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Eva Ushiromiya (右代宮 絵羽 Ushiromiya Eba) is the second child of Kinzo Ushiromiya and third ranked member of the Ushiromiya family.


Kinzo's second child.

She is hostile towards her brother Krauss and opposes him whenever she can, from issues dealing with the family fortune to the question of who will succeed the family headship.

Normally, she would have lost her place in the Ushiromiya family register upon her marriage, but she managed to forcibly overcome this by having her husband take her family name.


Eva is a middle-aged fair-skinned woman. She has ginger hair that forms a straight fringe over her forehead and is tied up in a high bun held by a purple hairpin. She has black eyes in the original sound novel and purple eyes in the anime and PS3 port.

Eva's family conference outfit is a black dress (dark purple in the PS3 and pachinko sprite sets) reminiscent of the Chinese cheongsam/qipao, emblazoned all over with the Ushiromiya family crest: the One-Winged Eagle. She also wears two gloves, a long right one and a shorter left one, which reveals the One-Winged Eagle tattooed on her arm. She also wears a pink bracelet, white pants and black orthopedic shoes. Eva also carries a maroon hand fan with her, which she sometimes opens up.


Eva is a hard-working woman who trying to holds her own in the male-dominated society of post-war Japan. She projects an attitude of confidence and self-assurance, though this can quickly change if she loses the upper hand in a discussion. Eva is also quite cunning and will pounce on opportunities as she sees them, a trait that helped her retain the Ushiromiya name after marriage by exploiting Kinzo's dissatisfaction towards Natsuhi.

Eva has a great amount of pride in the Ushiromiya family name and its history. She believes herself to be the ideal successor to the family headship, especially in comparison to her elder brother Krauss, who she views as an inferior and an unjust heir. Due to Kinzo's rejection of her efforts, she channeled her efforts towards raising her son George to be an ideal successor, hoping that he would one day wrest the headship from Krauss and his family. As a result, she assumed a great deal of personal control over George's life, signing him up for an array of supplemental lessons in academics and the arts and limiting his romantic involvements. Eva's pride in the family name also led her to develop an elitist attitude, which is shown when she looks down on Shannon's servant status and Maria's immaturity.

Eva's easygoing attitude in casual conversation belies her sharp tongue and sardonic manner. While she rarely resorts to open verbal abuse as an adult, she enjoys subtly demeaning or undermine those she dislikes or looks down upon. One example of this is during the welcome tea in Legend of the Golden Witch, where she notices Shannon is unaware of the brand of the tea and proceeds to pile increasing pressure on her to undermine their host Natsuhi. When questioned on her actions, Eva replies that she was merely imparting some knowledge to the servant. While Eva herself struggled with discrimination on the basis of her gender, she does not hesitate to level the same gender roles that were imposed against her on other women such as Natsuhi and Jessica, particularly when it allows her to elevate her own son George over them. Her hypocrisy can also be seen when she criticizes Natsuhi for pressuring her daughter to become the successor despite the fact that she does the same for her son[2].

Due to her having internalized the sexist dynamics that both Kinzo and Krauss have applied to her, Eva also has a very contentious relationship with most of the island's female residents; in addition to her already mentioned one-sided rivalry with Natsuhi and Jessica (as respectively wife and daughter of the firstborn son of the family head) and Shannon (as she sees the young servant as an unsuitable partner for her son), she does not get along very well with her younger sister Rosa either; having verbally bullied and psychologically abused her as a kid since Rosa herself has memory of it, until she was unconsciously submissive to Eva in adulthood. The only apparent exceptions to Eva's misogyny appear to be her sister-in-law Kyrie and her daughter Ange, whom Eva even asked about how her niece was staying home sick in Legend of the Golden Witch.

While there is no doubt that she is a woman of considerable talents and has a quick mind (traits which have enabled her to solve the epitaph, largely by herself, and find the gold before all others in the third game), very often Eva also greatly overestimate her intelligence and underestimate and belittle that of those around her (especially her siblings). In particular her desire to succeed Kinzo as the new family head is due to her considering herself and proving in the eyes of her father as the best of his four children.

