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Volume 4

Dawn of the Golden Witch Vol. 4 is the third volume of Hinase Momoyama's manga adaptation of Dawn of the Golden Witch and the 30th overall volume of the manga adaptation of Umineko When They Cry. The volume was released in English by Yen Press in an omnibus format with Volume 3.

Publisher's Summary[]


6人全員が密室で殺害された第1の晩の事件の真相を巡り、ゲームを構築した戦人とそれを暴くヱリカの推理バトルが開幕!! 探偵宣言を放棄し、戦人の構築した謎に挑むヱリカに勝機は…!?


George and Shannon, Jessica and Kanon: Only one couple will be permitted to fully realize their love. To prove the strength of their feelings, each person must sacrifice the life of someone on the island. George uses the opportunity to confront his mother, who for too long has confused acts of love with her own manipulative desires. She is but the first to fall, and with every sacrifice, the bonds between the lovers grow. Even so, only one couple will emerge hand in hand from the trial of the demons!


Chapter 13: Detective's Privileges and the Premise of Magic[]

Chapter 14: Battle of Red and Blue[]

Chapter 15: Arrogance and a Trap[]

Chapter 16: A Tiny Seam[]


Hinase Momoyama[]

Nice to see you again! Thank you for picking up the fourth volume of Umineko WHEN THEY CRY Episode 6!

After the trials of love in the last volume, we're back to the usual Umineko witch vs human logic battles. What did you think? What will Battler do to get out of this one? I hope you come back for the next volume to find out.


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