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This article is about a character in Higurashi When They Cry.
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Daiki Tomita (富田 大樹 Tomita Daiki) is a student at the Hinamizawa Branch School.


Keiichi's junior at school and classmate.

His parents run a tofu shop. He wears glasses and gives off a vaguely humble impression. He has a crush on Satoko.

Translated from Entergram's Higurashi Hou website.)


Tomita is not given a sprite in the original visual novel. Console ports and various adaptations give him short brown hair, olive eyes and glasses. He usually wears a green shirt and black pants.


Tomita is very insightful at times. Due to his young age he often gets manipulated by other students during school activities, especially when it involves his crush on Satoko. Tomita also occasionally shows a perverted side to him, like in Tsumihoroboshi when he attends the Angel Mort Dessert Festa and comments on the punishment outfits worn by the club members.


Tomita's parents run a tofu shop.[1]


Role in the Story


During a games competition in Okinomiya, Keiichi faces off against Tomita and Okamura at The Game of Life. Keiichi is on the losing end for most of the game when he makes a deal with the two of them: if they allow Keiichi to win, he'll ensure that as a punishment game, he'll make Satoko wear a collar and follow Tomita all day while acting as his little sister; Tomita has a nosebleed at the thought. The club returns to check their progress where Tomita and Okamura announce that Keiichi has won.

During a curry cooking competition later, Keiichi once again makes a deal with Tomita and Okamura, asking them to give him their vegetables. As a reward Keiichi says he'll let them eat the curry Satoko and Rika made, especially the parts they've eaten out of; Tomita has another nosebleed and accepts the deal. Keiichi's curry pot is sabotaged however, but he gets Tomita and Okamura's help in procuring some onigiri as a way of manipulating the judges: they've gotten sick of eating so much curry that they'll want something fresh to eat. In the end, Keiichi's plan helps him, Tomita and Okamura win.


During a bento competition Tomita and Okamura get bought out by Rika and Satoko, giving them their own bentos to make theirs look better.

Tomita and Okamura tell Keiichi that the rumor of Satoko's uncle Teppei coming back to the village is true, explaining her recent absences. Satoko came to Tomita's family's shop to buy soft tofu, which is more expensive than the regular tofu she and Rika always bought; the fact she's buying the more expensive one proves she's living with her uncle now.

After Keiichi kills Teppei and goes to school, he gets confused by the entire class saying he was at the festival, with Tomita asking about the results of the target practice game.

Tomita dies in the Great Hinamizawa Disaster, as seen in the credits.


The credits show that as of 2004, Tomita lives in Shishibone City.


Tomita and the rest of the class are held hostage when Rena threatens to blow up the school. After escaping, Tomita and the other students start cheering on Keiichi when he climbs onto the school's roof to disarm the bomb.

Tomita dies in the Great Hinamizawa Disaster.


Tomita and the rest of the class join Keiichi and the club in petitioning the child consultation center to save Satoko from her uncle. After the initial class meeting at the center, Tomita promises to bring other people he knows to increase their numbers.

Tomita dies in the Great Hinamizawa Disaster.


Tomita and other students welcome Hanyuu as a member of the school.

Other Appearances

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei (manga)

Tomita appearing as Keitarou and Kururu talk about the shop

In Oniokoshi, an adult Tomita runs the Tomita Tofu Shop in 2019.