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This page contains all the red truths, blue truths, and the gold truth for the episode, contextualized and arranged by chapter.

Chapter 2: A Proper Mystery[]

The Illusion of Kinzo[]

The discovery of Kinzo's death by Krauss, Natsuhi, Genji, Kumasawa, and Nanjo was shown to occur before the 1985 family conference. However, the narrative then showed Natsuhi revive Kinzo and summon Beatrice. Kinzo, Natsuhi, Kanon, and Beatrice are seen talking on the day of the 1985 family conference.

The nature of the narrative

  • Lambdadelta: Kinzo is already dead, right? But he's walking around and talking, isn't he? Doesn't that mean this is magic?!
  • Battler: Just shut up. This isn't even a problem.
  • Narration: Grandfather is dead at this point in time. There's no way he exists.
  • Battler: The only reason he's able to act like he's alive like this...is because of Aunt Natsuhi's lie, her attempt to make it through the family conference while hiding Grandfather's death.
  • Lambdadelta: Oh? It's Natsuhi's lie?! You can revive the dead by lying? Wouldn't that make it Natsuhi's magic?
  • Battler: This world is like a Braun tube before you've looked in it. ...It's the world of the cat box before you open it. As long as Aunt Natsuhi says she took a walk with Grandfather, and as long as no one can confirm that it's a lie, it's possible to display 'Aunt Natsuhi taking a walk in the rose garden with Grandfather' as Natsuhi's reality. That means it's possible for Grandfather to appear.

Shared illusions

  • Lambdadelta: But Kanon was in the same place, and he was also looking at Kinzo, right? How would you explain that?
  • Battler: Kanon-kun is a servant who works for the Ushiromiya family ...Aunt Natsuhi probably ordered him to keep to her story, so that she could hide Grandfather's death. ...Because of that, Kanon can see Grandfather even though he shouldn't exist, just like Aunt Natsuhi can.
  • Battler: The reason Grandfather's strolling around like nothing happened even though he's already dead...is that people who want to make it seem as though he's alive created an illusion of him. People who think the same way can share in that illusion. Then, they'll talk as though Grandfather actually exists and was with them until a second ago. That's why he's strolling around like it's perfectly natural. Because of this, the illusion of Grandfather is unable to appear in front of people who aren't in on this with Aunt Natsuhi. That's why they made up the story of him shutting himself away in his study and refusing to come out.
  • Narration: That's right, in the games before now, the only people who met Grandfather were Uncle Krauss, Aunt Natsuhi, and the servants.
  • Narration: Because they all stuck to the same story, an illusion of Grandfather was able to exist on this island, making it seem like he was alive.

Battler's Victory Condition[]

Battler observes Beatrice's comatose state and contemplates what his real goal is, as well as how it means he should act towards Beatrice.

  • Bernkastel: Your goal is to kill this woman. ......In the last game, you said it at Beato's request. You said 'I'll kill you'.
  • Bernkastel: What you're doing sounds much more like torture to me.
  • Bernkastel: If you have any compassion, kill her all at once. That's how killing works.
  • Battler: That's none of your business. I'm the one to decide how to perform her last rites. You and that Lambdadelta witch have nothing to do with this. I'll kill her. I won't let anyone else do it.
  • Bernkastel: Unless this game is resolved, you will never be released. You won't be allowed to abandon this game either.

The Illusion of Beatrice[]

After the relatives have left the conference, Natsuhi is shown drinking tea and having a pleasant conversation with Beatrice in the rose garden.

  • Bernkastel: It's the same as it was with Kinzo. Beatrice doesn't exist. This is a fake illusion of a witch that Natsuhi created, since she believes she was borrowing a witch's power when she thought up a brilliant plan to overcome hardship. It only looks like they're drinking together because Lambdadelta, who's the Game Master and the one telling the story, interpreted it that way.
  • Bernkastel: You're looking at a daydream Natsuhi's showing us. ...Beatrice doesn't exist there.
  • Beatrice: ............Ugh......
  • Narration: Beato mumbled softly. ...It was a small voice that made it sound like she was in pain. The thorn of Bernkastel's truth had stabbed into her chest.
  • Battler: I think your theory is right. But don't say that in front of Beato.
  • Bernkastel: It doesn't matter where I say it. This is Beato's world we're in.
  • Battler: Also, it's not like I'm protecting Beato, but it's still possible Aunt Natsuhi really is drinking tea with some unknown person X, who calls themselves Beatrice. This scene takes place a year before everything. The number of people on the island on this day has never been shown with the red truth.
  • Bernkastel: Sure. Even Lambda hasn't said anything in red about the number of people on Rokkenjima on this day.
  • Battler: In that case, it's possible for Aunt Natsuhi to claim that she really did drink tea with a woman calling herself Beatrice. Just like I can't deny your theory, you can't deny mine. That means you can't say for sure whether the Beato there is an illusion or not.
  • Bernkastel: Oh, is this cat box theory? That might've worked on Beato, but it won't work on me.
  • Battler: Why not?
  • Bernkastel: After all, Natsuhi is drinking tea all by herself right there.
  • After this declaration, the scene of Natsuhi drinking tea with Beatrice is changed to one where she is all alone.

Chapter 3: Closed Room Barrier[]

The Scope of Battler's Goal[]

Observing the preparations for the 1986 family conference, Battler feels sympathy for Beatrice and decides it unnecessary to deny illusions such as Kinzo's appearance outside the two day period of the conference.

  • Narration: The two-day period of the 1986 family conference is all I need to deny the Illusion of the Witch.
  • Battler: In the last game, you said in red that Grandfather is dead at the start time for all games. However, you never mentioned whether Grandfather was alive or dead before the start time for the games. ...In short, even if Grandfather exists in this place right now, that doesn't create any contradictions.
  • Battler: And, I also can't deny the existence of the Beatrice in this place. The number of people on this island outside the game board...in other words, before October 4th, 1986, has not been proclaimed in red. Therefore, there's nothing strange about Beatrice existing here.

Chapter 4: Furudo Erika[]

The Cast of the Fifth Game[]

The detective

  • Bernkastel: I proclaim that Furudo Erika is the detective. The detective isn't a culprit. No proof is needed to show this. ...In short, there is absolutely no need to suspect this girl. Even if she appears as a Human piece from now on, you can build theories the same as you always did, get it...?
  • Lambdadelta: That's Knox's 7th, right? 'It is forbidden for the detective to be the culprit'. There was an exception clause in the original, but for this game 'the detective isn't the culprit' has been proclaimed in red, so you don't need to consider the exception. I hate word games, so I'll say it in red too. Furudo Erika is not the culprit.
  • Battler (repetition request): 'Furudo Erika had no influence on any of Beato's games before now'
  • Lambdadelta: Furudo Erika had no influence on any of Beato's games before now. She's nothing more than an extra character who appears for the first time this round. She does not exist in the worlds before this one, nor does she influence them.

The number of humans

  • Battler: So, what does that do to the number of people on this island right now?
  • Lambdadelta: Of course, it's plus 1 from the previous number. (...) Furudo Erika only increases it by one person. Besides her, the number of people on this island is exactly the same as it was in the previous games.
  • Bernkastel: This way, the number of people is clear. The people in the guesthouse have joined up with the rest, and now, all of the pieces except for Kinzo--all of the Humans--have gathered in the parlor.
  • Lambdadelta: In other words, the number of people in this parlor now is equal to the total number of people on this island.
  • Battler: There were supposedly 18 people on the island, ...but since Grandfather's actually dead, that became 17. ...And now one piece of Bernkastel's has been added...
  • Narration: The number of humans on this island has returned to 18...

Observing the parlor

  • Battler's Narration: 'I' glanced around at the humans in the parlor. The guest, Furudo Erika. And behind her, Kumasawa-san and Shannon-chan. Off to the side was Genji-san. Uncle Krauss and Aunt Natsuhi were welcoming the guest. Gohda-san immediately started showing off, and Kanon-kun was being unsociable, wearing his usual blank expression. There was Dad and Kyrie-san. Aunt Eva and Uncle Hideyoshi. Aunt Rosa and Maria. And, Doctor Nanjo. Then, on either side of me...were George-aniki and Jessica...This is everyone. The true number of people on the island at the moment...

Chapter 6: Those Who Reach It[]

Kinzo and the Gold[]

Battler and Erika solve the epitaph. After operating some device in the rain, Battler sees the silhouette of Kinzo, who points in the direction that they need to go next. Battler and Erika follow this and proceed down an underground tunnel to find the ten tons of gold at the end of it.

The gold

  • Lambdadelta: This mountain of gold is real. All of the ingots piled up here are real, pure gold! There are absolutely no tricks such as replicas or fakes!!
  • Battler: ...Okay, got it. I'll accept that this gold exists. However, there are still some things I can't accept!

Battler's observation of Kinzo

  • Lambdadelta: Even though Kinzo's supposedly an illusion, you met with him just a second ago, didn't you?
  • Battler: 'I' didn't exchange any words with Grandfather. ...I only felt as though Grandfather and I had exchanged words.
  • Battler: I was probably in an excited state after solving the epitaph's riddle. Then I mistook something for Grandfather. For example, maybe there was some kind of sheet or cover that had gotten caught in a dark grove of trees, which looked like Grandfather wearing a pitch-black cloak! As a result, I mistakenly thought that I'd had some sort of conversation with Grandfather.

