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dai in 2011

dai is a composer who began working with Ryukishi07 starting with Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai. He has since become a staff member of 07th Expansion. dai is known for composing "you", considered to be Higurashi's most iconic song.


While producing the Higurashi Question Arcs, Ryukishi and his brother were using royalty-free music from various websites and tried to make the volume for them all match, which resulted in there being a lot of noise. dai sent them an email criticizing the music, and Ryukishi sent an email in response asking what kind of music dai would make instead. Ryukishi thought he'd blown off dai, but he actually replied back with some music tracks of his own; Ryukishi and the rest of the 07th Expansion staff decided to hire dai then.[1][2]


Higurashi When They Cry

  • Thanks
  • Iru
  • Kage
  • Soul scour
  • you (M.Box Style)
  • Confession
  • you
  • Sorayume
  • Sora no Mukō
  • Kyōsō
  • Tsukikage (arrange)
  • Musō
  • feel
  • Tsukikage
  • Kuon
  • Birth and Death
  • Omoi
  • You (Vocal)
  • Omoi (Vocal)
  • Kyōsyū
  • air pizz
  • Testament
  • Matsuri
  • Fearlessness
  • you -destructive
  • Cross-examination
  • search and destroy
  • Uro
  • being
  • conviction
  • Cradle song
  • Gray
  • years
  • LIVE
  • Futari. Hitori
  • Sora no Mukou (piano)

Umineko When They Cry

  • 夏の扉 [Doorway of Summer]
  • HANE [Feathers]
  • Ride on
  • sea
  • hope
  • 白い影 [White Shadow]
  • Towering cloud in summer
  • Core
  • Requiem
  • mind
  • Answer
  • Answer_short
  • moon
  • ひだまり [In the Sun]
  • mother
  • 踊る煙管 [Dancing Pipe]
  • happiness_of_marionette
  • happiness_of_marionette (short)
  • 月うさぎの舞踏 [Dance of the Moon Rabbits]
  • Melting_away
  • soul_of_soul
  • prison
  • 生まれてきてくれてありがとう [Thanks for Being Born]
  • 翼 [Wings]
  • 失楽園 [Lost Paradise]
  • 久遠 [Eternity]
  • over
  • さくたろうの頑張り物語 [Sakutarou's Adventure]
  • mortal_stampede
  • Revolt
  • dir
  • エンドレスナイン [Endless Nine]
  • くるり [About Face]
  • Future
  • 名探偵は知っている [The Great Detective Knows]
  • hello your dream
  • Final Answer
  • hikari [Light]
  • 命のパン [Bread of Life]
  • 約束 [Promise]
  • Tomorrow
  • TSUBASA(Ver hope) [Wings] (co-composed with Luck Ganriki)
  • 青い蝶 [Blue Butterfly]
  • my dear
  • Engage of marionette
  • Life
  • 罪 [The Sin]
  • Rebirth
  • 道 [Path]
  • Thanks for all People
  • おもちゃ箱 [Toy Box]
  • 人形劇 [Puppet Show]
  • 霧のピトス [Kiri no Pithos] (co-composed with Luck Ganriki)
  • ぬいぐるみ [Stuffed Animal]
  • 飛翔 [Soar]

Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni

  • 愛しを渡るは黄昏ぞ [Cross Over into Love at Dusk] (co-composed with Luck Ganriki, Nei Kino)
  • 春風 [Spring breeze]
  • 陽炎 [Heat Haze]
  • 学校案内人 [School guide]
  • 丑三つ時 [Dead of night]
  • 例えば、こんな怪談 [For Example, a Ghost Story Like This]
  • 棘 [Thorn]
  • 強く生きて花は咲く [Living Strongly, the Flower Blossoms]
  • ほこライオン、はじめました [Pleased to Meet You, I'm a Lion]
  • サボンの花 [Flower of Sabon]
  • 冥暗境界線 [Boundary Line of Gloom]
  • いわいとまつり [Celebration and Festival]
  • ひとりぼっちの君のうた [A Song for the Lonely You]
  • A Cross Line
  • Kyou
  • Hand of Hand
  • Spider lily ~妹背の結びは東雲ぞ~ [Spider lily ~The Tying of a Couple is at Dawn~] (co-composed with Luck Ganriki, Nei Kino, Kanae Sakura)

Rose Guns Days

  • あなたの還る場所 [Where You Return To]
  • 一期 [First Season]
  • 突風 [Gust of Wind]
  • black knight
  • 凱旋 [Triumphant Return]
  • イクメン、はじめました [Ikumen, Here I Come!]
  • 風 [Wind]
  • Last Days -L-

Ciconia When They Cry

  • Genius Children
  • White Song (short)
  • Heroes, Be Strong, Be Stupid

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