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Bernkastel writes a letter to her “beloved friend,” asking if they’re alive and well. She states her surprise that her friend still had energy to write to her, calling it a miracle. Bern also thanks her friend for the suggestion that Lambda might be the one responsible for finding another witch to trap her, one with similar affinity. Bern then saycs Lambda might be a precious being to her, being much higher-ranked and closer to having the same disease Bern’s friend has; Bern is learning how to deal with this disease by watching Lambda.

Bern then asks her friend to give her strength, saying that Lambda claimed she would not win the game board with and forcing Bern to identify “rule X.” Bern remembers the story that always begins on June 20th, saying it’s the core of Beatrice’s game. Rule Y is what elevates Beatrice’s game into magic, and if they can’t touch this rule and examine it then they may as well not be witches. Beatrice’s magic system is elevating her past the level of other witches and is encroaching on the recipient’s level. In some time, Bern and Lambda will fall to her, and Bern will receive the same disease.

Bern then talks about Rule Z, having determined that Rules X and Y are not enough to explain everything. Bern assumes Rule Z to be like a maze preventing her from figuring out X and Y. Bern’s powers let her see every possible path through the maze and reach the end eventually, but Lambda’s powers let her walk through the walls completely. Even so, Bern thinks this maze has a bad affinity with her because it constantly changes shape; until Bern can unravel this Rule Z that should be immutable, Beatrice will still be called a witch. Bern imagines her recipient reading up to that point and laughing, and then writes that she will be visiting them soon, signing off. The location changes to show that of someone's study.

The tip ends with poems from Ronove and Frederica Bernkastel.

Love is an illusion, a misunderstanding.

Mutual love is a mutual misunderstanding of being mutually loved.

And engagement is a vow to not wake up for your whole life from that misunderstanding.


Many things were found from his room. From those evidences, it is possible to deduce that I am loved by you.

Many things were found from my room. From those evidences, it is possible to deduce that I also love you.

Nothing was found from her room. However, I can't deny the existence of an undiscovered evidence X of unfaithfulness.

-Frederica Bernkastel

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