Chapter 7: The Frantic Golden Drama[]

The Purpose of the Epitaph Murders[]

The epitaph challenge

  • Narration: Why did she want to make us solve the riddle of the epitaph? By solving it, we found a mountain of gold. (...) And what about Beato? Does she gain anything... by having us find the gold? Or does she lose something...?
  • Battler: As far as chessboard thinking tells us, ...people don't ever make moves that cause them to lose something. That means you must have something to gain by having us solve the epitaph...
  • Virgilia: No. This child has nothing to gain from having someone solve the epitaph.
  • Battler: In the past, I sometimes guessed that Beato tried to make us solve the epitaph...because she wanted to make us find the gold's hiding place for her, so she could snatch it away. ......Is that wrong too?
  • Virgilia: Yes. In the first place, the gold of the Golden Land belongs to this child. She had absolutely no need to make you find it for her or to snatch it away herself.
  • Narration: Even if someone exposed the answer to the epitaph's riddle, Beato has nothing to gain. No, to the contrary, her own gold might be stolen away.
  • Battler: In that case, I'm understanding this less and less. ......I understand the epitaph murders. It might be revenge against the Ushiromiya family, or else a ceremony to revive her powers as a witch. After all, she's probably doing it because of some reason or goal of her own.
  • Battler: But what's the point of her telling us to solve the epitaph? Whether we solve it or not, she has nothing to gain at all. ...In other words, the whole issue of whether the epitaph is solved or not...is immaterial in Beato's eyes.
  • Virgilia: You're right. Whether the epitaph's riddle is solved or not, this child stands nothing to gain at all.
  • Narration: If we liken the witch you are to a pair of scales, the epitaph murders lie on one plate... And the riddle of the epitaph lies on the other plate. After all, she's saying she'll stop the epitaph murders if the epitaph is solved. ...In other words, the epitaph murders and the epitaph's riddle are worth the same to Beato. Like two sides on a balanced scale. That means that both the epitaph's riddle and massacring all the relatives...are equally significant from Beato's point of view...... But Virgilia responded with the red truth. Regardless of whether the epitaph is solved or not, Beato has nothing to gain. If she has nothing to gain, then this epitaph's riddle...is meaningless and immaterial to Beato.

The epitaph murders

  • Narration: The epitaph murders and solving the riddle of the epitaph have equal worth. As long as the epitaph murders, which are Beato's goal each time, have this single way that they can be stopped, a way that she decided on herself, both are worth the same thing to her.
  • Battler: That means the epitaph murders are also meaningless and immaterial. ...Every time she performs these bizarre serial murders, she's willing to spend an incredible amount of effort to politely send advance notice...and then kills us one by one in accordance with the epitaph, never getting exposed. So all of that is meaningless to her...?
  • Battler analyzes Beatrice's past moves and the family's reactions to them from her perspective.
  • Narration: All the epitaph murders...are like she's strangling her own neck, making it harder to succeed in this serial murder she's attempting. ...All for a useless embellishment, ...all just for show.
  • Battler: She's raising the difficulty of completing her own objective.
  • Battler suggests three possible reasons for the epitaph murders: the obfuscation of alibis, coincidence, and making people experience fear. Reasoning with Virgilia, he realizes that the first two are unlikely due to the red truth and methodical announcement of the crimes. He then considers who specifically the murders may be meant to terrify.
  • Battler: If we try counting up the people who live until the last twilight every single time, even though they do die in the end.....................
  • Narration: ...I'm the only one.
  • Virgilia: Battler-kun isn't the culprit. Battler-kun didn't kill anyone. This can be said of all games.
  • Battler: Then that......just makes it even more likely that it's me. ...It means the sole reason she had for bringing about the epitaph murders...was to show them to me.
  • Battler: She wants......revenge? Against me? So, is she performing the epitaph murders to make me feel fear...?
  • Virgilia: That's wrong. ...Her goal is not to make someone experience fear. And it isn't to have revenge on someone either.
  • Battler: In that case, the epitaph murders really don't mean anything to her! The epitaph's riddle is meaningless, and the corresponding epitaph murders are also meaningless. (...) But even so, she's clearly trying to show these meaningless things to me!
  • Narration: In other words, neither the epitaph murders nor the epitaph's riddle have any significance by themselves. However, it becomes meaningful when she puts both halves on the scales and puts them on display before us......no, before me.
  • Battler: That would mean it doesn't matter to Beato...whether the epitaph murders succeed or not. ...It almost feels like she's just enjoying the process.
  • Battler: ...In the past, ...I cursed her, deciding that she was a heartless witch who kept murdering people for no reason. ...But right now, I can't imagine that's true.
  • Virgilia: ......Thank you. In that case, I'll give you one more line of red. ...Beato never committed murder for the sake of pleasure.

Chapter 10: Morning of Tragedy[]

First Twilight[]

George, Jessica, Maria, and Rosa were found dead in the cousin room of the guesthouse by Battler in the morning. All four of them had their deep horizontal wounds across their necks. The seventh magic circle of the Sun was also found drawn on the wall. Upon Battler's scream, the other relatives arrived. Kyrie and Battler covered the bodies with blankets. Erika arrived later and tried to inspect the scene.

The detective's authority

  • Erika: Stand back. I can't investigate the scene like this.
  • Battler: If it's necessary, we'll do it ourselves! The police will do it! Like hell you have the right to bring more shame to everyone's remains than they've already endured!!
  • Erika: Detective's authority. ...The detective has the right to inspect all crime scenes. Stand back, Ushiromiya Battler. This is an official privilege of this game, which the human side has accepted.
  • Narration:Those words, which seemed to be utterly ridiculous at first, ...were words of power that had come from a world on a much higher plane than the one they were in. Battler was thrown back by an unseen power and landed on his butt. Struck silent by this quiet intensity, ...nobody was able to prevent Erika from entering the room, suffocated by this bizarre atmosphere...
  • Erika: Don't worry. My goal is not to profane the dignity of the deceased. It's not like I want to peek into something as disgusting as a slit through someone's neck. ...I want to know something completely different.
  • Erika: In other words, who committed these murders. ...I ask Doctor Nanjo, and everyone else too. ......In particular, the first one to discover them, Battler-san. ......There are many things I want to question you about, so I request your cooperation.
  • Battler: L-Like I said, by what authority are you doing this...?!
  • Erika: Because I am the detective.

Genji and Krauss

Separately, Kanon and Kumasawa found Genji dead in the mansion servant room, which had packing tape places at the edges of its doorframe. His neck was sliced in a similar manner.

Natsuhi is also called by the Man From 19 Years Ago, who lets her hear the voice of her kidnapped husband on the phone. The family and Erika check Krauss' room and find bloodstains on his bed, but the man himself was not there. Krauss' room was unlocked, which the relatives note is unusual for him.

Disappearance of the corpses

Upon the family and Erika's return to the cousin room, they find that the corpses there have also disappeared.

  • Bernkastel: All of us moved together. So you're trying to say that everyone had alibis?
  • Lambdadelta: Your reasoning goes like this, right? The four of them weren't actually dead, they were just playing dead. Then, when no one else was around, they hid somewhere.
  • Bernkastel: You don't intend to proclaim any of their deaths in red now, do you?
  • Lambdadelta: Of course I won't. Unlike that dolt Beato, I don't give red out for free!
  • Bernkastel: I can think of many ways to work around something of this level.
  • Bernkastel: Here's the first one I can think of. The victims aren't actually dead. They pretended to be dead, then secretly hid themselves somewhere. After all, you haven't proclaimed anyone's death with the red truth.
  • Lambdadelta: Even through you've been shown their gaping wounds, you're still trying that one on principle, as long as there's no red, right?! But don't get your hopes up. I'm not giving you a freebie red truth! After all, I just have to deny it all at once at the end of the game, at 24:00 on October 5th!
  • Bernkastel: Second one. Krauss carried the corpses off and hid them. You've acted it out so that it looks like you've kidnapped Krauss and locked him up somewhere, but he might actually be free. Krauss has no alibi. Krauss hid their corpses.
  • Lambdadelta: Yeah, that's right. It's not like I proclaimed that Krauss was being confined with the red truth. (...) So he lied to Natsuhi, making it seem like he'd been captured!
  • Bernkastel: Third one. The corpses were different people in the first place. They were substitute corpses that closely resembled the victims. George and the others were hiding from the beginning, and later cleared up those substitute corpses. These corpses were dead from the very beginning, so they don't count towards the number of people on the island.
  • Bernkastel: Since you haven't used the red truth, there's a possibility that everyone misidentified all of the corpses. Though if you feel like repeating 'no one would misidentify a person', I'll withdraw that claim immediately, okay...?
  • Lambdadelta: I'm not falling for that! The red truth's only useful if you use it with flash, right? I'll take a single truth out of a large pile of blue and smash it with the red! Then, the rest of the blue truths will be swallowed up by darkness before you can find out whether they were right or wrong!

Chapter 11: Ten Wedges to Pierce Witches[]

Kinzo's Disappearance[]

Erika and the Ushiromiya household try to contact Kinzo, but do not get a response. After finding out that the only two keys that can open the study are inside it, they enter the study by climbing a ladder and breaking a window from the outside. Kinzo is nowhere to be found in it, and Erika decides to investigate.

After examining alibis, Erika enters the meta-world and faces off against Piece Beatrice, who tries to defend Natsuhi on the topic of Kinzo's disappearance.

The sealed study

  • Beatrice: You can't deny the possibility that Natsuhi met with Kinzo at 23:00. During the six hours or more before you pushed your way into the study, Kinzo had many chances to escape from it. Because of this, you can't state decisively that Kinzo doesn't exist.
  • Erika summons the Eiserne Jungfrau to assist her against Beatrice.
  • Gertrude: I say again, from last night at 23:00 until the present time, the study door was not opened even once.
  • Natsuhi: Wh-What is that scrap of paper?
  • Eva: It's a completely ordinary receipt. But even so, this mere scrap of paper proves that you lied.
  • Hideyoshi: Last night, when you came out of the study, Eva saw her chance and wedged a receipt into the crack of the study door...! And it fell down just now when Rudolf-kun opened the door for us...!!
  • Eva: In other words, from 23:00 last night until now, Father couldn't possibly have opened this door!!
  • Eva: Rudolf. The window was locked, right?
  • Rudolf: Yeah. That's why I smashed the glass.
  • Kyrie: The other windows are all locked as well. They're built so that you can't lock them from the outside...!
  • Cornelia: Know that the windows were all locked!

