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Festival Accompanying Arc Vol. 4 is the fourth volume of Karin Suzuragi's manga adaptation of Matsuribayashi and the 28th overall volume of the manga adaptation of Higurashi When They Cry. The volume was released in English by Yen Press as an omnibus (numbered 23) with Volume 3.

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Through Miyo Takano's efforts, the research on Hinamizawa Syndrome has won the support her grandfather never received. But Dr. Irie has glimpsed the madness that drives Takano to achieve results by any means, and his loyalties are challenged when he is ordered to perform a vivisection on young Satoko Hojo.


Chapter 14: A New Wind

Chapter 15: Ones on the Dice

Chapter 16: Invitation to the End

Chapter 17: Declaration of War

Chapter 18: Hanyu Furude



The Correct Solution

Hello, I'm Ryukishi07.

In this volume, we have the long-awaited appearance of Akasaka. I didn't think that I myself...I mean, that Akasaka would be such a popular character. Maybe he's Higurashi's ever-important, standard "good-looking guy" character.

Ah! But some people suspect him of having a thing for little girls...No, no, he doesn't! Akasaka is working hard to help Rika-chan (laugh).

The "Festival Accompanying Arc" still has a ways to go yet. Following Akasaka's lead, Ooishi gets to show us how manly he can be in the next volume. I do hope that you will see not only the children's battle in this story, but the adults' battles and conflicts as well.

Well then, I pray that we meet again in the next volume.

Karin Suzuragi

Thank you for reading this far. It's so cool when Hanyu and Miyo-san confront each other, isn't it? The clash of conviction versus conviction. Now all the game pieces are in place, and the "Festival Accompanying Arc" has finally reached the setting of 1983 Hinamizawa. After everything, starting with the "Abducted by Demons Arc," going through all the question and answer arcs, spinning the threads of the world fragments, this is where it brings us, and that's what makes me all the more emotionally invested in it. I will do my best to keep drawing the emotions of the Higurashi characters. Please keep reading.

This summer, Volumes Four and Five of the "Festival Accompanying Arc" are being. Released simultaneously, so I wanted to make the afterword really cute, and then I went crazy with the art under the jackets. It may have been a kind of adventure I hadn't had in a while. If you feel so inclined, then please, take a look under the jacket.

But, as usual, I'm bad at expressing myself in words, so I feel embarrassed and very apologetic. I'll work hard at drawing.


Original Story, Supervisor: Ryukishi07-sama, BT-sama, Yatazakura-sama, Tokibi-sama, Tsubaki Naruse-sama, Nekozakura-sama, Kakumu-sama

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