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Cyrus Saimura (サイラス・斎村 Sairasu Saimura) is a war veteran and bodyguard for Richard Maiougi and Primavera. He first appears in Season 1.


Cyrus has red hair tied into a ponytail and wears a black and green-rimmed hat. He wears black and white vest with a black coat always draped over his shoulders.

As the Grand Boss in 1948, he wears a black suit and carries a cane.


Cyrus acts very tough but he also has a comedic and soft side, always struggling to hold his laughter when Richard threatens people. He holds personal relationships in high regard and won't hesitate to take revenge if allowed to.




Season 1[]

Cyrus is first introduced in 1947 as a bodyguard and assistant for Richard. As part of his bodyguard duties, he helps rescue Claudia when she gets kidnapped by Alfred and later helps search for Alfred's hideouts when he tries to bomb the club.

After Caleb takes over City 23 and starts attacking businesses who don't submit to him, Primavera and Richard become targets. Cyrus helps Richard escape Caleb's henchmen to an unknown location.

Season 2[]

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