The possibility of a hidden door

  • Natsuhi: Th-This is the study of the Ushiromiya Family Head. And it is also a room that Father helped to design personally. ...Would it really be so strange if he had some way to get outside without using the door...?
  • Eva: A hidden door?! Heh, and where would that be...?!
  • Natsuhi: It's a hidden door, so I don't know. ...There are several devices and hidden doors in this mansion that only Father knows of. ...No one has seen them directly, but everyone in this mansion knows about them vaguely. Correct...?
  • The servants agree with Natsuhi
  • Beatrice: Proof is unnecessary!! It's a Devil's Proof. It's impossible to find a hidden door and therefore impossible to disprove that it exists!! Therefore, no one can deny the possibility that Kinzo escaped from this study through a hidden door!!
  • Dlanor: I will not allow a hidden door to exist in this ROOM.
  • Beatrice: Wh-Why can someone like you, who is neither the owner of the study nor the Game Master, ...use the red truth...?! And what was that?! What to you mean you 'will not allow' hidden doors to exist?!
  • Erika: It's because this is the mystery genre. Knox's 3rd. It is forbidden for hidden passages to exist.

Other methods of escape

  • Beatrice: It's possible that, after slipping out the door, Kinzo noticed the trick with the receipt and correctly returned it to its original place.
  • Dlanor: Denial of that with the red has already been FINISHED. After 23:00, the door to the study was not opened even ONCE.
  • Beatrice: Kinzo might have been a marvelous magician and an inventor, right?! He might have invented a drug that turns his body to mist and slipped out through the keyhole!!
  • Dlanor: No such drug EXISTS. It must not EXIST.
  • Beatrice: Or maybe he invented a teleport device, right?! That possibility is undeniable because of the Devil's Proof!!
  • Dlanor: Such a machine does not EXIST. I will not allow it to EXIST.
  • Beatrice: Oh, so you can examine every drug in the world? You can deny the existence of unknown scientific devices?! There's no way you can, it's a Devil's Proof! You cannot deny that they might exist!
  • Dlanor: I will REPEAT. By the name of God, I will not let such a drug or machine EXIST. I will not allow them to exist for all ETERNITY.
  • Erika: It's Knox's 4th. It is forbidden for unknown drugs or hard-to-understand scientific devices to be used.

On how Natsuhi may have spoken to Kinzo

  • Beatrice: Natsuhi claims to have 'talked with Kinzo in the study', but she never said that she spoke with him face to face. Therefore, if Kinzo was in a location other than the study, there is no contradiction as long as they held a conversation!
  • Beatrice Natsuhi used the internal phone line in this study to speak with Kinzo, who was in another place! There'd be nothing strange if Kinzo, who hates the relatives, predicted that they'd enter his study and left to go elsewhere. He might have gone to the hidden mansion, Kuwadorian!
  • Beatrice: There's a chance the Kinzo Natsuhi mentioned does not refer to the person himself! The Kinzo Natsuhi spoke of might have been another name for this room, right? Kinzo had taken refuge in Kuwadorian and was impossible to contact. Perhaps Natsuhi called this room 'Father', and by contemplating inside of it, she felt as though she had received some sort of revelation from Kinzo!!
  • Beatrice: Even if, as you say, this is a closed room and impossible to escape from, you can't deny the possibility that he is still hiding in this room. I'm not talking about a hidden door! He might be under the bed or above the ceiling! He might be hiding in a truly unobtrusive blind spot that only demons could know of, right?!
  • Beatrice: Or, it might be that Natsuhi, who was ordered to speak specially on Kinzo's behalf, considered herself both his representative and another Kinzo! In other words, it's possible that Natsuhi was also Kinzo!
  • Beatrice: I've got plenty more!! At 23:00 last night, Kinzo escaped out the window! Natsuhi watched him go, then locked the window!! This doesn't lead to any problems. In fact, it might be the most beautiful blue truth yet!
  • Back in the real world, Erika tricks Natsuhi into denying the specific theories made by Beatrice.
  • Gertrude: Let it be said that when Natsuhi refers to 'Kinzo', she means Ushiromiya Kinzo and nothing else
  • Cornelia: Natsuhi claims to have met face to face with Kinzo in the study at 23:00

Searching the room

  • Erika: As the detective, I've searched all of those places. If I didn't find him, just where could he be hiding?
  • Beatrice: Heheh, well then... Maybe he's under the bed?
  • Dlanor: A check of that place has been FINISHED.
  • Beatrice: Maybe he's in the bathtub?
  • Dlanor: A check of that place has been FINISHED.
  • Beatrice: Inside the closet! Under the desk! Behind the curtains!!
  • Dlanor: A check of that place has been FINISHED. Check FINISHED. Check FINISHED.
  • Beatrice: Behind the bookshelf, behind the closet, under the carpet, under the floor, above the ceiling, behind the wallpaper, inside the sofa, inside the chair, inside the bed, inside the blankets, inside the walls, inside a rock, inside a crag, inside the room!!
  • Dlanor: CheckFINISHED checkFINISHED checkFINISHED checkcheckcheck FINISHEDFINISHEDFINISHED checkcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck FINISHEDFINISHEDFINISHEDFINISHED FINISHEDFINISHEDFINISHEDFINISHED <Die the Death!><Sentence to Death!> <The Great Equalizer is Death!>

Battler's theory

  • Battler proposes a way for Kinzo to escape the room and acts out Kinzo's actions himself. He suggests that Kinzo pretended to fall asleep after hearing Natsuhi's report. Seeing him asleep, Natsuhi then did a thorough inspection of the study. Because of the room's elaborate layout, areas of the study would become blind spots for her, allowing Kinzo to walk about freely.
  • Gertrude: A noise rings out when the lock on the study door is released. Know that you cannot leave through the door without Natsuhi thinking something was odd.
  • Gertrude: Let it be said that Natsuhi did not hear the sound of the door opening while in the room.
  • Gertrude: Kinzo entering or exiting through the door will not be permitted.
  • Battler heads towards the window.
  • Cornelia: Know that my this window is sealed from the inside, and Natsuhi did not help Kinzo escape...!!
  • Battler: I'm not saying that Aunt Natsuhi helped Grandfather escape. ...But what if Grandfather snuck out, keeping it a secret from Aunt Natsuhi?!
  • Cornelia: Let us accept for the time being that Kinzo escaped through the window...! In that case, how did he lock a window which cannot be locked from the outside?! The window was locked from the inside!!
  • Battler: After Grandfather jumped out the window, Aunt Natsuhi probably noticed a slight draft. She then approached the window, realized that it was wide open, and quickly closed and locked it...!!
  • Kinzo: Natsuhi couldn't have imagined that I'd slip out the window!
  • Battler: Yeah!! So, it's only natural that Aunt Natsuhi thought Kinzo was sleeping in bed!!
  • Cornelia: Be that as it may, this is the third floor...! How could a wingless human escape from the window...?!!
  • Battler: This is the answeeeeeer, aaaaaaaahhhhh!!
  • Battler jumps out of the third story window

Foreshadowing for the solution

  • Dlanor: Was it shown beforehand that a blind spot existed within the study for Natsuhi? If it wasn't shown, this theory will not be permitted. Knox's 8th. It is forbidden for the case to be resolved with clues that are not PRESENTED...!!
  • Battler: When we entered the study, its structure was clearly described.
  • Battler: 'It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Kinzo's study was a small villa he had created inside the mansion'
  • Battler: 'A study. A library. A place to sleep. And a bathroom and washroom. It was divided into multiple rooms.'
  • Battler: Ushiromiya Kinzo escaped from the study through the window when Aunt Natsuhi couldn't see him. Aunt Natsuhi didn't notice and locked the window. In this way, Aunt Natsuhi saw Grandfather go to bed, yet Grandfather was able to escape from the study without contradicting the lock of the window or the door sealed by the receipt. I have just demonstrated that it was physically possible for him to escape. Therefore, this battle is over!!

Chapter 12: Reasoning and Inspection[]

The Voyager Witches' Scheme[]

  • Dlanor: Battler, ...I APOLOGIZE. We did not give it everything we HAD.
  • Virgilia: I know. 'Kinzo is dead at the starting time for all games'. Beato has already spoken that truth. In that battle, Battler-kun could only have achieved a draw at best. He most certainly had no chance at all of winning.
  • Battler: You're right. ...If you just say that, the whole fight's already over. ...Why didn't you use that red?
  • Dlanor: Knox's 2nd. It is forbidden for supernatural agencies to be employed as a detective TECHNIQUE. We cannot use that red truth DIRECTLY. However, I gave Cornelia, who was protecting the window, the red truth that 'the window was never opened after it started RAINING'.
  • Dlanor: I don't UNDERSTAND. All of a sudden, in that instant, use of that trump card became FORBIDDEN. Once we lost that, your victory was GUARANTEED.
  • Virgilia: The Game Master, Lady Lambdadelta, probably interfered.
  • Dlanor: 'Kinzo doesn't exist' should already be an established FACT. Lady Lambdadelta and Lady Bernkastel should know this WELL. And yet, they are both leaving room for Kinzo to exist as they continue in this GAME. ...It's almost as though the two are conspiring to prevent Kinzo's existence from being DENIED.
  • Dlanor: I can't help but think that they have some sort of wicked GOAL.

The Letter and the Knock[]

After the announcement of the gold's discovery the previous night, a meeting was held in the dining room over the headship. The dining room group heard a knock on the door slightly before the clock struck midnight. As Kanon opened the door from the inside, he found an envelope with the One Winged Eagle crest.

