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This page documents unused or reworked content from Umineko When They Cry.

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This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for all of Umineko When They Cry, possibly including the manga. Readers who have not completed the story are advised not to proceed further.

Land of the Golden Witch[]

Main article: Land of the Golden Witch

Land of the Golden Witch was the original concept for Episode 3.

Maiko Arizawa/Manon[]

Proto george and servant saku

Possible concept art for Manon, from Umineko Saku.

Maiko Arizawa (有沢 麻衣子 Arizawa Maiko), also known as Manon (麻音), was an unused servant character. She was rejected because she had a similar face to Shannon,[1] and her role was taken by Kumasawa.She was revealed at an exhibition held at the Poisson Rouge Goldfish Teahouse.[2] A character with a similar name to Manon would appear later on.

Fans claim that her face was like a mix of Rosa and Natsuhi's, she had a body shape like Kanon's, and a personality like Maria's.[3]

The Three Tortured Sisters[]

The Three Tortured Sisters (拷問三姉妹 Goumon Sanshimai) were a group of characters consisting of Ranko Edogawa (江戸川 乱子 Edogawa Ranko), Yukiko Ayatsuji (綾辻 行子 Ayatsuji Yukiko), and Shoko Shimada (島田 荘子 Shimada Shōko). They were Inquisitors who would've fought Will at the beginning of Requiem of the Golden Witch. Ranko did appear by herself, but without a name and sprites.[4]

Their names are derived from Japanese mystery novelists: Ranko Edogawa is derived from Ranpo Edogawa, Yukiko Ayatsuji is derived from Yukito Ayatsuji, and Shoko Shimada is derived from Soji Shimada.

Black Will[]

Black Will (黒ウイル Kuro Uiru) was an evil version of Will who would've appeared under Bernkastel's control in Twilight of the Golden Witch. Ryukishi07 wanted to have a scene with Black Will regaining his memories, breaking his control and turning back to normal, but he felt it would overshadow the other characters.[4]

See Black Battler for a similar character.


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