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"It's useless, it's all useless!"
— Battler's catchphrase when in a difficult situation

Battler Ushiromiya (右代宮 戦人 Ushiromiya Batora) is the main protagonist of Umineko When They Cry. He returns to the annual Ushiromiya family conference in 1986 and becomes embroiled in a series of murders carried out by the Golden Witch Beatrice.


The son of Rudolf and his first wife, Asumu.

When his father married a second wife shortly after Asumu's death, Battler rebelled and went to live with his grandparents on his mother's side. However, both these grandparents passed away, and he has now returned to the Ushiromiya family after six years.

The family conference is a chance for him to renew his friendship with his cousins after a six-year gap.

An unfortunate young man whom Beatrice has taken a liking to. A human who inherited the black blood from Kinzo.

The massive resistance to magical power Kinzo was born with was passed on to Battler. Ironically, it was this trait that made it so hard for Kinzo to succeed as a magician.

A massive defensive power against magic can be, even by itself, decisive in a battle against a witch.

Kinzo has begun to lose this power with age, but young Battler's power is still on the rise.

Perhaps it's understandable that Beatrice tried to crush it as soon as possible.

The Endless Sorcerer and the final Game Master. He is the ruler of the game board and the territory lord.

To prove that he has won Beato's game. he must act the part of the Game Master. By succeeding in this, his victory will be acknowledged, and Beato's game will reach its end.

Because he knows all the truth, the plane on which he exists is higher than those of all others.

BATTLER, the territory lord of the game board, and his wife Beatrice. After their wedding in the sixth game, they became a happy married couple.

In the past, BATTLER emerged victorious at the end of his long-lasting game with Beato, and he reached all the truths behind everything.

Now, in this final game, they have invited BATTLER's little sister, Ange.

Just what sort of tale will he weave with Beato by his side...?


Battler is a good looking 18 year old boy with red spiky hair and blue eyes. He wears an antique white suit over a red collared shirt, black vest, black tie and antique white pants. The One-Winged Eagle is adorned on his right lapel.

In Dawn of the Golden Witch, following his ascension to Game Master Battler receives a black cape draped over his shoulders, similar to the one worn by Kinzo.


Battler is a fairly kind-hearted individual, helping others whenever he can and intervening in arguments between his relatives. He is also fairly intelligent, as End of the Golden Witch reveals that he's a fan of mystery novels. He is very skeptical when it comes to the existence of magic and opts to find a logical explanation for things but is held back by his refusal to accept that his family and friends could be murderers, preferring to accuse an unknown person X as the culprit.

Battler is very perverted, where he attempts to grope Jessica and Shannon when he reunites with them and jokes with Maria about her being too young.

After End of the Golden Witch, following his ascent as the Golden Sorcerer, Battler wholeheartedly accepts magic and almost completely drops the perverted side of him.


Battler doesn't have any magical abilities of his own and typically relies on his intellect, the Devil's Proof and chessboard thinking to make theories. His staunch refusal to accept magic gives him magical defense of Endless Nine, which nullifies any magic attacks used on him. In Alliance of the Golden Witch, he is given the ability to use Blue Truth.

In End of the Golden Witch, Battler reaches the truth of Beatrice's game and ascends to Game Master, receiving a golden longsword which he uses to spin blue and red truths at will. Battler also obtains the power of Gold Truth, enabling him to guarantee certain aspects that would be impossible to prove prior. He also gains Ronove, the Stakes of Purgatory, and Virgilia as his Furniture. Taking on the name Lord BATTLER (バトラ卿 Batora Kyō) and the titles of Golden Sorcerer (黄金の魔術師 Ougon no Majutsu-shi) and Endless Sorcerer (無限の魔術師 Mugen no Majutsu-shi), he is able to create game boards of his own and manipulate the pieces within.


Battler was born to Rudolf and Asumu Ushiromiya, attending the family conference every year and becoming good friends with George, Jessica, and Shannon. Requiem of the Golden Witch shows that Battler and Shannon had an especially close relationship due to their mutual interest in mystery novels, with Battler promising to Shannon that he would come back for her on a white horse.

When Battler was 12, Asumu died of natural causes and Rudolf swiftly married Kyrie. Disgusted by his father's infidelity, Battler renounced the Ushiromiya family name and went to live with his grandparents on Asumu's side, though he would still occasionally visit Rudolf's new family and play with his step-sister Ange.

His grandparents pass away in 1986, and so Battler returns to Rokkenjima to attend that year's family conference and renew his friendship with his cousins after a six-year gap.

