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This article is about a character in Umineko When They Cry.

"This level of reasoning is possible for Furudo Erika. What do you think, everyone?"
— Erika's catchphrase

Erika Furudo (古戸 ヱリカ Furudo Erika) is a detective created by Bernkastel to crush the Illusion of the Witch and is a rival to Battler Ushiromiya. She first appears in End of the Golden Witch.


Fell from the pleasure boat "Eternal Maid II" mid-cruise in the waters near Rokkenjima.

On October 4, 1986, she drifted to Rokkenjima, and the Ushiromiya family welcomed her as a guest.

She managed to drift to the island unharmed thanks to several miracles, including the fact that she was wearing a life jacket.


Bernkastel's double and servant. Also a piece who has manifested in the human world.

Because she is human, she cannot use magic and the like. However, she can appeal to Bernkastel on a higher-level plane to obtain miracles and various authorities she can use, so it would probably be no exaggeration to call her a human capable of wielding the power of a witch.

Through Bernkastel, she has been given the detective's authority while on the game board.


The Witch of Truth (provisional). Is also the detective and one who calls herself an intellectual rapist.

She participates in Battler's game as a player for the human side.

She possesses several skills that qualify her to call herself a detective. These can be acknowledged by Bernkastel and elevated to the level of red truth.

Whether she wins or loses, this will be the last game, and there will be no further use for her.



Erika has dark blue eyes and hair. Her long hair is in pigtails. She is estimated to be about Jessica's age, but she's more petite. She has a similar appearance to Bernkastel due to being created in her image.

She wears a fancy pink dress with frills and a flowery hat. The pink dress she wears is one that actually belongs to Jessica.

In the Twilight manga, console ports and pachinko sprite set, Erika wears a pirate hat.


Initially, Erika comes off as a sweet, polite, and soft-spoken young lady who is immediately loved and trusted by most of the Ushiromiya family soon after washing up on Rokkenjima. But this is merely a facade, as Erika is truly an arrogant, sadistic, ruthless and cruel woman who cares little for anyone but herself and her master Bernkastel. She's highly intelligent and doesn't hesitate to use it to lord herself over others. When dropping her sickeningly sweet facade, Erika occasionally says, in English, <Good!> or <Very Good!> when excited or very pleased by something.

She revels in dismantling the theories of others and substituting what she believes is the one true truth. Yet she also goes into meltdown whenever her "truth" gets a hole punched through it. Erika even considers herself more powerful than Bernkastel and Lambdadelta in a way, because they'd rather distract themselves from their past miseries with other people's suffering than face those memories (and thus the truth) head-on.

Erika's confidence in her abilities leads her to often underestimate her opponents. She also demonstrates a rather vindictive side to her character during End of the Golden Witch when she informs Battler why she wanted to solve the epitaph in the first place: she wanted to not only sneer at whoever proposed the epitaph's riddle, but to get revenge on Jessica for interrupting her during her solving of the epitaph; she wanted to see the angry and pitiful expression Jessica would likely don upon realizing that Battler stole the headship from her father as well. Her hatred of Battler stems from losing to him later on. She clearly delights in the idea of raping Battler's helpless body after forcing him to marry her.

In spite of serving Bernkastel, she denies magic and love, saying that love is nothing but an illusion that distracts from the truth, though the events of Dawn of the Golden Witch would suggest that her denial of love stems from a past lover's infidelity.


With the Detective's Authority, Erika has a photographic memory and practically unlimited stamina. She has incredibly heightened senses and is on-par with a tape recorder. In End, she uses these powers to climb all over the guesthouse in the rain to stick tape on the windows and listens in to Battler's room all night. Erika is also able to call people to attention and force them to listen to her as an extension of her powers. Additionally, Erika can summon Eiserne Jungfrau to enforce the rules of the mystery genre.

In the meta-world, Erika wields a purple scythe with which she can create red and blue truths, similarly to her master Bern who uses a dark blue scythe to separate miracles from reality. Erika can also summon Goats, such as in Golden Fantasia, with her move "Fire, Goats!", in which she summons goats to fire cannons upon her opponent.


Erika was a piece created by Bernkastel to act as her self-insert. In the past, Erika had a boyfriend of whom she accused of cheating, later breaking up with him after collecting enough evidence. Erika later goes on a cruise with her family on the Eternal Maid II and falls overboard, washing up on Rokkenjima on October 4th and is taken in by the Ushiromiya family.




