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Beyond Midnight Arc Vol. 2 is the second volume of Yoigoshi, a manga original arc that was subsequently adapted into visual novel format, and the 10th overall volume of the manga adaptation of Higurashi When They Cry. The volume was released in English by Yen Press.

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With Mion's name clearly printed among the names of those killed in Hinamizawa twenty years ago, suspicion for the murder falls on her. But Mion isn't the only one whose story doesn't quite add up. How did the killer know Otobe's was the only phone with a signal? How could Otobe's friends have simply "disappeared"? Is it really the work of demons, or is there a murderer among them?


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This volume includes the final seven chapters of the story.

  1. June 22, 2:00 AM, Assembly Hall 3 (6月22日午前2時 集会所③ Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ni-nichi Gozen Ni-ji Shūkaijo San)
  2. June 22, 3:00 AM, Assembly Hall 4 (6月22日午前3時 集会所④ Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ni-nichi Gozen San-ji Shūkaijo Yo)
  3. June 22, 4:00 AM, Assembly Hall 5 (6月22日午前4時 集会所⑤ Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ni-nichi Gozen Yo-ji Shūkaijo Go)
  4. June 22, Dawn (6月22日 夜明け Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ni-nichi Yoake)
  5. June 22, 5:00 AM, To the Sonozaki Estate (6月22日午前5時 園崎本家へ "Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ni-nichi Gozen Go-ji Sonozaki Honke e")
  6. June 22, Daybreak, Sonozaki Estate (6月22日早暁 園崎本家 Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ni-nichi Sōgyō Sonozaki Honke)
  7. June 22, 6:00 AM, Conclusion (6月22日午前6時 決着 Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ni-nichi Gozen Roku-ji Ketchaku)



Hello, I'm Ryukishi07.

Just as the name suggests, the "Beyond Midnight Arc" was designed as a compact story in which the characters spend one night in the rain. Each of the characters speaks from their personal standpoints (only saying what's best for them), and some-thing keeps twisting...This might ring a bell with very knowledgeable people, but it's inspired by the world-famous story Rashomon, written by Ryunosuke Akutagawa and made into a film by Akira Kurosawa.

Otobe, who joined a carbon monoxide suicide group but instead stole his dead comrade's cash card, doesn't want the police to be contacted until he gets the money. And Towada, who killed her lover, wants to disappear before anyone finds out. Mion is being followed, and her pursuers continue to surround her, cutting off her methods of escape until they've rallied enough men...Only each person involved with each of the three situations knows that part of the truth. So what if Arakawa, who knows all about Oyashiro-sama's curse, takes all the facts and leads them to a conclusion completely distorted from the truth? ...And that's where we get the story of a single night-the "Beyond Midnight Arc." if I said it was a story that complies with Rule Z of the main "Higurashi" story, I think those of you who are familiar with the original series will understand. I think that our daily lives are overflowing with Rule Z. We take the statements of people who say only what is convenient for their interests, interpret them in a way that's convenient for us too, and then behave based on that forced understanding. ...It may be that, no matter how coolheaded we are, we cannot look at things objectively. All we can do is try to be aware of it ourselves, warn ourselves that everything is adapted for the convenience of whoever told us, and strive to look at things with a level head.

I am truly grateful to Mimori-sensei, who depicted this compact but mysterious story in such a spectacular way! Mimori-sensei's drawings of Mion in a kimono are so amazingly wonderful that I had a lot of fun looking at the rough drafts for each chapter! Thank you very much for sticking with the series to the end! I pray with all my heart for your future endeavors!


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