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In Twilight of the Golden Witch, Bernkastel plays a game with Battler and Beatrice about a series of murders taking place on Rokkenjima. The murders follow the epitaph like in the main episodes, except characters will use purple statements. A character who isn't a culprit tells the truth when they speak in purple, but culprits may lie when they do.

At the end of Bern's story, the player must figure out who the culprit or culprits are. They may reread the twilights, access red truths and purple statements, or view hints, acted out in the form of discussion scenes between Battler and Beatrice. Making a wrong culprit selection will play a hint while making the correct choice will advance the story.

Forgery of the Purple Logic is a spin-off manga that follows a similar concept, encouraging the reader to find the culprit on their own.


  • The definition of 'culprit' is 'one who murders'.
  • It is possible for a culprit to lie.
  • It is possible for a culprit to lie even before committing murder.
  • Characters who are not culprits only speak the truth.
  • Characters who are not culprits may not cooperate with a culprit.
  • A culprit must carry out all murders directly, by their own hands.
  • A culprit must not die.
  • A culprit must be among the characters appearing in the story.
  • Purple statements have the same power as red truth. Only the culprit can lie in purple statements. (Red in manga only)
  • Outside of spoken statements, there are no lies in the narration.
  • I guarantee that it is possible to pinpoint the culprit with this information.
  • This game is set up so that everybody knows about the connection between Shannon and Kanon. (manga only)


First Twilight[]

The family conference was taking place in the dining hall throughout the night. At 6:00 in the morning, Gohda heads there to make breakfast and discovers six bodies: Eva, Hideyoshi, Rudolf, Kyrie, Rosa, and Genji. Everyone then gathered in the dining hall, with the cousins confirming the deaths of their own parents. Nanjo and Kanon confirmed that Genji was dead. After inspecting the dining hall, they confirm it was completely locked earlier and there was nothing suspicious lying around. There was also nobody hidden, as the survivors were all gathered in the parlor. Natsuhi supposes that the servants killed the six and locked the dining hall with their master keys. The servants don't have alibis, but neither does anybody else. In any case, Genji's master key was destroyed to protect from misuse later on.

Second Twilight[]

The external phone lines were cut, so nobody could contact the police. Krauss and Natsuhi went to the second floor to talk privately, and when they didn't return after a while, everybody got concerned. The internal line was used to send calls to Krauss and Natsuhi's rooms but no response came, leading everyone to think something happened.

Everyone heads to Natsuhi's room together, with Shannon unlocking the door to find Krauss and Natsuhi's bodies. Nanjo confirmed that both of them died instantly, with Jessica adding that the windows and doors were all locked. The servants were all together, thus they can provide alibis for each other. To preserve the crime scene, tape was placed on the doors and windows to seal them. The dining hall was then sealed in the same way. Determining that the mansion itself should be preserved, the survivors sealed every mansion door and window with tape and retreated to the guesthouse.

Fourth Twilight[]

Shannon and Kanon went outside for an errand, making everyone worry when they didn't come back after a while. The group searches for Shannon and finds her body lying in the rose garden, with George having to accept that she was really dead. Nobody except George had an alibi, as everyone was checking the locks to the guesthouse. Shannon's master key was then destroyed.

Kanon disappears forever when Shannon dies; he is treated as killed and his master key is treated as destroyed.

Fixth and Sixth Twilights[]

The survivors hole up inside the cousin room and decide to double-check Nanjo, Kumasawa, and Gohda's testimonies. Inside the servant room, they find Gohda and Kumasawa's bodies, with Nanjo confirming that both of them died instantly. Once again, nobody has an alibi, with Jessica adding that with the way Gohda and Kumasawa died, the cousins and Nanjo couldn't have killed them. George thinks someone may have snuck in, but the guesthouse was still locked. Gohda and Kumasawa's master keys were then destroyed, leaving no keys left; nobody should be able to break into the guesthouse.

Seventh Twilight[]

Nanjo was killed in the entrance hall of the guesthouse. The cousins find his corpse, with George confirming that the doctor died an instant death. Everything was locked, and there was no way for the cousins to kill him. There was proof that Nanjo never left the guesthouse, so how did he die?