The positions of the 18

  • Gertrude: Before the family conference, Erika, George, Jessica, Maria, Nanjo, Gohda, and Kumasawa left the mansion and moved to the guesthouse.
  • Cornelia: Of those who remain, only Krauss, Natsuhi, and Genji were in the second floor corridor, while all others were in the dining hall.
  • Dlanor: Because the family conference was proceeding and the mansion was completely locked, all other humans were unable to enter the MANSION.
  • Erika: That'd mean there was no one inside the mansion who could've knocked and placed the letter there, right?
  • Erika: There's no guarantee that the letter was placed there at exactly 24:00. It's only sensible to consider that it might've been placed there earlier.
  • Dlanor: Just a few minutes before the letter was discovered, Shannon and Kanon came in to serve TEA. When they entered, multiple witnesses confirmed that there was nothing suspicious like a letter in the hallway.
  • Erika: Maybe one of those not in the parlor: Krauss, Natsuhi or Genji, simply saw their chance right after that and placed the letter there. No wait, it should be possible for the people who supposedly went to the guesthouse too.
  • Erika: We've heard that the mansion was locked and that no one outside could get in, but if someone pretended to have gone to the guesthouse and instead hid inside the mansion, it's perfectly possible that they could've placed the letter there.

Creating the sound of a knock

  • Dlanor: In that case, the problem is the `KNOCK'. Unlike the letter, someone would have to exist there at the instant of the KNOCK.
  • Erika: First off, we can doubt whether the knock was even something hitting the door to the dining hall at all. For example, there may be a certain pillar on the second floor which, because of how the mansion is constructed, makes a noise when struck which is transmitted down the pillar and which sounds just like a knock on the door to people in the dining hall.
  • Erika: Or they could have misheard some random sound to be a knock and all misconstrued it in the same way. Or the recorded sound of a knock could have been stealthily replayed from a tape, which might have been carefully set up to go off at exactly that time.

Regarding the letter

  • Lambdadelta: I guess I'll start with the letter. We have both the knock made when the bell of the large clock rang out 24:00... And the letter sitting there in an envelope bearing the One-Winged Eagle crest when the door was opened. It's so obvious to suspect that the people who weren't in the parlor secretly placed the letter there, right? Krauss, Natsuhi and Genji did not even touch that letter!
  • Bernkastel: Then...when Shannon and Kanon came in to serve tea, who was the last Human to enter the dining hall...? Let's say it was Kanon. Wouldn't it be easy if Kanon, the last person in, secretly dropped the letter there when he closed the door?
  • Lambdadelta: Not a single person in the dining hall...no, there's a simpler way to say it. Among all those inside the mansion at 24:00, not a single person placed that letter in the corridor.
  • Bernkastel: So, you can't say that no one touched it?
  • Lambdadelta: Obviously. They 'touched it when they picked it up'. Of course I couldn't say that none of them touched it.
  • Bernkastel: Then let's interpret it this way: Someone who existed outside of the mansion at 24:00 placed a letter somewhere other than the hallway beforehand. Then, it was moved by some means and ended up 'placed in the hallway'.
  • Erika: Just as an example, let's say it was stuck to the bottom of the serving cart the servants were pushing. It was simply glued there in a way that would make it come unstuck after a certain amount of time. When it eventually fell off, it became `the letter left behind by a witch' who shouldn't have existed. In other words, this is a classic trick where the true sender gives themselves an alibi by making the letter appear at a different time.
  • Dlanor: Well DONE. If the letter was stuck to the bottom of the serving cart, then anyone could be the CULPRIT.

Regarding the knock

  • Lambdadelta: Neither Krauss nor Natsuhi nor Genji knocked! This isn't the limited meaning of them knocking on the door, okay? It means they didn't use a pillar to transmit the sound or push the play button on a cassette tape they'd recorded or create that knock sound by any means! Of course, this applies to direct, indirect, intentional, coincidental, and unintentional means!
  • Bernkastel: Maybe someone other than Krauss, Natsuhi, or Genji made that knock, or else a sound that could be misidentified as a knock.
  • Cornelia: Let it be known that at 24:00, excepting Krauss, Natsuhi, and Genji in the second floor corridor and all of the people in the dining hall, no Humans existed inside the mansion.
  • Gertrude: Let it be known that in addition to Krauss, Natsuhi, and Genji, none of those in the dining hall knocked on that door. In this sense, 'knock' includes all direct, indirect, intentional, unintentional, and coincidental events that could create a knocking sound.
  • Narration: A direct knock refers to someone literally hitting a door to make a knocking sound. An intentional knock refers to someone creating a fake knocking sound to try and make it appear that someone knocked. An unintentional knock refers to someone unintentionally creating a fake knocking sound. A coincidental knock refers to some kind of coincidence creating a fake knocking sound.
  • Dlanor: In short, this means it was impossible for any character within the mansion to be the source of a knocking SOUND. ...And 'any character' refers even to unobserved people that no one has noticed.
  • Erika: I see. No matter how much I toy with it, it's impossible for anyone except those in the guesthouse group to create the knocking sound, right? (...) What if I, Furudo Erika, recorded a knocking sound on a cassette tape...and used some kind of secret contraption to start it playing at exactly 24:00? Of course, I wasn't in the mansion at 24:00.

Back to the letter

  • The narration notes that the knock only held meaning because it was paired with the letter, and Erika's serving cart theory relied on chance for the letter to drop where it did.
  • Narration: However, it was announced in red that no one in the mansion placed the letter in the hallway.
  • Lambdadelta: No one in the mansion placed the letter in the hallway. This includes doing so by all concepts, such as directly, indirectly, intentionally, coincidentally, and unintentionally.
  • Lambdadelta: For example, let's assume there was a device on the serving cart that 'drops the letter when it stops moving'. In this case, you'd think they could predict that the cart would probably stop just once when those two knocked on the door to the dining hall, and by doing so, they'd be cleverly making it so the letter drops right in front of the door. But even this doesn't work, okay? The action of 'stopping the serving cart' would indirectly lead to 'placing the letter in the hallway'. That would mean Shannon and Kanon, who were pushing the cart, had `indirectly and unintentionally' placed the letter there! So even this is no good! Furthermore, setting it up so that the letter peeled off with the passage of time...would mean that the people pushing the serving cart had `coincidentally and unintentionally' placed the letter there. Of course, this is also no good!!
  • Bernkastel (repetition request): 'At 24:00, only Erika, George, Jessica, Maria, Nanjo, Gohda, and Kumasawa existed outside the mansion'
  • Narration: What if someone in the dining hall 'didn't exist in the mansion' right at 24:00? For example, what if they'd slipped out a window just before...
  • Lambdadelta: At 24:00, only Erika, George, Jessica, Maria, Nanjo, Gohda, and Kumasawa existed outside the mansion.
  • Erika: In that case, the letter might've been stuck to the ceiling of the hallway instead of the serving cart. The ceiling of the hallway is surprisingly high, so even if you just stuck it there out in the open, maybe no one would notice it. This way, it would certainly fall in the corridor. And you can slip by the red if someone outside the mansion did this!
  • Gertrude: The letter never existed on the ceiling of the hallway.
  • Cornelia: Know that the letter never touched the serving cart.
  • Erika: Wh-Who cares about that?! Anyway, some Human outside the mansion used some kind of trick to place the letter there!
  • Gertrude: It was impossible for anyone outside the mansion to influence anything inside the mansion after the family conference began.
  • Erika: Then someone outside the mansion set up some kind of device before the family conference. Something other than the ceiling or the serving cart!
  • Gertrude: Unless you can specify or theorize as to what that something might be, your blue truth will not be acknowledged.
  • Gertrude: All of Lady Erika's blue truths regarding the letter have been lost.

Back to the knock

  • Erika: I've hit you with the blue stake that 'someone outside the mansion set things up with a cassette tape or something to make a knock sound play'...!
  • Lambdadelta: None of the characters misidentified a knocking sound.
  • Lambdadelta: Misidentifying a knocking sound means this: they would not mistake a sound very similar to a knocking sound for a real knocking sound. Hitting a pillar to make something similar to a knocking sound is no good. When you record a knocking sound on a cassette tape and play it back, it becomes 'the sound of the tape with a knocking sound on it', and not a knocking sound. So that's no good either! In other words, every one of them would correctly recognize a knocking sound of something truly hitting the door, and they definitely wouldn't mishear it. It's totally impossible that any sounds except hitting that door directly would be misinterpreted as a knock!!
  • Erika: But that means...at the time the bell sounding 24:00 went off, no one existed who could have hit the door...
  • Bernkastel: So in other words, there's no way to make it work unless you actually hit the door. So what about this? There was some kind of device that could knock on the door. There was something like an automatic door knocker, and that made it possible to knock without touching the door with your hands.
  • Lambdadelta: 'To knock' means someone hitting a door with their hand, right? I won't accept hitting it with some device, eheheheheheheheheheheh!! They heard a knock at the same time as the 24:00 bell. At that time, everyone inside the dining hall definitely heard it. And none of them misinterpreted a knocking sound. Krauss, Natsuhi, and Genji were not involved with the making of a knocking sound. No one else existed inside the mansion. And 'knock' refers to the action of standing directly in front of a door and hitting it with a hand.
  • Erika is unable to come up with a counterargument.

Battler's Escape From Kinzo's Study[]

At dinner, Erika is unable to accept that Battler really jumped out the study window. She gives another theory as to how he escaped.

