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This article is about an object in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

The Beads of Fuwarazu as depicted in a Furude family scroll.

The Beads of Fuwarazu[1] (フワラズの勾玉 Fuwarazu no Magatama) are ancient artifacts belonging to the Furude family. They are a pair of magatamas, one red and one white, magically imbued such that whoever holds the white magatama will receive the unconditional love of whoever holds the red, no matter their age or gender. The Beads of Fuwarazu are the main focus of the fighting game Higurashi Daybreak and its visual novel adaptation Hirukowashi-hen.


"Fuwarazu" is derived from the phrase "fuwashirazu" (不和知らず) which means "without disagreement".[2]


The official website for Higurashi Daybreak provides one explanation for the Beads of Fuwarazu's origins: In the late 1700s, during the Tenmei era, demons suddenly emerged from Onigafuchi Swamp and possessed the residents of Onigafuchi. These possessed villagers caused chaos from attacking and killing each other, and so the priestess of the Furude Shrine prayed for peace. Oyashiro-sama told her that the demons were attacking because a treasure from Hell had ended up in the human world. The priestess went to the swamp and found this treasure, a pair of red and white magatamas, and cleansed them of impurities. The demons disappeared, and peace returned to Onigafuchi.

This artifact was revered as one of the greatest artifacts of the Furude family, being sealed inside of the Furude Shrine. However, the demons still wanted to recover this treasure, with a prophecy dictating that they would return if the Magatama was ever unsealed. The prophecy also said the seal will be broken in 200 years, with disasters to befall the village then.[2]

Hirukowashi-hen suggests that Oyashiro-sama created the Beads of Fuwarazu to attract love between people; he was originally known as a god of marriage and matchmaking, and Onigafuchi was very isolated. It is implied that many childbirths resulted because of this artifact. The Beads of Fuwarazu were sealed high above the sky, with an incense burner used in the sealing ritual and kept within the Furude Shrine's warehouse.


Whoever holds the white magatama will automatically receive the affection of whoever holds the red. The magatama stimulates love receptors in the brain, secreting a substance that induces pseudo-love feelings. Even if someone isn't holding the magatama anymore, the effects will persist for a while.

The magatamas will also take effect if someone swallows them. To restore them to their original form, both magatama holders must be together at the Furude Shrine while a ritual is performed.


Higurashi Daybreak

The various story modes feature characters fighting over the Beads of Fuwarazu for their own purposes.


Rika discovers that the Beads of Fuwarazu have been unsealed due to the incense burner used in the sealing ritual breaking. Since it was sealed above the sky, it could land anywhere in Hinamizawa. The red magatama winds up falling at the junkyard and into Rena's mouth, who accidentally swallows it. She begins acting strange at school the next day, worrying the club. Rika explains Rena's behavior and the artifact's power to them. Someone else must have picked up the white magatama, making Rena think of them heavily.

They realize she's fallen in love with Tomitake and rush to find him. They head to the Furude Shrine and knock him out but are unable to find the white magatama on his person. Tomitake wakes up and explains that he did find a white magatama at the junkyard yesterday, but he gave it to Takano a while ago.

The group confronts Takano, who is enjoying the newfound affection from Rena, but she runs away. After they catch up, they learn she dropped the white one. Ooishi is revealed to have picked up the white magatama. That night, he, Rena and Akasaka start playing mahjong in a parlor. The group tracks them down, where Ooishi will only give up the magatama if they beat him in a game.

Ooishi ultimately loses and prepares to hand over the magatama, but he slips and it lands into Keiichi's yawning mouth, who swallows it. The group rushes to get the two magatama holders to the shrine.

Rena and Keiichi perform the ritual with Rika, and the Beads of Fuwarazu are restored.

Alternative Hirukowashi-hen

After Takano drops the white magatama, Irie is the one to find it. He challenges the club to a baseball game and relinquishes it after his defeat.


  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei features a similar artifact called the Susuke no Tamawari, which is also supposed to be a pair of magatamas with one being red.


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