Twilight of the Golden Witch reveals that Battler's mother is actually Kyrie, as Rudolf had gotten both Asumu and Kyrie pregnant and they were set to give birth on the same day. Kyrie gave birth to Battler while Asumu had a stillbirth, and Rudolf bribed the doctors to swap the results to hide the fact he had an illegitimate child. Twilight's ??? also reveals that Battler had survived the Rokkenjima Mass Murders in 1986 but suffered brain damage from nearly drowning and developed amnesia. He was later taken in by Ikuko Hachijo and given the new name of Tohya Hachijo. After Tohya started to recover his memories of Battler, he struggled to accept them as his own and began writing stories about the Rokkenjima Mass Murders to cope.



Ushiromiya Family and Ushiromiya Servants



Rudolf Ushiromiya[]

Rudolf is Battler's father, however the two haven't gotten along very well ever since Rudolf married Kyrie. Battler believed Rudolf betrayed his dead mother Asumu with this act and was disgusted, abandoning the family name and going to live with his grandparents for a while. Even after they reunite in 1986, the two still aren't on good terms; Battler calls his father a bastard at times, and Rudolf jokes that he would gladly hand off his son to robbers. Despite their relationship, Battler still sheds tears anytime his parents are killed.

Kyrie Ushiromiya[]

Kyrie is Battler's stepmother, but their relationship is more like a sibling one, as remarked by Battler himself. Kyrie doesn't consider Battler to be her son and sometimes treated him coldly just because he's Asumu's son.

In Twilight of the Golden Witch, Kyrie breaks down upon learning Battler, who she has been resenting all those years, was her biological son all along.

Ange Ushiromiya[]

Ange is Battler's young sister, and despite Battler's falling out with Rudolf he still loved to hang out with Ange. During a trip to an amusement park, Battler won some hair ornaments from a crane game as a gift for Ange, which she still cherishes.


Beatrice is Battler's opponent and rival, and Beatrice loves to mock and torment the latter when he fails to come up with theories. Battler is often disgusted by Beatrice's cruelty and brutal displays of magic, coming to a head in Banquet of the Golden Witch when he refuses to play against Beato when she sits by and laughs at EVA-Beatrice's torment of Rosa and Maria. Beato starts trying to reform herself and Battler accepts her change, but quickly goes back to fighting her when it's revealed that Beato's reformation was an act.

In End of the Golden Witch, Battler starts to become more understanding of Beatrice, crying in the ??? when he finally reaches the truth too late. He falls in love with Beatrice and tries to recreate her when she dies, initially considering the new Beato to be a failure but comes to accept and finally marry her after her memories return.


Virgilia acts as Battler's advisor against the witch side starting in Banquet of the Golden Witch. Though he remarks on the irony of getting a witch's help to deny witches, Battler takes Virgilia's advice to heart and is able to move forward with his reasoning. Even though Virgilia betrays Battler by revealing she was on Beato's side all along at the end of Banquet, she still continues to give him advice in End of the Golden Witch.

Erika Furudo[]

Battler and Erika are rivals, both given the task of denying the witch, but they differ in their methodology: Battler takes an anti-fantasy stance and will use any ridiculous theory so long as it's not magical, but Erika is strictly mystery-focused and provides theories with logic and evidence. Because of Erika's pride, she hates it when Battler disproves her theories and always tries to get the last word in.

Role in the Story[]

Question Arcs[]

Legend of the Golden Witch[]

Battler first appears at the airport and introduces his family members to the reader before they depart for Nijima. It is mentioned that Battler's stepsister Ange is absent due to illness. After they reach Rokkenjima, Battler mentions how he dislikes Rudolf for marrying Kyrie shortly after Asumu's death and had been living with Asumu's parents for the last six years.

Battler meets the servants on Rokkenjima and helps Kanon pick up some dropped bags of fertilizer. He later heads to the guesthouse and meets Shannon, who he hadn't seen in years, and attempts to grope her before becoming disturbed when Shannon shows no resistance.

After entering the main hall of the mansion, Battler sees the massive portrait of Beatrice and the witch's epitaph printed next to it. He shows disbelief in witches existing and soon apologizes to Maria when she insists that Beatrice is real and starts throwing a tantrum. The cousins head to the beach and talk about the epitaph, and Maria hands Battler a scorpion charm.

It begins to rain and the cousins head back to the guesthouse, and Maria becomes preoccupied with trying to find her withering rose, throwing another tantrum. Rosa appears and slaps Maria for it, and Battler tries to stop her before George asks him to stay back.

That night at dinner, the family listens to Maria reading out a letter from Beatrice asking them to solve the epitaph. After dinner, Kyrie theorizes with Battler over the purpose of the letter, asking if there could be a hidden 19th person apart from the other 18. Battler cites the Devil's Proof, saying it would be hard to prove a 19th person existed. Kyrie presents her own theory with chessboard thinking, and they get interrupted by Rudolf calling Kyrie back to the adults' discussion. Rudolf then tells Battler he wants to speak with him and Kyrie as a family later, with Rudolf ominously remarking that he will be killed that night.

