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Banquet of the Golden Witch Vol. 4 is the fifth volume of Kei Natsumi's manga adaptation of Banquet of the Golden Witch and the 14th overall volume of the manga adaptation of Umineko When They Cry. The volume was released in English by Yen Press as an omnibus with Volume 4 and part of Volume 3.

Publisher's Summary




Determined to secure a place of respect within the Ushiromiya family, Eva stretches her wits to their limit and successfully solves Beatrice's riddle! There is more than enough gold in the family fortune to ease everyone's financial woes, but Eva has no intention of sharing her findings with her siblings. Eva has claimed more than Beatrice's gold-she has claimed also the role of "Beatrice the Golden Witch" for herself! And there are still nine nights that each demand a sacrifice to be carried out...


Chapter 18: Battler vs. Eva

Chapter 19: Red Truth

Final Chapter: An Uninvited Guest

Tea Party —Episode 3—

Secret Tea Party —????—



Truth is Frail

Hello, I am Ryukishi07.

What did you think of Episode 3 of Umineko When They Cry? The cast was larger than the previous episodes, making it rather lively. The more you acknowledge the existence of the witches, dear reader, the more their power grows and causes Battler anguish...My goal in this episode was to provide a much wider range of each character's personality. I find the soft, tender side of a normally headstrong woman to be a very mysterious thing...Did I succeed in depicting that feminine range within Beatrice this time? If it tickled your fancy at any time in this episode, I'll consider that a success. (lol)

And now Rokkenjima has finally produced a survivor. What happened on the island that day? Only she knows the truth...but she will cast off this mortal coil without speaking it aloud. And Ange's solitary journey has only just begun...I hope you will continue her story in Episode 4, drawn by Soichirou-sensei. Thanks!

But the truth is such a frail and fragile thing, is it not? Only Beato knows what her final smile meant, but the observers can derive two possible truths. Have you readers who challenge the witch's illusions arrived at your own answers yet?

We've already finished the third episode of the game. The longer you struggle, the deeper the illusions' infiltration...Now wipe your tears and stand up. The eternal torment shows no signs of ending...Hee-hee-hee...

Kei Natsumi

It's an honor to have spent so much time with you. I'm Natsumi. So I managed to finish drawing Episode 3. I really love this particular story, so I truly enjoyed myself wworking on it. Natsumi is as happy as a clam. I gained many things these past three and a half years.

To my editors Nozaki-san and Koizumi-san, forgive me for all the problems. To everyone at 07th Expansion, thank you for everything. But most of all, thank you to the fans! I'd love to meet you again in my next work. Hasta la vista! Have a nice day!

Special Thanks
Hinata, Rodriguez Nagai, Waon Peko, Rin "Tomisho" Kuroki, Natsuru, Mai Horiuchi, Midori Imai, Riuna Mizuzaki, Chiyo Watanabe, Suzu Asamine
& You.


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