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Festival Accompanying Arc Vol. 5 is the fifth volume of Karin Suzuragi's manga adaptation of Matsuribayashi and the 29th overall volume of the manga adaptation of Higurashi When They Cry. The volume was released in English by Yen Press as an omnibus (numbered 24) with Volume 6.

Publisher's Summary



After endless cycles of tragedy, Rika at last finds herself in an incarnation where she knows the true culprit behind her murder. But with only a week before the Cotton Drifting Festival - and her demise - she and Hanyu are going to have to work fast to devise a counter-strategy. The past has shown that Rika can count on her friends, but if she wants to unravel the plot that will ultimately destroy Hinamizawa, she's going to need help in higher places - but what evidence would convince an adult that the little girl's fear of death is founded?


Chapter 19: Hope and Schemes

Chapter 20: The Strength of All

Chapter 21: Reunion

Chapter 22: Kuraudo Ooishi

Chapter 23: Operation 48 Hours

Chapter 24: Eve of the Final Battle



Rugged Austerity and Passion

Hello, I'm Ryukishi07.

Ooishi is a character with flavor. He has a rugged austerity unique to older men. His elderly point of view and speech pattern leave a deep impression, and he gives off the aura of someone with a broad perspective. But on the other hand, he hasn't forgotten the passion of his youth, and he works hard to solve the murders before he retires. And because of that, he is faced with the problem of his pension—a problem very far removed from the lives of young people.

His true feelings, the image he's set up for himself, and his future livelihood...After much inner conflict and turmoil, Ooishi will most likely still continue to press toward solving the murders. He will finally reach the truth in this, the "Festival Accompanying" arc.

I hope he exposes the truth, retires, and lives his golden years in peace... Nn—fu—fu.

Karin Suzuragi

Thank you for reading this far. The day of the cotton drifting is almost upon us, and the club members are moving into position for their counterattack. I will do my best to draw the heated developments. I hope you will enjoy it.

As I draw the answer arcs while listening to the Higurashi soundtrack, sometimes I find myself looking back on the question arcs. When I first played through the question arc visual novels, they were spooky, terrifing, and mysterious—everything you'd want to help you feel a chill in the summer—and I could get it any time of year. Looking back, sometimes I'll be overwhelmed by a slightly delayed feeling of "Rena's so great when she's flipped out" (I don't know what to do with myself), but the extreme variations in temperature, chilling versus nonchilling, are what make Higurashi so appealing. I think that if I were to alternately draw question-and-answer arcs, I could experience a mental roller-coaster ride. It makes me want to find time to play through the question arcs again.

Higurashi taught me a lot about the charm of penalty games and various different kinds of moe. I think fondly on the days when I had someone tell me where to find maid cafes and maid bars in Akihabara, and I rushed to them to understand better the appeal of Higurashi.


—Original Story, Supervisor—
Ryukishi07-sama, BT-sama, Yatazakura-sama, Tokibi-sama, Tsubaki Naruse-sama, Nekozakura-sama, Kakumu-sama

—My Editors—
Koizumi-sama, Kubota-sama

—My Staff—
Jun Akagami-sama, Shigetomo Tanakura-sama, Nayu Y-sama, Niwako-sama, Noda-sama, Tomoka Furuta-sama, YF-sama, Yo-Shun-sama



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