  • Erika: There's no way you jumped down from the third floor study...! Not one of us saw you fall down and land in the courtyard...!!
  • Battler: ...
  • Erika: When you set up the ladder from the courtyard and saw Rudolf-san go up it to the third story window, you closely observed the construction of the outer wall...and realized that by cleverly using a rain gutter, it might be possible to go down to the courtyard from the third floor window...! You didn't jump down! You used a rain gutter or something and clumsily wriggled down the outer wall!! What do you think of my blue truth?!! Come on, what's your counterargument?!
  • Battler: My counterargument?
  • Erika: You don't have a counterargument? Then my truth is valid, right?!!
  • Erika: Hey, did you see that?! Trying to look cool and making it look like you jumped down was all an illusion! You just jumped out and latched onto a rain gutter...!!
  • Battler: My argument then was about whether it was possible for Grandfather to escape from the study, right...? And it was possible for Grandfather to escape through the window. All I did was prove that. ...Whether I jumped down or crawled down, that doesn't change anything, does it?
  • The narration confirms that Battler did indeed climb down the rain gutter, and everyone else by now had figured out that something like this had happened. They never believed that he had really jumped out in the first place.

Chapter 13: Closet[]

First Twilight[]

Piece-Beatrice and her group are in a location they call "the underside of the chessboard", and there observe the corpses of the first twilight victims that had been carried there.

  • Virgilia: I see. So, anyone looking at George, Jessica, Maria, Rosa, or Genji's corpses could confirm at a glance that they are dead.
  • Beatrice: That's right, at a glance, anyone could confirm that these corpses are dead, so it's absolutely impossible that they are just playing dead.

The Playing Card[]

Natsuhi is ordered by the Man From 19 Years Ago to hide in a closet and wait. On the night before, the man had asked for her favorite season. He then showed both that he knew the right answer and that he was nearby by directing her to pick up a playing card with the season written on it under the clock in her room.

  • Natsuhi's narration: It's true that I like autumn, but I've never said it out loud. I don't think anyone's ever heard me say it. ...If I asked even my husband what my favorite season is, he would probably be stumped for an answer.
  • Natsuhi's narration: .........N-No. Just once, I told it to a single person......That's right.........Shannon... (...) ...So, the culprit, or one of their accomplices, has to be Shannon...!
  • Natsuhi: I never told anyone except Shannon that I like Fall.

Chapter 14: The Great Court of Illusions[]

After Erika gathers all the relatives and servants in the parlor in the real world, the clock is accelerated to 24:00, and a trial is held in a cathedral in the meta-world. The prosecution is represented by Erika, who accuses Natsuhi of being the culprit, while the defendant Natsuhi is represented by Piece Beatrice. The trial is presided over by the voyager witches and observed by meta-world Battler, the pieces, and the other fantasy characters. Erika aims to make Natsuhi the culprit by elimination by providing alibis for everyone else during the only possible time period for the crime.

First Twilight[]

See the description in Chapter 10: Morning of Tragedy.

Kumasawa and Gohda's alibis

  • Beatrice: Both Kumasawa, who was sleeping alone in the waiting room, and Gohda, who was alone in the servant room, are in the exact same situation as Natsuhi in her room. Both of them have lost their alibis.
  • Erika: First off, following dinner, Kumasawa-san left the mansion with me and the others and went to the guesthouse, entered the waiting room, and slept until morning. It's the same for Gohda-san. Once he finished with his job, he chatted with us in the lounge and went to sleep afterwards. Neither of them had the opportunity to commit murder.
  • Beatrice: Gohda and Kumasawa have no alibis. The two of them were in the guesthouse and could have reached the cousin room to commit murder at any time. Unless you can deny that possibility, you cannot treat Natsuhi as the culprit.
  • Erika explains the door frame seals she planned with Eva.
  • Erika: After I watched Kumasawa-san, who returned to the guesthouse with me, say goodnight and enter the waiting room, I used this to seal the door. Then, in the morning, when the crime was discovered and caused a big uproar, I immediately went to check Kumasawa-san's waiting room, where I confirmed that the seal was still set. Therefore, I can prove Kumasawa-san's alibi!
  • Bernkastel: In other words, after Kumasawa returned to the guesthouse, she never went to the second floor until morning.
  • Erika: Gohda-san holed up in the servant room right after reaching the guesthouse. I sealed him up in the same way. Then, when Rosa-san returned at 1:00 AM, I happened to notice her when I stepped out into the corridor. I let Gohda-san, who was still in the servant room, know this.
  • Erika: At that moment, the seal was still in place, so from the time we arrived at the guesthouse until 1:00 AM, Gohda-san never left the servant room. And afterwards, he was with me in the lounge until 3:00 AM. And after 3:00 AM, I was on the second floor, so I can guarantee that Gohda-san didn't come up to the second floor.
  • Bernkastel: In other words, after Gohda returned to the guesthouse, he never went up to the second floor until morning.

Possibility of the crime occurring before 24:00

  • Erika: George-san, Jessica-san, and Maria-san were playing cards in the cousin room. I actually joined them for a just little bit, and I clearly witnessed that they were alive at that time.
  • Bernkastel: At 24:00 in the guesthouse, George, Jessica, and Maria were alive and in the second floor cousin room. Nanjo, Gohda, and Kumasawa were on the first floor.
  • Bernkastel: And, since there's no need to hold off on it anymore, I'll confirm that all the victims so far are dead. George, Jessica, Maria, Rosa, and Genji really are dead. How could they be playing dead with their necks sliced open like that?
  • Bern: To go even further, at 24:00, Natsuhi, Krauss, and Genji were in a corridor on the second floor of the mansion. All the remaining people were at the family conference in the dining hall. Of course, at that point in time, no murder had occurred. Genji was also alive.

Nanjo's alibi

  • Erika: It was the period between 1:00 and 3:00. Doctor Nanjo, Gohda-san, and I were relaxing in the lounge.
  • Bernkastel: From 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM, Erika, Nanjo, and Gohda spent their time in the lounge on the first floor of the guesthouse.
  • Beatrice: Even so, he shouldn't have an alibi for the time period before and after you were in the lounge! It was possible for Nanjo to commit the crime too!
  • Erika: I played cards with the cousins in their room until 24:00, and then went downstairs to the lounge, where I met Doctor Nanjo.
  • Erika and Nanjo tell the court that they then moved to the library to discuss mystery novels. Erika had to borrow a key from Gohda in the servant room, but checked and resealed the room while doing this. They stayed in the library until 1:00 AM, when they then moved to the lounge.
  • Bernkastel: After 24:00, Erika was with Nanjo the whole time until 3:00 AM.
  • Erika: After that, we walked out of the library and into the hallway at 1:00 AM. When we did, we just happened to bump into Rosa-san as she returned.
  • Erika: At 3:00 AM, Battler-san returned and the people in the lounge went their separate ways. Doctor Nanjo, Battler-san and I went up to the second floor. I then said good night to Doctor Nanjo. At this time, of course, I put a seal on the door to the doctor's room as well. And it went unchanged until the crime was discovered. I flew out of my room at the same time as Battler-san's scream and checked to see that the door to Doctor Nanjo's room was still sealed.
  • Bernkastel: Both your seal and your red truth are perfect. Nanjo had the alibi of being with Erika until 3:00 AM. And he didn't leave his room after 3:00 AM until morning.

Battler's alibi

  • Beatrice: After Battler returned at 3:00 AM, you went up to the second floor with him. And I believe you also went to your own room and slept. You may have gone to the cousin room at 24:00, but I don't think you went there after 3:00 AM. (...) Well, if you say you were looking at Battler's sleeping face all night long to confirm his alibi in the cousin room, then I'd accept it, riiight?
  • Erika: Yes. I listened to him breathing in his sleep all night long.
  • Erika: My room was right next to the cousin room. There was only a single thin wall between them.
  • Erika: My ears are perfect. Right after Battler-san entered the room, I put my ear against the wall and checked to make sure nothing strange happened.
  • Erika: I put my ear against the wall and listened in on that room until morning, without sleeping a wink.
  • Bernkastel: Erika has a photographic memory. And her hearing ability is on par with a tape recorder. ...It would have been impossible for him to deceive Erika's ears, either to kill George and the others or make those wounds on their throats.
  • Lambdadelta: Ushiromiya Battler returned to the cousin room at 3:00 AM and fell asleep. After that, until the discovery of the crime, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happened in the room!
  • Bernkastel: In other words, it was impossible for Battler to commit murder or damage the corpses.

Reaching the second floor

  • Erika: As I have already said, and as my master has even proclaimed with the red truth, I was in the lounge on the first floor of the guesthouse. And to reach the second floor, one must pass through the lounge. In other words, it was impossible to reach the second floor without me seeing it.
  • Beatrice: And what if that wasn't impossible? For example, what if someone placed a ladder against the outer wall of the guesthouse and snuck in through the second story window?! There must be a way to reach the second floor without passing through the lounge! This way, it was possible to reach the crime scene without you seeing it...!
  • Erika: First off, because of how the guesthouse is constructed, it's impossible to reach the second floor without me seeing it from the lounge. There are no places under cover, nor are there any physical or mental blind spots.
  • Bernkastel: It is impossible for someone to reach the second floor of the guesthouse without anyone in the lounge noticing it. ...Though of course, this only refers to reaching the second floor from inside the building.
  • Erika: Because of how the guesthouse is constructed, the windows are the only method of entry from the outside to the second floor.
  • Erika: After I witnessed the location of the hidden gold, I returned to the guesthouse and immediately began severing all methods of entry to the second floor of the guesthouse that didn't pass through the lounge.
  • The others realize that Erika sealed the windows with the same seals she used on the doorframes.
  • Bernkastel: Furthermore, at the time the crime was discovered, Erika confirmed that none of those seals had been broken. That's why Erika wasn't the first one to reach the cousin room when the corpses were found.
  • Lambdadelta: Erika, your seal is perfect. I'll acknowledge it in red. It was impossible to reach the second floor of the guesthouse without passing through the lounge, and impossible to reach it at all without Erika, who was in the lounge, knowing about it!
  • Erika: Therefore, the time of the crime is limited to the single hour between 24:00, when they were confirmed to be alive, and 1:00 AM, when our party in the lounge started!
  • Erika: I've already said it, but at 24:00, I went down to the lounge, hit it off with Doctor Nanjo, and was engrossed by a discussion of the mystery genre in the library until 1:00 AM. ...It's a bit embarrassing, but I grew so wrapped up in that discussion...that I wouldn't have noticed if anyone had passed through the corridor during that period.

