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Beyond Midnight Arc Vol. 1 is the first volume of Yoigoshi, a manga original arc that was subsequently adapted into visual novel format, and the ninth overall volume of the manga adaptation of Higurashi When They Cry. The volume was released in English by Yen Press.

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In the twenty years since the Hinamizawa disaster, the small village has become a literal ghost town. Terrible rumors about the mysterious gas leak that claimed hundreds of lives have kept even the most curious at bay. But on this night, fate has led five strangers to the abandoned mountain hamlet-among them a certain Mion Sonozaki. As the footsteps of the living echo through the abandoned halls of Furude shrine, the sleeping demons of Hinamizawa stir once again...


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This volume includes the first seven chapters of the story.

  1. Chapter 0
  2. June 21, 9:00 PM (6月21日午後9時 Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ichi-nichi Gogo Ku-ji)
  3. June 21, 10:00 PM (6月21日午後10時 Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ichi-nichi Gogo Jū-ji)
  4. June 21, 11:00 PM, Assembly Hall 1 (6月21日午後11時 集会所① Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ichi-nichi Jū-ichi-ji Shūkaijo Ichi)
  5. June 22, 0:00 AM, Assembly Hall 2 (6月22日午前0時 集会所② Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ni-nichi Gozen Zero-ji Shūkaijo Ni)
  6. June 22, 0:30 AM, Furude Shrine 1 (6月22日午前0時30分 古手神社① Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ni-nichi Gozen Zero-ji San-jūppun Furude Jinja Ichi)
  7. June 22, 1:00 AM, Furude Shrine 2 (6月22日午前1時 古手神社② Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ni-nichi Gozen Ichi-ji Furude Jinja Ni)



The "Beyond Midnight Arc" is a new side story that wasn't in the original game series.

The setting in the side story has left the year 1983 and takes place in the present day, but the world and laws that make up the foundation of the "Higurashi" series still carry over. In that sense, I may call it a side story, but it is still a legitimate "Higurashi WHEN THEY CRY" arc that is in no way inferior to the others.

The other episodes are filled with the cry of the Higurashi cicadas, which brings a sad feeling in the midst of tranquility, but those voices go unheard in the world of this "Beyond Midnight Arc." Instead, all we hear is the gentle, melancholy sound of the rain late at night. Four men and women gather in a quiet, eerie, abandoned village, not knowing who the others are. By a strange coincidence, they take shelter from the rain together...In the deserted village that was wiped out in a single night by the great Hinamizawa disaster long ago.

Mimori-sensei has wonderfully depicted that mysterious and eerie world with the tip of a pen pregnant with delicacy and bewitching charm. I hope you will enjoy the continuation of this story of a bizarre night in the rain....


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