Umi Manga Eva kick

Eva demonstrating her martial arts prowess in order to intimidate Natsuhi and prove that she can defend herself.

While Eva publicly projects an air of confidence and strength, she has moments of sensitivity and vulnerability which she tends to only express in private with her husband Hideyoshi. It is during these periods that she can also be quite reflective and question her motivations for her actions. Despite Eva's lack of concern for the rest of her extended family, she sincerely cares about her husband Hideyoshi and her son George, and becomes frantic at the possibility that either of them may be in danger. Apart from her business pursuits and raising of George, Eva also expresses an interest in travelling and enjoys martial arts, the latter of which was disapproved of by Kinzo and Krauss for being traditionally masculine.

At the end of Banquet of the Golden Witch, it is revealed that Eva fell under great public scrutiny and criticism due to being the only survivor of the Rokkenjima Mass Murders. While she initially tried to develop a loving relationship with her adoptive daughter Ange, her foisting of her dream for George onto her, combined with immense public pressure and suspicion as well as Ange's rejection of her led to Eva gradually becoming more controlling and hostile towards her. Eva's enemies in the business world grew as a result of her opportunistic and sneaky tactics, leading her to become increasingly paranoid and unable trust anyone.


Eva has experience with a wide variety of martial arts, including but not limited to Tai-chi, Karate, and Taekwondo. She has a high-degree of skill with kicks, and occasionally shows it off to intimidate her siblings. She also displays some proficiency when wielding Winchester Rifles, however they pale in comparison to Kinzo, Rudolf, Kyrie and Rosa.

By the sixth game, Eva appears to have developed the ability to transform into or be replaced by EVA-Beatrice when she is confronted and being attack by her own son.

According to her husband, Eva is talented at cooking.


E0301 a

Eva during an argument with Krauss about the value of her higher education.

As a child, Eva developed a great amount of pride in her status as a member of the Ushiromiya family, and immensely respected Kinzo for his mythological revival of the family's status. As such, she channeled her efforts towards developing herself as a person of status, accreditation, and capability, wanting to become someone she saw as worthy of the name, of value to Kinzo, and eventually the successor to the headship. She developed a rivalry with her older brother Krauss, the natural successor by way of birthright, who she often managed to outperform in school. Her efforts however were unacknowledged by Kinzo, who viewed a woman's role to be limited to the domestic sphere and as a support for her husband. To him, Eva's only purpose in the Ushiromiya family was to marry out of it to someone profitable to him. Krauss often echoed Kinzo's attitude, taunting her by reiterating their respective roles as men and women.

While the discrimination she faced under Kinzo and Krauss led her to push herself harder in her efforts, she eventually came to accept that Kinzo would never see her, a woman, as a potential successor. As such, she decided to devote her efforts towards finding a man that could rival Krauss to take as her husband. When entering into her arranged marriage with Hideyoshi, Eva observed that Krauss' wife Natsuhi had failed to give Kinzo a child, and took advantage of Kinzo's dissatisfaction towards Natsuhi to convince him to allow Hideyoshi adopt the Ushiromiya name instead of have her lose it. To her delight, she bore a male child, George, while Natsuhi's child that followed was a girl, Jessica. Eva thus placed her dream on her son's shoulders, putting every effort in order to raise him as a worthy successor to the Ushiromiya family.

At the time of the 1986 family conference, Eva was the wife of a businessman who aided her husband at in the management of his popular fast-food chain company. However, as a result of a malicious buyout of the company's stock at the time of its entering public listing, she and Hideyoshi found themselves in financial trouble, needing a large amount of money to reach a settlement that would preserve their control of the company. They thus entered the family conference with the intention of extorting money out of Krauss. Eva also strongly disapproved of her son George's relationship with the servant Shannon, believing her to be an unsuitable wife for the next head due to her status, and wanted to pressure him into an arranged marriage of her own choosing instead.