Alibis of the people in the mansion

  • Erika: Let's start with 24:00. At this time, Natsuhi, Krauss, and Genji are in the second floor corridor, and all of the others are in the first floor dining hall. This has already been shown by my master's red!
  • Bernkastel: At 24:00, Natsuhi, Krauss, and Genji were in the corridor on the second floor of the mansion. The rest of them were in the dining hall on the first floor. And as you know, there was a mysterious knock, and a letter with the One Wing seal on it appeared. The discussion surrounding that continued on until 1:00. (...) Of all the people in the dining hall, not one of them left the dining hall until 1:00 AM...!
  • Beatrice: Did someone prove it by using one of your favorite seals on the dining hall door?! You have no convincing evidence or proof...!!
  • Bernkastel: The red truth is simply truth, and there is no need to provide evidence, proof, or room for a counterargument!!

Genji's alibi

  • Erika: Let's do Genji next. He's a victim, but you can't deny the possibility that he committed the crime in the cousin room and was then killed himself. And furthermore, though he was in the second floor corridor at 24:00, he then returned to the servant room to transfer the phone call for Natsuhi and was completely isolated.
  • Beatrice: Which means that it was possible for Genji to commit the crime-
  • Bernkastel: When Genji finished transferring the call, he immediately returned to the waiting room. That's just a cold, hard truth, without any evidence, proof, seals, or alibis, got it?
  • Eva: During the break at 1:00 AM, I went to Genji-san's waiting room and used the same seal as Erika-chan...! In other words, if that wasn't broken, it would mean no one entered or left that room between 1:00 AM and the next morning...!!
  • Erika gets Kumasawa and Kanon to confirm that they broke the seal when they checked the servant room for Genji in the morning.
  • Bernkastel: At 1:00 AM, Eva sealed Genji's waiting room, and that seal was broken by Kanon and Kumasawa in the morning when the crime was discovered.
  • Bernkastel: During the short break at 1:00 AM, the first two to leave the dining hall were Rosa and Eva. Until Eva returned, everyone in the dining hall remained there. After seeing Rosa off, Eva went to the waiting room and sealed it. Of course, she did not enter the room at all at this time.
  • Erika vaguely describes a scientific investigation using the chemical from Kinzo's study.
  • Narration: It had already been made clear in red that, after transferring the phone call to Natsuhi, Genji had gone straight back to the waiting room. And because of Erika's scientific investigation, further red had been added, saying Genji never left the mansion after 24:00... Because of this, it's been made clear that Genji couldn't have reached the guesthouse, much less the cousins' room...

Natsuhi's innocence

  • Battler: If no one will believe, ...then I will...! I (...) No matter how much she tries to make us believe that Aunt Natsuhi is the culprit, I believe she isn't! I won't abandon that belief!!
  • Virgilia: By the name of the Finite Witch Virgilia. No, as the former witch Beatrice, I will grant you this red truth. Ushiromiya Natsuhi is not the culprit!

Krauss' death

  • Bernkastel: A plea bargain. ...If you acknowledge that Krauss is the culprit, Erika will suspend her pursuit of Natsuhi. From then on, the investigation will proceed assuming that Krauss, whose location is unknown, is the culprit.
  • Natsuhi rejects the suggestion to place the blame on her husband. Beatrice refuses too.
  • Bern: Ushiromiya Krauss is not the culprit. And he was killed long ago, shortly after you heard his voice over the phone, get it?

The illusion of Kinzo

  • Bernkastel: When they try and bluff like you do, it's such a killjoy. In that case, I guess I'll send you one final gift. A red truth to smash that bluff wide open.
  • Bernkastel: Natsuhi, when did Kinzo ever say it was okay for you to engrave the One-Winged Eagle into your heart? Those were just the words of the Kinzo from your delusions, weren't they? ...You know, the real Kinzo... Not once in his entire life did he ever trust you from the bottom of his heart, and not once did he ever consider letting you bear the family crest!
  • Kinzo: Natsuhi!! You need not listen to this!! No one can defile the crest engraved in your heart!! That is yours alone!! Don't let your pride as the final Family Head be forgotten forever! Natsuhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!
  • Bernkastel: Just shut up and disappear. You miserable delusion of Natsuhi's.
  • Bernkastel: That's enough, you lying illusion. The real Kinzo wouldn't say that. Disappear. You, the illusion of Kinzo inside Natsuhi's mind, beautified by Natsuhi to suit her own purposes.
  • Bernkastel: Pitiful woman. You will now face the truth...that you never gained Ushiromiya Kinzo's trust as long as he lived.

The seals

  • Battler: Can't we doubt the reliability of these seals of Erika's? Something like wedging some paper in a door can't create a perfect alibi. It might be that someone noticed by chance and happened to put it back in the same place...!!
  • Erika: This is packing tape. And its adhesive power is extremely strong. ...I used scissors to make it easier to tear. Furthermore, I wrote my signature, which cannot be reproduced, in three places" across the tear point, across the edge between the door and the tape, and across the edge between the tape and the doorframe. Therefore, it's impossible to tear it off without leaving a mark, and it's impossible to reattach too...!
  • Dlanor: Due to the above, the seals are guaranteed to be PERFECT. <Miss> Erika's seals were not broken by anyone, and deception is IMPOSSIBLE!!
  • Battler: I'll acknowledge Erika's seals...! However, Aunt Eva's seal on Genji-san's room should be different!!
  • Dlanor: Eva's seal was of the same type as <Miss> Erika's. That is because this method of sealing was one that <Miss> Erika and Eva conceived of together after DINNER.
  • Battler: Erika said something about a scientific investigation and fished through the chemicals in Grandfather's room, right?! There might have been some kind of solvent in there!! If you used that, you might be able to tear off the packing tape without leaving fingernail marks!!
  • Gertrude: It is impossible to tear off any of the seals by any method without leaving marks.
  • Cornelia: There were no suspicious marks on any of the seals...!
  • Bernkastel: All of Erika and Eva's seals were not tampered with in any way that hindered their ability to act as seals, such as being scraped off.

Erika's abilities as detective

  • Battler: Let's assume that there exists some method X that can lead someone to the second floor of the guesthouse without passing through the lounge! Erika claims that the windows and such were sealed, but she can't prove that she sealed all possible means of entry! There's a possibility that Erika was unable to seal entrance X because she couldn't find it!
  • Dlanor: Knox's 3rd. It is forbidden for hidden passages to EXIST! As the detective, <Miss> Erika sealed all ENTRANCES. Passages that the detective cannot find are hidden PASSAGES. Therefore, there are no entrances that <Miss> Erika cannot find!!
  • Battler: I present the possibility that Erika's lookout in the lounge wasn't perfect!! During the two hours Erika spent there, she really observed everything without looking away for a second?! It might be possible for someone to have passed through the lounge during a small gap without at least Erika seeing them!!
  • Gertrude: Lady Erika's lookout in the lounge was perfect. There were no small gaps or carelessness or times when she looked away for even a second.
  • Cornelia: Therefore, during their entire meeting in the lounge, only Rosa went up to the second floor!
  • Battler: But was that really Aunt Rosa herself?! There's a possibility that someone disguised themselves as Aunt Rosa!! Or maybe she was actually holding a large suitcase with someone hiding inside it!
  • Dlanor: Knox's 10th, it is forbidden for a character to disguise themselves as another without any CLUES! There have been no hints suggesting that someone had disguised themselves as Rosa! Furthermore, Erika has confirmed that she wasn't carrying any luggage large enough to hide a human IN!

The culprit and the method

  • Battler: Aunt Natsuhi was being threatened by someone!! The uninvited, unknown guest X is the true culprit!! How can you be sure that we are the only ones on this island?! The true culprit is someone else!
  • Dlanor: Knox's 1st. It is forbidden for the culprit to be anyone not mentioned in the early part of the STORY!
  • Battler: Maybe they were killed with poison in a remote murder!! Umm, with a strange drug that can make a cut appear in someone's neck when they die...!! That type of murder has a delayed effect, so even with an alibi-
  • Dlanor: Knox's 4th. It is forbidden for unknown drugs or hard-to-understand scientific devices to be USED!!
  • Battler: There's a chance that there existed a murder device X in the cousins' room and Genji-san's waiting room that made a remote murder possible...!! It had some secret mechanism that still hasn't been discovered, and-
  • Dlanor: Knox's 8th. It is forbidden for the case to be resolved with clues that are not PRESENTED!!
  • Battler: Anyway, there exists a culprit other than Aunt Natsuhi!! If you want to deny that, try and repeat in red that 'none of the characters shown were the culprit'!!
  • Dlanor: Knox's 6th. It is forbidden for accident or intuition to be employed as a detective TECHNIQUE!!
  • Battler: You say that everyone except Aunt Natsuhi has an alibi?! You're forgetting one person!! Who's gonna prove that Erika herself has an alibi?!!
  • Dlanor: Knox's 7th. It is forbidden for the detective to be the CULPRIT!!
  • Battler: Unless she's caught red-handed, you should never be able to deny the possibility that Aunt Natsuhi is innocent!! Can you even deny future possibilities, like if a piece of evidence X that Erika hasn't discovered proves Natsuhi's innocence?!
  • Dlanor: Knox's 8th. It is forbidden for the case to be resolved with clues that are not PRESENTED!!
  • Battler: Th-This tale is filled with malicious lies! The tale itself has become a trap to capture Natsuhi! The tale should be constructed only from impartial truths!!
  • Dlanor: Knox's 9th. It is permitted for observers to let their own conclusions and explanations be heard!
  • Battler: I was the culprit, so maybe I gave George-aniki and the others a slow-acting poison to make them die after 24:00, then silently slit their throats when I returned at 3:00 AM!! I could have done it so quietly that Erika wouldn't hear...!!
  • Dlanor: Knox's 8th. It is forbidden for the case to be resolved with clues that are not PRESENTED!!
  • Battler: Everyone committed suicide...!! So there is no culprit!!
  • Gertrude: All victims' deaths were homicides.

