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This article is about an object in Higurashi When They Cry.

This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for the original Higurashi When They Cry and possibly the console-exclusive arcs. Readers who have not completed the main story are advised not to proceed further.

The Emergency Manual (緊急マニュアル Kinkyū Manyuaru) is a series of guides written by the Alphabet Project and used by the Irie Clinic that detail how to deal with terminal patients of Hinamizawa Syndrome should they be encountered. One of these manuals, Emergency Manual 34 (緊急マニュアル第34号, lit. Emergency Manual No. 34), is a plan to wipe out the entire population of Hinamizawa and disguise it as a gas disaster should a large-scale outbreak occur.


The Irie Clinic is researching Hinamizawa Syndrome in secret and takes the utmost steps to preserve its secrecy until it can be cured. Emergency Manual 1 outlines the steps towards recovering terminal patients of the syndrome when they are encountered, with a Secrecy Preservation Unit on call if the situation calls for it. Patients are even allowed to be shot and killed if necessary.

There are presumably other manuals that detail other aspects, but 1 and 34 are the only ones mentioned.

Emergency Manual 34

Creation and Overview

Emergency Manual 34 was originally drafted by Hifumi Takano and expanded upon by Miyo Takano. It is by far the most important and most extensive manual, as it involves massacring the entire population of Hinamizawa and masquerading it as a natural disaster.

Reasons to Use the Manual

The two main reasons to use Emergency Manual 34 are if:

  1. The true nature of the Irie Clinic becomes widespread information and cover-up proves to be difficult.
  2. An L5 outbreak of Hinamizawa Syndrome occurs.

This second scenario can occur if a hazardous material were exposed to the public like the H170 series or if Rika Furude the queen carrier were to die. The latter is a much more likely event to happen. Rika's presence within the village has been proven to keep Hinamizawa's residents from developing terminal symptoms and making them go crazy. It is thus assumed that if she died then every villager would develop terminal symptoms within 48 hours and cause chaos. Thus, the manual is seen as a last resort to preserve secrecy.

Approving the Manual

Only someone of official authority like the Prime Minister can sign off on the manual's application, however the Institute Director may petition it be used. The Institute Director in this case is Kyousuke Irie, but in his absence the chief officer will take his place, which would be Miyo Takano.

Concealing the Clinic

All evidence related to Hinamizawa Syndrome research in the clinic must be collected by the Institute Concealment Unit. The concealment block must be quarantined and the underground area must be flooded, with the entrance to it welded shut. Any civilians who approach the clinic must be eliminated, with use of firearms forbidden except in emergencies. After three years, the concealment block will be removed.

Administering the Manual

A Communication Sabotage Unit is sent to shut down communications into and out of Hinamizawa. The village must then be quarantined, with a special unit to disguise as police officers and round up the villagers on the pretense of there being a gas disaster occurring. Villagers will be gathered up in disaster shelters and counted to ensure that all villagers are present. Equipment such as gas canisters will then be deployed to execute the villagers, the equipment being stored at Yagouchi Quarry and regularly maintained. Should there be any villagers who try to run away or are otherwise uncooperative, the Secrecy Preservation Unit may open fire and kill them.

Afterwards, the unit will search the village for any stragglers or people who were not present during the initial assembly process and terminate them. If any found survivors prove cooperative and surrender, then the unit must take them into custody and dispose of them like prior patients when the time is right.

All of the poisoned corpses will be gathered up, and the ones with gunshot wounds will be collected somewhere else. Once every villager has been terminated and processed accordingly, control of the operation is handed off to official disaster relief groups. The story that the villagers died in a natural gas disaster will soon be disseminated.


  • Takano's first name can be written as 34 in Japanese, and she contributed a majority part of Emergency Manual 34.