End of the Golden Witch Vol. 2 is the second volume of Akitaka's manga adaptation of End of the Golden Witch. It is the 22nd overall volume of the manga adaptation of Umineko no Naku Koro ni. The volume was released in English by Yen Press in an omnibus format with Volume 1.

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二人の魔女、ラムダデルタとベルンカステルに乗っ取られた第5のゲーム。第3のゲームに続き解かれる碑文の謎。黄金の所有者となるのは誰なのか!? 探偵・古戸ヱリカの来島、夏妃を脅かす「19年前の男」の登場。イレギュラーばかりの盤面は、ついに第一の晩を迎える――。


Beatrice is dead, her soul shattered by Battler at her own request. Though her body sits across the chessboard, she is no more than a husk of the laughing, impulsive witch she once was. Lambdadelta is more than happy to preside over the fifth game, and Bernkastel willingly steps in for Battler as he takes his leave to collect his thoughts. But two witches can cause all manner of mischief when left to their own devices, especially when they care as little for rules as Lambdadelta...


Chapter 6: Detective

Chapter 7: Epitaph

Chapter 8: The Arrivers

Chapter 9: Tears

Chapter 10: Ring

Chapter 11: A Game for Two



Special Thanks

& his entire staff

Akinobu Yumoto-sama
Hiroshi Koizumi-sama


Souichirou Hoshino

Hello, my name is Akitaka.
I've managed to finish the second volume of Episode 5. Perhaps because she didn't get much screen time in Volume 1, I had plenty of fun drawing Erika this time around. I'll be drawing plenty of her up ahead, as well.
I hope you come back to see it.


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