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This article is about a character in Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

Chiester 410 (シエスタ410 Shiesuta Yonichimaru) is a member of the Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps. She first appears in Banquet of the Golden Witch.


A weapon in a contract with Beatrice.

410 is a kid with a strong personality, whose peculiar style of speech tends to make light of people.

She likes laughing at people who are serious or can never relax, which is why she's so fond of 45 and Lucifer.

Her choice of words may be coarse, but she loves company and gets lonely easily. She gets depressed if there isn't someone talking with her constantly.

410 is particularly skilled when it comes to firing control, and she can wield unparalleled combative force even in close-range fighting.


410 has light blue hair and wears a blue military uniform over a black leotard with white frills. She also wears tall white boots and has the One-Winged Eagle tattooed on her right leg.


Chiester 410 is very snide and tends to end her sentences with "nyeh."

Skills and Abilities

Chiester 410 can link up with Chiester 45 to fire golden arrows which can penetrate anything. Chiester 410's moveset in Golden Fantasia shows that she is also capable of close-range combat.


Chiester 410 was created to serve in the Chiester Imperial Guard Corps before being summoned by EVA-Beatrice. Her vessel is that of a ceramic bunny owned by Maria.


Role in the Story

Banquet of the Golden Witch

Chiester 410 is first summoned alongside Chiester 45 by EVA-Beatrice to kill Rudolf and Kyrie. They continue to assist in the murders of Krauss and Natsuhi and attempt to kill Battler when he drags EVA into the meta-world. However, their powers are no match for his Endless Nine and they disappear.

Alliance of the Golden Witch

Summoned alongside her comrades by Goldsmith to claim victims for the first twilight. Later, they try to stop the prisoners when they escape but are shut down by an interference field.

End of the Golden Witch

The Chiesters try to defend Kinzo's spirit when Eiserne Jungfrau attacks the study.

Dawn of the Golden Witch

410 and 45 are posted as guards for Battler and Erika's wedding along with other Chiesters.

Other Appearances

Golden Fantasia

Chiester 410 is a playable character, having long-ranged bow attacks. Her special ability is "Break Boost," which increases guard damage on block. She has story modes with Virgilia, Lucifer, Rosa, EVA-Beatrice, and Lambdadelta.


  • Like other Chiester Sisters, 410 is named after a firearm round, in this case the .410 Shotgun round.
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