The next morning, Battler and the other cousins notice that the adults and servants are concerned about something and follow them outside. They reach the rose garden to find that several people have been murdered and dumped into the rose garden storehouse, with Battler's own parents among the victims.

After grieving the deaths, Battler talks with Eva about the murders. Eva suspects there is no 19th person and that multiple culprits were involved, as one person couldn't kill people in the dining room and drag them to the storehouse. Battler refutes her, believing the culprit purposely guided the survivors' attention towards the storehouse and figures they must be sending them a message.

The remaining servants talk about Beatrice in the kitchen, and Battler listens to their conversation. He gets warned that Beatrice will harm those who don't believe, and Maria appears to tell him that Battler would've been dead were it not for her scorpion charm. Battler says he lost the charm earlier and continues disbelieving in witches.

Battler realizes that the letter from dinner was alluding to the deaths of everyone in the family, and Eva raises the question of Kinzo's disappearance from the study. She claims that Natsuhi killed him and hid the body, and Battler steps in to defend Natsuhi. Battler makes Eva back down when he explains that Eva is not above suspicion for the storehouse murders.

Eva and Hideyoshi are found dead inside of their room, and Battler cries even more at being unable to catch the culprit. The group picks up on a strange smell, and they track the source to the boiler room, where Kanon has gotten stabbed after trying to confront Beatrice. Battler sees an open door leading from the boiler room to the courtyard and runs through it, hoping to catch the culprit. Battler finds nothing however, and he returns to the boiler room.

Battler figures that the culprit stole a master key from one of the servants' corpses, and the group decides to hide in Kinzo's study since there are only two keys that can open it. Battler realizes that the murders have been following the epitaph all along, and another letter from Beatrice is suddenly found. With the remaining servants, Nanjo and Maria accused of placing it, Battler is instructed by Natsuhi to read it. The suspected party is asked to go down to the parlor, and Battler gives Maria his scorpion charm, having lied about losing it earlier so he could contradict her.

The study group receives a call from the parlor that is just Maria singing, and they head downstairs to find everyone except Maria dead, with the latter facing a wall. Natsuhi finds another letter and barricades everyone else inside the parlor, and by the time Battler and the others break out they find Natsuhi lying dead on the ground, thinking she may have killed herself. Battler picks up Natsuhi's gun as Maria recites the ninth twilight of the epitaph, and Battler shoots the portrait of Beatrice as the clock strikes 24:00.

The credits reveal that nobody returned from Rokkenjima alive.

In the Tea Party, Battler congratulates the reader for completing Episode 1 and speaks with the cousins, Shannon, and Kanon in the parlor about the murders. Everyone else believes the witch Beatrice was responsible, but Battler still refuses to believe in magic and insists a human could commit all of the murders. Beatrice herself then appears, recreating some of the murder scenes and daring Battler to explain how a human could commit them. Everyone else in the parlor starts to writhe in pain, their bodies falling apart, and they beg Battler to believe in the witch before transforming into piles of flesh. Battler swears to Beatrice that he will deny her and explain all of the murders.

The fool made the world where everyone could be happy all come to nothing.

Though Beatrice is extremely angry, she also seems to be enjoying herself immensely.
It's almost as though she's waited a thousand years to get her hands on a toy as much fun as this one.

Hopefully, even this fool will be able to see you before too long...

But dog2

Turn of the Golden Witch[]

This episode switches between the perspectives of two different Battlers: a "piece" version that experiences the events on Rokkenjima in a new fashion and one in the Meta-World, who watches the events on the island and debates with Beatrice. After Beatrice appears on the island and uses magic to restore Maria's pumpkin candy, Meta-world-Battler insists that she can still be a 19th person and must have used some other method to fix the candy.

On the morning of October 5, Battler is awakened by Rosa fishing something out of Maria's purse and later heads to the chapel, where the other Ushiromiya adults have been murdered. Meta-world-Battler debates with Beatrice over matters of the chapel door and keeps using the Devil's Proof because of a lack of information, prompting Beatrice to introduce the Red Truth rule. After confirming some things, Battler figures that the human culprit took the chapel key from Maria's envelope, locked the chapel door with it, and then returned it that morning.

After Jessica and Kanon's deaths, Rosa begins accusing Kanon of murdering the former since his corpse is nowhere to be seen. Battler defends Kanon and believes he couldn't have done it since every master key is accounted for, thus Kanon cannot lock the room. Beatrice provides some more red and meta-world-Battler begins to have trouble pinning down a human culprit.

Battler learns about the Wolves and Sheep Puzzle from Maria and begins to wonder if Rosa may actually be a wolf, as she was intent on keeping the other servants away.

After Nanjo and Kumasawa's deaths, Battler hugs Maria and apologizes for not believing in witches. Meta-world-Battler continues to struggle for a theory to explain the murders.

