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Subcategory of Higurashi Story Arcs.

These are the extra arcs that are part of the Higurashi When They Cry series. For visual novels, this includes all story arcs released outside of the eight main arcs in the original main story and sequel series like Gou-Sotsu/Meguri and Rei.

The categorization of extra arcs is done via the following workflow:

  1. PC extra arcs: Arcs that appear on PC visual novel releases fall under these categories exclusively, regardless of whether the VN version is the first iteration.
  2. Console extra arcs, Manga extra arcs, and Anime extra arcs: The remaining arcs are categorized based on the types of medium they are available in. Attach all categories that apply for these arcs.
  3. The remain arcs not available in the above three types of medium stay in this general category.

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