Erika is the creation and piece of Bernkastel to act as her self-insert and double. Erika adores her creator and master more than anything, sometimes getting jealous of Lambdadelta's relationship with Bern. Erika is desperate for her master's approval and tries her best to live up to her expectations. However, Bernkastel cares little for Erika, as after Dawn, Bern banished her to oblivion due to losing to Beatrice. No matter how much she is abused, ignored or thrown into oblivion by her master, Erika will continue to admire and serve Bern.

Battler Ushiromiya

Battler and Erika are rivals, both given the task of denying the witch, but they differ in their methodology: Battler takes an anti-fantasy stance and will use any ridiculous theory so long as it's not magical, but Erika is strictly mystery-focused and provides theories with logic and evidence. Because of Erika's pride, she hates it when Battler disproves her theories and always tries to get the last word in. By Twilight, Erika sees Battler as a worthy opponent.

Role in the Story

End of the Golden Witch

Coincidentally drifting ashore during the family conference of 1986, she is able to break through the limits imposed on the first four games and became the island's 18th person. She claims to be a detective and manages to solve the epitaph with her excellent reasoning skills, along with the help of Battler.

After the events of the first twilight, she makes use of her rights as the game's detective to lead a full-blown investigation, which eventually pins Natsuhi as the culprit. By tackling Fantasy with Mystery instead of Anti-Fantasy, Erika manages to completely deny the existence of Beatrice and end the game. As a result, Beatrice is killed, much to Battler's dismay.

In the ????, Bernkastel rewards her by making her the Witch of Truth and Game Master, but the latter of the titles is soon stolen from her by Battler, who has now become the Endless Sorcerer. Battler posits his own theory to counter her Natsuhi culprit theory, and since there are now two possible truths to the game, it ends in a tie. A vengeful Erika swears to expose the truth and kill Battler in the sixth game.

Dawn of the Golden Witch

Erika willingly gives up her Detective's Authority so she can fight Battler on even ground. After the first twilight, she rushes to confirm the deaths of the victims but only gets vague information.

Not only did Erika lose her authority, but she loses the ability to use duct tape to seal rooms. Despite this, she tricks Battler into granting her some pieces of tape and retroactively seals the survivors into the guesthouse. She then takes a knife and decapitates the first twilight victims, who were playing dead as a prank, and then seals Battler in his room, who was also a victim. Battler claimed that he escaped the room in red, but is unable to explain it due to the tape and becomes trapped, creating a Logic Error.

In the Meta-World, Erika tries to get married to the comatose Battler so she can become the Territory Lord, but the newly revived Beatrice arrives to challenge her. They exchange blows, and in the end Battler is saved from his logic error and Erika ceases to exist.

Executing Erika in the TIPS reveals her to be missing in the real world.

Fell from a pleasure boat and is currently missing.

Due to the Rokkenjima Explosion Incident that occurred shortly after, her accident went completely forgotten...

Her family says that she might have drifted to Rokkenjima and gotten involved in the accident, but no evidence suggesting that she was ever on the island could be found.

Forgers who know of this accident often theorize that she drifted onto Rokkenjima and include her in the Illusion of the Witch...

Eri d.png

Twilight of the Golden Witch

Erika is pulled from oblivion and makes her first appearance in the game when she saves Ange Ushiromiya from harm in Bernkastel's game between her and Battler. She later reappears at Bern's bidding, as she arrives at the Golden Land with Goats to make a deal with Beatrice: surrender the game board over to The Library, or be executed. Erika is fooled into believing that the relatives are arguing, when they are actually stalling her as Battler and Lambdadelta search The Library for the key. Erika eventually figures this out, due to an error made by Gohda, and engages in a brawl with the residents there. She eventually retreats, much to her own anger and embarrassment.

She later comes back to the Golden Land to continue the battle, engaging in fights with Krauss, Rosa, Rudolf and Kyrie, and her former friend Dlanor. She then fought against Beatrice, engaging her in a swordfight aboard her ship. She emerges victorious and takes the Golden Witch's heart to Bernkastel afterwards.

In the "Trick" ending, she appears before Ange on the ship to Rokkenjima and applauds her for her own detective work.

