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Banquet of the Golden Witch Vol. 3 is the third volume of Kei Natsumi's manga adaptation of Banquet of the Golden Witch and the 12th overall volume of the manga adaptation of Umineko When They Cry. In the English release by Yen Press, the first three chapters of this volume were added to the first omnibus, while the final chapter was made part of the second omnibus.

Publisher's Summary


その輝きは、夢でも幻でもなく、長き間、信じ続けた想いの結晶――…。六軒島に実在した10tに及ぶ、魔女の黄金。その黄金を発見した人物とは…!? 新たな魔女の誕生に祝福を――!!


Time holds little meaning for Beatrice the Millennial Witch. Replaying the events leading up to the Golden Banquet again and again only gives her more opportunity to play with her new favorite toy, Battler Ushiromiya. The boy's will to resist the witch remains strong as the curtain rises for a third time on the Ushiromiya family's annual reunion. But as Beatrice pulls more and more players into the game, the strain on Battler's defenses is evident. Do the other members of his family hold the key to solving the witch's riddle and sealing her defeat?!


Chapter 10: Wish Fulfillment

Chapter 11: Succession Ceremony

Chapter 12: Separation

Chapter 13: A Woman's Jealousy


Kei Natsumi

It's a pleasure to see you again. I'm Kei Natsumi. This volume it was the adults' turn!
It's a volume that carries special meaning for me. I cried the first time I read the scene where Eva finally reaches the Golden Land. I also loved drawing Rudolf and Kyrie kicking ass together and was disappointed when it was finally over...
I sure hope you enjoyed it.

See you again next time.

Special Thanks
Hinata, Rodriguez Nagai, Mai Horiuchi, Rin "Tomisho" Kuroki, Midori Imai, Natsuru, Suzu Asamine, Chiyo Watanabe, Riuna Mizuzaki, Waon Peko
& You.


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