At the end of Banquet of the Golden Witch, it is revealed that Eva was the sole returning survivor of the Rokkenjima Mass Murders. As such, she inherited the entire Ushiromiya family fortune and gained custody of Ange, Rudolf's daughter who was absent on the day of the conference. While police investigations found no evidence that could connect her to the crime, she faced widespread media scrutiny and was viewed as the culprit in the public eye. This pressure escalated as she began making many enemies in the business world by performing the same aggressive and underhanded tactics Hideyoshi's company had been hit with before. Her relationship with Ange also became increasingly strained, and she died in 1998 unable to trust a single person and despised by many of them.



Ushiromiya Family


Hideyoshi Ushiromiya[]

Hideyoshi and Eva are happily married and do not appear to face any significant issues in their relationship. The two met each other through an arranged marriage, and Hideyoshi, who had no close relatives, happily agreed to take on the Ushiromiya family name.

Eva supports her husband in his business enterprises, while Hideyoshi's pleasant and easygoing disposition allow him to complement Eva's interpersonal shortcomings. Hideyoshi often finds himself stepping in during Eva's verbal attacks against others, holding Eva in check and deescalating the tension. Being an outsider to the Ushiromiya family, he also lacks Eva's elitism and provides a more supportive counterbalance for George against Eva's control, though he falls short on pushing back on Eva's helicopter parenting. Hideyoshi is an important source of emotional support for Eva, and is effectively the only person she has shown herself to be willingly vulnerable around.

George Ushiromiya[]

George is Eva's only son and the only person besides Hideyoshi that she deeply cares for. Due to Kinzo's rejection of her aspirations for the headship, Eva decided to raise George with the intention of grooming him to be the next successor of the Ushiromiya family, effectively pushing her dream onto him. As a result, she gave George a strict and intense upbringing, sparing no expense at signing him up for private tutoring, arts classes, and martial arts training. Eva's overbearing control of her son's life resulted in him having little free time for leisure and personal development. Although George was already an adult by 1986, she still attempted to exert control over his life, disapproving of his relationship with the servant Shannon and pressuring him into an arranged marriage with a reputable woman of her own choosing: Ayumi.

While George does not show it publicly, he feels a great deal of frustration over his mother's micromanagement of his life, and wants to break free of her control to become his own person. The two confront each other in Dawn of the Golden Witch, clashing over both his relationship with Shannon and Eva's control over his life in general. Despite their conflicts, George and Eva do love each other as family, and each is overcome with grief whenever the other is killed. In Legend of the Golden Witch and Banquet of the Golden Witch, Eva also expresses regret at her treatment of George, realizing that her overbearing control of his life was unjust and may have been the result of her trying to get back at Krauss.

Kinzo Ushiromiya[]

Eva deeply respects and idolizes her father Kinzo for his legendary turnaround of the Ushiromiya family fortune. This admiration led her to try and follow in his footsteps, developing herself in her schooling and personal qualities with the goal of becoming the next successor. Kinzo however did not approve of her efforts, believing that a woman's role should only be to support her husband and bring the family benefit through her marriage, and thus that she ought to dedicate herself to domestic skills instead.

Krauss Ushiromiya[]

Eva and her brother Krauss spent their childhood in an intense sibling rivalry. Eva constantly outperformed Krauss in school and in their accomplishments, and believed herself to be a more suitable successor to the headship as a result. Krauss however would repeat the same gender essentialist sentiments that Kinzo did, reiterating that her ambitions were conceited for a woman and that the role of successor ought to naturally go to him, the firstborn son. Eva despised Krauss for his attitude and the injustice of her situation, and continued to push herself in order to outdo Krauss in any way she could. While their rivalry is less overt as adults, she views him as incompetent and continues to make verbal jabs towards Krauss over issues as minor as the family dinner.

Rosa Ushiromiya[]

Eva often bullied Rosa when the latter was young, primarily through verbal means such as lying to her[3]. She has little respect for her sister, viewing her as incapable and stupid. Her attitude towards her sister is carried over to adulthood, and is openly displayed when she calls Rosa a "brainless idiot" in Chapter 2 of Banquet of the Golden Witch. She also makes more covert attacks at Rosa by putting pressure on her during the family conference as well as by bringing up Maria's immaturity, condemning her as an unfit parent by extension. In Banquet of the Golden Witch, Eva tells Rosa that she is the sibling she trusts the most. Given the circumstances however, it is implied that this trust is merely because she sees Rosa as less crafty than her brothers.