Battler and Maria read through the epitaph, and Battler wonders if Beatrice will really keep her promise to stop the murders if they solve it. In the meta-world, Beatrice tells Battler that she always keeps her promises, and the latter remarks that Rudolf has committed fraud before.

George, Shannon and Gohda are found dead inside of Natsuhi's room, and Battler tries to inspect their corpses before Rosa tells him to back off, as they need to preserve the crime scene for the police. Battler, Rosa and Maria return to the parlor where Battler finds another letter from the witch. Rosa points her gun at him and accuses him of placing the letter, prompting Battler to break down after professing that he didn't do it.

Battler goes to the dining hall to get drunk, and Genji takes him to meet Beatrice in Kinzo's study, where he professes his belief for the witch and learns how the murders were committed. Beatrice then humiliates Battler by using him as a footrest, forcing him to help her change into her dress and then stripping him naked, attaching a chain collar around his neck and pulling him around like a dog. Battler is then taken to the grand 24:00 party and devoured by goats.

The Tea Party has Battler regaining his will to fight and saving Rosa from her torture, declaring to Beatrice that the game will continue.

The ??? shows what happened before the Tea Party, with meta-world-Battler cowering after his defeat. Bernkastel and Lambdadelta lift his spirits and encourage him to continue the game.


He did surrender to the witch at one point, but he pulled himself together and regained his will to fight.

I see... So, to witches, Battler makes a great toy for smashing. That explains why she's always breaking him, fixing him, and breaking him again.

Torture is meaningless if you kill the subject. You've gotta alternate between causing pain and letting them rest.


Banquet of the Golden Witch[]

In the meta-world, Battler is repeatedly killed by the Stakes of Purgatory and taunted regarding the doors on Rokkenjima.

On the game board, Battler reunites with the cousins and gets teased for some cheesy English lines he said to Shannon a long time ago.

Ronove makes his appearance and meta-world-Battler becomes exasperated at the constant introduction of new fantasy characters. When the adults on the game board bring up the possibility of a hidden mansion existing on Rokkenjima, Battler decides that this is his chance to prove that there could really be a 19th person on the island. Beatrice shows him the past of what happened at that mansion, and Battler learns that a 19th person really did exist, but they're long dead. Beatrice also confirms in red that there are no more than 18 people on Rokkenjima, forcing Battler to have to suspect his friends and family.

During the first twilight Virgilia and Beatrice have an all-out magic battle on the game board, and a shocked Battler takes a break to try and figure out how he can explain that. Virgilia educates Battler about Schrodinger's Cat Box, and he determines that the magic battle never happened because there's no evidence to support that it happened.

Battler and Beatrice have another debate over the first twilight, and Beatrice and Ronove take their own break later. After EVA-Beatrice's succession, she repeatedly kills Rosa and Maria, with Battler looking on in disgust. He slaps Beato for enjoying the torture of his family so much and declares that she is no longer his opponent, preferring to debate with Ronove instead. Battler teaches Beato that human lives are not mere playthings, and she leaves to try and make herself into a better witch.

On the game board, Battler, Eva, Jessica and Nanjo head to the mansion after George disappears from the guesthouse and find the number "07151129" written on the parlor door; Battler recognizes 0715 as July 15, his birthday. They find George's corpse inside of the parlor, and Battler is left alone with Eva after Jessica's eyes are damaged and Nanjo goes to treat her.

EVA kills Nanjo and tries to break past Beato's defenses into the parlor. Battler pulls EVA into the meta-world to debate her and thanks Beato, considering her to be a true witch now. EVA summons the Chiesters in response to attack him, but Battler's Endless Nine manifests and blocks the Chiesters' golden bow. Battler then begins a theory using Eva as the culprit, with Beato providing him with help and evidence. Battler becomes stuck concerning Nanjo's death, as it was impossible for Eva to do it; EVA strangles Battler with webs of red truth, and Beato sacrifices herself by denying witches in red. Battler closes his eyes and covers his ears as Beato denies witches, erasing EVA and the meta-world.

On the game board, Battler declares that Eva is the culprit as the latter shoots and kills him.

Shot to death by Ushiromiya Eva inside the mansion.

The weapon was a Winchester from Kinzo's collection.

Jessica had lost her eyesight. Alone with Battler.

Wolves and sheep puzzle.

But dog3

Battler and Beato reunite in the Golden Land, greeted by all of the humans and furniture. Because Battler finally accepted Beato as a witch, he was accepted into the Golden Land. Battler is guided towards a document and asked to sign that he officially recognizes Beatrice as a witch, and Battler realizes that he's been tricked the entire time; Virgilia was pretending to be on Battler's side, and Beato's reformation as an act. An unknown girl soon breaks into the Golden Land and tells Battler not to sign.

