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This article is about a character in Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

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This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for all of Umineko no Naku Koro ni, possibly including the manga. Readers who have not completed the story are advised not to proceed further.

Beatrice Castiglioni (ベアトリーチェ・カスティリオーニ Beatorīche Kasutiriōni), also known as "Bice" (ビーチェ Bīce), was Kinzo Ushiromiya's first and only true love and his mistress, as said in many rumors. She first appears in Requiem of the Golden Witch.


An Italian. Her father was a high official in the RSI. A lighthearted woman who did not lose that personality even after living a long time in a submarine.

Since she was the only one of the Italians who could speak English. she began to form a close relationship with Kinzo, who was the only Japanese person who could speak that language.

Kinzo recounts how he learned of love for the first time upon meeting her. It was a meeting that drastically changed his fate and that of Rokkenjima......



Beatrice is of Italian descent. She has ginger-blonde hair and blue eyes. She seems to be of average height, well-endowed and has fair skin. She wears a red fulard and a white shirt, along with green army pants with brown boots.


Beatrice is a kind-hearted person who is very intelligent. She comes from a noble Italian family and is treated as a noble lady. Despite her origins, Beatrice is quite a tomboy and a tough woman, and dislikes the treatment she receives for her family name. She is very friendly and tells her friends to call her "Bice."


Beatrice was the daughter of an Italian Social Republic naval official. Often called Bice (pronounced "Bee-che"), she accompanied her father to Rokkenjima on a submarine containing ten tons of gold, though her father died during the trip. Because Kinzo was the only person able to speak English, he and Beatrice became interpreters between the Japanese and Italian soldiers on the island.


Role in the Story

Requiem of the Golden Witch

When Lion Ushiromiya and Willard H. Wright ask Kinzo to tell them about Beatrice, Will uses Bernkastel's theatergoing ability to watch a flashback of Kinzo's past.

Kinzo first met Beatrice while he was stationed at Rokkenjima as a soldier during World War II. Beatrice and a group of Italian soldiers were on a submarine that was badly damaged and had just barely arrived to Rokkenjima; plenty of men had died inside it due to a gas leak, with Beatrice's father included in the casualties.

As Kinzo spoke English, he and Beatrice acted as interpreters for the Japanese and Italian troops, which allowed them to get close to each other. The two found sympathy for each other and talked about each other's lives and interests. As they talked, both of them understood the beauty of life and fell in love. Later on, tension arose between the Italians and the Japanese soldiers when the Italians unloaded 10 tons of gold. A fight broke out between the two for ownership of the gold, and in the end only Kinzo and Beatrice survived, though with Beatrice hurt badly. Beatrice asked Kinzo to stay with her and "kidnap" her until her death. Kinzo, however, refused to let her die, saying he'll kidnap her forever, and took Beatrice to Niijima via boat to see a doctor.

While on the boat, Kinzo referred to her as a "witch, a golden witch." He entrusted Beatrice to a doctor on Niijima, asking him to keep Beatrice and his visits a secret. The doctor, who was actually Nanjo, tended to her wounds, and she and Kinzo headed back to the mainland, though she was kept a secret as Kinzo was already married. The two secretly met when they could. Later on, Beatrice died giving birth to her and Kinzo's daughter. Kinzo names their child 'Beatrice' in honor of her late mother, and takes her to Rokkenjima to live in the hidden mansion Kuwadorian.


  • Her clothes (from the fulard to the pants) are red, white and green: the Italian flag.
  • The nickname "Bice" shares the same nickname with Beatrice Portinari, a person inspired in La Divina Commedia.


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