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These are the portraits that appear in Umineko When They Cry.

Main Story Portraits[]

The six portraits seen in the main story are illustrated by Takahito Ekusa.


The most iconic portrait in the game is the portrait of the Golden Witch in the hall of the Ushiromiya Family Mansion. It is shown multiple times during the story and in all opening videos.


The portrait of the new Endless Witch, which appeared after her inauguration as the successor. It was shown as a declaration of the arrival of the new Beatrice during Episode 3.

Erika Furudo[]

The portrait of the new Witch of Truth, which appeared when Erika became the Witch of Truth in the Tea Party of Episode 5.

Sorcerer Battler[]

The portrait of the Sorcerer Battler, which appeared after Featherine appointed Bernkastel as the Reader of Episode 7 in ???? of Episode 6. It is also seen in the last opening video of Episodes 7 and 8.

Willard and Lion[]

This one never shows up in the actual story but is seen in the last opening video of Episodes 7 and 8. It is also used as the background of the title screen of Chiru after ???? of Episode 7 is completed but before the main part of Episode 8 is completed.

Golden Fantasia Portraits[]

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