Doubting the corpses

  • Battler: Erika didn't personally examine the corpses, right?! It should be possible for people who aren't the detective to make a mistake when examining corpses!!
  • Cornelia: Know that no examination of the corpses could have been mistaken.
  • Battler: Then maybe there were body double corpses!! They prepared corpses beforehand that closely resembled the victims...!!
  • Gertrude: Know that no corpses exist except those of characters who have appeared in the story.
  • Battler: Th-Then how can you claim that Uncle Krauss is dead without his corpse?!! Doesn't that violate Knox's somethingth or whatever?!!
  • Cornelia: Know that the red truth is simply truth, and there is no need to provide evidence or proof.

Battler's last stand

  • Battler: Ushiromiya Natsuhi is not the culprit!!!
  • Dlanor: Knox's 2nd. It is forbidden for supernatural agencies to be employed as a detective technique.
  • Lambdadelta: In this court, if anyone other than witches is going to speak the red truth, they'll have to construct an appropriate proof for it. Erika has been following this procedure, right...?
  • Bernkastel: Your red truth isn't something you obtained for yourself. ...It's a supernatural truth given by a paranormal being. In other words, it isn't reasoning. It's no better than a random thought...
  • Narration: I-In that case, ...if I have Virgilia... ...say the same red truth... Where is... Virgilia......?
  • Dlanor: If you are to present that red truth, you must construct an appropriate ARGUMENT. Can you do THAT...?
  • Battler is unable to do so.

Natsuhi's Motive[]

Having proven that Natsuhi is the only person who could have killed the victims during the timeframe from 24:00 to 1:00, Erika then laid out a possible motive for Natsuhi. She proposed that Natsuhi harbored resentment to the Ushiromiya family over an unhappy marriage, citing the frustration she expressed during the early parts of it in her diary.

Erika also brought up the fact that it was possible for Kinzo to commit the crime too, but Natsuhi refused to place the blame on him. She then proceeded to elaborate on her theory where Kinzo is an accomplice for Natsuhi.

Kinzo's location

  • Lambdadelta: The red truth from the previous games says that Kinzo is already dead.
  • Bernkastel: Natsuhi, you say Kinzo is certainly alive, but you don't know where he is, correct?
  • Natsuhi: Yes, that's right...! Father left through the window and his location is unknown...!
  • Bernkastel: From 24:00 until morning, Kinzo stayed in the same room.
  • Bernkastel: From now on, I'll use the word Kinzo to refer to 'the living Kinzo'. After all, Natsuhi claims that he's alive.
  • Bernkastel: Kinzo does not exist anywhere outside the mansion.
  • Erika: I searched for Kinzo all over the premises outside the mansion...! However, I was unable to find him...!
  • Narration: Because of the detective's authority, Erika could 'find all clues'. Therefore, if Erika was unable to find 'a hint that Kinzo existed outside the mansion', it was the same as proving that Kinzo didn't exist outside the mansion.
  • Bernkastel: Kinzo does not exist outside the mansion.
  • Bernkastel coerces Natsuhi to give a location, offering her chances to surrender as Erika proceeds to check the mansion through in the real world,
  • Bernkastel: Kinzo is nowhere outside the mansion. Kinzo isn't on the third floor. Kinzo isn't in the basement. Kinzo isn't on the first floor. Therefore, the only place Kinzo could possibly exist is the second floor.
  • Bernkastel: Kinzo does not exist anywhere outside Natsuhi's room!
  • Erika: I have not only been searching for Kinzo-san himself all this time. I have been looking for signs that Kinzo-san hid somewhere between 24:00 and the morning. And no such signs have existed.
  • Lambdadelta: During the night, between 24:00 and morning, a living Kinzo could not have existed anywhere outside Natsuhi's room!!
  • Bernkastel: During the night, between 24:00 and morning, there exists no place for a living Kinzo to exist except inside your bed.
  • Erika: Last night, around the time the gold was discovered, so probably at about 23:00, Kinzo-san escaped from the window on the third floor and snuck into the bed in your room. ...And, as an even more unfortunate result from my investigation, it has been proven that you were also sleeping in that bed.
  • Bernkastel: From 24:00 until morning, a living Kinzo could only have existed inside Natsuhi's bed. And last night, Natsuhi also slept in that same bed.
  • Lambda: "Wow, look how close they were. So, you two were so close to each other, you slept sharing the same pillow?"
  • Bernkastel: Therefore, it is suspected that Ushiromiya Natsuhi and Ushiromiya Kinzo had sexual relations with each other. Why else would a man and a woman share the same bed all night long?
  • Erika: In order to take revenge against the Ushiromiya family, you first schemed to take control of everything the family owned. For that reason, you used your body as a weapon and ensnared Kinzo-san.
  • Erika: I understand why you want to deny it, ......but testimony from several witnesses has already made it clear that you've had repeated secret meetings with Kinzo-san. After all, last night, you went to 'say goodnight' to Kinzo-san...with just the two of you alone in his study, right? And beyond that, I've collected multiple bits of testimony regarding clear traces of sexual intercourse.

Natsuhi's honor

  • Natsuhi: This is my final challenge...in protecting the honor of the Ushiromiya family, which Father entrusted me with...!! My husband's business will definitely...definitely succeed!! Until we can use that to repay our debts, I cannot hand over the inheritance of the Ushiromiya family!!
  • Natsuhi: I will protect Father and my husband's honor!! That is... my mission!!!
  • Lambdadelta: ...Wanting to protect the honor of the dead is an admirable trait.
  • Bernkastel: He's not one of the dead. We're talking about the honor of a convenient delusion inside Natsuhi's head. ...The real Kinzo never once ordered Natsuhi to protect that honor.


Solvability of Beatrice's Games[]

While dead, Battler recalls a portion of his conversation with Dlanor in the Golden Land that was not previously shown.

In the Golden Land

  • Virgilia: If you asked this child, she would probably say that reasoning is possible. ...However, just as she is the challenger and you are the challenged, the two of you are different creatures. ...Something Beato might have proposed, thinking it is solvable, may or may not be solvable for you as well.
  • Virgilia: For that reason, I cannot promise that this tale is something you will absolutely be able to solve. However, I can promise you one thing.
  • Virgilia: Beato wanted you to solve it, so she made this game, ...the riddles of this tale, ...solvable.
  • Dlanor: I don't know whether my father's Decalogue will apply to that answer or lead you to IT.
  • Dlanor: ...However, when you run into a tight spot and want a compass for your reasoning, please try using my Decalogue if you REMEMBER. It might give you renewed courage and possibly even some new DISCOVERY...
  • Battler's Narration: ...Knox's Decalogue... and Virgilia's red truth. 'Beato wanted me to solve it, so she made the riddles of this game solvable'.

In Purgatorio

  • Narration: In other words, this entire tale is a world that includes the personal opinions of an observer, ...namely, the person who wrote that message in a bottle. (...) Therefore, there's no guarantee that this description is truly impartial. (...) For that reason, it's possible to doubt even the observer, as well as the witnesses.
  • Narration: However, that begs the question: ...is it even possible to solve a tale written by an observer who isn't impartial. ...If I get obsessed with this, all my reasoning will end here. I had to believe... ...that Beato was trying to fight me through this tale. Because it's a fight, ...that means I've been given a chance of winning. By giving me that, ...doesn't that mean... ...that reasoning is possible?
  • Narration: Sure, ...I'll acknowledge it. Unless we acknowledge that we 'love each other', ...we won't be able to get any further. When Virgilia ran out of patience with the two of us, shy and incapable as we were of acknowledging that out loud, she gave me that red truth instead. That was the red truth saying Beato wanted me to solve it, so she made the riddles of this game solvable.

Battler's New Truth[]

Having arrived at the truth, Battler is revived and gains the power of the territory lord. Lambdadelta grants him a retrial to allow him to present his new theory regarding the murders of the fifth game.

A New Culprit

  • Battler: I can construct a theory with someone other than Aunt Natsuhi as the culprit. ...It may be that your truth is impossible to disprove. ...If so, that means your truth wont be able to deny my new truth either...!
  • Dlanor: Lady Erika's reasoning has solved the 5th GAME. No new facts exist that overturn the truth created by this reasoning...!!
  • Battler: It's possible to show a different truth by using a different interpretation!! When multiple truths exist in parallel, the authenticity of both is questioned!!
  • Lambdadelta: Bern's reasoning is perfect. (...) ...But still, if you can present a theory on par with Bern's, the fight'll come down to a verdict. That means either one of the truths might be defeated and denied!
  • Battler: It's possible to construct it using the revenge of the baby from 19 years ago, the one from Aunt Natsuhi's confession.
  • Dlanor: Knox's 1st. It is forbidden for the culprit to be anyone not mentioned in the early part of the story! A person first introduced in the 5th game cannot be named as the CULPRIT...!!
  • Battler: What if the baby from 19 years ago was among us since the very beginning? For example, ...what if it was me?!
  • Dlanor: Knox's 8th. It is forbidden for the case to be resolved with clues that are not presented! Was there ever any foreshadowing showing that you might be the baby from 19 years ago?!!
  • Battler: The red truth from the 4th game that I'm not the son of my mother Asumu. The feeling that Dad was hiding something in both the first game and this game. In particular, in this game, it was made clear that there were some special circumstances having to do with my birth.