Natsuhi Ushiromiya[]

Eva has a poor opinion of Natsuhi and offer makes the her the target of her verbal attacks. She particularly dislikes it when Natsuhi asserts her authority or tries to command the situation, viewing her actions as shameless and a challenge to her superior family rank[4]. Her verbal attacks on Natsuhi include both open confrontation and her more sly subtle use of words to embarrass or undermine her. Despite being the target of gender discrimination in her childhood, she does not hesitate to turn those same remarks onto Natsuhi, reminding her that she is merely someone who married into the family and should not dare to challenge her.

Jessica Ushiromiya[]

Eva sees Jessica as a rival for George's claim to the future headship of the Ushiromiya family. Given this, she takes great delight in the fact that Jessica is both a woman, and thus less eligible by the Ushiromiya's patriarchal standards, as well as less studious and well-mannered than her son. Eva sometimes brings this up to Natsuhi in an attempt to elevate her own son and undermine her. In Turn of the Golden Witch, Eva showed solidarity with Jessica in the face on Krauss' criticism of her unladylike mannerisms and pointed out her learning of makeup to Natsuhi. While this measure pleased Jessica, it also embarrassed Natsuhi and Krauss, which may have been Eva's true goal.


Eva is aware of Shannon and George's romantic interest in each other and strongly disapproves of their relationship, primarily due to the fact that Shannon's status as a servant of the Ushiromiya family would cause many complications for George if he were to become the future family head as she intended. It is unknown if she is aware that they are dating, but she tried to pre-empt that possibility by highlighting George's marriage meeting to Shannon and warning her that she is far less suitable in status and capability than her pick for George. She also sometimes picks on Shannon in an attempt to undermine Natsuhi's position as host for the family conference by suggesting that she had improperly prepared her servants for the job.

Inner Self[]

Eva's internal conflicts are explored in Banquet of the Golden Witch, where she is shown interacting with a younger version of herself. The young Eva would appear by her side in times where she struggled, offering her support and cursing her adversaries in her place. She held on to Eva's childhood dream of succeeding the headship and getting back at Krauss, and pushed Eva to solve the epitaph in order to become the family head. While Eva still valued her childhood goals, she also developed a love for her husband and son, one which her younger self did not share. This conflict escalates when Eva finds the gold and her younger self gains witch powers and the title of EVA Beatrice, and the two of them sharply disagree on whether they value the gold and headship or her family more while EVA Beatrice carries out the murders of the epitaph.

Ange Ushiromiya[]

As the only survivor of the Rokkenjima Mass Murders, Eva gained custody of her niece Ange, who had been absent on the day of the 1986 family conference. She tried to accept Ange as her new daughter, but her intentions were muddled by her grief regarding the loss of her son George. She thus tried to raise her as the successor in her son's place, but Ange was less receptive to her strict upbringing and unwilling to accept her as her new mother. This was further strained by Eva's constant comparisons of Ange to her deceased son. As a result of Ange's rejection of her and increasing pressure put on her by the public, Eva's relationship with Ange grew increasingly sour and resentful. By the time of Eva's death, their relationship had deteriorated beyond repair, and Eva's categorical refusal to tell Ange the truth about her family's death infuriated her further. She died cursing Ange, with her final action being to grant her the entirety of the Ushiromiya fortune and name in an attempt to lead her to the same fate she ended up in.

In the final two arcs, it is revealed that Eva had refused to tell the truth to Ange in an attempt to hide the fact that her parents had been responsible for the massacre. The side story The Witches' Tanabata also revealed that Bernkastel played a role in Ange's rejection of Eva, by having her promise to never accept Eva as her new mother for the illusory possibility that that would allow her parents to one day return home.

