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Eiserne Jungfrau artwork from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei. From left to right: Cornelia, Dlanor A. Knox, Gertrude.

The Eiserne Jungfrau (アイゼルネ・ユングフラウ Aizerune Yungufurau) are Furniture summoned by Erika Furudo in End of the Golden Witch. They are the 7th District Repentance Enforcement Agency of the Great Court of Heaven.

The group is made up of first-class Archbishop Dlanor A. Knox as the leader, as well as several Assistant Inquisitors. This body is tasked with performing heresy interrogations, carrying out executions, and sometimes bestowing redemption. However, in almost all cases, the Great Court of Heaven considers sending them only after the completion of a heresy interrogation and a tentative guilty verdict, so they are, practically speaking, no different than an execution squad.

Their spectacular achievements are great in number, and they are extremely well-known, even among the other agencies.



  • Eiserne Jungfrau literally means "Iron Maiden" in German.