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Eliza Masuda (エリザ・益田 Eriza Masuda) is Wayne Uedera and Jack Hachiya’s younger sister. She appears exclusively in the manga Sorrowful Cross Knife.


Wayne and Jack’s original younger sister. Testified to witnessing Jack’s murders at the scene of the crime.

(Translated from the Square Enix website)


Eliza has long black hair, a slender body, and wears a fancy dress.


When she was younger, Eliza was an earnest and dedicated girl who cared for Wayne and Jack. She was in love with Jack but came to dislike him when he disproved of her becoming a prostitute and refused to accept her payback money.


Eliza is an orphan who was rescued by Wayne and became like a sister to him and Jack. The trio took residence in an abandoned underground sewer room known only to them and promised that it could be a place they could return to if they needed help, with a key to the room given to each person.

When Wayne left them, he gave Eliza an English book which she used to study English, in the hopes of getting a good job. In the meantime Jack strove to take care of Eliza in Wayne's place and would get into fights for money. When Eliza became a prostitute for Primavera and attempted to pay him back for everything he’d done, Jack became disgusted and abandoned her. In reality, Jack loved Eliza and cared for her, but was unable to tell her how he really felt.


Role in the Story[]

Eliza is introduced as a murder witness, claiming to Wayne that she saw Jack killing a prostitute working for Primavera while they were closing for the day. With this being the second murder Jack has been accused of, the police, Primavera, and Wayne do their best to hunt down Jack.

The search for Jack narrows down, leading to Jack being killed by Schneider and Schneider being proven as the murderer of the first prostitute and arrested. Primavera pinned Schneider in part thanks to Eliza being the victim's friend and telling Primavera to suspect Schneider if anything happened to her. Wayne meets with Eliza later to inform her of Jack's death and reveals that Eliza really was the murderer of the second prostitute and framed Jack, and asks why. Eliza explains how distraught she was at Jack abandoning her long ago, and Wayne explains that he really did love her and didn't want to see her become a prostitute, but just couldn't say it. Realizing her own mistake in missing Jack's cues, Eliza cries.

Eliza and Wayne meet for the last time in front of Jack's grave and wonder why things turned out the way they did. Eliza is unable to turn herself in now that the murder investigation closed, and decides to leave the city. Wayne tells Eliza to keep moving forward and hopes to see her again someday. Eliza promises to.