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This article is about a character in Umineko When They Cry.

Chiester 00 (シエスタ00 Shiesuta Daburu Ō) is the leader of the Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps. She first appears in Alliance of the Golden Witch.


A weapon of the Sister's Cavalry, which serves Pendragon.

00 is their calm and composed leader. However, this is merely the role demanded of her, since she's far more frail by nature.

00 excels at reconnaissance and serving as an advance guard, displaying extreme supremacy in unexpected encounters.

However, her excessively powerful fighting strength has been called inhumane, and it isn't rare for her to be lynched and abused when she surrenders on the battlefield.

Her one eye silently speaks to that.



Chiester 00 wears a black uniform and has long blonde hair. She has an eyepatch over her right eye and a scar on her left bunny ear.


00 is very serious in her duties but also shows compassion for her comrades.


00 can link up with other Chiester Sisters and fire golden arrows. 00's arrows seem to be much more powerful than normal Chiester arrows and are strong enough to destroy people's heads.


00 is a commander in the Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps and oversees training. Her vessel is that of a ceramic bunny in Maria's animal band.

From an anti-fantasy perspective, Chiester 00 is an imaginary friend created by Yasu and based off a Winchester Rifle, one that uses buckshot rounds.


Role in the Story

Alliance of the Golden Witch

00 is first summoned

Chiester 00 is first summoned by Goldsmith alongside her comrades to claim victims in the first twilight. Inside the dining room they kill Natsuhi, Rudolf, Hideyoshi, Genji, and Eva by smashing half of their heads with their golden bows, strengthened by 00's presence. Krauss attempts to fight back but 00 simply holds him up with one had. Rosa also tries to attack 00, but she defends herself by releasing a golden arrow from her hand to destroy Rosa's head as well. With six victims claimed for the first twilight, the Chiesters are ordered to stand down as the survivors escape or are captured.

The Chiesters observe Battler and the cousins as they lock Gohda and Kumasawa inside the garden storehouse as Kinzo ordered them to. Later, Kinzo askes the Chiesters what they would give up to become Ushiromiya family head. 00 answers that she would sacrifice her own life since she sees herself as a weapon, but Kinzo mocks her for not having a real goal and thinking an immediate answer like that is acceptable.

When the survivors in Kuwadorian's prison escape, Virgilia orders the Chiesters to kill them. They initially get shut down due to an interference attack by Shannon and Kanon, but after rebooting they successfully kill Kanon, Shannon, Krauss, Nanjo, and Kyrie with their bows.

End of the Golden Witch

Erika attempts to prove that Kinzo doesn't exist in the study and summons Eiserne Jungfrau and the Chiesters to guard the doors and windows, to stop Piece-Beatrice from helping Kinzo's spirit escape through them. However, Battler is able to prove how Kinzo could escape and jumps out the window, which 00 and the others can't guard against.

During the Court of Illusions, the Chiesters stand guard for the proceedings and introduce themselves among the furniture. Erika tries to pin Natsuhi as the culprit behind the gameboard murders and Battler objects, but 00 silences him by hitting him with an arrow, as it's not his turn to speak yet.

In the ???, when Battler opens a retrial, the Chiesters are ordered to fire at him however they get error codes. Battler becomes recognized as the Territory Lord of the Fragment.

Dawn of the Golden Witch

The Chiesters stand guard for Battler and Erika's wedding and prepare for Beatrice to attack them. 00 intercepts an anonymous envelope and presents it to Lambdadelta, which is a confirmation that Beatrice is coming soon. Soon after, Beato crashes the wedding and the Chiesters defend against her and her allies, but Beato succeeds in challenging Erika to a duel.

Twilight of the Golden Witch

The Chiesters are powerless against goats that deny magic

The Chiesters attend Battler's party with all of the Humans and illusions. When goats begin attacking Rokkenjima and devouring it, the Chiesters help to repel them as everyone evacuates to the Golden Land. When they're unable to do anything against the goats that deny magic, they leave it to Dlanor and Will to clean them up.

Erika attempts to negotiate everyone's surrender in the Golden Land. 00 suggests to Beatrice they assassinate her, but she doesn't allow it. Later, Erika sends more goats to attack the Golden Land. Everyone dies when it crumbles, but they're revived by Ange's Witch of Resurrection powers. Ange moves into the future, leaving behind her family and all of the illusions in the restored Golden Land.

Other Appearances

Golden Fantasia

Chiester 00 appears during 410's meta-super to approve her attack.

Beatrice's White Day

Beatrice feels left out of Valentine's Day by not getting gifts and summons 45 and 00 to help with her revenge. They use their bows to sabotage the White Day gifts being given to the Seven Stakes.

Valentine's Day Letters

00 sends chocolate to BATTLER.

Arigato For 556

This story features Chiester 00's time with the other Chiesters and 556 when she was still alive.



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    Ryukishi07's comment: "00’s a shotgun. She’s not a G*ndam (laughs). This might be my imagination, but I feel like she’s a personal homage to a certain war manga artist due to her being a bunny, having one eye, being a soldier, and saying “It’s time you learned a lesson!”. During the battle scenes in Episode 8, I wanted her to say “kiss my ass!” (laughs)."