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Chiester sisters anime group 1

The Chiester Sisters in the anime. From left to right: Chiester 410, Chiester 00, and Chiester 45.

The Chiester Sister Imperial Guard Corps (シエスタ姉妹近衛兵 Shiesuta Shimai Konoehei), also known as the Chiester Sisters and formerly known as the Siesta Sisters, are bunny-girl Furniture that can be summoned by those with a substantial amount of summoning skill. Their main weapon is a bow of light that shoots a beam that can kill a target instantly, barring some exceptions.


The Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps[]

An Imperial Guard Corps formed by the Dragon King Pendragon in memory of the flight of the red dragon and composed only of sisters.
They are technically subordinates of the Dragon King, but because of a long relationship with successive generations of Beatrices, it was permitted that two Imperial Guard soldiers be lent out.

The sisters are simulated lifeforms created by magic.
For that reason, further sisters with a great variety of personalities are continually being created even now.

A great cost must be paid to manifest them in the human world, so summoning them can be quite a tricky prospect, even considering the tremendous fighting power they offer.
For that reason, they are often summoned as honor guards to serve during special ceremonies and the like.

The Chiester Golden Bows[]

One of the articles of sniping equipment used by the Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps.
The arrow's trajectory can be controlled at will, but it takes special talent and special training to wield its true potential.
For that reason, merely being able to equip it is an honor reserved for high-class snipers.
It's a masterpiece anti-armor sniping bow, capable of penetrating a wide variety of armors and barriers, and with a rich array of ammo that may be used as the arrow's warhead.

As a side note, the ammo primarily used during the story were Wire-Guided Winged Pierce Rounds.
The fact that they are wire guided makes them heavily resistant to deception and capable of long-distance precision sniping amidst complicated indoor terrain.


Arigato For 556 shows that the Chiester Sisters were created as special guards for the Dragon King Pendragon.

From an anti-fantasy perspective, the Chiester Sisters are imaginary friends created by Yasuda and based off of the ceramic band of rabbits that Maria owns. Rosa destroyed one of the ceramic rabbits that was the vessel for Chiester 556. The Chiesters also use the Winchester Rifles as their vessels.

Known Members[]

Role in the Story[]

Banquet of the Golden Witch[]

Chiester 410 and Chiester 45 make their first appearance. They're summoned by EVA-Beatrice to kill Rudolf and Kyrie when the Stakes prove to be ineffective. They continue to kill on behalf of EVA, using their golden bows to strangle or pierce victims.

The Chiesters launch a barrage against Beatrice when she defends the parlor, however they are completely unable to destroy her heart. Battler soon pulls EVA into the meta-world to debate her and the Chiesters fire on him however they are once again unable to do anything, this time against Battler's Endless Nine, and they retreat in fear.

45 and 410 reappear in the meta-world when Battler and Beatrice enter the Golden Land and take defensive positions when Ange appears.

Alliance of the Golden Witch[]

Chiester 00 makes her first appearance when Kinzo summons her alongside 45 and 410 to kill six people in the dining room. They're later told to observe the cousins and ensure they follow Kinzo's orders, and Chiester 556 is mentioned before 00 remembers that she's dead.

The prisoners in Kuwadorian escape and the Chiesters attempt to kill them, but they are temporarily disabled by Shannon and Kanon's spirit particles. They soon come back online and successfully kill the escapees.

End of the Golden Witch[]

The Chiesters are summoned by Erika alongside Eiserne Jungfrau to prevent Kinzo's spirit from escaping the study when Erika tries to prove he doesn't exist. They later serve as security guards when Lambdadelta announces a court session.

In the Tea Party, it is suggested that the Chiesters' vessels are the guns used for the various crimes.

In the ????, the Chiesters are ordered to attack Battler when he revives and challenges Erika's theory, but they are unable to do so since he has become the territory lord.

Dawn of the Golden Witch[]

The Chiesters are used as security guards again for Battler and Erika's wedding, and 00 secretly relays a letter from Beatrice to Lambda detailing the former's plans to crash the wedding. The Chiesters remain on high alert for possible intrusion and get distracted fighting Beatrice's allies.

Twilight of the Golden Witch[]

The Chiesters are invited to attend Battler's party and later defend Rokkenjima when goats start devouring it.

Other Appearances[]


  • Because of a mistranslation by Witch Hunt, the Chiester Sisters became known as the Siesta Sisters to the English speaking audience. This was thought to be the correct translation until Chiester 410 made her appearance in Golden Fantasia, which confirmed the correct spelling to be "Chiester." This translation error has since been fixed in the official English release of Umineko published by MangaGamer.
  • "Chiester" is a corruption of Winchester, the city named as the real-life location of Camelot in Le Morte d'Arthur. It is also the name of a series of guns that Kinzo is shown to own. The names of each individual Chiester are also likely references to real-life bullets and firearms:
    • Chiester 410 is named after the .410 Shotgun round.
    • Chiester 45 is named after the .45 Colt round.
    • Chiester 00 is named after the 00 buckshot.
    • Chiester 556 is named after the 5.56×45mm NATO intermediate round.
    • Chiester 127 is said to be able to pulverize a human target at 2 kilometers. They are possibly a reference to the 12.7mm round, commonly used on anti-materiel rifles and heavy machine guns.
    • Chiester 20 is said to have a fire rate of 6000 rounds per minute. This likely refers to the M61 Vulcan Gatling Gun, which fires a 20mm round and has a fire rate of 6,000 rounds per minute.
    • Chiester 38 and Chiester 17 are not mentioned with any other details. Assuming the cartridge and number theme, they likely respectively reference the .38 Caliber, often used in revolvers and pistols, and the .17 mm round, commonly found in hunting rifles.
  • The Chiester name is intentional wordplay referencing the bunnies being fantasy representations of the Winchester rifles. "Chiester" is simply the "Chester" portion of Winchester with an "I" inserted into it. "I" sounds like "ai (愛)", meaning love.[1]
  • The banners they have on their left arms resembles the flag of Iceland, even though their firing codes are written in Greek.
    • In the 19th anime episode, the flag on a cake Maria is about to eat resembles the Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps banner.
  • The magical text that appears in the visual novel when the Chiesters attack is Japanese transliterated into the Greek alphabet. Translated into English, it says:
Chiester firing code

Guidance System Version 07:

"Firing Guidance System Startup

Good morning.

Welcome to the Firing Guidance System.

Commence Data Accumulation...

Now scanning.

Gathering data.

Don't shake it. If we screw up now, it won't hit.

Formulating Firing Curve...

Formulating Firing Curve.

Forming as a Bezier curve.

This is filler, so please don't read it, okay? It's random.

All this English that I don't really understand sure is cool. Pretty awesome.

Firing Preparations Complete

Firing Preparations Complete.

If we shoot now, it'll hit.

...Assuming that the measurements are correct. Are we really good to go? It's totally automatic.

Accuracy 97.89%

A number that will almost certainly hit."


  1. Answer to the Golden Witch. Ryukishi07: "If you put love into it, a Winchester rifle can become even a bunny."