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This article is about a character in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei.
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Chisame Kurosawa (黒沢千雨 Kurosawa Chisame) is Miyuki Akasaka's friend. She appears exclusively in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei.


Chisame has green eyes and steel blue hair, short in front and tied into a ponytail resembling a shark fin. She wears a shark tooth necklace, a blue shirt over a yellow top, and short white shorts.


Chisame seems a bit abrasive and rude, but she cares about Miyuki. She is very obsessed with sharks.


Chisame's father was a police officer who worked alongside Miyuki's father Mamoru Akasaka. When Akasaka went missing investigating Hinamizawa in 1993, Chisame's father investigated him and was killed horribly. Chisame went to the police station wanting to learn what happened, and found that it had to do with a "black card". Miyuki later found a similar card hidden away in Chisame's father's study, with a note saying it was found in Hinamizawa in 1978.

When Miyuki goes to Hinamizawa, Chisame covers for her while she's gone.


Role in the Story

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei

Chisame is first mentioned in the first Chapter 2 TIP, where Miyuki calls her from a phone booth on her way to Hinamizawa. Miyuki asks Chisame to cover for her if anyone asks where she went, wanting to find out what happened to Chisame's father and what he knew.

The third TIP in Chapter 7 shows Miyuki and Chisame talking about the circumstances surrounding their fathers and.their connection to the cards. Chisame is unwilling to go to Hinamizawa but promises to cover for Miyuki while she's gone, saying she can only manage three days.

In Chapter 9, Miyuki and Nao return from 1983 but end up in an alternate 1993 world where the dam project was successful and Hinamizawa has been replaced by a lake. Chisame and Miyuki's mother Yukie arrive to pick up the two girls since Miyuki never came home after three days.

As the group heads home, they stop at a rest area where Chisame and Nao talk and start building a friendship. Later, Chisame has a private talk with Miyuki at a coffee shop and wants to know what she's been doing all this time. Miyuki explains to her about Role Cards and tsukuyami, aware that this Chisame is not really the one from her original world. Chisame decides to believe in everything Miyuki says to prove she isn't being manipulated by tsukuyami. Chisame and Miyuki give names to the various worlds.

Chisame comments on Miyuki's disposition and worries that she might succumb to the sleeping sickness. Miyuki is confused since no such thing existed in her world. Their conversation is interrupted when Chisame's pager blows up with a message from Nao, who returned home to find her mother unconscious. They go to a hospital near Nao's house and ask if Ms. Houtani was brought there, however the receptionist says they can't answer that. Miyuki and Chisame decide to sneak around the hospital to find Nao and end up in the ICU, where Nao is crying. Upon learning that the doctors took some blood from Nao, Chisame gets nervous when several staff equipped in hazmat suits appear and chase them.

The group is captured by the hazmat group, who say they could all potentially be infected. Locked inside a room together, Chisame explains that the sleeping sickness is a disease that causes people to suddenly fall into a coma, and currently there is no cure.


  • The kanji for shark (鮫) is pronounced "same".