The time of death

  • Erika: It's only possible for the crime to have taken place between 24:00 and 1:00!! During that one hour, you were in the dining hall of the mansion!! Therefore, it was impossible for you to commit the crime!
  • Battler: It has not been specified that the time of death was between 24:00 and 1:00. Therefore, it's possible that the crime didn't occur between 24:00 and 1:00...!
  • Erika: There's a restriction on any murders in the cousin room! From 1:00 AM until the discovery of the crime, it was impossible for any criminal action to occur in the cousin room!!
  • Dlanor: Knox's 8th. It is forbidden for the case to be resolved with clues that are not PRESENTED. If the crime actually was carried out in the cousin room, clues must have been SHOWN. Because clues were not given to the detective, Lady Erika, who was on the watch for any abnormalities inside that room until morning, such a crime is IMPOSSIBLE...!!
  • Battler: By the time of the crime's discovery, you mean the point at which I let out a scream and everyone gathered there. Even if it was impossible to kill them before that point, it was possible to kill them afterwards...!!
  • Erika: The death of the four in the cousin room has been proclaimed with the red text!!
  • Battler: I see, since you believe they were dead by that point, it probably looks as though the dead have been brought back to life to you...!
  • Erika: The deaths of the four people in the cousin room have been proclaimed with the red truth!! Furthermore, those corpses were witnessed by a large number of people!! Furthermore, it's already been proclaimed in red that no examination of the corpses would lead to a mistaken result...!!
  • Ronove: When was that red truth made? Have you forgotten, Miss?
  • Erika: In that case, when do you claim the red truth death proclamation happened?! Are you saying you can pinpoint that?! You can't pinpoint it, so you can't deny that the death proclamation was made at the time of the crime's discovery!!
  • Ronove: When this court was opened, Lady Lambdadelta made a proclamation. She said this was a 24:00 answer session! ...The death proclamation was made at 24:00 on the second day...in other words, at the end of the game. That does not deny the possibility that the murder occurred after the morning of the second day, after the so-called 'discovery of the crime'...!
  • Erika: Then, you're saying...that the victims were alive at that time?! Even though their necks were sliced open?!
  • Ronove: Did you see that yourself, Miss Detective...? True, our current understanding is that no corpse will lead to a mistaken examination, no matter who performs it, ...but no rule named so far has prevented something other than a corpse from being called a corpse.
  • Erika: S-So, at that point in time, no one was dead?! There weren't even wounds on their necks?! In that case, ...why did Battler scream?!

The disappearance of the corpses

  • Gaap: ...Ushiromiya Kinzo is already dead at the starting time for all games!
  • Virgilia: ...Shouldn't you rethink your reasoning? Kinzo doesn't exist. Therefore, the way for the bodies to disappear in your theory is a failure.
  • Asmodeus: After George's death, his corpse was never moved!
  • Beelzebub: After Jessica's death, her corpse was never moved!
  • Mammon: After Maria's death, her corpse was never moved!
  • Belphegor: After Rosa's death, her corpse was never moved!
  • Satan: After Genji's death, his corpse was never moved!
  • Leviathan: After Krauss's death, his corpse was never moved!
  • Lucifer: Therefore, the corpses couldn't have vanished after being discovered!! Your theory about Kinzo carrying the corpses away fails!

Confirming Kinzo's death

  • Dlanor: Knox's 2nd!! It is forbidden for supernatural agencies to be employed as a detective technique! If you would show that Kinzo has died with the red truth, then I demand that you display proof of a Human's truth which could be used to make that point...!
  • Battler: Presentation of evidence. I'll present a corpse which could possibly be identified as Ushiromiya Kinzo's...!!
  • Dlanor: Can you prove that this corpse is Ushiromiya Kinzo's?! No matter how much it resembles him, unless you can prove that it is him, it is possible to claim that it was a substitute corpse from someone ELSE!! Can you show that it was Kinzo's corpse with the truth of HUMANS?! In this case alone, and with the red truth specifically, no counterargument will be valid!!
  • Battler: In this closed-off Rokkenjima, there is no objective way to show that this corpse is Grandfather's.
  • Dlanor: And that itself suggests the possibility that this corpse is a body double! This unidentifiable corpse cannot serve as proof of Kinzo's death...!!
  • Erika: ...Checkmate...!! My theory does not waver!!
  • Battler: I guarantee that this corpse is Ushiromiya Kinzo's corpse...!!
  • Lambdadelta: Gold truth, valid. The gold truth... ...can only be used by the territory lord of this world... ...no, ...only by the Game Master himself!!
  • Dlanor: Gold TRUTH. A divine truth woven in a different fashion than the red TRUTH. ...Its strength is on par with the red TRUTH. ...It may sometimes be INFERIOR. But it is sometimes SUPERIOR!!
  • Virgilia: That glitter...is proof that Battler-kun truly understands Beato.

Natsuhi's honor

  • Battler: Because of this, Grandfather's absence has been verified, and the dishonorable relationship between Aunt Natsuhi and Grandfather has been removed from consideration!! Aunt Natsuhi is pure and faithful! I won't permit this vulgar tale you're all so fond of!!
  • Battler: Furthermore, because we've raised doubts about the time of death for all who have died so far, the alibis for everyone besides Aunt Natsuhi go back to square one...!! If you try to argue that the crime was impossible for everyone except Aunt Natsuhi, it won't work!!

Battler's perspective

  • Dlanor: However, in the cousin room, you witnessed corpses which were impossible to MISIDENTIFY...! Are you trying to say that was a LIE?! ...Knox's 7th, it is forbidden for the detective to be the CULPRIT!! The detective is obligated to keep to an objective point of VIEW. Your theory would mean you violated this OBLIGATION!!
  • Battler: Furudo Erika is the detective, and the 'me' in this game isn't one!! And by Knox's 9th, it is permitted for observers to let their own conclusions and explanations be heard...!!
  • Dlanor: Knox's 8th, it is forbidden for the case to be resolved with clues that are not PRESENTED! Until now, you have been the DETECTIVE! Was it ever shown that you were not the detective this time, and that you were an observer capable of inserting his own personal IDEAS?!! Unless it was, you do not have the right to falsify your point of VIEW!!
  • Battler: In this game! When I figured out the device connected to the epitaph's riddle, I witnessed Grandfather. ...As has already been shown in red, Grandfather doesn't exist. It was impossible for me to witness him! Therefore, it has already been shown that my viewpoint wasn't objective!!
  • Dlanor: It is possible that it was just a sheet or something fluttering in the wind and rain which you mistook for Kinzo. It cannot be used as foreshadowing to form a basis for Knox's 9th...!! Mistaking one thing for another is a right permitted to all observers!!
  • Battler: There's the red truth that Beato showed during the 4th game!! No person would mistake Ushiromiya Kinzo by sight!
  • Narration: In other words, on this island, all illusions which might lead someone to mistake something for Grandfather, including someone else pretending to be Grandfather, 'most certainly cannot work'.
  • Narration: All of Aunt Natsuhi's schemes to make it seem that Grandfather existed were hidden in the relatives' blind spots, all of them clever tricks like 'he was here just a second ago' or 'he's in his study alone now'. They never tried to make anyone mistake something they saw for Grandfather himself, so there are no contradictions. If they had tried to dress one of the servants in Grandfather's robe, ...it would probably have been seen through in an instant... It has been guaranteed that none of the characters in this tale would 'mistake something for Grandfather by sight'...!
  • Narration: If someone still claims to have seen Grandfather, it becomes a 'lie'. Allowing lies to be contained within their observations is a right granted to everyone, ...except for just one person. And that person is...'the detective'...!!
  • Battler: Because of the right granted by Knox's 9th, anyone is allowed to mistake a sheet in the wind for anything else and tell about it. ...However! Mistaking it for Grandfather in particular is not permitted in this game due to the red truth!!
  • Dlanor: So, once you claimed to have seen Kinzo, it was no longer misrecognition... but INTENTIONAL. In other words, this proves that the observer wasn't objective... Is what you are SAYING...?
  • Narration: In this case, unintentional 'misrecognition' is not permitted by the rules of this game. However, it is possible to intentionally 'lie about seeing' something you never saw...!! And that is an action not permitted to a 'detective', who is obligated to maintain an impartial perspective...
  • Battler: Therefore, my perspective in this game is based upon the 9th, not the 7th...!! The fact that I claimed to have seen Grandfather is proooooooooooofff!!!

Battler's theory of the fifth game

  • Battler: I'll present a truth that conflicts with yours!! Aunt Natsuhi was threatened by a phone call over the internal line, sent by the man from 19 years ago, me! His goal was to make Aunt Natsuhi look like a murderer...!! From the beginning, this has all been a drama of revenge intent on framing Aunt Natsuhi...!!
  • Erika: Th-That's wrong! It's a drama of revenge against the Ushiromiya family that Natsuhi thought up!! Your theory outright opposes mine!!
  • Lambdadelta: From Erika, I haven't heard of a single way for the corpses to disappear that doesn't involve Kinzo.
  • Bernkastel: I acknowledge the mistake in Erika's reasoning and the need for revision.
  • Erika makes unstated revisions to her theory with the blue truth.
  • Dlanor: Regardless of how pathetic it might BE, ...Lady Erika's revised truth is VALID.
  • Battler: Yeah, that's right. Regardless of my truth, yours can exist at the same time. ...That's what this world is like. No one can disprove them, so even if there are various truths and even if they contradict each other wildly, they can exist at the same time.
  • Battler: And, because no unique truth exists, everything is covered in darkness. ...Therefore, while both my theory and Erika's theory are impossible to deny, neither is a unique truth. They are vague, and while neither can be denied, neither is certain...!!
  • Lambdadelta accepts the coexistence of Battler's and Erika's truths, and transfers the position of Game Master to Battler.