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This article is about interactive gameplay in Higurashi When They Cry.

Connecting Fragments (カケラ紡ぎ Kakera-Tsumugi, lit. Fragment Weaving) is a session in Matsuribayashi where the reader is tasked with viewing several Fragments and piecing together the information that will allow a true miracle to happen.

Some Fragments have prerequisite Fragments that must be viewed in order to unlock them. Attempting to view a locked Fragment will result in the icon becoming shattered, and the reader will be told that it has not been unlocked. After viewing the prerequisites, the broken Fragment may be viewed as normal, however the icon will stay broken.

Clearing the game once and redoing the Fragment section without breaking a single Fragment will unlock a bonus Fragment that functions as an extra ending to the story.

Fragment Order

The order presented here is just a general guide of which Fragments to view in order to unlock the extra Fragment. It is recommended that you view all of the Fragments in a single row before moving on to the next row.


This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for the original Higurashi When They Cry and possibly the console-exclusive arcs. Readers who have not completed the main story are advised not to proceed further.

Dam construction operation withdrawal
Kyousuke Irie
A local explanatory meeting
Satoko Houjou
Requesting assistance from a queen
A murder with a dismembered body
The Houjou siblings
The first sacrifice
The second sacrifice
Research is going well
Irie's background
C103 Dose Experiment
Satoshi Houjou
An accident at the Shirakawa park
Rika Furude
Depression of a Shinto priest
Distrust of the mother of a queen
Jirou Tomitake
At a quarry in Yagouchi
A routine inspection
The third sacrifice
The old guy
One, two, three, four
Mion Sonozaki
Mysterious death of the Furude couple
Suffering of a big brother
A red capsule
A roll of a one
Rena Ryuugu
Footsteps in the fourth year
Formation of a club
A notice of leave of absence
Death of Satoshi's aunt
Preview of lots for sale
New wind
The fourth sacrifice
Keiichi Maebara
An invitation to an end
June 1983
A Fragment of Onikakushi
A Fragment of Watanagashi
A Fragment of Tatarigoroshi
A Fragment of Himatsubushi
A Fragment of Tsumihoroboshi
A Fragment of Meakashi
A Fragment of Minagoroshi
A Fragment of Matsuribayashi
"A Fragment of Matsuribayashi" will become cracked once you view it, leading to:
Leftover Fragments
After viewing the above, "A Fragment of Matsuribyashi" may be viewed again to complete the Connecting Fragments section.
A Fragment of Matsuribayashi
After clearing the game once and redoing the Fragments without breaking one, you unlock:
Flags from kids' meals