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The Seven Sisters are excited now that White Day is here, and Asmodeus and Beelzebub can barely contain their excitement at receiving gifts from their valentines. Mammon’s planning to have a White Day tea party with Ange and Sakutaro while Belphegor and Leviathan have dates with their rivals. Satan is sure she won’t get a gift back since Kanon never accepted her chocolate, but the man himself appears and gives her a gift box, wanting to return the favor. As Lucifer thinks about how this suits the kind of relationship Kanon and Satan have, Battler suddenly appears with a gift for her, some fancy tea wrapped in a box. Lucifer moves to open her present and sees the golden butterfly brooch adorning the ribbon, but the butterfly suddenly flies off and transforms into Beatrice, much to Battler’s surprise. Beato pleads with Battler, asking why he didn’t get her a gift for White Day, and he replies the gift was for Lucifer since he accepted chocolate from her. Beato insists that she gave Battler something, but he thought it was stolen from Lucifer and gave it right back; Beato then remembers she ate it all with her tea after getting it back. Even still, Beato begs for Battler to give her something but is refused yet again. Battler makes a point of thanking Lucifer once again for her chocolate, and the demon tries to explain herself only for her present to suddenly explode. Beato, the perpetrator of the prank, rolls around laughing amidst insults by Battler; she declares that if she won’t get any presents for White Day, then it may as well not exist, cackling and disappearing.

Beato then summons Chiester 45 and Chiester 00. 00 is filling in for 410 because she’s part of the Heavenly Sniper Exchange Program, and Beato is surprised to hear that Love Snipers have to do so much work. Beatrice announces “Operation: White Day Annihilation,” and the Chiesters fire at her targets.

The first target is Amakusa’s gift box, which he’d just handed to Asmodeus. The present explodes, and Amakusa manages to protect the demon of lust from harm. The next target is Amakusa himself, who gets shot through and lets out one last <Cool> before dying in Asmo’s arms. Gohda’s prepared a full course of chocolate for Beelzebub, which explodes before she has the chance to taste it. Gohda is convinced that he’s made a mistake somewhere and returns to Belgium for training, much to Beelze’s dismay. Ange made some pancakes for her and Mammon’s tea party, which are summarily destroyed by the Chiesters’ golden bow. Mammon bursts into the room to investigate the noise, and Ange is convinced that she cooked them too long. Mammon is relieved to see Sakutaro is unharmed, and thinks someone from the alliance is targeting them.

Rudolf and Belphegor are out shopping together, and Rudolf takes a hit for the demon, thinking someone was trying to assassinate her. He asks to be revived with a kiss, but Belphe tries to reject him and get medical help but is pulled in by Rudolf anyway. Kyrie and Leviathan were nearby, stalking them the entire time. Kyrie becomes the next target of the Chiesters but Levia takes the hit. Kyrie wants to get her to a hospital but Levia asks her to inflict divine wrath on her husband, motioning towards Rudolf and Belphegor’s moment; Kyrie walks towards them while making even more calculations. Satan received a bottle of perfume from Kanon, which gets blown up. She tries to keep herself together, telling herself Kanon isn’t any ordinary rival, but Satan eventually breaks down.

Battler becomes the final target for Beatrice’s wrath, who sees the shot coming and puts up his Endless Nine barrier. The Chiesters are unable to pierce his barrier and request another target, and Battler soon appears, discovering that Beatrice is the one destroying everyone’s White Day. The witch cackles, sending away the Chiesters and saying there’s no point in White Day if she doesn’t get anything. She declares that for seven years, months, and days, Valentine’s Day and White Day will be destroyed by her, willing to change her mind if Battler gives her something. Battler refuses oyet again, saying Valentine’s Day and White Day are all about sharing the feelings in people’s hearts, not excuses to get gifts from people. Beato thinks he’s saying she doesn’t meet the qualifications for White Day, and Battler says she never did and never will; he adds that “I will never, ever, from this day forward, get you something for White Day!

Accepting this declaration, Beato announces that she hates Valentine’s Day and White Day and will do all in her power to destroy them, leaving. She reappears where Virgilia and Ronove are and breaks down crying, just wanting to get something for White Day too. Virgilia offers words of reassurance as Beato accuses Ronove of ruining it, having been called a liar because of his chocolate. The demon butler replies that he made it under her orders, asking if it was delicious. The witch replies that it was, and Virgilia tells her not to blame Ronove; Beato tries pushing it onto Lucifer, who lied to Battler in the first place, and Ronove tells her Beato tried to do the exact same thing. Her companions tell her that giving Valentine’s Day chocolate requires a certain amount of elegance, and coercing people into giving them gifts on White Day is in opposition to that. Beato finally accepts that she’s messed up, and cries even harder. Virgilia says that by putting her feelings into a gift, whether by handmaking it or buying it at the store, Battler will reciprocate on White Day.

Beato doesn’t want to go an entire year having Battler coldly stare at her, and Virgilia then offers to use a special spell to send Beato back in time to before Valentine’s Day. Beato and Ronove are amazed that Virgilia could use such a spell, and the old witch tells her that as long as Beato believes in the spell, it will work for her. Beato accepts this and Virgilia casts the spell, sending the Golden Witch to the kitchen. In actuality, she and Ronove were changing all of the calendars to say it was the month before, with the Stakes helping out. None the wiser, Beatrice gets to work making chocolate.

Even after spending hours trying and failing, Beato remains steadfast in her efforts when Gaap suddenly emerges from the refrigerator. She asks why Beato is making Valentine’s chocolate when it’s White Day, and Beatrice stops for a moment. Gaap realizes what she’s said and leaves just as suddenly as she appeared. Realizing that she’d been tricked, Beatrice cries once again, lamenting how she easily fell for such a lie, having gotten this close to finishing her chocolate. begins having a meltdown until Battler arrives. She considers throwing out her chocolate when Battler suddenly appears, having heard what Beato was up to. They share an awkward silence, and Beato remembers Virgilia’s words of believing in the magic or else it will break. Beatrice proudly declares that she’s making chocolate for Valentine’s Day tomorrow, hoping that the man she gives them to will give a present back. Battler reassures her that the man will give one back, even if the red truth is used. He then gives a blue, saying, “White Day is on the same day as Valentine’s Day, just a month later. So, tomorrow, when the man accepts your chocolate, he’ll reciprocate a month from the day it’s given.” If Valentine’s is the next day and Beato gives the man her chocolate, then the man can reciprocate a month later since that day technically isn’t White Day, thus respecting the red truth. Beato asks Battler’s help with making chocolate since he interrupted her stirring, and they share a heartwarming moment, baking together.

Background Music

  • 弦楽四重奏曲第一番ト長調-I.Allegro [String Quarter #1 in G Major - I. Allegro]
  • 白い影 [White Shadow]
  • 夏の扉 [Doorway of Summer]
  • オルガン小曲 第6億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #600 Million in C Minor]
  • 黒のリリアナ [Black Liliana]
  • Dread_of_the_grave
  • エンドレスナイン [Endless Nine]
  • mother
  • cage
  • hope
  • worldend(bp)
  • 青い蝶 [Blue Butterfly]

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