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This article is about a character in Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

Featherine Augustus Aurora (フェザリーヌ アウグストゥス アウローラ) is the witch form of Tohya Hachijo, and the Witch of Theatergoing, Drama and Spectating, an Endless Witch. She first appears in Dawn of the Golden Witch.

Profile[edit | edit source]

The majestic Witch of Theatergoing, Drama and Spectating.She has tired of life after a thousand years and constantly repeats a cycle of life and death.

In the past, she served as the Master for several games as a legendary witch, but her legend, glory, and memory have already disappeared into the past and have been forgotten. Only the solemn medal she wears on her chest contains those memories.

The horseshoe-shaped object floating around her head Is a memory aid device.It records her name, appearance, and other aspects of her personality.

She is so old that she would not be able to preserve her own individuality without this.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Featherine has dark purple hair in a hime cut and wears a metallic horseshoe-shaped object around her head. She wears a pink dress with many sashes of different colors and has a medal on her chest. She also holds a staff.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Similar to her human counterpart, Featherine is condescending towards those who claim to read yet never understand anything.

Skills and Abilities[edit | edit source]

As a witch with the rank of Creator, Featherine is capable of creating just about anything, spinning entire narrative worlds. The meta-world itself seems to bend to Featherine's will, as she can change events even as they are happening to her.

Featherine has a weakness in the form of her memory device, which retains everything about her appearance, personality and memories. Damaging this could result in her becoming a completely different person.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Role in the Story[edit | edit source]

Dawn of the Golden Witch[edit | edit source]

Featherine, as Tohya Hachijo, summons Ange Ushiromiya (who was looking for her) into her home to read the story of Dawn of the Golden Witch and challenges her to find the truth about it.

Requiem of the Golden Witch[edit | edit source]

She allows Bernkastel to act as the Game Master so that she can confirm her theories.

Twilight of the Golden Witch[edit | edit source]

Featherine gains possession of Eva's diary, planning to expose the contents within and destroy the catbox that is Rokkenjima. Lambdadelta, Battler and Ange launch an offensive on the City of Books to retrieve it, with Lambda attempting to attack Featherine's memory device. However, Featherine anticipates this and effortlessly defeats Lambda after rewriting the narrative to one where Featherine kills her with "something."

After watching Bernkastel fight Battler and ultimately fail, Featherine decides to hand over Eva's diary as a form of respect.

Trivia[edit | edit source]


This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for all of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, possibly including the console-exclusive arcs. Readers who have not completed the main story are advised not to proceed further.

  • Featherine may be a reference to Hanyuu from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Many of these references come in the form of wordplay between their names:
    • When roughly translated, the two kanji that make up Hanyuu's name (羽入) translate to "feather" (羽, hane) and "in" (入, iri) which, when put together, more or less make up the name "Featherine".
    • The first two katakana shared by her middle and last names, "Au" (アウ), are also used by Hanyuu as a catchphrase, "auau" (あぅあぅ). Bernkastel herself calls attention to this, referring to her as "AuAurora".
    • The name of Featherine's human incarnation, Hachijo Tohya (八城 十八), contains two wordplays:
      • An alternate reading for the kanji in the name Hachijo (八城) is "yashiro". Coupled with the honorific "o-" prefix, this becomes "Oyashiro", the more commonly-known name for Hanyuu.
      • The name Tohya (十八) is composed of numerical kanji, numbering 18. Breaking down the name "Oyashiro" into syllables (o-ya-shi-ro), each syllable is one possible reading for the numbers 0, 8, 4, and 6. Adding these numbers together results in a sum of 18.
    • Another possible allusion to Hanyuu is the fact that Bernkastel is Featherine's miko while Rika was Hanyuu's miko.
    • In the manga for Dawn of the Golden Witch, when talking about Bernkastel's past, a silhouette of Hanyuu is seen.

      Dawn of the Golden Witch manga Chapter 20.

    • Featherine is a transcendental being which could correspond to Hanyuu being a god.
    • Additionally, Featherine has a habit of calling humans "Child of Man", something Hanyuu did when speaking as a god.
    • It is noted by Lambdadelta that, at one point, Featherine's memory device was damaged, and as a result she suffered a change in appearance and personality. Hanyuu's left horn has a distinct crack on the top, strengthening the link between the two.
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