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This article is about a character in Rose Guns Days.

Caleb Keireiji (ケイレブ・敬礼寺 Keirebu Keireiji), known alternatively as simply Caleb or Keireiji, is a war veteran and mafia boss. Leading the Caleb Family, he aims to take over City 23 to provide better jobs and pay for his fellow veterans.


Let me introduce him as the face of the clientele at Bar Nobushi, a tavern where many veterans hang out.
They say that he was an officer who led a large number of men into the southern jungle.
He still has the dignity of having led a group of soldiers on the front line, and he is said to have earned the respect of many veterans.
When a soldier from a defeated country comes home, no one welcomes him; they have no job, and thus no work.
He said that he wanted to take them in and take care of them. I think he was definitely a man worthy of respect.

(Translated from the official 07th Expansion website.)


Caleb has white hair and a scar on his face. As Keireiji, he wears a white shirt and cravat. As Caleb, he wears a fancy coat over a dark blue and yellow suit.


Caleb deeply cares for veteran soldiers, considering them to be family since they all experienced war firsthand.


Caleb is a veteran from World War II who became displeased with Japan's quality of life after the war, especially the fact that jobs were hard to come by and wages were low because of middlemen passing on jobs. Caleb soon formed a mafia group with the purpose of changing all of this.



Rose Haibara[]

Caleb and Rose are rivals due to them having their own desires for how to save the Japanese. Caleb admires Rose but he still thinks she lacks the resolve to get her hands dirty. He also frequently compares her to his dead wife. In Season 2, Caleb is defeated but still maintains a good friendship with Rose, offering help when she needs it.

Miguel Kurashiki[]

Miguel serves as Caleb's right-hand-man and has spent a lot of time with him. Miguel is often the one to get Caleb to come back to his senses when Caleb starts doubting himself.


Season 1[]

Caleb is first introduced in 1947 as Keireiji when he meets Leo at a bar. Keireiji helps Leo in his goal of finding a missing American lieutenant and later with finding Alfred's hideouts.

With Alfred's defeat, Caleb starts taking control of City 23, making other mafia groups and businesses join him or else. Caleb also asks Primavera to join him however Rose refuses, and Caleb's henchmen attack Primavera-allied businesses in return. Caleb later heads to Chinatown and threatens Meijiu with retaliation if he assists Primavera like he did with Alfred.

Rose's guilt over seeing so many people hurt because of her makes her want to surrender to Caleb, and she is soon captured by his men. Caleb later meets Leo again and asks him to join his Family in exchange for Rose's release. Leo refuses as well, and Caleb lets him retrieve Rose after she is tortured by Miguel against his orders.

Caleb soon attends a meeting with Butler and negotiates with the occupying forces for his Family to gain ownership of the special offers window; Butler asks Caleb to provide them with $100,000,000 to prove he's serious. Caleb's men get even more brutal with their extortion of money from business owners, soon taking over Primavera and assaulting Rose and Richard's apartments, forcing their members into hiding.

In their bid to obtain more money to meet Butler's goal and find Rose and Richard, Caleb's men start extorting American citizens and making truck drivers in Chinatown pull over for inspection. The occupying forces plan to assassinate Caleb due to his threatening of American citizens, and Meijiu calls Caleb to give him money in exchange for some of the special offers window for the GDS but is rejected.

Season 2[]

Caleb starts putting down traitors who appear amongst his ranks and manages to obtain the $100,000,000 for Butler. He calls him to prepare the handoff, but unbeknownst to Caleb the occupying forces plan to assassinate him with snipers after the meeting. Caleb successfully hands Butler half of the money, saving the rest for when the occupying forces fulfill their end of the deal, and the snipers take their shots but fail. Caleb soon goes into hiding while thinking Rose may be behind it.

Rose soon calls Caleb to formally declare war against him on behalf of Primavera and plans to isolate Caleb at one of his hideouts with help from Butler. Rose's group soon attacks, and Caleb decides to disband the Caleb Family after ordering Miguel to cease his fight with Wayne. Caleb and Rose then engage in a gunfight and final conversation. 1947 ultimately ends with Caleb's defeat and Rose taking his place as the ruler of City 23.

In 1948, the Wandering Dogs learn that Caleb is alive and had left City 23 after settling things with Rose, going to work as a bartender in Chiba and kept hidden by the Satomi Alliance. Caleb and Rose have become good friends since then, and Caleb later assists her when some gangsters attack the bar.

Season 3[]

During Rose's final encounter with Wang, Caleb calls to offer his support on behalf of the Satomi Alliance.

Last Season[]

In 1950, Caleb is recruited by Jeanne and her friends to fight Primavera once again.