In the "Magic" ending, she and Battler have a small chat on how Ange was able to become a better witch than her, even though they're both similar in many ways in regards to the truth. Battler later tells her that she is not a witch but a detective, and they finally bid farewell to one another.

In the final Tea Party, she comes to the room where Bernkastel and Lambdadelta were and delivers letters on how Willard, Lion, Gertrude, Cornelia and Dlanor were doing. Because Erika is still contact with Dlanor despite their fight earlier, it can be assumed that both of them have made up and renewed their friendship.

Other Appearances

Golden Fantasia

Erika is a playable character, specializing in scythe attacks. Her special ability is "Force Counter", where every first hit is registered as a counter-attack. Has story modes with Ange, Dlanor and Bernkastel.

Forgery of the Purple Logic

Erika is the main character of this spin-off manga as part of a game created by Beatrice. This game uses purple statements much like Bernkastel's game.

Last note of the Golden Witch

Erika is summoned by Ange as a sort of alternate personality and theorized to be a possible identity for Piece. However, this theory is denied.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei

Erika was added as a playable unit in a collaboration event with Umineko, The Witch's Bloodstained Birthday Banquet.

The Witch's Bloodstained Birthday Banquet

Erika travels to Rokkenjima by ferry in 1983 to celebrate Beatrice’s birthday. On the boat, Nao watches her trip a kid who’s running around and then confronts her about it. Erika claims she didn’t really trip the kid since Nao doesn’t have conclusive evidence and confuses her with talk about catboxes. Erika finally admits she purposely tripped the kid and gloats since Nao can’t actually prove it. Nao goes off in a huff, and Dlanor arrives to chastise Erika in private.

Erika meets Mion and Shion when their group transfers to another boat, with Nao dismayed that she’s also been invited to Rokkenjima as a guest. Erika establishes that she’s familiar with the Ushiromiyas after falling off of a boat one time and washing ashore. Erika, Mion, and Shion bond over their love of the Detective Wanyan anime. Erika later tells them all about a witch that haunts Rokkenjima and doesn’t like disbelievers. After docking on the island, Erika greets Jessica and is shown to have brought only a small backpack with her. At the guesthouse, Erika is shown into her own private guestroom while Nao, Mion, and Shion stay in the one next door.

At lunch, the group talks more about mysteries, and Erika learns about Oyashiro-sama’s curse from the Hinamizawa group. They also talk about the legend of the Ushiromiya gold and the possibility of whether or not the witch Beatrice really exists on the island.

After dinner, Erika hears that Mion broke the window lock in their room, and Shannon goes up to fix it. Erika then plays with the group in some board games. When Nao’s group returns to their room, they find a bloody magic circle painted on Nao’s bed. Nao is soon summoned to the Meta-World and meets Beatrice, then engages her in a red and blue truth debate.

The next day, Erika relaxes in the rose garden by reading a book. Nao looks for a place to do some embroidery and ends up sitting next to Erika. Nao decides to talk about the debate and accuses Erika of working with Shannon and placing the magic circle. Erika’s alibi is that she was hanging out with everyone the entire time last night before going to her room, but Nao claims she could’ve done it before dinner and climbed in through the window to do it, knowing about the broken window lock. Erika speaks in red that she and Shannon are not conspiring in any way. Nao considers asking Shannon about it, but Erika says she’s off work the next few days.

Mion and Shion join them, and Erika says she actually forgot to lock the door to her own room. Later, Nao speaks to Erika again and thinks she’s broken apart her alibi, but Erika uses more red and says Shannon was not involved in the prank at any point.

Erika joins Beatrice and Dlanor in the Meta-World and has a red exchange with them, with Erika revealing she did place the magic circle on Nao’s bed and climbed in through the window. When asked why Shannon saw the circle and thought nothing strange about it, Erika says there exist people on the island who wouldn't think it’s strange in red.

Mion, Shion, and Nao return to their room after their last photo session, and they hear Erika screaming in fear when she finds a magic circle in her own room. Nao accuses Erika of placing it however, and she’s unable to respond. Dinner becomes awkward since Erika keeps insisting she never placed that circle. Nao is soon brought to the Meta-World to join Erika, Beatrice, and Dlanor again. Nao understands this is a three-way battle: Nao believes Erika placed the second magic circle, Erika claims Shion did it, and Beatrice claims a witch did it. An exchange of red occurs, and Nao learns that Erika did indeed place the first magic circle.