Tetsurou Okonogi[]

Okonogi was the president of a foodstuffs distribution company and had a close relationship with Hideyoshi's business. As such, he was one of the people that had Eva's trust, and was appointed by her to a high position in the Ushiromiya Group following her inheritance of the family fortune. He seems to also trust Eva very much in return, and made the case against her being the culprit of the mass murder incident in a discussion with Ange.


Legend of the Golden Witch[]

Eva is first introduced at the airport prior to the departure for Niijima. At the island, she takes advantage of Shannon's clumsiness and lack of knowledge to make snide remarks with the intention of humiliating her and their host Natsuhi. Her attacks against Natsuhi continue during the family conference, where she calls her a "lowly maidservant" and highlights their difference in rank in response to her indignant defense of Krauss against Eva's accusations of embezzlement. This causes Natsuhi to run out of the room in tears. The siblings' attempt to extort money from Krauss is unsuccessful however, as he had researched their own financial troubles beforehand and thus managed to expose their motives.

At dawn of the second day, Eva tries to taunt Natsuhi on the issue of whether Kinzo would come down for breakfast or even dignify her with an answer. She meets Natsuhi as the latter leaves Kinzo's study, but finds herself unexpectedly rebuffed with confidence by the woman. Back in the parlor, Kanon informs Eva of a strange occult symbol painted over the rose garden storehouse, and she heads over with Hideyoshi, Kanon, and Genji to discover the victims of the first twilight murders inside. When the others arrive at the scene, George asks about a ring on Shannon's finger. Eva, realizing that George had proposed to the servant, responds indignantly, but finds her objections silenced by Hideyoshi.

Eva vs natsuhi b

Eva and Natsuhi's confrontation over Kinzo's disappearance.

Upon returning to the mansion, Eva and Natsuhi proceed to inform Kinzo, but find his study empty. She later discusses the issue of the first twilight murders with Battler, and suggests to him that they may have been the result of a servant conspiracy, possibly with a mastermind. Battler rejects her argument and points out that she herself is suspicious, but Eva argues that she would gain very little from showing off the murder in such a flashy manner. Some time later, Eva raises the question of Kinzo's disappearance and accuses Natsuhi of having killed him and hidden the body. She reveals that she had placed a folded receipt in the crack of the door after meeting Natsuhi on her way out that morning, and had found the receipt still lodged in the same position upon returning to the study after the discovery of the victims. According to her, this indicated that Kinzo could not have left the room between the time Natsuhi had claimed to meet him and their later discovery of the empty study, and suggests that Natsuhi was lying about meeting Kinzo. The argument escalates to the point where Natsuhi points a gun at her, but she shows no fear and dares her to shoot. Battler then proposes an alternative explanation for how Kinzo would have disappeared and berates her for making such an accusation when her own alibi for the first twilight murders was uncertain, bringing the argument to a halt. As a result, Eva and Hideyoshi decide to retire to a guest room alone. George rejects her offer for him to join them.

In the guest room, Eva reflects on her life and expresses regret for using Hideyoshi and George as a way of getting back at Krauss for his arrogant attitude towards her regarding the headship. Hideyoshi comforts her, telling her that he regrets nothing about his life with Eva, and the two of them talk about plans for a vacation in the Maldives. Eva and Hideyoshi are later found dead in the room by Kanon and Kumasawa, forming the victims of the second twilight. The room was sealed with a chain lock at the time of discovery.

Found on the bed of a guest room inside the mansion, with a weapon resembling an ice-pick sticking out of her forehead.


Turn of the Golden Witch[]

Sometime before 1986, Eva and her family make a private visit to Rokkenjima in order to obtain a business loan from Kinzo. During this visit, she overhears Jessica teasing George and Shannon about the possibility of a relationship between them. Disapproving of the pairing, she brings up George's arranged marriage meeting in front of them, and the two of them clash regarding their views on love and marriage. After George leaves, she quietly whispers in Shannon's ear, reminding her of her status as a servant and warning her not to get romantically involved with her son.

