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Chick Beato (雛ベアト Hina Beato) is a version of Beatrice that represents what she was like when first becoming a witch. She only appears in Dawn of the Golden Witch.


The new witch, who was revived from the rules.

She has not lived a thousand years. and her behavior is vastly different from how it once was.

She's a witch who doesn't even know how to use magic. However, she has no fear of magic circles or spiderwebs. It's almost as though she's just a human...

She's attached to Battler and makes it her goal to do whatever she can for him.


Chick Beato has the exact same appearance as the original Beatrice, wearing a red and black dress with blonde hair tied into a bun.


Chick Beato speaks in a very polite tone, nothing like the original Beatrice she was based off of. She cares deeply for her creator BATTLER, wanting to do anything to obtain his love. Her personality resembles the Beatrice that Rosa had met as a child, who is also described as a "chick" in Banquet of the Golden Witch.


Chick Beato can use magic to choke people without even touching them.[1] However, she can be harmed by spirit mirrors.


Chick Beato was created by BATTLER after the original Beatrice died in End of the Golden Witch.


Role in the Story[]

Dawn of the Golden Witch[]

Chick Beato first appears very early on in the story at the beginning of Battler and Erika Furudo's game, emerging out of her room and quickly being collected and hidden by Battler. He explains that he is trying to revive Beatrice again, but has failed each time. Chick Beato begins to feel neglected for not being able to be who her "father" wants. She sets off to find out how to become Battler's ideal Beatrice, meeting Beato the Elder who agrees to teach her to be a real witch.

The two try to find ways to become one and fail until eventually Chick Beato joins Zepar and Furfur's challenges. She joins in during the First Twilight and attempts to murder Natsuhi, where it is revealed mirrors hurt her; Battler eventually saves her, finishing the murder. However, after Battler is trapped in his Logic Error, Chick Beato is disqualified due to not having a partner anymore.

During the final trial, she watches alongside the others, questioning why everyone's loves cannot be true. After Shannon's victory in the duel Chick Beato begins to fade and disappear as Beato the Elder tries to get her to hang on and not to go away. As she fades she begins to recover Shannon's memories of Battler and why she was born to love Battler. Afterwards, she meets with Kanon, who also faded after being defeated in the love duel. Kanon tells her that he will save Battler and reminds her of what a witch really is, which is the final push she needed to fully recover the memories of her previous form and become one with Beato the Elder.

The fully revived Beatrice then goes and crashes Erika and Battler's wedding. She challenges Erika to a duel on the Logic Error. Beatrice is able to defeat Erika in the first battle after declaring in red that Kanon doesn't exist in the closed room, even though Kanon was stated in red to have saved Battler. In the end, Erika challenges Battler and Beatrice one final time, and is shot down by the two of them together.

Afterwards, the two are married and celebrate their wedding in the Golden Land, along with everyone else.



  1. Dawn of the Golden Witch Chapter 11: The Fate of Those Who Do Not Fight. Narration: Beato slowly stuck out her arms...and made as if to grab something in empty space. ...That grab...bound itself around Natsuhi's neck.(...) Natsuhi's heels lifted up, and a faint, purple shape appeared around her neck... (...) ...So, to an outsider, it just looked as though Natsuhi was standing on her toes in anguish, scratching at her own neck.