Eighth Twilight[]

Jessica flies out of the guesthouse in a rage and tries to find the culprit. The other cousins go after her, but they soon find her corpse lying on the ground. George and Maria confirm that Jessica died instantly, and Battler exclaims that none of the cousins could have killed her. George and Maria agree that the other is incapable of killing, and the narration ends.

Purple Statements and Red Truths[]

First Twilight[]

Six corpses

  • Gohda: The dining hall was locked up. Of course, there is a lock on the doors to the dining hall, but they usually remained unlocked. I knocked, but there was no answer...
  • Kumasawa: That's when I arrived. I recommended that he try unlocking the door, just in case.
  • Gohda: When I unlocked the door with a master key, a terrifying sight awaited me inside...
  • Kumasawa: Eva-sama, Hideyoshi-sama, Rudolf-sama, Kyrie-sama, Rosa-sama, and Genii-sama, six people in all, were lying there, covered in blood...
  • Krauss: A great tumult followed. Everyone gathered in the dining hall.

Checking the corpses

  • Jessica: There was a chance they might've been alive still. ...Everyone was shaking them desperately.
  • Shannon: But it was no use... Each of the children confirmed the deaths of their own parents...
  • Kanon: Doctor Nanjo and I confirmed that Genji-sama was dead.
  • Nanjo: It was such a gruesome way to be killed. No one is going to mistakenly confirm a death, even those other than myself.
  • Maria: Looks like all of the victims died instantly. ...Kihihihihi.

Closed room crime scene?

  • Krauss: After inspecting the interior of the dining hall, we determined that all of the doors and windows had been locked, making it a closed room.
  • Battler: And nothing suspicious was found inside the dining hall.
  • George: Of course, there was no one hiding in the dining hall either?
  • Krauss: Naturally. All of us are here right now. It's clear that no one is hiding.

Genji's master key

  • Natsuhi: To guard against trouble later on, we destroyed Genji's master key.

Regarding master keys

  • All doors can only be locked or unlocked with a master key.
  • Of course, it is possible to lock or unlock the doors from inside the room even without a master key.
  • We'll consider master keys to be the only keys that exist.
  • There are five master keys total. One is held by each of the five servants.
  • The servants keep the master keys on their person at all times, so it is impossible for them to be stolen. handed over, or used by any human other than themselves.

Second Twilight[]

Natsuhi and Krauss's room

  • Gohda: Madam's room was locked! It's just like the dining hall!
  • Shannon: After getting everyone's permission, I unlocked the door...
  • Kanon: Krauss-sama and Natsuhi-sama lay sprawled on the floor inside the room.

Checking corpses and locks

  • Battler: Doctor Nanjo checked their pulse. Then, he announced that the two of them had died instantly.
  • Nanjo: Correct. I confirmed both of their deaths. There can be no doubt that they died instantly.
  • Jessica: I searched all over the room, looking for a clue...! In the end, I found that the windows and doors had all been locked, making it a closed room.

Alibis for the servants

  • Shannon: All of us servants were together the whole time.
  • Kanon: All of us servants can prove an alibi for all of the other servants.

Genji's master key

  • Maria: We put packing tape all over the outside of the doors and windows, sealing them!
  • Jessica: I'm sure the culprit left some sort of clue in this room! We made sure that no one would be able to enter or leave until the police arrived!
  • Battler: Then, we did the same to the dining hall. We also sealed the dining room in the same way.
  • Nanjo: We reached the conclusion that the entire mansion itself should be preserved. We also sealed the mansion itself, and all of us took refuge in the guesthouse.

Layout of the mansion

  • All of the windows had steel bars on them, so it's impossible to enter or leave by them.
  • We'll say that they can seal the whole mansion by sealing the two doors, the front one and the back one.

Culprit of the first twilight

  • The culprit of the first twilight really did kill six people.

Seals on the room

  • The group sealed the room at the same time they left. No culprit joined the group as they left. Also, all of the seals on Natsuhi's room, the dining hall, and the mansion itself will not be broken.