Erika wants to prove that Shion placed the second magic circle and returns to the gameboard. She reveals that she put fluorescent paint on the doorknob that sticks to people’s hands when they touch it and tries to shine a blacklight on Shion’s hand, but there’s nothing there. Erika is unable to accept this and makes a blue that Shion used a glove.

On Nao’s turn, she announces her plan to make herself and Beatrice the winners since there can be two winners, and Nao herself has experienced supernatural phenomena. Dlanor gets permission to see her memories and confirms that gods and monsters really do exist in red. Nao uses blue to state that a witch could place the second magic circle, and when Erika is unable to respond, Dlanor declares that Nao and Beatrice are the winners. The group realizes that the magic circles are copied from Detective Wanyan; Shannon watched the show too and didn’t think they were weird when she saw them on the bedsheets. Erika accepts defeat and returns to the gameboard.

Nao wakes up the next morning to find Mion, Shion, and Erika lying in their beds with bloodstains, but it turns out to be another Detective Wanyan-inspired prank. Erika, Mion, and Shion talk more about Detective Wanyan, and it’s revealed that Mion and Shion immediately recognized the circle when they saw it in Nao’s room, and saw it as a challenge from Erika. Shion snuck into Erika’s room to place her own circle but got paint on her hands, and then switched places with Mion when they went to shower after their photo session.

While leaving the island, the Hinamizawa group opens a farewell present given to them, which magically changes them all to wear bunny-girl outfits. Erika notes that Nao’s wearing a Chiester outfit.

"Witch of Truth" Erika Furudo

Erika gets punished by Bernkastel after losing the game and decides to go to Hinamizawa so she can get revenge on Nao. She asks Dlanor to come along but she refuses.

In Hinamizawa, Erika starts looking around for Nao and comes across the club at Furude Shrine. She finds that Nao isn’t there (who is napping at home), but she sees Rika and believes she’s actually Bern in disguise. Erika immediately prostrates herself before Rika and starts calling her Master, much to everyone’s confusion. They think she’s actually a contractor hired to clean the shrine, and Erika starts doing so, believing it will appease Bern.

Throughout the cleaning process, the club tries to tell Erika that Rika and her master are not the same, and comment on how cruel she sounds. Erika later goes off to find Nao and runs into Rika again. She asks her about Nao, but Rika starts giggling. Erika says Furude Rika’s real name out loud and begins to realize what’s going on, but this Rika is revealed to actually be Bern in disguise and starts insulting her.

"Inquisitor of Heresy" Dlanor

After a discussion with Nao and Beatrice, Dlanor gives Erika some leftover cookies. Erika looks forward to a rematch with Nao.

"Chiester Sister Corps" Rika Furude

In another world, the club, Battler, and Jessica are in Hinamizawa fighting tsukuyami and working to get the hot springs district up and running again. Erika suddenly appears, having used a different route since she didn't want to bother Bern, and runs towards the group, having finally found Nao. Nao doesn’t recognize her, but Erika doesn’t care since she’s basically the same. Erika says she plans to get her revenge, and the club stands in her way.

Erika then notices Rika wearing a Chiester Sister outfit and prostrates herself again, still thinking she’s Bern in disguise. Rika insists she’s not her master, but Erika isn’t listening. When Battler and Keiichi show up, they’re asked if they know an Erika Furudo, but this Battler doesn’t know her. They then tell Rika to pretend to be her master, and she orders Erika to help them clean and work on the hot springs. Akasaka appears later to check on things, and Erika thinks he’s an enemy for getting close to Rika and threatens to attack him. The group then wonders how they can get rid of Erika.


  • Erika is a homage to Rika Furude from Higurashi When They Cry like her creator and master Bernkastel (herself named after Frederica Bernkastel, whose first name is pronounced similarly to "Furude Rika"), as they all have long blue hair and, in Erika's case, similar names.
  • In End of the Golden Witch, Erika says "My little gray cells are itching to get started." This could be a reference to Hercule Poirot (Agatha Christie's famous Belgian detective) who also says "little gray cells" on numerous occasions.
  • Erika's alternate color palette in Golden Fantasia is based on the vocaloid, Hatsune Miku.

Virgilius, the original design for Erika