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The chapel during daytime.

The Chapel (礼拝堂 Reihaidō) is a building on Rokkenjima. It is situated in a grove behind the mansion, and can be reached after a short walk.

The chapel features as a stage in the fighting game Golden Fantasia.


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The chapel's entrance

The chapel appears as an ornate western building with a distinct domed tower. Its entrance is surrounded by an arch and flanked by two lion statues. Above it is a relief which reads "This door is opened only at a probability of a quadrillion to one. You will be blessed only at a probability of a quadrillion to one". The exterior of the chapel has been repaired several times, giving it a pristine appearance despite its age.

The main sanctuary of the chapel is arched and includes two rows of pews, an altar, a pulpit, and a pipe organ. It also includes a waiting room and a VIP room. The door to the chapel may only be opened with a single specific key.

The exterior of the chapel, with the exception of the door image, is based on the Kyu-Iwasaki-tei Garden in Tokyo[1].


Kinzo had the building constructed at around the same time as the mansion, sometime in 1952. He regarded the chapel as a sacred place, and as such gave strict orders for it to be cleaned four times a year. He also warned his children never to approach it, and was not known to have approached it himself either. Requiem of the Golden Witch reveals that the chapel's relief is the key to solving the epitaph, as it contains a puzzle. Solving that puzzle will reveal the path to the hidden gold.


Turn of the Golden Witch[]

The chapel is first shown on the first night, and serves as the setting where the adults of the Ushiromiya family all acknowledge the existence of the human guest Beatrice. Rosa and the servants are led to the locked chapel the next morning by a note, which was unlocked by a key from an envelope Maria had received from Beatrice the previous day. Inside are the corpses of the first twilight: Krauss, Natsuhi, Eva, Hideyoshi, Rudolf, and Kyrie. Their bellies had been sliced open and filled with candy, and their bodies arranged to be sitting on a table filled with Halloween candy and decorations, as well as three gold ingots. Upon leaving the scene later, the group discusses the significance that the chapel may have had for Kinzo.

George, Shannon, and Gohda return to the chapel later in a bid to get the key to Natsuhi's room from the pocket of her corpse. They enter the building by breaking a window. After retrieving the key, they encounter Beatrice, who pursues them out of the chapel. Rosa later entered the chapel a minute before midnight and grabbed a gold ingot before fleeing.

Banquet of the Golden Witch[]

In the third game, the chapel serves as the site of Kanon's corpse, the last victim discovered from the first twilight.

Requiem of the Golden Witch[]

In the prologue, Battler and Virgilia hold a funeral for Beatrice in a meta-world version of the chapel. The story then shifts to an alternate Fragment where Kinzo holds a funeral for Beatrice on October 4, 1986. The funeral is attended by the detective Will, who questions the family members in the waiting room and VIP room in order to unravel the mystery of Beatrice's death.

In Clair's story, Yasuda meets Beatrice for the first time at the chapel, though the witch took the appearance of Gaap. On November 29, 1984, Beatrice makes her way to the chapel in order to operate the mechanism hidden on the chapel's relief according to the instructions of the epitaph. The correct sequence of actions causes the movement of one of the lion statues at the entrance, pointing the way to the underground passage leading to the ingot room. After the story's conclusion, Will conducts Beatrice's funeral by solving the mysteries of the first four games.

The chapel is the site of the ??? epilogue, where Battler tries to reassure a six-year old Ange about the truth of the Rokkenjima incident.

Twilight of the Golden Witch[]

The chapel is the location of the prologue, where Battler speaks to a six-year old Ange and invites her to Rokkenjima. It is revisited later by Ange after she discovers it to be the location of the Book of the Single Truth. Beatrice duels Ange in an attempt to stop her, but is unsuccessful.

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