Fourth Twilight[]

Shannon and Kanon vanish

  • Jessica: George nii-san got upset, so we all went outside to look for them.
  • Kumasawa: We found Shannon-chan lying there in the rose garden. Oh, poor, poor Shannon-chan...
  • George: I prayed she was still alive. However, I was forced to acknowledge that she was dead...
  • Nanjo: Of course, I also examined her and confirmed her death.


  • Gohda: When the two of them left, we were busy checking the locks around the guesthouse. So, not one of us has an alibi...!
  • George: Me, kill her?! How could I have killed her?!!
  • Maria: That's right. George onii-chan couldn't kill her, uu-
  • Jessica: Later on, we learned hat George nii-san alone had an alibi. At the very least, George nii-san couldn't possible have killed Shannon.
  • Battler: To turn it around, ...anyone other than George-aniki could have killed her.

Shannon's master key

  • Gohda: To prevent the culprit from using it for any mischief, we destroyed the master key Shannon-san had on the spot.

Kanon and the master key

  • From now on, Kanon is treated as being killed. Also, Kanon's master key is treated as being destroyed.

Fifth/Sixth Twilight[]

Two corpses

  • Nanjo: Judging by these wounds, Gohda-san and Kumasawa-san died instantly, I believe. Such a gruesome way to die...
  • Jessica: Like hell they could survive with wounds like this...! Gohda-san and Kumasawa-san are both dead!


  • Battler: Well, we have been busy, keeping a lookout and locking up and all that. Once again, none of us has an alibi.
  • George: That's not true. Look. ...Considering the way they were killed, the culprit would definitely get blood splatter on themselves.
  • Maria: But Doctor Nanjo and all of the cousins have no blood on them.
  • Jessica: All of us... in other words, the four cousins and Doctor Nanjo couldn't have killed Gohda-san and Kumasawa-san.

Preserving the crime scene?

  • George: I guessed someone might have snuck in, so I checked around, but the guesthouse was still completely locked up.
  • Nanjo: Perhaps the culprit has a master key after all...
  • Battler: That's impossible. No master keys exist anymore except the two keys on the two people who lie dead here.

Seventh Twilight[]

Nanjo's Corpse

  • Jessica: H-he's dead... He's been killed...!
  • George: Even I...can say for sure that this was an instant death...
  • Maria: Everything is locked up perfectly. How did it happen, if this is a closed room?

Is one of the 4 the culprit?

  • Jessica: Impossible! Judging by the circumstances, Maria, Battler, George nii-san and I all couldn't have killed Doctor Nanjo!
  • George: In the first place, no one could kill Doctor Nanjo inside the guesthouse!
  • Battler: And look at this. Simply put, this is proof that Doctor Nanjo didn't leave the guesthouse...!

Eighth Twilight[]

Jessica's corpse

  • George: Poor. ...Jessica-chan. She probably died instantly.
  • Maria: There's no way she could live through this. Kihihihihi

Who killed her?

  • Battler: The three of us were together the whole time! George-aniki, Maria and I couldn't have killed Jessica!
  • Maria: Yeah. The three of us couldn't have killed Jessica.
  • George: As if Maria-chan could kill someone. Maria-chan couldn't kill anyone.
  • Maria: Kihihi, thanks. George onii-chan couldn't kill an adult. He could kill a kid though. Kihihihihihi.