During the 1986 family conference, she makes a snide remark towards Rosa regarding Maria's apparent immaturity. While she is initially skeptical on Beatrice's identity following Kyrie's sighting of her, she eventually acknowledges her as a witch with the other family adults in the chapel on the evening of the first day. The next morning, Eva's corpse is found in the chapel with the other victims of the first twilight murders.

Her corpse was found in the chapel. The direct cause of death is unknown, but it seems her stomach was cut open and her intestines pulled out after her death. On top of that, sweets and candies were stuffed into her stomach.

Everyone has a stomach filled with sweet dreams.


Banquet of the Golden Witch[]

Eva is the focus character for this episode, and we are introduced to a representation of her younger self, who speaks to Eva at many points in the episode. Eva's childhood and discrimination under Kinzo and Krauss is shown, and she wonders if this grudge towards Krauss had led her to unfairly impose her dream on George. Young Eva rejects Eva's decision to live vicariously through her son as cowardice, and pushes her to take advantage of the witch's letter to solve the riddle of the epitaph and seize the headship from Krauss.

As the first twilight had spared the family members this time around, Eva discusses several theories with the other adults as they barricade themselves in the guesthouse. While they fail to solve it together, Eva manages to figure out the solution with the aid of her younger self and an offhand hint by Rosa. After checking a book in the guesthouse library, she exits the guesthouse and finds an underground tunnel at an unspecified location, and follows it to find a room filled with the mythical ten tons of gold. Eva is ecstatic at her discovery, believing that all her problems would be solved by this. However, she runs into Rosa, who had also figured out the solution to the epitaph, on her way out. After a tense confrontation, they decide to work out a deal for splitting the gold. Eva and Rosa disagree on the issue of whether to announce the gold's discovery, and Rosa compromises to allow Eva one night to analyze the situation before revealing the gold.

Separately, Beatrice meets Eva's younger self and passes down to her the titles of the Golden Witch and Endless Witch as a reward for solving the epitaph. Eva's young self also inherits the name of Beatrice, becoming EVA Beatrice. Back in the guesthouse, Eva develops a fever and confines herself to her room with Hideyoshi, frequently experiencing strong headaches and visions of EVA Beatrice's as she continues to carry out the murders of the witch's epitaph. Due to her connection with EVA Beatrice, she knows of the dangers that the victims of the second to sixth twilights face, but only becomes aware of this in time to have the others discover the corpses. EVA Beatrice promises Eva to spare Hideyoshi from the remaining murders, but breaks her promise due to his interference. Eva is distraught at this, as the two of them place different weights on the importance of her childhood dream and her family. Eva wonders if the dark desires in her heart led to her killing them. While she leaves the parlor to make coffee, Krauss and Natsuhi are killed by the Chiesters.

Cg e0903 d

Eva before she shoots Battler at the end of the third game.

Finding George, Krauss, and Natsuhi missing, Eva and the remaining survivors leave the guesthouse to look for them. They find Krauss and Natsuhi's corpses in the rose garden arbor, and George's corpse in the locked mansion parlor. Eva and Jessica break into a fight with each accusing the other of bearing responsibility for their loved ones' deaths, and she accidentally discharges a rifle round near Jessica's face, temporarily blinding her. While Nanjo proceeds to treat her, Eva runs out to the corridor frantically, with Battler pursuing her.

Battler confronts EVA Beatrice in Purgatorio and asserts her to be a cover for the human culprit Eva. He faces little resistance for the murders of the second to eight twilights, but is unable to argue her or anyone's guilt for Nanjo's murder. Following Beatrice's denial of witches in red to save Battler, the Battler on the gameboard finds himself face to face with Eva, who admits to being the culprit and kills him with a shot from her rifle. In the Golden Land, Eva and Natsuhi hug each other, commiserating over their children's romantic interest in the servants.

