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This article is about a character in Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

Kawabata (川畑 Kawabata) is the captain of the speedboat that went to and from Rokkenjima. He first appears in Alliance of the Golden Witch.


An old man who used to be a captain of a high-speed boat that went to and from Rokkenjima.

At least among those still alive, he's certainly the person most familiar with matters concerning Rokkenjima.

The media hoped he might have learned details of the situation inside the Ushiromiya Family from various discussions with servants going to and from the island.

However. he never said anything, so they eventually began to forget this old man...


Captain Kawabata wears a dark green cap, white shirt, and blue vest.


Kawabata shows some disdain for people who talk about the Rokkenjima Massacre just to drive up ratings.


Role in the Story

Legend of the Golden Witch

Kawabata does not have a sprite, however he is the one to bring the Ushiromiyas to the island.

Alliance of the Golden Witch

In 1998, Ange visits him to learn more about his history with the Ushiromiya family and earns his help in going to the island.

Twilight of the Golden Witch

In the Trick Ending, he is killed by Ange, thinking he was intending to kill her.


  • His name contains the kanji for "river".
  • According to Answer to the Golden Witch, his name is a homage to a long-existing family line in Leaf, a PC game-maker software.
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