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This article is about a character in Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni.

The Black Tea Gentleman (紅茶紳士 Kōcha Shinshi) is the second ranked youkai of the shadows and the "vice principal", having the ability to create illusions. He first appears in The Princess' Lie.


Not ranked among the Eight School Youkai, but it is whispered that he is the shadow second rank in power. As the right hand of the headmaster, he is a powerful youkai known as the Vice Principal. He holds the power to amplify the dreams of children and let them escape reality. He can be seen as either overflowing with kindness or with cruelty. He is the natural enemy of youkai like Higanbana who hunt by inviting their victims to die.

His hobby is to read children's writings about their 'Dreams of the Future'.

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(Translation by Spider Lily Translations)

The temporary appearance that the Black Tea Gentleman takes when he needs a human form. He's actually employed as the vice principal, and supports both the human and the youkai headmaster.

He's usually downright coldhearted when it comes to teachers doing their job, so whenever he's at work the staff room falls as silent as death. The only time he'll show an honest smile is when he's talking about his favorite hobby, tea.

Dealing with problems before they ever reach the Headmaster's ears is his greatest virtue.

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(Translation by Spider Lily Translations)


The Black Tea Gentleman has short red hair with a long white streak. He wears a gold earring on one ear, a black and blue tuxedo, and white pants with red shoes. He wears many medals on his shirt, a black collar around his neck, and a red belt around one wrist and a blue spiked band on the other.

Black Tea Gentleman's human outfit features him wearing a less cluttered black tuxedo, white shirt and blue vest with the same white pants and red shoes.


The Black Tea Gentleman is laid-back and supportive, but like other youkai he delights in feasting on humans' souls, especially from innocent kids like Midori.


The Black Tea Gentleman is an unnamed youkai, but he doesn't mind his nickname since he is a fan of tea. He and many of the other ranked youkai inhabited the school when it was chaotic and full of other youkai, later coming into power and forming a hierarchy when the students started to believe in the seven mysteries. The Gentleman would later get a job in human form as the vice principal of the school and support the human principal.

The Black Tea Gentleman forms a contract with Midori Kusunoki where he grants her wish of becoming like her rival Nozomi Kawada and puts her into an illusory world where she's the center of attention, gaining a portion of her soul in exchange.



First Night

The Princess' Lie

Midori summons the Gentleman to complain about these strange pains she's been getting. He tells her not to worry and just focus on her performance. Midori remembers the day she first met the Black Tea Gentleman and how he gave her the princess life she dreamed about, in exchange for a part of her soul.

Midori's phantom pains intensify, and she wonders if the Black Tea Gentleman has contracted with another girl like Nozomi to cause harm to her. The gentleman assures her that he'll always be by her side and encourages her to do her best, and to not let her rival get the best of her. Midori leaves in angered determination, and the youkai devours another part of her soul.

Midori gets changed into her play outfit and sees lots of mysterious bruises all over her body, with the Black Tea Gentleman appearing once again and telling her not to worry. Marie appears and confronts him, asking that he let Midori go and free her from her curse. The tea drinker is unwilling to let go of a delicious soul like Midori's and fights Marie, but he ultimately admits defeat and frees Midori from her illusion. Midori realizes that she wished all along to have the role of Nozomi Kawada and was living in an illusion, and the Black Tea Gentleman invites her back into it.

Second Night

The Lunar Festival

Black Tea Gentleman attends the moon viewing party with the other ranked youkai, wearing a new outfit.

Welcome to the Mirror World

Marie enters the mirror world and meets the opposite version of the Black Tea Gentleman, who is providing support for the mirror Midori in her acting endeavors.

Before the Spider Lilies Bloomed

Black Tea Gentleman and other youkai reminisce on how they came to power.

After School

In this dream world, Black Tea Gentleman and Izanami bicker and try to pit Midori and Aya against each other.


  • Black Tea Gentleman's design was to be used for a perverted character like Kanamori but he ended up being different.[1]