  1. Look for characters who can't possibly be the culprit and treat their purple statements as red truth.
  2. Check for characters who are definitely dead and use their purples as red truth.
  3. Check the narration for any deaths and treat their purples as truth.
  4. Nanjo and Jessica are definitely dead as described in the narration, therefore their purples are true.
  5. Nanjo's statement of "no one will mistakenly confirm someone's death" means that any characters confirmed dead by him or Jessica cannot be the culprit.
  6. Nanjo confirmed the deaths of Krauss, Natsuhi, Shannon, Gohda, and Kumasawa while Kanon's death was confirmed with red, therefore none of them are culprits.
  7. Genji's death was confirmed by Kanon, therefore he is not a culprit.
  8. Kumasawa's statement about "the six victims lying there covered in blood" was vague, so there is no confirmation if they are really dead. Shannon meanwhile said "each of the children confirmed the deaths of their parents", not that their confirmations were legitimate.
  9. The five servants are all innocent and they all have master keys, therefore all of the closed room tricks can be constructed without master keys.
  10. Bern's red of "the culprit of the first twilight really killed six people" was said at a strange time.
  11. Bern's red truth was said after the second twilight, therefore Krauss and Natsuhi can be included among those people. The culprit hid amongst the first twilight victims, snuck out, killed Krauss and Natsuhi, locked the room from inside, and then hid inside the room. However, they were then sealed inside the room.
  12. The culprit of the first twilight had an accomplice who lied when confirming their death and later committed murders from the fourth twilight onwards. This person could be Battler, George, or Maria.
  13. Anyone except George could have killed Shannon.
  14. Jessica's statement in the fifth and sixth twilights shows that there is a culprit who isn't Nanjo or the cousins. Someone definitely faked their death.
  15. There are at least three culprits, and this third culprit also played dead.
  16. There is only one child culprit. If Maria were the culprit, she would need another accomplice besides Rosa. A second child culprit wouldn't work, therefore Maria is not a culprit.
  17. If George were a culprit, he could've faked Eva and Hideyoshi's deaths. However, none of the kids could have killed Shannon. Therefore, George is not a culprit and his purples are reliable.
  18. George is innocent, and his statement that Maria couldn't kill anyone makes her innocent as well. Their confirmations of their parents' deaths are also reliable.
  19. There are multiple culprits. One culprit carried out the first twilight, locked the dining hall from inside, and played dead. The child of the first culprit was the second culprit, who falsely confirmed the first culprit's death. The child culprit couldn't commit the murders in the guesthouse, so a second adult culprit was present.
  20. The culprit group consists of two adults and one child. The child culprit falsely confirmed the deaths of their parents, and every possibility has been ruled out except one.


In the manga version of Bern's game, Battler presents an answer in the form of blue truth, transcribed below.

  • There are three culprits. The group consists of one child and that child's parents.
  • Parent "A" killed four people on the first night, locked the dining room door, and played dead along with Parent "B". The child culprit falsified both parents' deaths.
  • After that, the child helped get Krauss and Natsuhi to open the door so that Parent "A" could murder them. The parent locked the door and hid inside, but when the door was locked again after the discovery of the murders, they stayed in the room.
  • After getting Krauss and Natsuhi to open the door, the child met up with the survivors in the guest parlor and murdered Shannon-chan on the fourth night.
  • Parent "B" escaped the mansion before they sealed the doors shut, then performed all the murders from the fifth night onward. The guesthouse was locked up, but with the help of the child inside, it was possible for Parent "B" to get inside and lock the door behind them.
  • Maria cannot be the culprit. For Maria to be a culprit, there would need to be one other adult culprit in addition to Aunt Rosa, and another child would need to be a culprit to falsify their death report. Because of the rule "A culprit must be a murderer", that other child must commit a murder. But because Shannon-chan is the only victim who could have been killed by one of the children, it means there cannot be more than one child culprit! Therefore, Maria, who would require another child culprit, cannot be a culprit, and that also certifies that Aunt Rosa is innocent!!
  • George-aniki cannot be a culprit either! Shannon-chan was the only victim whom a child could have killed, but Jessica's purple statement said that he could not have killed Shannon-chan! If he could not carry out that murder, he cannot be a culprit! And because he cannot falsify his examination of them, that means Aunt Eva and Uncle Hideyoshi are innocent!!
  • Their purple statements prove this!! Aniki and Maria's alibis support each other! Maria stated that he could kill a minor, but he could not have done the murders of Jessica and Shannon-chan, the only underage victims! Maria's statement therefore indicates that George-aniki could not have killed anyone! Due to the above, because one being innocent means the other must also be innocent, George and Maria's statements must both be true or both be false. But because there can be only one child culprit, they cannot both be false! That proves beyond a doubt that they are both innocent!
  • ...only the last remaining family can possibly be responsible for the murders!!
  • Battler is the child culprit. Therefore, his parents Rudolf and Kyrie are culprits.