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Beato the Elder (姉ベアト Ane Beato), also referred to as Beatrice (the elder sister) (ベアトリーチェ (姉) Beatorīche (Ane)) in her profile, is a version of Beatrice that plays pranks on servants as the ghost of Rokkenjima. She only appears in Dawn of the Golden Witch.


A mysterious witch who existed even before the rules. She has the same name as Beato, but she wasn't given the goal of devoting herself to Battler.

The final version of the witch sealed away by Kinzo. She spends her days pulling small pranks and clearing away the magic-resisting toxin, all for the sake of her resurrection.

She is similar to the evil spirits of Akujikishima in many ways, such as her fear of spiderwebs.

She is the one who gave Shannon the golden butterfly brooch.


Beato the Elder has long blonde hair worn down. She wears a blazer and red skirt with black boots and red striped stockings. She also carries a cane. The One-Winged-Eagle is tattooed on her right leg.


She loves to play pranks on the servants, and thinks that these are just a small taste of real magic. Beato the Elder serves as an older sister to Chick Beato and tries to teach her magic while the two try to find a way to combine again.


Beato the Elder owns a butterfly brooch which can guarantee true love. She gets burned when touching spiderwebs.


Beato the Elder is a part of Beatrice that was created after her death in End of the Golden Witch. Much like Chick Beato, Beato the Elder represents a different part of Beatrice; Beato the Elder embodies the aspects of the Golden Witch, whose original legend was based off the stories told by Chiyo Kumasawa and the other servants of the mansion.


Role in the Story[]

Dawn of the Golden Witch[]

Beato the Elder is first introduced as just the Witch of Rokkenjima when Chick Beato goes to the island to discover how she can become the Beatrice that BATTLER desires. It is shown that the Witch of Rokkenjima has no memories of the games spent in the Meta-World, and only knows Battler Ushiromiya as a relative who had thrown away his last name for six years and returned.

The Witch of Rokkenjima soon takes the name Beato the Elder and discovers that she can be affected by spider webs while Chick Beato cannot. Zepar and Furfur then host a love trial with Chick Beato taking part while Beato the Elder spectates.

During the final duel, she questions why everyone's loves cannot be true. After Shannon's victory in the trial, Chick Beato and Kanon begin to fade and disappear. Kanon tells Chick Beato that he will save Battler and reminds her of what a witch really is, giving her the final push she needed to fully recover the memories of her previous form and become one with Beato the Elder.

The newly revived Beatrice then goes and crashes Erika and Battler's wedding. She challenges Erika to a duel on the Logic Error. Beatrice is able to defeat Erika in the first battle after declaring in red that Kanon doesn't exist in the closed room, even though Kanon was stated in red to have saved Battler. In the end, Erika challenges Battler and Beatrice one final time, and is shot down by the two of them together.

Afterwards, the two are married and celebrate their wedding in the Golden Land, along with everyone else.