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This article is about a character in Rose Guns Days.

Claudia Kurosaki (クローディア・黒崎 Kurōdia Kurosaki) is a lady of the night who works for Primavera and plans to open her own restaurant. She first appears in Season 1.


Claudia has short gray hair with a red bow on top. She also wears a white apron and a long purple kimono. Claudia's full body art shows that she is actually very tall.


Claudia is a very kind girl who places a lot of faith in people and rarely doubts others.


Ever since Claudia was a young girl, she's wanted to open a restaurant and has been saving up money for it, later working at Primavera.


Role in the Story

Season 1

Claudia gets kidnapped by Alfred and held hostage, getting rescued. Later, Alfred plans to destroy the club with a bomb truck, and Claudia and the other Primavera ladies go out to search for it.

She later obtains the funds to open the restaurant Kuroimo, forming contracts with some Japanese businesses and saving them from bankruptcy. Claudia is later forced to pay protection to the Caleb Family and pays a visit to Primavera while Caleb is trying to make Rose join him. She gets tormented by Miguel a bit before Rose steps in.

After Primavera is taken over and Rose and her friends get attacked by Caleb's men, Claudia allows her and Leo to hide out at her restaurant. They soon get sniffed out by Miguel and his group, who set fire to Kuroimo and chase after Rose and Leo when they escape. Claudia stays behind to try and put out the fire.

Season 2

Claudia and Wayne are captured by Miguel and interrogated for Rose's whereabouts, but they refuse to talk. Miguel and Amanda then plan to negotiate with Rose in exchange for their release and call her to the pier alone. Claudia and Wayne escape after Amanda abandons their hideout and leaves a car for them, and they rush to save Rose. A firefight ensues, and Wayne and Claudia are presumably killed when wreckage falls on them.

Claudia is later revealed to have survived, as Wayne took her and dived into the ocean before the wreckage fell, with Claudia getting lightly wounded and recovering in the hospital.

Claudia reappears in 1948 and awaits Primavera's plans to distribute soy sauce.

Season 3

Claudia and other merchants begin buying Primavera's soy sauce once it hits the market, but it proves to be too expensive and so they start buying Wang's cheaper, fake soy sauce. Claudia wants to support Primavera and revive Japanese culture in any way she can, however the merchants just aren't rich enough. Wang then convinces the other merchants that Primavera will collapse and gangsters will start roaming the city again, and they start allying with the GDS; Claudia still has some faith in Rose and tells Primavera about this.

Last Season

In 1950, Primavera starts shaking down businesses for money by the order of Richard, who claims that Rose gave the order, and Claudia refuses to believe that Rose would ever do such a thing. She gets threatened by Tequila before Jeanne and Leo arrive. Claudia then tells them about how Rose was shot and has been recovering in secret.

Tequila continues to attack Claudia's restaurant and other shops, and he eventually gets driven away. Jeanne then prepares to go to war with Primavera to take Richard down, and Claudia temporarily closes her store and falls under Rose's protection so she won't be taken hostage again.


  • Claudia means "lame" in Latin.
    • Claudia is the feminine form of Claude.
  • Claudia's surname Kurosaki means "black" (黒) (kuro) and "cape, peninsula" (崎) (saki).