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This article is about a character in Umineko When They Cry.

"Die the Death! Sentence to Death! Great Equalizer is the Death!"
— Dlanor before carrying out the death sentence

Dlanor A. Knox (ドラノール・A・ノックス Doranōru A Nokkusu) is the Chief Inquisitor of Eiserne Jungfrau and enforces the commandments of Knox's Decalogue. She first appears in End of the Golden Witch.


A member of Eiserne Jungfrau, the 7th District Repentance Enforcement Agency of the Great Court of Heaven. A Head Inquisitor of Heresy and a first-class archbishop. She is commonly known as "Dlanor of the Ten Wedges" or "Death Sentence Dlanor".

The name "Death Sentence" comes from the fact that, though Inquisitors of Heresy normally Judge their targets to see whether they deserve the death penalty or not, Head Inquisitor Dlanor is only dispatched after a case has been vigorously inspected by the Great Court. Therefore, the very act of dispatching her is equivalent to a sentence of death.

Her father was a legendary Inquisitor of Heresy, but he broke the rules and was executed. She was the one who performed his interrogation and execution. Since that time, she has stopped growing, and both her body and mind remain eternally those of a young maiden. It is whispered that her heart also died at that moment, but she does not see it that way.

Her primary weapons are the "Red Key" and the "Blue Key", which take the form of a long sword and a short sword.



Dlanor appears as a young girl wearing a black leotard with white frills and a blue jacket, with a blue cap to match. She also wears black thigh-high socks with white platform boots, and occasionally wears glasses. Dlanor's hair rsembles that of a judge's wig. On her left arm is a golden gauntlet. Dlanor's weapons, the Red Key and Blue Key, are solid red and blue swords.


While on the job as an Inquisitor, Dlanor displays extreme seriousness and desire to deny the Illusion of the Witch. Despite her seemingly cool personality, she breaks out into a laughing face like that of a cat whenever she's on a roll with an inquisition. This begins with a raised eyebrow, then an open-mouth cat's smile, and finally a laughing face.

Off the clock, Dlanor acts rather childish and shows disdain for having to execute witches the way she does.

Dlanor also has a unique speech quirk, with the last syllables of her sentences being written in katakana. Witch Hunt translated this by writing these words in all-caps (for example, "A check of that place has already been FINISHED."). A result of this speech pattern is her fixation on the word DEATH, as sentences ending with the katakana spelling of "desu" sound like the English word "death".


As the personification of Knox's Ten Commandments, Dlanor uses her powers to prevent supernatural agencies and nonexistent clues from being used to solve mysteries.

Her weapons, the Red and Blue Keys, can be used to create red and blue truths at will. The Keys also have the power to conceptually deny defensive moves from ever being used, though the Great Court places a restriction on the usage of this aspect.


Dlanor is the Chief Inquisitor of Heresy appointed by the Great Court of Heaven. Her job is to execute witches found guilty by the Great Court. She was forced to execute her own father after he was found guilty, and as such she remains with a stature like that of a young girl.


Role in the Story

End of the Golden Witch

Dlanor makes her first appearance when Eiserne Jungfrau is summoned by Erika to prove that Kinzo does not exist in the study. Dlanor and her subordinates cut off methods of escape for Kinzo's spirit and Piece-Beatrice, and all hope seems lost until Battler proves how Kinzo could escape. Dlanor challenges Battler on his theory, but she's forced to accept defeat.

During Natsuhi's trial, Dlanor once again challenges Battler when he tries to prove that Natsuhi is innocent. This time around, Dlanor emerges victorious and impales Battler with her longsword, leaving him to think.

In the ????, a previous conversation Dlanor had with Battler is shown, where she discusses with him the mystery genre and her role with the Decalogue.

Battler soon revives with a new theory to claim Natsuhi's innocence, and Dlanor and Erika engage him once more. Dlanor puts a restriction on using Kinzo's corpse as evidence and dares Battler to prove that Kinzo is indeed dead, with Battler proving it with the Gold Truth.

Dawn of the Golden Witch

Dlanor once again serves as Erika's furniture and tries to restrain her when she denies Maria's magic.

After BATTLER gets trapped inside his logic error, Dlanor and her subordinates place restrictions on using the guesthouse windows as evidence for his escape.

Twilight of the Golden Witch

When the goats attack Rokkenjima, she and Will dispatch the goats who believe in anti-magic theories.

Other Appearances

Golden Fantasia

Dlanor is playable, with her special ability being "Armor Boost," which increases her defense. She has story modes with Will, Virgilia, and Erika.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei

Dlanor appears as a playable unit and was released in a collaboration event with Umineko, The Witch's Bloodstained Birthday Banquet.

The Witch's Bloodstained Birthday Banquet

Dlanor tags along with Erika on her trip to Rokkenjima to celebrate Beatrice’s birthday. On the boat to the island, Erika and Nao argue over whether or not Erika really tripped a kid. Dlanor appears after Nao leaves and chastises Erika for her behavior.

After Nao discovers a bloody magic circle in her room, she gets taken to the Meta-World and is greeted by Beatrice, Erika, and Dlanor. Dlanor teaches Nao the rules of the game and acts as a judge. Nao begins a three-way debate against Erika and Beatrice.

Nao and her friends discover another magic circle in their room later, and Nao is once again brought to the Meta-World for a second round of debate. Nao confirms with Dlanor that it’s possible to have two winners, a human side and witch side, and makes that her goal. She ultimately is able to let herself and Beatrice win the game after letting Dlanor view her memories, confirming that supernatural phenomena like gods and monsters really do exist. As Nao begins to leave the Meta-World and Rokkenjima, Dlanor gives some parting words to never give up, having seen some of her future.

"Inquisitor of Heresy" Dlanor A. Knox

Nao is summoned to the Meta-World again to drink tea and eat with Beatrice and Dlanor. Dlanor teaches Nao the origin of the Knox Decalogue and talks with her about why mystery rules would be necessary. Nao understands that without these rules, mysteries would be nonsensical, and Dlanor develops a new appreciation for her.

Dlanor takes the leftover cookies and gives them to Erika. She looks forward to a rematch with Nao.

“Witch of Truth” Erika Furudo

After losing the game and being punished by Bern, Erika asks Dlanor to accompany her to Hinamizawa so she can get revenge on Nao, but Dlanor refuses since she has Great Court work to do.

While Erika is busy, Dlanor has tea with Beatrice. Beato asks why she’s friends with Erika, but Dlanor doesn’t answer.


  • Dlanor is named in reference to the murder mystery author Ronald A. Knox. Dlanor's name is Ronald spelled backwards, and she may in fact be the daughter of Knox himself, as stated by her and Battler. Dlanor's birthday of February 17[1] is also the same as Knox's.
  • Many of Dlanor's skills in Golden Fantasia and Higurashi Mei are German phrases:
    • Heilig Todesurteil = Holy Death Sentence
    • Roter Schlüssel = Red Key
    • Kirsch Eisen = Cherry Iron
    • Turm Träne = Tower Tear
    • Glaubenschild = Faith Shield


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