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This article is about a character in Umineko When They Cry.

Cornelia (コーネリア Kōneria) is an aide in Eiserne Jungfrau and a third-class priest. She first appears in End of the Golden Witch.


A member of Eiserne Jungfrau, the 7th District Repentance Enforcement Agency of the Great Court of Heaven. An Assistant Inquisitor and a third-class minister. She has obtained high grades in academic exercises, but this is her first time on the job. She possesses a strong sense of Justice, and is currently cramming for exams to become an Inquisitor of Heresy like Dlanor. Her current goal is to become more like the veteran assistant, Gertrude.

She normally has a zealous personality. However, she imitates Gertrude and tries to be emotionless. She's too innocent and pure to be involved in heresy hearings, and she doesn't yet know anything about dirty Jobs and the dark side of this profession.

Gertrude intentionally selected her for this mission, which reeks of a plot within the Senate. She wants Cornelia to see for herself whether she's really suited for this kind of work.



Cornelia wears a cleric-like uniform consisting of a blue cap and black leotard with white frills and blue sleeves. She has red eyes and bobbed brown hair decorated with yellow ribbons.


Cornelia has a strong sense of justice, but despite how deadpan she acts, she is very naive. She speaks almost entirely in court language and tends to say "Please, allow me to speak. Let it be known that..." before saying anything.


Cornelia is able to create barriers as manifestations of the Red Truth.


Cornelia the New Priest shows that as a young girl, Cornelia was excited to join the Great Court of Heaven and studied court language classes. Cornelia was eventually recruited by the Court and became disappointed upon hearing that court language was not necessary to use in the workplace. Despite this, Cornelia performed her duties as an assistant Inquisitor to the best of her ability.

From an anti-fantasy perspective, Cornelia personifies duct tape.[2]


Role in the Story

End of the Golden Witch

Cornelia makes her first appearance. She is summoned alongside Gertrude and Dlanor by Erika when she tries to prove that Kinzo does not exist in the study.

Cornelia is given the task of guarding the window, which Battler claims Kinzo could use to escape the study. Battler proves it by barreling past Cornelia and jumping out the window before she can bring up her shield.

Cornelia is given punishment by Erika afterwards.

Dawn of the Golden Witch

Cornelia continues to serve as Erika's furniture and places a restriction on the use of the windows in the guest house for proving BATTLER's escape from his Logic Error.

Twilight of the Golden Witch

Cornelia and the other furniture defend Rokkenjima from the goats of the future.

Other Appearances

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Tsubasa

Cornelia the New Priest is a story dedicated to Cornelia first joining the Great Court and her experiences working there.

Golden Fantasia

Cornelia is not playable, but she can be summoned by Dlanor to assist her in some of her attacks. She can also be unlocked as a system voice.