With the end roll showing that Eva was the only survivor of the third game, the ??? explores a future 12 years after the incident. Eva, being the only survivor of the Rokkenjima Mass Murders, came to inherit the entire Ushiromiya Group and custody of her absent niece Ange. While police evidence found no evidence of a crime or link to her, the public rejected this and fanned the flames of a conspiracy with her as the culprit. Facing immense pressure and finding herself unable to trust anyone, Eva gradually began to transform into the type of person the public expected of her, and her relationship with Ange became extremely strained. Eva eventually fell victim to a terminal illness, and passed away in 1998 a bitter and distrustful woman. Her final action was to call Ange to her bedside, declaring that she would curse her to the same fate by passing down all of her wealth and the headship to her.

Alliance of the Golden Witch[]

Eva plays a minimal role on the gameboard. She is shot and killed by the Chiesters in the dining hall as part of the first twilight murders.

Her corpse was found in the dining hall. About half of her head was destroyed. It's probably reasonable to assume that she was murdered with a powerful gun or something similar.

However, the witnesses don't believe she was killed with a gun...


Eva is dead at the start of Ange's 1998 scenario. Nevertheless, she plays a prominent role as a primary target of Ange's resentment. Okonogi challenges Ange's perception of her, suggesting that Eva had survived the Rokkenjima Mass Murders because Kinzo told her the answer to the epitaph and led her to Kuwadorian in a bid to make her the successor. He also personally believes that Eva would not be capable of murdering her immediate family: Hideyoshi and George.

Following Ange's confrontation with Kasumi and her henchmen, in which she uses magic to summon the Seven Stakes to kill them, EVA Beatrice transforms into Eva to try and finish off Ange. Eva uses her black magic to prevent Ange from calling upon the Seven Stakes. However, as she pulls the trigger on Ange, the gun explodes in her face as a result of Mammon's intervention. Incapacitated and writing in pain due to the injury, she is given a mercy kill by Mammon and Ange.

End of the Golden Witch[]

Eva and the other siblings suspect that Kinzo's death is being covered up, and decide to use this possibility to put pressure on Krauss and attempt to extort money from him. After Battler and Erika announce their discovery of the gold, Eva piles on even more pressure for them to meet Kinzo. She notes that according to their prior agreement, the 50% share for the successor would go to Battler rather than Krauss, much to Krauss and Natsuhi's distress.

The next morning, Eva finds her son's body with its throat slit in the cousin room and is overcome with grief. She vows to avenge George's murder. When the survivors enter Kinzo's study, Eva directly accuses Natsuhi of covering up Kinzo's death to hide Krauss' embezzlement. She reveals that she sealed the study with the same folded receipt seal she used in Legend of the Golden Witch after seeing Natsuhi leave the study at 23:00 the previous night. Hideyoshi is later stabbed by an unknown assailant in a guest room, and Eva finds the guest room locked moments after he was attacked. She rushes to bring the others and a pair of wire cutters to cut the chain, but is too late to save her husband.

During the trial conducted by the Great Court of Illusions, Eva reveals that she had brainstormed the issue of the seals together with Erika, devising a seal using perforated packing tape and a repeated signature on the seal's borders. She had sealed the mansion servant room Genji was in at 1:00 AM on the second day, and the seal had not been broken till the discovery of his body the next morning. After Erika successfully proved Natsuhi's guilt by the standards of the court, the scene switches to the parlor where a distraught Eva confronts Natsuhi for the murders.

Eva is alive at the time of the game's suspension.

Dawn of the Golden Witch[]

George confronts Eva and informs her of his decision to marry Shannon. Eva is furious that he did not consult her regarding this decision and accuses her of having faked pregnancy to force him into marriage. She rejects George's ideal of love-based marriage, asserting that issues of status and long-term suitability are more important, and that her chosen arranged marriage partner for George, Ayumi, is a far better candidate than Shannon. She tells George that it is her job as a parent to guide him into making the right decisions, but George replies that she needs to let go of her son. Hearing this, Eva transforms into EVA Beatrice and engages in battle with George. Besides the fantastical aspect, the two of them also fight over issues of Eva's strict and controlling upbringing of George. George wins the battle, fulfilling his task in the Love Trials, and leaving a corpse of the human Eva in the real world.

Her corpse was found in the VIP Room.

