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Chloe Ironside (クロエ アイアンサイド Kuroe Aiansaido)[2], from AOU Canada, is the leader of the Gauntlet Knight squad Grave Mole.


From AOU Canada

A member of the 100th Aerial Augmented Infantry Experimental Squad "Grave Mole", of the AOU Combined Military Geroy Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center

She was chosen for the Selective Training Course, but her grades were slow to improve, and she lost confidence in herself. Her grades tended to be particularly bad when working with groups, and an excessively low level of self-empowerment was diagnosed as the cause.

Currently, she takes part in counseling and mental power correction research at the Geroy Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center.

Partly because of her results there, she's now known as one of the most capable Gauntlet Knights in North America.


Chloe has yellow eyes and blue hair tied back in a ponytail. She wears a white long-sleeved vest over a green shirt resembling a corset, a skirt with frills, and brown boots. Her Gauntlet resembles medieval knight armor.


Chloe is very clumsy, often getting herself into trouble because of Lilja and Koshka and earning disciplinary action from Okonogi. She has a habit of ending her phrases with "> <" and other various emoticons. Chloe doesn't like the idea of succeeding at the expense of others.

Chloe has a remote used for disciplining Lilja and Koshka via electric shocks, but she never uses it for fear of what they will do to her in return. However, Chloe's alternate personality "Chloevil" (アクロエ Akuroe) doesn't hesitate to use this remote. Chloevil acts very cold towards her squad mates, but a chop from Okonogi usually gets rid of her.



Lilja and Koshka[]

As their squad leader, Chloe is frequently annoyed with Lilja and Koshka's antics and tries her best to keep them under control, but they relish in seeing her get punished by Okonogi. Despite their near constant bickering, they have some genuine camaraderie when Lilja and Koshka reassure Chloe after training that she isn't as worthless as she thinks she is.

Special Abilities[]

Autonomous Weaponry Fire Control (SS)

Her ability to access autonomous weaponry on the battlefield and supply them with her high-level fire control is far ahead of the pack. She can even hack into the enemy's automated weaponry.

Forced Control of Research Subjects (S)

She has been given emergency codes that allow her to electrically suppress Geroy research subjects if they get out of control. However, if she uses these codes, Koshka and Lilja will make her suffer for it, so she hasn't done so yet.

Specialty In Solo Action (A)

When taking solo action, her P3 levels rise dramatically. However, when flying with others, they dip dramatically. Chloe wants to leave Grave Mole so much, she writes up requests for transfer every month and has them denied by Okonogi.


Chloe comes from AOU Canada, training as a Gauntlet Knight at Cold Lake Air Force Base. She had lots of talent but kept receiving low grades because of the old Gauntlet Knight aptitude test. After the test was revised, Chloe became seen as one of the best Gauntlet Knights at Cold Lake.

Role in the Story[]

For You, the Replaceable Ones[]

Chloe is introduced in Chapter 1 where she and Grave Mole have a short duel with Warcat. Chloe later accepts the Public Bath Oath to not kill or attack retreating enemies.

In Chapter 15, Chloe joins the Order of the Public Bath and recruits Lilja and Koshka into it. In Chapter 17, Grave Mole goes into combat with COU forces above the Amur River.

In Chapter 22, Chloe speaks to Miyao and questions their role in the Order, asking if upholding world peace is really enough for them to do. Chloe has some frustration at Miyao wanting divine intervention to solve their problems, and she later calms down and assures that she will follow Miyao if he orders it.

In Chapter 24, many inexperienced Gauntlet Knights are rushed into service for the last battle before the second global truce, and Chloe tells all of them to focus on defending, not wanting any of them to die. In the final chapter, Chloe suddenly electrocutes Lilja with her remote and sends her flying into the path of incoming missiles. As Lilja falls she threatens to kill her, with Chloe daring her to try.

The Data Fragments show more of Chloe's relationships with her squad mates. "Scolding Withdrawal Symptoms?" shows that Chloe's evil personality has been known by Koshka and Lilja for a while.


  • Her surname, "Ironside", means "a person of great strength or bravery".
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