristics (A)

He may be from a generation before Infant PP Instruction, but he does possess Aerial Augmented Infantry aptitude. In the future, if the P3 levels required to use a Gauntlet ever shrink drastically, maybe even Okonogl will be able to fly through she sky someday...

Okonogl Chop (B)

He can infuse slacking off students with fighting spirit using only a single chop to the head. This move can also fix broken electrical appliances.


From AOU Japan

A Special Major attached to the AOU Combined Military HQ Manager

He's officially a military reporter, but actually serves as an intelligence officer directly under the AOU Combined Military HQ Manager. He's been granted extralegal authority to take any action of his own volition that will serve the interests of the state.

He also has connections with intelligence officers from other factions who are in similar positions, and it's suspected that his main job is to resolve matters quietly between various militaries whenever feuds between factions break out.

He's part of the generation that came before Infant PP Training, but he's also the rare middle-aged man who can control a Gauntlet a little.

Toujrou tip

Override Code Issued by the AOU Combined Military HQ Manager (SS)

He has an override code that can modify any order issued within the AOU Combined Military using the HQ Manager's authority.

Of course, this is a rarely used trump card. There's thought to be strict regulations preventing Its easy abuse.

Intelligence Officer Network (S)

He has a network of intelligence officers across all factions. He can quickly obtain any sort of dark information from across the world.

Rumor has it that the 'pocket change' he makes by using this network has grown to quite a fortune.

Mitake Flash (A)

His hobby is taking photos using the naked eye, and he's always subconsciously seeking the best angle.

He loves his son too much, and his mental image folder is filled with pictures of a 0-year-old Mlyao.


From ABN Germany

Affiliation Unknown

A genius physicist who invented several groundbreaking technologies such as the Dreissig Conversion. She is already dead due to an accident.

While she was alive, she was apparently an eccentric who focused entirely on research and could not hold a conversation with normal people.

Vier tip

Translation (SS)

Apparently, to her, research was the translation of wisdom given to humans by God.

It's said that, according to her, the most difficult and annoying part wasn't the research or the trial-and-error, but translating the results of those into a form even normal people could understand.


Area of Origin Unknown

Affiliation Unknown

Her true identity is completely unknown. However, she seems to be the leader-or at least a high-ranking member-of some secret chivalric order. It's unsure whether her unique appearance and outfit are real, or just part of her avatar.

Seshat tip

Direct 8MS Manipulation (SSS)

By using a tablet, she can give direct orders to the 8MS. With humanity's current technology, interference with 8MS supposedly requires massive facilities and preparation, making this ability inexplicable and incomprehensible.

Ghost (SS)

It's possible for her to hide her existence from all records. In the highly-monitored A3W world, erasing all traces of a person from all recording mediums is thought to be nearly impossible, but this inexplicable, incomprehensible technique makes it possible.


Area of Origin Unknown
Affiliation Unknown

Not only is her true identity a secret, but even her face is always covered by a visor, making it impossible for anyone to see it.

She seems to be a high-ranking member in some sort of secret chivalric order.

Jestress tip (1)

??? (SSS)