07th Expansion Wiki

Spirit Mirror[]

Kept in the shrine built on a rock in the waters near Rokkenjima to suppress the evil spirits of Akujikishima. It is believed to possess a great power, which holds those evil spirits at bay.

This mirror is revered by the fishermen around the Niijima area, and several times each year, a small ceremony is conducted jointly by the Ushiromiya family and the Niijima Fishery Cooperative.

In the past, Kinzo ordered that it be cleaned when the seasons changed. However, it is unknown whether or not he did this out of respect for the occult of the Eastern world.

Duel Pistol Set[]

A set of demon duel pistols prepared by Zepar and Furfur.
The number of shots loaded depends on the format of the duel. In most cases, it holds just a single round.

The emotions of the duelers are loaded into them, and if one of their bullets grazes any part of the body, the concept of the target will be denied without exception.
In the past, duels were performed in the classic style with swords, but this took a great deal of time before an outcome was reached, which displeased certain impatient theatergoing witches.

For this reason, a duel weapon that would always kill with a single shot was asked for and created.
Of course, this weapon is not particularly popular among theatergoing witches who are fans of good-old drawn out, dramatic duels.