Alliance of the Golden Witch[]

Despite being betrayed by Beato in the previous game, Battler still wants to continue the game and becomes even more determined to defeat her. The unknown girl from earlier, an 18-year-old Ange Ushiromiya, introduces herself as Gretel and becomes Battler's aide for the game; Battler doesn't realize that Ange is his sister. On the game board, the adults wish to see Kinzo but Krauss won't let them, and meta-world-Battler begins to think that Kinzo may be dead all along. After a short dispute between Battler, Gretel and Beato, Battler is granted the use of Blue Truth and officially declares his theory that Kinzo is dead and an 18th person X is taking his place. Beatrice also introduces a new rule that she and Battler will have a debate session at 23:59 PM, where any red truths Beatrice presents must be countered by Battler's blue truth.

On the game board, Battler spends some time in the guest house and is told by Kumasawa and Gohda that Kinzo's been summoning witches and demons to kill people.They receive calls from the prisoners in Kuwadorian, with the cousins locking Kumasawa and Gohda inside the garden warehouse and throwing the key to Gohda on the inside. The cousins are then instructed to stay in the guesthouse until they are called again to take their tests for the succession to the headship. Jessica and George go first, with Battler later taking a call from Jessica and hearing she's been killed and will die again soon. Battler also gets a call from Kyrie and is told she's being attacked by a golden thread, with Kyrie telling him to believe in witches before getting killed. Finally, Beatrice herself calls Battler and tells him to come to the front of the mansion. As Battler goes towards the mansion, he checks the storehouse and sees what looks like Kumasawa and Gohda dead and hanging from the ceiling. He also sees George's corpse lying in the middle of the rose garden arbor.

Battler heads to the mansion and sees Beatrice calling down to him from atop the balcony, with Battler's test inside of a box at the front. The test asks Battler to choose from one of three things to give up: Battler's life, _______'s life, and everyone else's lives, the second choice blank because Beato didn't know who Battler liked. Battler doesn't take the test seriously and Beato changes the test to one where Battler must remember his sin; Battler's sin is the reason many people die on Rokkenjima. Battler has no idea what she's talking about, and Beato leaves.

In the meta-world, Beatrice asks the same thing to Battler and tells him in red that he definitely has a sin. Battler still has no idea what she's talking about, and later Beatrice plans to abandon the game, meaning Battler will not win nor lose. Beatrice wants to ensure her opponent, Kinzo's grandson, is fit to be her opponent and makes Battler repeat several things in red, revealing that Asumu is not actually Battler's biological mother. Beatrice theorizes that Battler may be a replacement set up by Rudolf in a plot to get the inheritance, and Battler begins to have an identity crisis before disappearing into oblivion.

Battler is eventually called back to the meta-world and reawakens when Gretel says he can still be Beato's opponent since so long as he's Rudolf's on, and therefore Kinzo's grandson. Gretel then reveals to Battler that she's actually his sister Ange, tearfully telling to defeat Beatrice and return home so she won't be alone in the future. Ange is torn apart into bloody chunks, and Battler becomes renewed with determination to defeat Beatrice for real.

In the Tea Party, game piece Battler explores the island. He finds Kyrie's corpse and sees holes in the wall to support her story of a thread attacking her, and he also finds Kinzo's burnt corpse inside the boiler room. He sees Maria's corpse inside the dining hall and thinks she was poisoned, and after finding the corpses of the prison escapees he determines that he's the only one left alive on the island.

Having completed his investigation, meta-world-Battler begins his final debate against Beatrice, attempting to answer every mystery presented since the first game. He pursues the theory that Kinzo was dead all along and an 18th person X was taking his place. Beato asks about the 4th game and summons a ghostly Kinzo who transforms into a dragon. Battler makes the dragon disperse by claiming that everyone in the dining hall acknowledged the existence of Kinzo.

Beatrice then declares that Kinzo really is dead all along, and there are no more than 17 people on Rokkenjima. Battler rewrites his theories and manages to impale Beatrice on many blue spikes. Beatrice uses the last of her power to "expose her heart" and sends a ghostly version of herself to present Battler with one final riddle. Battler is told that he is all alone on the island and nobody can interfere, yet she is there now and will kill him: "who am I?"

E0901 c

Battler embraces Beatrice and promises that he will kill her.


Went to hell embraced by the witch.

But to the witch, that hell was the Golden Land.

But dog

Answer Arcs[]

End of the Golden Witch[]

The man designated to be Beato's opponent in the first four games.

In the 5th game, he is displeased that Lambdadelta has taken over as Game Master, so he does not participate as a player.

But copy

Beatrice has gone comatose after the debate, with Lambdadelta acting as Game Master in her absence. Bernkastel takes up the role of the detective side, and a disgusted Battler leaves them to it. He replays the previous games and still tries to make sense of them, and Virgilia convinces Battler to rejoin the game and take back the game board.

