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This article is about a character in Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

Chiester 00 (シエスタ00 Shiesuta Daburu Ō) is the leader of the Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps. She first appears in Alliance of the Golden Witch.


A weapon of the Sister's Cavalry, which serves Pendragon.

00 is their calm and composed leader. However, this is merely the role demanded of her, since she's far more frail by nature.

00 excels at reconnaissance and serving as an advance guard, displaying extreme supremacy in unexpected encounters.

However, her excessively powerful fighting strength has been called inhumane, and it isn't rare for her to be lynched and abused when she surrenders on the battlefield.

Her one eye silently speaks to that.



Chiester 00 wears a black uniform and has long blonde hair. She has an eyepatch over her right eye and a scar on her left bunny ear.


00 is very serious in her duties yet also shows compassion for her comrades.


00 can link up with other Chiester Sisters and fire golden arrows. 00's arrows seem to be much more powerful than normal Chiester arrows and are strong enough to destroy people's heads. 00 is able to stop Krauss from tackling Kinzo and lifting him in the air using one hand.


00 is a commander in the Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps and oversees training.


Role in the Story

Alliance of the Golden Witch

Chiester 00 is first summoned by Goldsmith with her comrades to claim victims in the first twilight. Afterwards, she attempts to kill the prison escapees, initially getting shut down before rebooting.

Other Appearances

  • In Golden Fantasia, Chiester 00 appears during 410's meta-super to approve her attack.