Furudo Erika didn't perform a proper investigation, so the details of the cause of death are unknown.


It is later revealed that Eva had faked her death as part of a prank on the haughty detective guest. Erika however was unsatisfied with an ambiguous investigation, and guaranteed her death by severing Eva's head herself.

Her corpse was found in the VIP room.

Her neck was completely severed by a blade.

The most perfect kind of corpse, both impossible to mistakenly identify and completely recognizable.

Requiem of the Golden Witch[]

Eva plays a minimal role in the main story of the arc.

In the Tea Party, the true events of the Rokkenjima Mass Murders are shown. Eva and the adults solve the epitaph together, with Eva making the critical discovery of the Danshui Railway Line and the relevant kanji radicals in its stations' names. As the adults enter the gold room, they encounter Beatrice who explains her plan and the bomb mechanism on the grandfather clock. Eva is suspicious of the witch's words, and suggests that she may be lying about the side of the bomb's "on" switch. The adults enter into a tussle regarding this, and midnight passes with the bomb undetonated and the witch's words proven true.

The adults continue to argue over the division of the gold, and Eva accidentally shoots Natsuhi through her eye during their struggle, killing her. Krauss is subsequently killed by Hideyoshi during a struggle over one of the guns. Eva and Hideyoshi maintain that it was an accident, but the others do not willingly accept that explanation. Frantically trying to find a way to cover up the deaths, Eva comes to the idea of using the bomb to bury all traces of the evidence. Rosa rejects her proposition as that would destroy the gold too, counter-suggesting that Eva turn herself in, a solution which Eva vehemently rejects. The two enter into a struggle, but Kyrie resolves it herself by firing her gun at Rosa. Eva realizes too late that Kyrie intends to kill all of them and is shot by her.

Eva wakes up some time later and realizes that the bullet had merely grazed her. She had fainted due to the shock of the event. She cries over Hideyoshi's death, but soon realizes that George and the others are in danger. Eva confronts Rudolf in front of the chapel and shoots him dead, having seen through his lies and attempts to distract her attention. Eva then confronts Kyrie in the rose garden. Kyrie tells Eva that with Rudolf dead, Ange is of no value to her. Shocked by her words, Eva kills her and vows to bury the truth of the incident and the true character of Ange's parents in the cat box. After the confrontation, she escapes alone to the Kuwadorian, where she survives the explosion and then returns to the mainland.

Twilight of the Golden Witch[]

During the Halloween Party, Eva and the six-year old Ange both find an almond in their slice of cake, winning them the honor of being the "king" for the night. Though there was only intended to be one winner, they resolve the situation by having Ange be the princess and Eva the assistant. In the subsequent quiz tournament, Eva helps Ange and the reader by providing hints for the riddles that the others present her with. During the tournament, Eva reflects on her treatment of Ange after the 1986 incident and expresses regret for her inability to endure Ange's rejection of her and be a proper mother to her. Hideyoshi, Rudolf, and Kyrie comfort her, recognizing her intentions and the efforts she made, and tell her that they do not blame her. In the manga, the quiz tournament is replaced with a hide-and-seek game where Eva also accompanies Ange. Eva's moment of reflection also happens while Ange is counting to 50, but without the interaction of the other family members.

In Bernkastel's game, Eva's corpse is found in the dining hall as one of the victims of the first twilight.

When Ange returns to the party after her conversation with Featherine and brings up Eva's diary, Eva frantically insists to her that the words she wrote in the diary do not reflect the truth of the incident. Ange however does not believe her. Eva plays a minimal role in scenes after this. In the manga adaptation, Tohya reveals that Eva had visited him after the publishing of Banquet of the Golden Witch and a few other stories. She explained the events in the VIP gold room, clearing up his confusion, and left him with her personal diary and its key.


  • The 07th Expansion All Character Settings Collection suggests that Eva and EVA-Beatrice are the same person in the Golden Land, and that Eva will change into her witch form to play with other witches at times.
  • When asked why it was Eva that survived the Rokkenjima Mass Murders, staff replied that she would be the best character to raise Ange.[5]


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