Battler returns to the smoking room and sees the past events on the game board, with Bern asking him his thoughts about Kinzo being alive before 1986 now that his death has been shown and confirmed with red. Battler also shows some ire when Natsuhi has tea with Beatrice and Bern proclaims that Natsuhi was actually all alone at that time, and Battler eases the pain on the comatose Beato's heart by stating in blue that he only needs to deny witches existing on October 4 and October 5, 1986. Battler then retakes the position of detective from Bern and sees that they've already hit the second day, and they replay the game board from the beginning. A piece version of Battler placed by Lambda has been taking his place for most of it.

On the first day, the newcomer Erika Furudo arrives on the island and makes acquaintances with the rest of the Ushiromiya family as Battler denotes the number of humans in the parlor; every human on the island is gathered there. Erika and Battler later work to solve the epitaph, and Battler sees Kinzo pointing him towards the right direction. Battler and Erika soon find the gold room, and Erika lets Battler take the credit as the family gathers to celebrate his success. The family decides to talk things out more the next day, and as they head to their rooms to rest Rudolf tells Battler that he wants to talk as a family later about circumstances regarding his birth. In the meta-world, Battler talks with Virgilia about the gold and learns that Beato has nothing to gain by the epitaph being solved or not, and Battler is not the culprit in any of the previous games.

Battler goes to sleep in the cousin room and wakes up the next morning to find that the cousins and Rosa were all killed, screaming out and drawing everyone's attention. He and Kyrie place blankets on the corpses, and when Battler tries to stop Erika from investigating she invokes the Detective's Authority.

Later, Erika investigates Kinzo's study and tries to prove that Kinzo's dead and doesn't exist at all. Eiserne Jungfrau is soon summoned to enforce this against the magic side and Kinzo's spirit, and piece-Battler tries to prove that Kinzo could have escaped the study, Dlanor A. Knox challenges Battler's claim but he proves it by jumping out of the study window, allowing Kinzo's spirit to disappear into the forests of Rokkenjima and for the magic side, including piece-Beatrice, to escape. In the meta-world, Battler, Virgilia and Dlanor have a conversation about the mystery genre.

Lambdadelta calls a 24:00 court session in the Great Court of Illusions, with Battler trying to prove Natsuhi's innocence against Erika. Battler struggles to counter Erika's claims and Virgilia grants him a red truth that Natsuhi is not the culprit. Battler uses it as his final line of defense but it is swept away, as he has no proof to support it. Battler is then impaled by Dlanor's red longsword and falls unconscious. On the game board, Erika has labeled Natsuhi as guilty when Battler suddenly interjects, the episode ending right there.

In the ???, a previously-not shown part of Battler and Dlanor's conversation is presented, where Battler learns of Knox's Decalogue and how they function more as guidelines for solving mysteries instead of ironclad rules. He also learns that Beato's games are indeed solvable, and he thinks back through all of the previous games. Battler finally discovers the truth and regains consciousness to see Beatrice holding his hand and disappearing. Regretting that he figured it out too late, Battler pulls himself free from Dlanor's sword and claims it as his own, turning it gold and declaring to a surprised Erika that he can overturn her Natsuhi culprit theory. Lambda allows court to reopen, and Battler and Erika exchange blows. Battler posits that Battler himself was the culprit in this game, as Natsuhi was receiving threatening phone calls and had admitted to disposing of a baby 19 years ago, and there was a hint to problems with Battler's birth brought up earlier. Erika's theory hinged on Kinzo being alive and being an accomplice to Natsuhi, andwith the help of the Seven Stakes Battler declares that Kinzo really is dead and could not be an accomplice.Dlanor asks Battler to provide proof that Kinzo's corpse is indeed his, and Battler uses Gold Truth to guarantee it. Lambda calls the match a tie and thus names Battler the new Golden Witch and Endless Sorcerer.

Dawn of the Golden Witch[]

Battler has taken on the new name of Lord BATTLER and has created a new Beatrice. However, this new Beatrice is very polite and calls BATTLER father, with the latter dismayed that she acts nothing like the original. BATTLER and Chick Beato's relationship gets rough due to BATTLER always rejecting Beato's attempts to cheer him up, and after advice from Genji and Kumasawa, BATTLER decides to give Chick Beato a chance.

BATTLER opens up a new game he created against Erika to prove that he understands Beatrice. Meanwhile, Chick Beato tries to learn how to become like the original Beatrice and becomes a participant in Zepar and Furfur's love trial, which BATTLER also joins and plays along with as he runs the game. The first round of the love trial requires the participants to each kill one person; BATTLER helps Chick Beato kill Natsuhi and uses the victims as the first twilight victims for his game, revealing that BATTLER's human piece has become a victim as well.

On the game board, the rest of the survivors are unable to determine how Battler and the others died since they were all locked inside of their rooms with a chain lock, and neither can Erika since she gave up her Detective's Authority. Erika manages to convince BATTLER to give her some duct tape and make some retroactive moves, using the tape to seal the survivors inside of the guest house and to seal the door to Battler's room. Erika returns to check Battler's corpse and finds that he's nowhere to be found.

His corpse was found in a guest room.

Furudo Erika didn't perform a proper investigation, so the details of the cause of death are unknown.

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The first twilight is revealed to be a prank by Battler's accomplices to fake their deaths. BATTLER declares in red that he escaped the room, planning to hie in the closet while Erika is searching the room and swap places with another first twilight victim to reset the chain lock. Erika reveals that she killed the other victims and decapitated them, thus causing a Logic Error where BATTLER cannot actually escape the room despite declaring it. BATTLER's mind becomes trapped in a closed room, unable to escape until he can solve the Logic Error, and Erika arranges to get married to the comatose BATTLER so she can become the new Territory Lord.

The love trial ends with Shannon's victory, and Kanon and Chick Beato begin disappearing. Chick Beato transforms into the true Beatrice while Kanon saves BATTLER from his Logic Error, swapping places in the room with him. Beatrice interrupts Erika's wedding and proves that Kanon saved BATTLER, freeing his mind and reawakening him. Beatrice and BATTLER then defeat Erika with a red truth that, even with Erika, there are only 17 humans on the island.

In the Tea Party, Beatrice and BATTLER get married.

Requiem of the Golden Witch[]

BATTLER has a much reduced role in this episode. In the prologue, he holds a funeral for the original Beatrice who died and places the story containing Dawn of the Golden Witch into her casket.

During the main episode, Battler is unable to come to the island in 1986 for an unknown reason. During Yasu's story they show Battler and Shannon talking about mystery novels in 1980, with Battler expressing how the heart of mysteries is always important. Battler also promises to Shannon that he will come back for her next year riding a white horse. The year after, however, Rudolf marries Kyrie and Battler announces his abandoning of the family. While the family members get sad over Battler's absence, with Shannon still hoping that he will come back one day. In 1983, Battler sends letters to his family and cousins telling them about how he's doing, and Shannon becomes even more crushed when there isn't a letter for her. Beatrice convinces Shannon to let go of her love for Battler and pass it to someone else.

The Tea Party shows the true events on Rokkenjima as described by Bern, where the adults manage to solve the epitaph and discover the gold room. Rudolf and Kyrie kill their siblings and want to convince Battler to join them and make off with the gold after killing everyone else. The cousins are called by Rudolf under the pretense of having to do a trial and told to go to other locations, with Battler called to the chapel. His final fate is unknown.

At the end of the ???, BATTLER finds a young Ange crying in the chapel and consoles her by telling her the truth of what really happened on Rokkenjima, a final, happy game made just for her.

Twilight of the Golden Witch[]

BATTLER gives Ange a special key to wear, one that she will use to make a choice later on. They also pass by a locked book resting on a pedestal, which BATTLER snaps at Ange to ignore. BATTLER then takes the six-year-old Ange to Rokkenjima on October 4, 1986 to let her join the family conference. They have fun with the family members and servants however Ange lets confused upon seeing Kinzo happy and alive. Her adult self appears and asks Battler what the purpose of this game is, and the latter tells her that it's supposed to be the truth. Ange turns back into her younger self and carries on like nothing happened.

Beatrice arrives as the 19th guest, and Battler welcomes her. The family soon holds a party with the issue of the gold and inheritance resolved, and a quiz tournament is held. After the tournament, Ange gets sleepy and goes to rest in the parlor, and Battler and Beatrice host an afterparty with all of the magical beings. Bernkastel invites Battler and Beatrice to play against her in a special murder mystery game, with the culprits revealed to be Battler, Kyrie and Rudolf.

Ange meanwhile has fallen into Bern's game and is confronted with many goats spouting theories that her own family are murderers. She gets saved by Erika and EVA-Beatrice, becoming fully convinced that Battler's entire game is a farce. She learns that the book they saw earlier was Eva's Diary, which contained the real truth of Rokkenjima, and Ange's key can open it. Ange returns to the party and tells Battler about her desire to find the one truth of Rokkenjima, with BATTLER replying that it doesn't exist. Angered that her brother was lying, Ange declares herself ANGE-Beatrice and EVA-Beatrice summons hordes of goats from the future to begin devouring Rokkenjima. BATTLER and Beatrice prepare an escape route to the Golden Land as the partygoers fend off the horde. Battler and Beato seal the door to the Golden Land after everyone else escapes the ruined island and soon head to the chapel where Eva's diary is. Ange's group tries to break into the chapel, and Battler is trapped inside of a crystal where Erika challenges him to a closed room duel. As they fight, Battler believes that Ange learning the One Truth will just make her even more sadder than she already is and that she needs to move on. Battler ultimately loses the duel and Ange successfully retrieves the diary and heads to the City of Books.

Ange reads the diary and falls into despair, plunging herself into the City of Books' void and reawakening in the Golden Land. After making amends with everyone, Battler and Ange begin formulating a plan with Lambdadelta's help to sneak into the City of Books and retrieve the diary and key before Bern and Featherine can reveal its contents to the entire world. After sneaking around for a bit, the three decide to play rock-paper-scissors to decide who will go out to distract the enemy which turns out to be Lambda. Lambda and Bern fight as Battler and Ange work on retreiving the key, however they get interrupted by Featherine appearing.


Lambda dies and Bern mocks her death, prompting Battler to deck her in the face. After hitting her several more times, the two Game Masters begin a battle where Bern assaults Battler with countless closed-room mystery stakes. Battler dodges many of them but is killed, with Ange soon reviving him using her powers as the Witch of Resurrection, and the rest of the family and magical beings are summoned to deal a final blow to Bern. The diary is successfully retrieved, and Battler and Beatrice see Ange off into the future and present her with two doors.

In the Magic Ending, the events of October 6, 1986 are shown where Battler and Beatrice escape the island on a motorboat. They take a gold bar from the gold room with them, and after driving some ways Battler and Beatrice kiss. Battler then sees that Beatrice has thrown herself overboard with the gold bar tied to her ankle, the latter wanting to kill herself to make up for her countless sins. Battler dives after her and embraces her, and they sink into the depths of the ocean together.

In the ???, many years after Ange has accepted the events of the Rokkenjima Mass Murders, she meets with the author Tohya Hachijo and learns that he's actually Battler, who had survived drowning and washed up on a road to be found by Ikuko Hachijo. It was discovered that Battler got brain damage from almost drowning and had amnesia, and he was given the nickname Tohya because all he could remember was his age, 18. The Rokkenjima Mass Murders began to rise in popularity, and Tohya started to recover his memories as Battler but failed to accept them as his own. He began writing forgeries about the Rokkenjima Mass Murders to cope with his memories. Although Ange wanted to meet with Tohya many years ago, Battler declined to meet her because he was afraid that seeing her would cause him to fully turn back into Battler and make Tohya disappear.

Ange still convinces Tohya to meet with her at a special party, and they later head to the refurbished Fukuin House, which main hall has been remodeled to resemble the Ushiromiya family mansion. Tohya sees that Ange has also commissioned the artist who made the original Beatrice portrait to make a new one for the Fukuin House, and upon seeing it he's able to let go of his memories as Battler.

Twilight of the Golden Witch (Manga)[]

When Ange's group goes to retrieve the diary, Erika challenges Battler with her theories surrounding the fifth and sixth games. She declares that in the fifth game, Battler was an accomplice for the real culprit and could have been the caller. Battler counters her with more red truths, but he's still defeated in the end.

Confession of the Golden Witch reveals more of Yasuda's relationship with Battler and how his return in 1986 is the primary motive for planning the Rokkenjima Mass Murders.

A retelling of Requiem's Tea Party is shown at the end, where after Battler was called by Rudolf he went to ask Gohda where the chapel was and stumbled upon his corpse, soon finding Jessica and everyone else killed. He makes his way to the gold room and finds the corpses of the adults, and then he sees Beatrice. Beato drags Battler into the tunnel to Kuwadorian after hearing footsteps behind them, and Battler realizes that Beatrice is Shannon in disguise since their voices sound similar. They escape the explosion and rest in the tunnel afterwards, and then they leave the island on a motorboat. Beatrice throws herself overboard and Battler dives after her. They drown, soon ending up in the Golden Land. Beatrice sees that Battler has forgotten who he is and decides to play a game with him to make him remember, starting with Legend of the Golden Witch.

Other Appearances[]

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  • The kanji in Battler's name when translated literally say "battle person."
  • When Ryukishi07 was designing Battler, he was partly inspired by the character Phoenix Wright from the Ace Attorney games and gave him a pointing pose similar to Phoenix's own.[2] In Golden Fantasia, Battler would gain an alternate color palette based off of Phoenix starting from the CROSS expansion.
  • Ryukishi07's later work, Rose Guns Days, features the character Philip Butler who is very similar to Battler in terms of appearance and personality.
  • Battler wears his cape much earlier in the manga, which materialized the moment he became a sorcerer in End of the Golden Witch.
  • According to one of Ryukishi07's twitter posts, Battler's favorite sport is dodgeball.[3]
  • According to another Twitter post, Ryukishi suggests that Battler's new surname after he abandoned the Ushiromiya name was Akinaka, taking after Asumu. "Akinaka" (八月十五日) can be read as "August 15th".[4]